The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Prayer and Meditation

Hyung Jin Moon
July 18, 2010
Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan, Seoul Korea

Welcoming remarks:

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. Welcome to the headquarters of the Unification Church. We can feel God's presence wherever we go and wherever we are! Aju.

Today is Cheon Seong Gyung, 10:38. Father says:

"When you are doing witnessing, you will feel joy. On the other hand, without witnessing, happiness will not come. I am also carrying on this work because I feel great pain if I don't do it. When I do witnessing, I feel great joy, even when I'm being cursed at."


These are Father's words in 1967 when we were being strongly persecuted in the Fatherland. You can tell Father's great heart in trying to have the salvific heart to save the nation of Korea, etc. And he gives us that guidance; when we go witnessing, when we go out with the heart of the parent to save the children, then we feel joy. Brothers and sisters, it is in this spirit that we can actualize Cheon Il Guk. In this spirit is where we can really liberate Heaven, and also liberate the "han" or the heart of True Parents as well.

As we do every week, we meet one wonderful Unificationist. We love to meet the families on the ground, and particularly this week, we're going to be meeting one of our elder family members, a 36 couple, Ambassador Han. Let's meet him in this video.

(Video clip starts.)


This is the family of Han Sang Kook, 36 Blessed couple: "I am a proud Unificationist."

Success -- In 1961, around the time of the May 16th revolution, I was working with the UN forces. The interim government tried very hard but was not very successful to gain acceptance from the United States. Finally, Pak Jeong Hee, the leader of the revolutionary government, was able to arrange a meeting with John F. Kennedy, President of the United States. Since I was working for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, I was recommended as an interpreter for this meeting. So by way of acquaintance with several key people in the military command, I got the attention of the interim Korean government, and they asked the commander of the UN forces for permission to dispatch me. Thus, I was chosen as an aide for Pak Jeong Hee, but in actuality I was his interpreter. The meeting was very successful and the interim government was recognized by the U.S. This was a major success for Pak Jeong Hee as he was able to solve several issues during the meeting. His visit to America in November 1961 helped to lessen concerns in the U.S. government about his radical orientation.

(His wife speaking:) As for me, as soon as the May 16th incident took place, I ran to Father and frantically reported about what happened: "Father, we have a major problem on our hands." Father said, "What are you talking about? You received the Blessing as a 36 couple on May 15th, so it is only natural that you should stand as a protective shield for True Parents. The Satanic world will begin to crumble." I thought True Father's words were very correct and very wise.

Love -- After President Cheon Doh Won came to power, 29 ambassadors lost their titles but we somehow kept the job. We just had to relocate to Panama. My husband told me to go directly to Panama, while he was going to get there from Norway. Upon my arrival in Panama, I realized that most of my luggage was lost. What was worse, among the lost items was a suitcase we had received from True Father in England. I was so upset I could not sleep at night. I waited for a month, but the suitcase was not found. At that time, we received an invitation to attend an event at East Garden. I was lying sick in bed in Belvedere when Father asked about me. Members told Father I was sick because I had lost something. The next day someone brought me a huge purple Samsonite suitcase. It was the largest size. The person said, "True Father sends this for you, Mrs. Han." So I opened it and found it full of beautiful dresses. I was so grateful for Father's concern about me, that I just could not help from crying. I felt I did not deserve such a gift, but Father bought it for me. I cannot forget that day, even now.

One path -- Gratitude and different kinds of struggles and fear are among many feelings I have associated with True Father. Father is kind and strict, simple and complicated -- he's such a multi-faceted individual. I cannot think of a word that would describe him completely. Thinking of Father, I do not envy anything in the external world. We keep saying to each other that we are really happy. The reason why is the opportunity to meet True Parents in our lives. I do not envy those with lots of money or diamonds. I only value having met True Parents.

The next thing I am grateful for is meeting my husband, and he tells me the same thing. Recently when we meet people at events and festivals, we started feeling something special towards each other because we have been walking the same path together for the last 50 years. Even though we did not make much money, or we did not have a famous career, we are proud of our lives. Father said, "Please cherish the joy that you felt in your heart when you joined the church. Do not forget that time and keep going, even if you are not moving forward. Just do not leave." So we are still here. It's great! We women sometimes talk about our plans for the future. Mrs. Sa Gil Ja (Eu) said that since we have been able to live until the year 2000, we can surely live until January 13, 2013. That is what I am planning to do, too. We are proud Unificationists, and brothers and sisters, we love You! (end of video clip.)

