The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

The Three Levels of Filial Piety

Hyung Jin Moon
June 27, 2010
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tongilgyo means Unification Church. Tongil means "becoming one" and gyo means "teaching." But the Chinese Character for gyo is made up of the character for "filial piety" right next to the one for "father" So when filial piety and father come together, that's gyo. Serving the father, the parents, is what we are all about. Confucius says, "There are three types of filial piety." (Remember Confucius is also one of our saints.) He said, "The first type of filial piety is taking care of your parents."

That's very important when they are old and sick. We love our parents. They take care of us, so then we take care of them when they are sick or hurt. This is a very good type; but it's only level one.

The level-two type of filial piety is not just taking care of our elderly parents, but watching ourselves, our actions, our words and our thoughts. We must not shame our parents.

The third type of filial piety in a son or daughter is the greatest. That type of son or daughter doesn't just take care, doesn't just not cause the parents to feel ashamed, but glorifies the parents, lifts up the name of the parents. Jesus was like that. He glorified his Father. In the same way, as Unificationists, let's reach the number-three level. Our job is not to only take care of True Parents or cause them not to feel ashamed, but to glorify them. This is our task. [Applause]

How do you do that? How do you glorify them? How do you inherit their true love? Don't be ashamed of your faith. Share your faith. Save the people who are dying in spirit. Let them come to God. Let them meet True Parents. The greatest type of love, remember, is the love of one who sacrifices over and over to save spiritually dying children.

When you go out and share the Divine Principle and True Parents, when you share your faith and witness, testify, you are not going to just make a Unification Church member. We must go with the heart of True Parents, who can see the spirit of that person, which is dying. We must want to save that soul. That's the parental heart.

Witnessing and sharing your faith, being proud of your faith -- this is true love in action. This is trying to restore to spiritual life somebody who is spiritually dying. If we do this, we glorify True Parents, because those people are waiting finally to meet their lord of lords and the True Parents that they have always yearned for. 

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