The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Hyung Jin Moon, Kook Jin Moon, and In Jin Moon sharing with leaders at the World National Leaders Assembly

February 19, 2010
Unofficial notes

Kook Jin Nim

Church policy:

We must declare True Parents as Messiah; there is confusion in the Unification Church, are we a messianic movement or a peace movement? Are we a religious movement or a social movement? If we're peace movement we're very unsuccessful. If we're a peace movement then get me out of here! I work without a salary; I don't want to tithe to a peace movement; peace is good but is that all God is about? Peace movements believe that religions causes war; loose God and we can live in peace. We believe, without God there can be no real peace.

Abraham was a priest; he was a military leader; he led them to war; Moses was commander of an army; 40 years at war; Joshua conquered ½ of Canaan; Jesus: "he is not a military leader; can he be the Messiah?" Mohammed spread religion by the sword.

God wants to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth centering on His lineage; we don't believe peace is possible without God; Christians can't believe in peace on earth with out the return of Christ; do we believe in what we say? Do we believe True Parents are the Lord of the Second Advent? If we answer that question then there is no confusion.

You are leaders; your responsibility is to lead people to God, True Parents are the Messiah, the Lord of Second Advent; this is our identity; no question about it; we will fight for our beliefs and not compromise our faith or our movement. Korea and Japan are succeeding not because of weakness; businesses are profitable because we hold people accountable for public funds and in return we treat them fairly and they are compensated.

Unification Church in Korea is growing faster than ever before; at the 10/14 Blessing everyone gave the offering; we revitalized the Unification Church and blessed all members in the Unification Church. For this Blessing new members were witnessed to and joined in last two months; they all paid; we had funds left over after the October 14th Blessing; this is not just talking about success, this is real.

Temple in Seoul:

Over 100 million has been raised in one year; it is in most valuable real estate market in Seoul (like Manhattan); this will be our new Unification Church headquarters. Our brothers and sisters donated over 12,000 faith donations.

Korea Foundation lost 100 million in one year; for 20 years there was no growth; now results are coming; faith is coming back; spirit is coming back; miracles are happening because we believe in God!

Success is not confusing; see where the hand of God is; in Japan we have staved off the destruction of our church; 36,000 Unification Church members came back in two months; we will succeed; only question is how quick and how big.

All of you must answer that question; to move forward and bring victory we must be clear in who we are; our identity.

From now let us build an organization and church that moves with purpose and creates results for God and True Parents.

In Jin Nim

To quote, "Over the last 5 years we can see the fruits of Kook Jin Nim's efforts in Korea. Together he and Hyung Jin Nim have done a great job, spiritually and financially. He has transformed the Korea Foundation into a brilliant example. I look at my brothers as an inspiration for my work in America. They have spent countless hours in prayer to try to understand who we are and what direction we should take.

We have languished as a movement, unclear about who we are. However, now we are united under the Unification Church church symbol and proud of our identity. For the first time in our movement, I feel there is clear direction. We need to reclaim our symbol so that our children can see it as a symbol of pride. As Christians carry the Cross, Jews carry the Star of David, we should proudly display the Unification Church symbol, given to us by True Parents.

What are we here to do? It's time to get re-inspired, to show and live our convictions each day of our lives. Do it for our children's sake so that they will want to be like us. There is nothing more beautiful to me than to hear our Second Generation say, "I really believe in something," or that, "I'm a proud Unificationist and I love God and our True Parents."

We have started a revolution here under my brothers' leadership! A true revolution which is not only based on internal excellence, but external excellence, where all that you touch is successful and blessed by God.

Kook Jin Nim is putting the church in order and Hyung Jin Nim, as the spiritual head, is providing focus for the world. We must carry their example back to the world, saying, "There is something revolutionary going on!" We should proclaim the Peace Temple and the greatness of True Parents. Proclaim our True Parents! Make each day count in these final three years. We should think, "How much can I do each day?" Be the elder brother and sister and share True Parents with the world.

As we proclaim True Parents we honor ourselves and our children. Be proud and be accountable. Pastor the people well; inspire, encourage and empower them to do great things. Tremendous blessings are awaiting us, brothers and sisters, and you each play a very special role as leaders.

Carry Kook Jin Nim's conviction and Hyung Jin Nim's heart with you wherever you go! Come together in one heart and in one spirit. Know that God is working with you every day. This is an incredible year, the year of the White Tiger! In this year we can make incredible strides forward. The unthinkable and the unexpected can happen in 2010 if we have faith."