(Hyung Jin Nim leads meditation exercise.)

Hyung Jin Nim's explanation:

Brothers and sisters, when we offer and manifest the Principle, let us remember that when we look at the cross, it is the symbol of the suffering of God. But when we look at the Unification Principle, it is the sign of His hope before creation, His wonderful expectation. It is the symbol of His plan for the universe. All things may give and receive. All four-position foundations may be created and substantialized in the family, centered on His divine essence which is True Love.

Brothers and sisters, it is time to pray. This week we did a special ascension ceremony for over 11,000 soldiers that passed away during the Korean War. We were able to go to the 38th parallel to pray. We were literally on the parallel. We were able to do the Unification Seunghwa Ceremony by the approval of True Parents. A couple of new members and a Buddhist monk opened the way for that. We were able to do the ceremony with 300 to 400 soldiers present. In the midst of the tension between North and South, we were able to offer the spirits the greatest Blessing in all of Heaven and Earth, the Seunghwa Ascension Ceremony, the gateway into Heaven.

We are really grateful that True Parents allowed us to do that ceremony and to participate for the soldiers, 35 of whom are known to be the Yuk Tan soldiers, that is, the soldiers who became themselves bombs when they were attacked by the opposing forces. They had no weapons, no preparations. They risked their lives, strapped themselves with grenades and such things, and ran into the tanks that were charging them from the North and sacrificed their lives for the peace between North and South Korea. Today we want to remember those soldiers, and we want to pray for North and South Korea, unification and peace in this very important time, and also for all our brothers and sisters around the world. Let us take this time for prayer. (congregation prays.)

Main Sermon:

Last week we talked about prayer and particularly looked at the Lord's Prayer, Jesus' offering, and the right way to pray. We had that time to look over and even to analyze in our life how we are praying. We may feel, "God is not answering my prayers." The question is: are we praying in the relation that God has set? Last week we discussed that and we looked at the Lord's Prayer. Today we are going to focus a little more on mediation training. Before we do that, let us look at the World Scriptures.

From Judeo-Christianity, Psalm 46:10,

"Be still, and know that I am God …"

Aju. I love that. "Be still, and know that I am God …" This is from Buddhism, the Garland sutra, Chapter 11. Let us read together,

"Cultivating concentration, they should wish that all beings conquer their minds by concentration."

Aju. This is from Daoism, the Daodejing, 16th chapter,

"For luxuriantly as they grow, each of them will return to their root. To return to the root is called quietude, which is also said to be reversion to one's destiny."


Today, we are going to focus on the core scriptures, Psalm 39:5

"You have made my days a mere handbreadth, the span of my years is nothing before You. Each man's life is but a breath."


In my personal life, after Young Jin Hyung passed, that is when I started asking the existential questions. Questions like "Why do I exist?" "Why would God take such a good brother? Why would such things happen? Is there really a God?" These kinds of questions racked my heart and my mind. During that time, I had the chance to start studying the world religions, of course, from a scholarly perspective, but to also practice with the world religions, whether it be Christian contemplative prayer, whether it be Buddhist meditation, Daoist qi gong, and various exercises, or even Islamic prayers.

I had the chance to experience a real wonderful time in being with the other traditions of the world. I remember at the time, because it was before any of my training, I had done sports, martial arts, that kind of thing, but really, I had a short temper. I remember myself getting frustrated and angry very easily. But after training, my mind practicing going into training, not just for months, but after years of training, I could definitely clearly see that there were big changes that were happening in how I dealt with many situations; a more calmness, patience and endurance.

In my own life, I would learn things very quickly but I would also get bored of certain things very quickly. I would pick up some sports very quickly, but I would be bored very quickly. I wanted to move on to the next thing. So even when I was doing martial arts, I was moving from many different martial arts, trying to search for something better, something more effective, etc. So I had this habit of not being able to do something consistently and with effort for an extended period of time, for years at a time. And really through my training in meditation practice, that was the time I was able to challenge this weakness and to then face and work and train in something that I could never perfect. I could only continue to put effort in. This really made a huge impact on me.

