The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Reflection About The Special Tour Of The FFWPU International President, Rev. Hyung Jin Moon (June 26 - 28, 2010, Brazil)

Neudir Simão Ferabolli
July 2, 2010

When we started to make the invitation letter for Pres. Hyung Jin Moon to come to Brazil, we didn't have the assurance that he will change his schedule and will attend to our request. We already had explained to him that in Brazil, on Saturday, June 26, there will be the general assembly of members at 9:00 am.

We knew that Pres. Hyung Jin Moon was very busy and involved with the 120 days seminar for leader which was on going in Korea at that time. On the other hand, also we didn't want to give any kind of preoccupation to the True Family, considering that already the daughter of True Parents, Rev. In Jin Moon came to Brazil in the beginning of the month of June. However, thinking of all the members and central blessed families, our hearts asked that we need to make that invitation letter for Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and once Rev. Shin suggested that we invite the International President, I didn't hesitate and immediately we invited him.

To our surprise, the following day we received a confirmation that the couple Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim would be with us on Saturday, June 26 and will stay in Brazil until June 29. His staff already had told us that they usually stay at the church headquarters. I almost couldn't believe because it's truly a blessing and much care and love from our True Parents. Quickly we disseminated the news and worked with a good heart, preparing the headquarters, the temple and the members for their coming.

On June 26, from outside the airport, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim were received by a group of leaders and members with flowers and applause. Immediately, we went to the headquarters and even already it was past noon, upon knowing that the members were gathered together at the 5th floor, immediately Hyung Jin Nim wanted to meet the members and aside from greeting them, he shared some words. The reception of the members was so warm and the members could truly feel, from the very beginning that Rev. Hyung Jin Moon has many treasures of love and truth to share.

Already on his first meal, we could see that he almost did not eat and was talking all the time. I could say even that he was giving more a sermon in meal time. Rev. Shin called up some leaders and asked to call others in order to have a chance to be near to him. Hyung Jin Nim gave attention and listened to everybody with much love.

On Sunday (June 27), our activity started at 3:00 am with a session of meditation and exercises centering to the symbol of the Unification church. The session finished with 40 bows (normally are 120 bows). Then, at 5:00 am, the Hoon Dok Hae started with a pledge and the testimonies of two people, followed by the reading of the autobiography book of True Father, one sentence for every member in order not to sleep, according to Hyung Jin Nim.

Finishing the Hoon Dok Hae, all ate breakfast and everyone was preparing for the Sunday Service.

At 9:00 am the temple was full packed. His words were healing and comforting the hearts of the members. They are like a light in the horizon of great understanding with all the many doubts, especially in relation to True Love, salvation and sin. Because I was the one translating, I felt so anxious to catch all those precious words and passed them to the members.

At the end of the sermon, Hyung Jin Nim called to come up on stage the Continental Leader, Rev. Shin, the Adam National Messiah, Rev. Kim and the National Leader, Pres. Simão and had given each one a gift, a necklace with the church symbol. Followed immediately by the cutting of the cake.

One blessed family was so much blessed. Through lottery they were picked up for Hyung Jin Nim's couple to visit in the afternoon. With great pleasure and untiring heart, Hyung Jin Nim greeted and took pictures with all members which were present during the Sunday Service.

In the afternoon, with the members of the board and staff, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim visited the family of Sr. Waldir dos Santos, in Pirituba. In the visit, he explained the tactics that he adopted in his visits of families, or in other words, he asked that every member of the family, starting with the father, say three virtues of the other members of the family. Following to that, he explained how to take care and love their own children. Reserving one day a week of the month to dedicate to one child, at least in a period of time. He further said that they have a family meeting at the end of the day, where every member of the family shares his experiences and where each one expresses his plans of activities and solicit that other members of the family pray that the planned activities will be successful. Furthermore he said that even he asked his children to pray that the visit to Brazil will be successful.

On Monday, June 28, all started once again at 3:00 am with the meditation and exercises, centered on the Unificationist symbol. Then came the Hoon Dok Hae with the testimonies. Having the opportunity of the presence of the two Brazilian elders, who were the former members of the Supreme Council, Rev. Shin asked them to make a public apology before all the members present at that time. The two elders shared about their visit in Korea and assumed a part of the blame of the rebellion that took place last May 30 and 31st.

Once again, Pres. Hyung Jin Moon gave some words and ended with a story that everybody could ponder upon, somehow giving his answer to the happenings. It was an indirect answer but a very clear one if one will deeply analyze the story being told by him. After breakfast, Dr. Thomas Walsh, the UPF current President and the International Secretary of UPF, Dr. Taj Hamad explained some recent activities of UPF connected to the desire and vision of our True Parents.

After their presentation, Rev. Shin presented a video where True Parents passed the responsibility to Pres. Hyung Jin Moon as the head of our worldwide movement and passed the legacy of the textbooks. And around 10:30 am, Pres. Hyung Jin Moon gave his final message of the day which lasted almost three hours of talk. These words were mostly philosophical with deep and clear contents about the existence of God, as a premise of moral values and as a premise of social order.

In my translation, I felt difficulties to follow the profound explanations and points that Pres. Hyung Jin Moon wanted to emphasize. Several times he commented on the situation in North Korea and how much it is ready to accept the True Parents.

His religious, philosophical and social political views had charmed all members and leaders. He expressed his deep concern about the faith of the blessed families. According to him it should be based on the roots who are our True Parents.

His love and loyalty to True Parents are apparent in every word and attitude he expressed. Can be said, that he truly walks on the path of his father.

After that final message of the day, we went to an Indian Restaurant exactly at the time that the soccer game competition between Brazil and Chile had started, the traffic was heavy. But Pres. Hyung Jin Nim was never bothered a single moment and in the restaurant we could watch the soccer game and Brazil won over Chile by three points.

Back to the headquarters, before leaving for the airport, Pres. Hyung Jin Nim had autographed 40 autobiography of True Father in Portuguese and Spanish version and had exhibited the banner with the symbol of the Unification Church and in the banner, it says: "Unification Church will follow the Eternal True Parents".

Then they went to the airport.

We had received the member of the True Family and our hearts were filled with deep gratitude for the love being received. He hasn't asked any question, nor accused, nor give indemnity. There was only love, a kind of love that is so united with the True Parents, creating greater hope and more determination, life is too short not to be grateful.

The True Parents are responsible for the divine eternal salvation, for myself and for all humanity. No one ever did much for the sake of God in just a short span of time.

As he explained, our mission is to honor and glorify our True Parents. This cannot be done just by words. The actions of Hyung Jin Nim, the image that he reflects of True Parents is a reliable evidence, or in other words, the living image is truer than the truth.

I am eternally grateful, as I am empowered by this True Love, from this inexhaustible source, and that's our True Parents of humankind.

With the blessings of God!!!

Neudir Simão Ferabolli
National Leader, FFWPU, Brazil 

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