Hyung Jin Nim

True Parents were so happy at the birthday banquet; we are declaring True Parents as Messiah, Lord of Second Advent, because it is a joy to do so; it is invigorating to declare them as the Messiah. It is amazing to witnessing with True Parents autobiography; when you witness like this, something happens inside; believe, step out in faith, confront your fears; Unification Church of Korea did no witnessing for 25 years; they lost excitement of when we first joined and found the Messiah; we were so excited to share our faith and the Messiah; that conviction became blurred; we lost our identity, lost our faith in God and True Parents; the church can't grow on this situation; it can't be blessed by God.

With out the genius and mind of Kook Jin Nim, this would not have been possible; in 2005 the Korea Foundation lost 100 Million; in three years Kook Jin Nim reversed it; Yeonsei University MBA program uses Kook Jin Nim as model case; Tongil Group 2005-2008; this group will become major Korean conglomerate.

Kook Jin Nim did a 120 church tour; he visited 120 churches, 40 of the visits were unannounced; he developed the Human Relations system and the KPI system; we now rank ministers and churches based on performance (witnessing, tithing, etc); this is a systematic analysis program; we analyze each church activity using KPI's.

Leadership changes were made in Korea; Kook Jin Nim empowered owner/members to select leaders; owner/member is someone who attends church and tithes for one year. Local leadership is accountable to the congregation; Kook Jin Nim focuses, pushes everyone to succeed; over last years membership at Mapo church fell from 16,000 to 11,000 members, there was no hope for future; no organization; no witnessing team.

You have to instill faith in members as a leader; you have to declare True Parents yourselves as leaders; we won't grow until the leaders lead the way; necessary for church growth; otherwise the spirit of God will not be there.

If we are uncomfortable with Messiah, Lord of Second Advent, savior of humanity, you can feel it in the churches that aren't growing; if evangelical spirit has subsided there is no growth.

As leaders we have to make success for True Parents; if we don't we must step down as an honorable leader;

Ambassadors for Peace, etc., we thought that we can't tell them about the Messiah or they will run away. Hyung Jin Nim's experience is exactly the opposite at the International Leadership Conference we proclaimed True Parents as the savior; "We're so clear now" be up front and honest; they know it from internet anyway;

Kook Jin Nim told VIPS, "We're so happy that Rev. Moon is the Messiah!" They can't forget that; to make an impact he tells anyone straight up what he believes. 40% of Korea Foundation are now Unification Church members; the learn Divine Principle, donate, come to service, and tithe.

The result of all of this is that the church membership has doubled in Korea , church donations are up 110% with a reduced number of church leaders and churches and headquarters staff.

As leaders you are called to bring this to your nation, to make believers in Christ! Your mission is not to be popular, but to make new believers. Peter, Paul, Stephen were all persecuted, stoned for declaring the name of Jesus as Messiah. Proclaim True Parents as the Lord and Savior with faith and conviction. The religions that are very strong in their faith impact the world: Christianity, Islam, etc. Muslims can confidently move forward wherever they go; they value and protect the name of Mohammed. How much do we protect True Parents' value? When we hear people belittling Father, we should become irate, as Muslims would be if the name of Mohammed were belittled. How many years have we tolerated being called a cult, or useless, etc.? Stand up for our faith and for our True Parents. Don't allow attacks on our faith.

The Korean church has grown because of the managerial expertise of Kook Jin Nim. Success is the accumulation of good decisions over time. Kook Jin Nim has 16 years of business experience; he thinks as an organization, not as an individual. Kook Jin Nim is an evangelist, a man of faith and professionalism.

When we declare True Parents then they themselves don't have to do it. We have always pushed Father to declare himself, then we hide in the background. The Dalai Lama doesn't have to tell people who he is because his priests do that very effectively. As filial sons and daughters of our True Parents, it is our responsibility to proclaim them. "You're going to hear that from us!" We're doing our job, educating the people that he is the Messiah.

We have to bring back the spirit of being proud of True Parents and confident in our faith. Get comfortable with sharing True Parents; it will change your life completely; you'll be reborn!

While True Parents are here, let them see millions of Unification Church members around the world declaring True Parents as my lord and savior. When that community grows, that will be Cheon Il Guk. There is no Cheon Il Guk without True Parents. Everything must be centered on True Parents. Our vision is a community of faith, a nation that believes and professes True Parents; not the watered-down version, That's how we think of it.

We are witnessing with passion and excitement because we want Cheon Il Guk to be established while True Parents are here. This is all for the glory of God and True Parents, who are the first to inherit fully the love of God; they are the living offering for us.

So let's get this inside of us and allow others to be reborn in this way! 

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