It is this kind of training that we start every morning with the Hoonsa nims here, the 2:30 am training, with our ministers and our women evangelists here. Many people wonder how do we begin the training, how do we start. We were in Busan this time, in the Busan region which is down south in Korea. We saw the holy site of the Rock of Tears. It is one of Father's early holy sites, and it is really incredible. We had time to meet the members there, and also do morning training with them. But I realized also, although we had done this kind of training with brothers and sisters in Japan and in America, the leaders' conferences here in Korea, we had not been able to discuss these things with our Bonpu kyo members. So it was a great opportunity to reflect on that and talk about this today.

The first thing when we start the training, we turn to the simplest thing. The first thing we do when we start this life as a baby -- usually people think it is crying -- but before you cry, the first thing you must do is inhale, and then you can cry. So the first thing you do when you are born is inhale. And when we die and pass away, the last thing we do is exhale. So in the span of one inhale and exhale is the value of your entire life. In one span of one breath, the value of our entire life is right there. It is so precious and it is not something we have created or given to ourselves -- it is a gift.

We never decided to be born or to be conceived or brought into existence. This life that we live is a gift from God. In our busy lives and schedules and all the conundrum and things that we go through in life, we become unaware and almost numb at the preciousness of life. But when we look at life, we look at the truth of existence. We can see very simply that the difference between somebody who is living and somebody who is dead is that one is breathing and one is not.

In fact, on that invisible breath hangs the difference between life and death. This breath then becomes such an important, powerful invisible force in our life. In the spirit world True Parents say that we breathe the air of God which is true love. So that we must strive to be next to God, not to be distant from Him, to live life so that we can be near Him and breathe in His true love.

Many times in our lives when we start doing our training and I say to the participants, let us say you held your breath for eight minutes, and then from a great miracle, God sends the angel Gabriel to you, and the angel Gabriel brings you in one hand all the riches of the world, all the wealth and abundance in the world, and he says, "You can have this." In the other hand, he has one breath of air. After eight minutes, if you had to choose between all the riches and one breath, I would bet that all of us would have to choose one breath.

Every time we are able to breathe this breath, then we are breathing in something greater than all the wealth in the world. Of course that is very easy to say, very theoretical. I understand that from my mind but I have a very busy life, I have bills to pay, I have mortgages to pay, I have school bills to pay, my kids are going to school. No matter what situation we are in, if we are not able to breathe, we are quickly confronted by the fact that we are very very powerless, that we are very weak, and that all things gain a new perspective when we realize how precious the most simple thing is, the thing we take most for granted -- the fact that we can breathe.

I had the chance to know a wonderful Blessed child, a 2nd generation Unificationist, and a wonderful person, who had many difficulties in her life. She was in a situation where she was in a big accident, she had a fire in her house, and she lost all the things inside her apartment. She and her child were able to survive that incident. I remember visiting her in the hospital here in Korea. We went to pray for her and she had damage to her lungs because of the amount of black smoke that she had consumed. When she was breathing, you could hear it was very painful and scratchy.

When we visited her, she said to me, "Last night I was looking up at the white ceiling of this hospital and I remembered what we do in service. I remembered that we do a short meditation service. I was very grateful that I survived, my child survived, but then I started to worry very much about what I'm going to do. My house is gone. All my things are destroyed. I have no future; my husband is gone." Her marriage situation was very difficult and she was falling into depression on that hospital bed. "But then I remembered what we do in service, and I started focusing on my breath. I started looking at the ceiling and closed my eyes as I inhaled and said, "I'm alive" and as I exhaled I said, "Thank You." I continued to focus with concentration on one point and my attention on this prayer. I lay there for one hour, two hours, three hours -- the hours just went by." When she had that experience, tears just fell from her eyes, and she realized how precious this simple life was.

Brothers and sisters at this point, I want to invite you to join me in a very short one minute meditation. So prepare yourselves and sit up at the edge of your chairs so you can keep your backs straight. It is a little different so you are going to have to keep focused. Let us gently close our eyes. Let us exhale all the way out. At the bottom of your exhale, hold your breath for 12 seconds. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve. Breathe in. In our hearts let us say, "I am alive," and as we breathe out let us simply say, "Thank you." One more time as you breathe in remember how precious this breath is. "I am alive." And as we breathe out, in our hearts let us simply say, "Thank You."

