The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

To the members in Nepal

Hyung Jin Moon
September 2010

Hyung Jin Moon, August 22, 2011

Global citizen does not mean "modern man." You know, I have a very nice mobile phone. Oh, yes I'm a global man. That is not what True Father is talking about when he is talking about a global citizen! He's talking about when we see the world not with human eyes but through the eyes of God. He is teaching that when we see the world from God's perspective, from the parents' perspective, we can see the world as our children. We can love and sacrifice for the world because its people are our children. Even though we are betrayed and scorned, we can still love.

In the end, it is that type of parental love that defeats all evil. It is that type of love that defeats the worst satan, the worst obstacle, the worst archangel. True love is always patient. True love is never victorious overnight. It always takes time. That's why love is just like faith. We have ups and downs in our life of faith. We sometimes believe and have faith, but also when we love others we have hard times. Sometimes when a person -- maybe our own child -- hurts us, it's very hard to love him. But that's why it takes practice. That is why true love must be inherited. 

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