The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Special 40 Day Workshop in Korea with Hyung Jin Moon

March 26, 2010

A member from France

For all of us it is a unique opportunity to attend such a workshop. Though we are not leaders, we are put in that position by True Parents. Meeting True Father, having intensive education and a Cheong Seong lifestyle, are incredible experiences -- but until now what touched me the most is how far every single person still is from understanding True Father: I think that is why he keeps telling to do Hoon Dok Hae. Also, coming as a representative of the Second Generation, I felt disappointed that so few were there. But knowing the situation of my country made me realize that Second Generation are those whom True Father lays his hope in.

There is an atmosphere of fear and hope: fear that we cannot understand, or come close to what True Father expects from us, but hope that we can change that. What I feel deeply, is that beyond everything True Father asks me to do, he wants me to resemble him, to be as selfless as he is.

A member from Italy

My experience?

So far honestly and surprisingly great, yet having to write this short testimony, I feel it gives me a chance to check at what point I am or how much I am taking ownership of my experience going through this special workshop. Today is the 22nd or 23rd day of this "special education session for world leaders workshop" by True Parents, but for me it is my 16th day. All I knew about this workshop was that True Parents wanted this it to take place and that they also would be leading it -- I think there was also some providential explanation, but since I often do not feel I can really understand it, I didn't try to. Interestingly enough, before leaving for this workshop, I experienced my biggest challenge so far back home. My parents were not sure about me going, doubting it would turn out to be a too hard experience for me, Hyung Jin Nim and I was relying on them to give me strength to go. This had to change; I understood I had to make a determined and responsible decision myself. And so I did. It makes me think that in life if I don't get what I truly want, it's simply because I don't really want it. Now they're happy that I am here and proud of me, which feels good, but I know that isn't my motivation to attend this workshop. My motivation to be here is, in fact, to understand True Parents better and improve my relationship with them. Thinking I could attend them physically seemed to be a good step towards this goal I have. In the past I found myself complaining at times that I didn't know them, and was never sure what my principles were. This time I took inspired action.

In this very moment we just finished our Original Divine Principle 10-day workshop with Rev Yu. I'm not sure what to think. It's just devastating, amazing. In fact I don't think I can explain it. All I feel is that True Parents' teaching is amazing, and that I should continue studying True Parents on a daily basis.

My understanding is that True Parents want to set a new standard through this workshop, so a big focus is on daily training -- Hyung Jin Nim style -- and Hoon Dok Hae. Hyung Jin Nim emphasizes sincerity, or daily self-checking. This means, I need to ask my self on a daily basis, "in what direction am I going? Why do I do what I do?" and really try to honestly answer from deep within. It's not always easy, takes effort, and confession is painful sometimes, but the outcome is amazing. I've been trying to practice honesty for some time now, and I've seen some important results in my relationship with my parents, my siblings, myself and others. For example I used to judge my parents a lot before, and unconsciously I would blame others for my shortcomings. I got to realize to let go of blame and complaint and be more a creator of my life rather than a victim of circumstances - to believe in myself that I can do it. HONESTY is a winner. Thank you!

Another member from France

This workshop is, for me, really spiritual. Of course there are a lot of lectures -- some more interesting than others -- but we can feel the atmosphere is very spiritual. Personally I feel True Parents' spiritual presence! The lectures are made to educate us so we can become good future leaders in our country or community.

This workshop was quite difficult at the beginning because we get up at two thirty AM for meditation and two hundred and ten bows, then go straight to Hoon Dok Hae, which lasts until six AM.

The lectures start at nine in the morning, and we go to bed around nine thirty PM, so there is not so much sleep.

But it is a good experience, because I took the leadership of my community of Second Gens with 2 other brothers. It is important for me to do this workshop in order to become a better leader and example.

So I am trying my best to learn, even if it is not so easy sometimes. This workshop is made and organized by True Parents; I think I can feel it because there is a good atmosphere and lectures are done by experienced teachers and Reverends that have a direct link to True Parents.

Plus, on Friday the nineteenth, we were lucky to receive Hyung Jin Nim and his wife, which was very interesting.

The study of the Original Divine Principle by Rev. Yu was very interesting, I could learn a lot. It was the same as in San Marino, where my Mum attended, so I was even more interested to follow it, because she came back inspired. Team meetings are moments where we share about our feelings from Hoon Dok Hae and lectures, and so are generally really intense. Some even cry: we feel a lot here. 

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