As we held our breath and could not breathe for the short 12 seconds and as we breathed in that new breath, we felt a huge refreshment of life. As we breathe in, in our hearts let us say "I am alive," and as we breathe out let us simply thank God. I am going to invite you to stay on this prayer for twenty seconds by yourself, without my guidance. Just stay on that prayer, as you breathe in, "I am alive" and as you exhale, "Thank you." For the next 20 seconds, let us focus our hearts and stay on that prayer. Breathe in deeply and exhale deeply. Final inhalation, as we breathe in, "I am alive" and as we exhale, "Thank you Lord." Aju.

Brothers and sisters, let us take a look at Psalms 36:9,

"For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light."

Aju. This is 2 Corinthians 5:17,

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!"


Brothers and sisters, every time we breathe another breath, we escape death; we do not die. Every time we breathe a new breath, we can escape death. But every time we center that breath on prayer, and we center that breath on thanks, we not only escape death, we gain life as well. We enter into God's presence, as 2 Corinthians says, "Anyone in Christ is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come."

If we breathe in our hearts, we have to remember that our breath can be taken either way. It can become a curse or a blessing. When we breathe and utter in our hearts evil, hateful or malevolent things, or worrisome things, those prayers will then curse our life. But when we breathe, concentrate and center our mind, and we utter thanks and praise, thanksgiving and glory, then blessings shower upon us, even in the most trying situations.

If you think about it from Satan's perspective or the enemy's perspective, the most fearful enemy for him is when he is trying to destroy the central Blessed families and give them no hope; give them troubles. He is the most joyous when we fall right into it -- when we overly worry, when we get overly upset, when we get overly resentful about this or that person, or even God, then the enemy is applauding. On the other hand, when he is trying to attack us -- our families, our work or whatever we are doing -- and we remain praising God, and we remain with a heart of gratitude through the tribulation and we continue to thank and glorify God and continue to pray for our enemies -- now that is the enemy that he fears. When we are trained in the gratitude prayer and meditation, then we become strong internally. In Korean, there is a saying, "Outside soft or weak, but inside strong." Even though through our practice we become more gentle and peaceful on the outside, on the inside our internal strength becomes greater.

This is very different from the petitionary prayers that we usually give -- the prayers when we ask God to do this or that for me, protect me, give me blessing, and this and that. When we are in meditation training, we are not requesting anything. We are not asking for anything. We are simply being with God. Being with God is enough, nothing more. We do not need any more accoutrements than that. Being with God is enough.

If you look at beautiful central Blessed couples that are truly actualizing true love in their relationship, then you can see that even though their marriage extends over one, two or three decades, the couple is even more beautiful, more vibrant. Simply being in each other's presence they feel the fullness of joy. When they were younger, they had to talk it through and talk everything out. Now they can just simply be with each other in that incredible gratitude.

When we are with God as well, when we quiet our minds and be still before the presence of God, we are able to know Him and to just be with Him. This is how we train our hearts. Of course while we are training, we thank Him for life. There are many things individually we can thank Him for -- our life, our breath, our health and our children -- even our adversaries, our obstacles, the archangels that are opposed to us in our life. For all those kinds of things we learn to be able to continually give praise and glory because, as the Biblical scripture says, we enter into God's presence with praise and thanksgiving, with gratitude. In the eyes of men we may appear smaller, but in the eyes of God, we are great when we practice this way.

Let us look at Proverbs 11:2. Today's words are the wise words of King Solomon, the wisest king of the land.

"When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom."

Aju. From 2 Corinthians 12:9.

"But He said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' "Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me."

And here really is one of the keys to meditation and prayer. There is a wrong way to do meditation, absolutely, just as there is a wrong way to pray. Many people try to use spiritual technologies and meditations to boast themselves, to become stronger, to obtain spiritual powers, to obtain even magical powers, magical mantras and such things; to obtain special powers. But this path of using meditation like this becomes materialism. We use it for a selfish purpose, and use it for the self and use it to grow arrogant; in other words, to become more than an angel towards the path of a demon. When we think of a demon, it is one so filled with arrogance and ego.

When we undergo spiritual training, the task is not to get bigger; it is not growing our spiritual self, not growing our spiritual abilities; not growing our spiritual talents. It is just the opposite, as Paul says. It is in weakness that Christ's power may come in. In the training of mediation, when we quiet our minds, when we use this tool, it is not to get bigger. It is the opposite, to become smaller. When we start, we do a Jeong Seong. Meditation and these kinds of devotional practices are called Jeong Seong in Korean. When you look at the Chinese character, the first stroke of that is that dot on the top of the left side of that character, the left side of that character means "The Word" and on the top of that is a dot. The first thing that you write when you write this character is a dot, and then you go through the whole character and when you end, you also end with that other dot on the right-hand side. When you begin, you begin with a dot. When you end, you end with a dot. This is the heart of spiritual practice. We must become the dot.

