The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Hyung Jin Nim's Couple Victoriously Complete 8-Day Fast of Repentance and Devotion to God, True Parents and All Members Worldwide

June 14, 2010

Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim pray
to end their fast, Cheon Bok Gung
Prayer and Devotion Room

Hyung Jin nim's couple started fasting from June 7th to June 14th after receiving the June 5th Proclamation given by our True Parents. This fast was dedicated to repentance and devotion to God, True Parents and all members worldwide. It was particularly challenging because he also fulfilled his previously arranged schedule of all meetings and events during the eight days. Throughout the eight days, Hyung Jin nim constantly reminded himself of the difficulties and burdens of our True Parents and all devoted members. This, he says, gave him the strength and determination to successfully complete this offering.

Hyung Jin nim's Jeong Seong was an altruistic expression that took him beyond his own mind-body unity. As before, whenever he made Jeong Seong conditions, he humbled himself and offered greater respect and honor to God and True Parents. His love and heart toward all church members deepened. Hyung Jin nim feels he needs to develop and understand many things. His desire is to attend God and our True Parents eternally and to make a foundation for all people to do the same. He continues to study True Parents' teachings, to attend True Parents and to help members to become proud Unificationists. He is also deeply grateful for the prayers of love and unity many members gave to support his humble offering. 

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