The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

We Need the Savior

Hyung Jin Moon
June 12, 2010
Chung Pyung
To Japanese Leaders
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center translation

True Parents give us True Life, True Love and True Lineage and then our responsibility is to give them Absolute Faith, Love, and Obedience and we all fail at that to certain degrees during our life of faith. And if we look at our lives we will notice that actually that we are not perfect either, that we all have sin.

We may not have the original sin due to True Parents' Blessing, but we have collective sin, hereditary sin, and individual sin, which we accumulate on a daily basis. So, one of the things that we must remember is that we are sinners. I think our members and churches have forgotten this fact. We have forgotten that we are sinners. We have forgotten to teach our children that they are sinners as well, that they can accumulate all sorts of sins. The reason why this is so important is because if you realize that you are a sinner then you realize that you need a savior. If you don't feel that you are a sinner you will believe that you don't need a savior.

Do we truly desire and truly understand that we need True Parents? We need the savior and I think this is very basic of knowing that we all have tremendous amounts of sins. Without understanding this point, one does not understand or does not feel the importance to pursue the Messiah, to pursue the life of faith with all their heart. And this is really important. It's only when we understand that we have sin and make sin everyday. We do sinful actions everyday, every single one of us here are sinners, including myself.

First generation never told us that we were sinners. That we need a Messiah. First generation never educated us, that we were sinners. So this was a very big thing for me to realize, so I asked True Father, when he was doing the Seunghwa Ascension Ceremony Tour in Korea, we were having lunch in one of the cities, and I asked him 'Father, just because I am a blessed child and do not have the original sin does that mean I can go to heaven?' and he said, 'Absolutely not.'

See, we as blessed children have been told that we are without the original sin. That we are God's greatest creation. That the providential history has been waiting for pure children like us. The problem with that kind of education is it makes us very arrogant. Makes us very spiritual arrogant, but then we don't have the ability then to see that we are filled with flaws, filled with sin and if you believe that you don't have sin, and then you will also believe that you don't need True Parents. And this is the reason why many Blessed Children turns their back on True Parents. Saying, I don't need them, I'm going to heaven anyways.

So this is something that we must fundamentally understand again. Whether you are Blessed Child or Jacob child, doesn't matter, we have to realize that we commit all sorts of offenses against heaven everyday. You will be quite shocked if you actually take notes of yourself, from your thoughts, words and actions, for one single day on how much you have trespassed God's command. This is very important for us, because it's only when we recognize in humility the fact that we are not perfect and we lean and yearn for the one who is perfect and that is God and His embodiment which is True Parents.

Once we realize what the savior has done for us then we wish to offer our life in return because that is exactly what True Parents have done for us. The only reason why we can stand in front of God is not because we are born as Blessed Children or without the original sin it is because True Parents paid the price of the indemnity course that they had to walk as a Second Coming. If we don't realize this we will be filled with spiritual hubris. We will believe that we do not need True Parents we do not need their commands or we do not need to follow them and that will lead to the tremendous suffering everywhere.

One of the things that I feel that our church has been completely lacking is that we have shied away. We have now been scared to talk about sin, when sin is so prevalent in the Divine Principle. When you look at the principle sin is everywhere. The rubric about sin, the needing of True Parents, the types of sin that have accumulated over the past Providential History and the rubric of personal sin that we accumulate against heaven. This is so basic.

Brothers and sisters, we have shied away from this because we think that this is very negative, that we think it will not raise a positive child. That has the opposite result, because we took out the rubric of sin we have a situation where young people believe that they are more perfect than they are. This is very dangerous before heaven. Because before heaven we have to have humility, we have to have repentance, we have to have confessing of our sin, realizing our weakness, because it's only the weak that God chooses to turn into the strong, it's not the strong that God uses, neither it's not those who believe that they are so powerful.

It's so important to realize that we do need True Parents. We do need God, it is not an option. We cannot go this path alone only with the ability of the first generation, second generation or even all the way to the thousandth and millionth generation. The only rock that we have, that will change the world is True Parents. Aju!

No generation can replace the True Parents. That has to be very clear. None. I don't care how great they are. No one walked through the course of lord of the Second Advent. No one paid the indemnity to the stages of the individual, family, tribes, society, nations and the world cosmos to the servant of servants. Nobody has paid the indemnity, nobody has died seven times to pay for the indemnity that has been accumulating over history. But True Parents had to go through this course, to fulfill all the eight stages, and so we have to realize that no generation in the future can pretend to be True Parents.

This has to be very clear because the absolute center of the unification movement, is True Parents. This religion has become the most successful religion at the time of the founder and it has spread more and more. But it will never succeed and flourish if we forget this point that it's all about True Parents. It's not about us.

It's about each generation inheriting True Love, the sacrificial love that True Parents have practiced. Each generation going back and trying to inherit that love of the parent which will die and die again for the children. Do you see what I mean? It's not about pretending we are the next generation which will inherit it all. This is a wrong thinking. So we must be very clear, our eternal center is True Parents. There is no one like True Parents, they have walked through the courses of history to fulfill the mission of Jesus to actually become those who have liberated God himself. So that God can dwell in the physical world in the body of True Parents.

There is only one the Second Coming of Christ. There is only one that is the Messiah. There is only one who paid this indemnity for the sins of all humankind in history, there is only one who has paid the price for us, our families, our grandchildren, our tribes and our nations, to be worthy to go before God.