I know it sounds very mystical right now, but we must become smaller, not greater. When we stand honestly before God, not pretending that we are God, not believing that we are the creator, not boasting with that kind of breath, but come to Him in that kind of presence as a small speck, then we can know who we are, we can know who we serve. When we become smaller as such, with God in our heart, we can become greater. Then we see that we are not the creator of the universe, not the creator of the air we breathe, not the creator of the body and mind that we have; we are not the one who sustains all things in the universe. We are truly small -- infinitesimal. In the span of the universe we are tiny -- but a speck.

For the creator of the universe, before Him we are even smaller. In the great scheme of things, when we honestly know ourselves, we realize how tiny and small we are. When we stop trying to be the strongest, to be the most powerful, then we can start finding the peace of God, for it is in knowing that we cannot do all things by our own power that God fills us with divine strength -- strength beyond our own abilities, strength that gives us the ability to do what is impossible on our own. As you remember, in the Beatitudes, it is the meek that will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, as Jesus says.

I remember, many years ago, I used to go into the mountains and train at night time alone. I remember going into the mountains and feeling fear when traveling alone in the mountains. I would be sitting there, quiet. All sorts of things are moving around. You hear the incredible stillness of nature but at the same time you hear that nature is very loud at night. There are all sorts of bugs and bees, cicadas and creepy crawlies running around, moving in the night. I remember sitting there doing meditation practice and I could hear these things moving around. I was wondering in my mind, "That must be a bear because those footprints are very big! That must be this or that because it is quite loud!"

I remember at other times I felt a spiritual presence, "I am not alone here." I felt hair on the back of my neck as if some spirits were right there, and at other times I remember seeing faces that came in and came out. All the while I would feel tremendous fear being in the presence of the natural world, sitting on a mountain by myself at night, with no tent or any of that. What would overcome that fear is not my ability to fight that fear. What would overcome that fear was not my ability to challenge that fear on my own power, but to let go of myself and to bring God into the picture, to give thanks and glory. When I did that, then the fear would dissipate, would disappear. Whether it is spiritual fear or physical fear, that fear would dissipate.

This time when we went to Busan, which is down south in Korea, I had a chance to be with the members there. We hit a sudden rain storm. Monsoon time in Korea is in June and July. We do not have them in the States, but in Asia we have some big monsoons with lots of rain. When we went down to Busan which is on the southern coast, we were hit with monsoon rain there. It was a couple days ago and I remember that as we were descending into the airport we passed through the rain cloud and, as you can expect, we had incredible turbulence, amazing turbulence. It was worse than Six Flags with all the roller coasters in it; terrible turbulence. You can feel your intestines flying up into your throat and everything is just moving around. At the time, people were very scared and everybody was very shocked and you could look around and people were praying.

When I looked at my own mind, I realized that without even thinking, unconsciously, I was already praying, "God! Save us Lord! God I am going to Busan for You! Do not take me out now!" Then I could catch my mind, "Oh, wait a minute!" When I was praying those kinds of things, then I would feel fear; I would feel the turbulence even more; I would feel the up and down motion even more. Every up and down motion, you would tighten your seat belt even more! But then I remembered, "Wait a minute! How are we supposed to pray? We are not supposed to pray like this. The first thing we do when we pray is we glorify God. We are going to glorify God."

I am not going to pray "God save me!" I said, "God you are great! God you are great! You are the creator of the universe. You created the mountains and the skies and the moons and the suns and the stars. This raincloud is nothing for you! God you are incredible; you are powerful; you are almighty!" As soon as I prayed that kind of prayer; concentrated my mind on that kind of prayer and returned to the breath "I am alive, thank you," as I returned then all the fear disappeared. No more fear. And I am grateful that God did let us land safely and return back to Seoul. (Applause.) Yes, thank you.

But see, in our own practice, many times we forget, especially when we start doing spiritual practice. When we start doing meditation practice, devotional practice, the first thing we must always remember is that the path we are going on will lead to different destinations. We must not take the path in using the spiritual training to become stronger, greater, more powerful. That is not the way. That is not the way to becoming true saints and sages before Heaven. That is the opposite way to become filled with ego, filled with self, arrogance and hubris.

The strength to overcome all adversity comes from that internal strength when we are able to make ourselves small and are able to glorify the greatness of God. Through that strength is the strength that overcomes fear and death. When we let go of the desire to pursue power, greatness, and the spiritual abilities, when we let go of trying to pursue that path towards arrogance and ego desire, then we can actually become smaller. As Paul says, we can boast in our weakness for then God can rest in me. I can be emptied and then God is present. And when God is present, there is nothing in the universe that can defeat that. So when we are able to center our heart and make God present, then we have "Outside soft, outside gentle, but internally strong."

So when we finish our meditation training in the mornings, we also always center the meditations on prayer, on a simple prayer at the end, and as you remember when we come back to the root of our existence, the cause of our salvation, we come back to God and True Parents. We come back to uniting with them centering this training on them and the path of victory and salvation towards humankind. In our own training every day we start this and if we do not start like this, as many of the Hoonsa nims will tell you, the day just does not have the Blessing that it has when we are able to start with this kind of returning glory to God.

Hyung Jin Nim leads final meditation:

Before we read our last quote by True Parents, let us enter into our final one-minute meditation. Let us all prepare ourselves. One more time straighten our back, close our eyes. One more time let us exhale fully. Fully exhale all the air out of your body. Exhale and hold that breath at the bottom. Twelve seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, breathing in, "I am alive," breathing out, "Thank you." Notice how difficult just twelve seconds is when you do not have breath. Notice how wonderful and amazing being able to breathe is. Breathing in, "I am alive," as we breathe out, "Thank you." Breathing in, "I am alive," discover it every time anew. No two breaths are the same. Breathing out, "Thank you." Every single breath is new life. Every single breath a new chance, new beginning, new creation. Center the breath on the prayer, on the meditation. Breathing out, "Thank you." Breathing in, "I am alive." Breathing out, "Thank you."

Do not inhale simply to avoid or escape death. Let us inhale and find life. Give glory to the one who sustains us and created us. Give thanks. Return gratitude and thanksgiving to almighty God. Breathing in, final breath as you breathe in, "I am alive." Final breath, as we breathe out, in our hearts let us simply offer to God, "Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Let us join our hands and manifest the Principle. The Principle is the hope of God even before the beginning of creation. Give and Receive Action, and the Four Position foundation. May I inherit the true love of God. Aju.

Let us join together and read True Parents' final words. This is from the second volume, 193:

"When we pray or meditate, as when Buddhists practice Zen, we are seeking a state that is void of self. What is our goal in seeking this state? It is to awaken the elements that can become the nucleus of the mind. If you set that one standard and establish the center of your mind, you will see, hear, and cognize everything in accord with the principles of Heaven. Then you can offer a full bow before God and return Him glory."


Closing prayer:

Let us all rise and enter into our final prayer. Let us raise our hands towards the heavens as we offer and lift our prayers to the heavens.

Heavenly Father, we love You so much. Most beloved True Parents, we honor you this day. Because of God, you are great. Father, You are beyond all explanation. You are magnificent and mighty. Father, You work wonders in our life. Father, You brought all of existence into existence from nothing. Father, You created the universe and the stars and all things of the created world. Father, we offer you glory this day.

We pray that we may be in the proper position in our relationship with You. We pray that we may not only pray for our will and our nation and our purposes to be fulfilled. Father, always first comes Your will and your kingdom. Father, use us for Your will and your kingdom. Use our talents and our potentials in a great way, Father, for your glory. We thank You so much that we have the time, Father, to return to our breath. So many times we forget how precious this simple breath is. Father, we pray that when we forget, we can enter into that simple meditation. We can exhale our breath. We can hold our breath for twelve simple seconds of indemnity, and as we breathe in that new life we can thank You and feel You filling us with your life. Father, we pray that we may be practitioners who actualize and substantialize the words that we learn and use.

Father, we thank You so much. We praise You this day. If there are things that we must be forgiven about, Father we pray that You may forgive us and also that we may forgive others in our own lives. Father, use us for Your salvation. Father, use us to bring this world on the path to Your heart. Father, we center ourselves and we honor the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, Father, who have given their lives so that we may live forever, and we thank You so much that You have sent them into our lives. We pray in gratitude and thanksgiving and in glory and lifting up praise to You. In our own names as central Blessed families, and in the great name of our True Parents, Aju. 

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