Once you believe in True Parents you realize they are your lord and savior. They are your True Parents, who have died and died so, an unworthy sinner like myself could go before God. When you realize that you have that kind of parent, then you don't take them for granted. You wish to offer yourself to them, as they have offered themselves to you.

When we say we believe in our True Parents it must arise in our life. In doing so I have four ways that I always tell people to reflect themselves whether they are on the right track.

First, you can check yourself asking, am I repenting everyday? Do I carry out a life of repentance? Do I understand my unworthiness before the perfection of God? Do I repent at all? Not repenting in pain, suffering and in torture but do I repent with joy? Do I have the ability to see that I am flawed and to come honestly in front of True Parents and to repent? Am I living a life of repentance?

Second, do I hate all sins? Including the sins I thought so casually about. Those small things that you probably thought is so tiny that even True Parents would forgive. Now I hate these things and must hate it with all my heart.

You see, because God is love He must hate. People really mix up about this. God is love so He cannot hate me. Unfortunately, because God is love, sin cannot go near Him. Evil cannot go near Him because there is no evil in love. There is no sin in love, no false in love, no infidelity in love, and no adultery in love. So because God is love, He hates sin, adultery, and infidelity. Do we hate the sins that we used to think so casually about?

Now do we feel the chastising of the Holy Spirit and the spirit world upon us? Now do we feel the weight of the spirit world watching and judging us? Do you live like that? As members of the Unification Church do we live like that?

A third would be the friends and people that I choose to associate. We may associate just with the people who make us feel good whom we want to be with for a good time.

But when you have changed, and realized that True Parents have saved you and now you don't want to spend time with those kinds of people. You don't want to spend time with them. You want to spend time with people who love True Parents whole heartedly, who will die for True Parents, and who will sacrifice everyday for True Parents. You want to be with people who are fighting for True Parents, witnessing for True Parents. You start loving those people of faith. Because you look up to them and feel the realness of their life.

The fourth point is, when I was young boy, we used to go to Gloucester with True Parents, that's on a beach ocean side. When we were around four years or five yeas old, True Father felt so big like a giant. When he walked on the sand, we could see his powerful footprints in the sand. And then we as young children, we try to always walk into those footprints, try to copy him. Trying to follow his footsteps. But Because of course we are too small, our legs are not that long, we can't do it. So as we reach we fall down.

But this is the last point, do we strive? Even though we will never be like True Parents, do we strive like that pure innocent little child, that tries to follow the footsteps, do we strive? Even though we stumble and are not perfect, do we endlessly try to inherit their heart?

Now remember what is their heart? Their heart is a True Parent. What is a heart of a True Parent? The heart of a True Parent is a heart that will die and die, so that the children maybe saved. Do we realize this? Do we live our life of faith, checking ourselves on these training points? Or do we just go by our work. This is so important. Because we don't realize it even though we are leaders and we have people following us we are still sinners. Do we realize this?

If you realize you are a sinner, I want you to raise your hand. I raise my hand with you. You see, this is why we need True Parents. This is why we have to understand even though we don't have the original sin, we still have so many infidelities before Heaven. And as leaders this is so important because, we must always reflect on ourselves.

We must always look at ourselves. Because the real cause of the fall before it was the fall of Adam and Eve, it was the infidelity of Lucifer the arrogance the hubris that lead to disobedience. And this is something that we must always be reminded in our life of faith.

Just because we are leaders in the unification church, there is no guarantee, just because you are Blessed Family or Blessed Child there is no guarantee that you are able to go to heaven. No guarantee. In fact amongst the leaders in this room, who, who can go before the perfection of God? None of us. We will immediately be repelled.

True Parents says that God does not have to judge us. What does that mean? Does that means we can live as we want? Quite the contrary. God doesn't have to judge us because He is love. He is goodness.

So if we are evil or even if we have a little bit of sin, we will be repelled. We naturally are pushed away.

So brothers and sisters in this time of confusion and challenge you must remember that we have one rock. And as leaders of unification church we have one purpose. That is to bring glory to True Parents.

You know, we try to in our utmost effort, to dissolve. We are like the little children who are imperfect trying to follow the footsteps, but that continual effort that continual perseverance is what is important. Not only the effort but also to actualize what True Parents have set the foundation for, so we must also create the resolved that True Parents have set the 95% foundation for.

Brothers and sisters I pray that you may realize that we are sinners. Don't be arrogant and say you are going to sin more but realize you are a sinner that you hate this sin. We want to do everything to get rid of it.

When you realize you are a sinner you end up hating the sin. And you do all that you can do to try to walk more accordance with True Parents. So that you do not accumulate that kind of sin and you repent so that you can be forgiven for that sin.

Brothers and sisters, we all must do this. We must all realize this and practice it. If we do that then God can be pleased with us when we enter Heaven. He can bless us with greater ability and strength. I believe that if we do this in our nations and center our selves on True Parents and their teachings, continuously hold on to True Parents, this is the saving grace, for your countries and for the world. Aju!

So I hope that we can reflect on such things and we can go back with a true heart to our nations or states. And really make a difference with True Parents. They have really done the impossible. Now it's our turn to completely become one serving our True Parents forever, continue to do what is impossible. 

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