The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

The Blessings of the New Year

Hyung Jin Moon
January 3, January 5, and February 6, 2010

On January 3, from his Korean service at the Headquarters Church on January 3

True Parents gave us the motto for 2010, "Mansei for oneness with True Parents' pure heart and with all their victories under the authority of the Cosmic Sabbath centered on true love." I would like to take this time to share a little bit on the subject of having a blessed 2010. You will all remember that last year True Parents gave us "The era of proclaiming the victory of absolute sexual ethics, the right of true love, true life and true lineage in the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth" as the motto. They began an era in which victory could be proclaimed. In 2010, however, "proclaiming" has changed to "mansei for."

True Parents have done so much work to advance the providence. Always in the Completed Testament providence, a proclamation creates a turning point. Everything is tied off in stages. We can shout mansei after we are successful in doing something. True Father said that 2009 was the year that took us past the summit of the number nine. After climbing that summit, we now welcome 2010 as a new beginning. So, beginning with the motto for the year, True Parents have given us a message of blessing.

Brothers and sisters, please consider that in 2009 we truly made possible many things that we thought were impossible. Expert journalists in the field of religion from the topmost newspapers participated in our recent meeting with the press. One journalist asked what had changed in the Unification Church in 2009. I explained such points as our church organization having become more transparent, and more expert, that we were deciding on church leadership by elections, and that our participation in Sunday services had risen from around ten thousand to eighteen thousand for the first time in thirty years. 2009 was a year of making the impossible possible.

[Hyung-jin nim mentions that Yonsei University is teaching about the HSA-UWC business foundation's turnaround.]

Brothers and sisters, our Unification faith is having an influence on society! Let's do our five percent, and we will be able to experience God actualizing all that He has prepared, right in front of our eyes. We made better results in 2009 than we did in 2008. We are entering 2010 with dignity, with the air of victors.

Brothers and sisters! True Parents gave us an amazing message in calligraphy,'- "Mansei for oneness with True Parents' pure heart and with all their victories under the authority of the Cosmic Sabbath centered on true love." The first words in the message are "true love." What kind of love is that? It is the love expressed in the seven deaths and resurrections, in completing the eight stages. If we look at the course of Father's life with our spiritual eyes open, we can grasp that with this kind of love one can die, die and die again for one's children. It is a love that can save even Satan. With this kind of love, True Parents have brought victory. They have begun 2010 with true love.

True love as expressed in "the Cosmic Sabbath centered on true love" means the love of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind -- which is the unified love of God and True Parents. In other words, the realm of the Sabbath in the cosmos -- the great house full of the love of the Parents of Heaven Earth and Humankind (which is God and True Parents' love) -- comes into being.

Father next wrote, "Oneness with [True Parents'] pure heart and with all victories" True Father had written this in calligraphy in December 1996. Here, cheongshim means a mind or heart that is clean and pure, without dirt, like the morning dew. In other words, a heart that casts no shadow because it belongs to someone aligned vertically.

During his Day of Victory of Love speech on January 2, Father gave the following three points on the subject of living a life vertically connected with noon. First, it is a life where we do not stain our lineage. This is our individual responsibility. Second, it is a life where we do not violate other people's hearts. This is also our responsibility as individuals. Third, it is a life where we do not misappropriate public money. Of course, this is also a responsibility we have as individuals, but it is something we need to observe closely on the organizational level.

True Father spoke about the qualities of a true heart. He said that not just as individuals but also on the level of organizations connected to the church, we must live a clean and transparent life.

In their lifetimes, through true love, True Parents have brought overall victory in accomplishing the mission that Jesus could not complete. Father explained that the secret to becoming one with True Parents' victory is to transparently live life with a pure heart. Through this year's motto, "Mansei for oneness with True Parents' pure heart and with all their victories under the authority of the Cosmic Sabbath centered on true love," True Parents have given us an amazing blessing.

At a Tuesday, January 5, meeting of Headquarters Church leaders

As leaders, our responsibility in front of Father is to make things that are impossible possible. Please think about this: A hundred and fifty years ago, had most people even imagined people would one day fly in an airplane? It was an impossible idea, yet it came into the realm of what was possible. For a business to be successful, it must make the impossible possible. If we truly believe that True Parents are the Messiah, when Father gives us a goal, if we think it is impossible we are already done with. We have shot ourselves in the foot. We cannot be leaders if we do this.

Father gives us such huge goals because he believes in us. That he has such trust is a great honor for us....

We must think about Father's instructions seriously. We must not think that what Father directs us to do is impossible. We must throw away the word "impossible." Honestly speaking, even Father's birth on earth was "impossible." Our receiving the blessing was "impossible." But True Father has made what was impossible possible....

The church leaders have really been working hard. Around the country, increasingly, the church leaders are the first to go out on the streets to witness; they are working hard. Let's work to help our church leaders be victorious!

Church leaders must work hard, with their necks on the line, shedding their blood and sweat. If the members of their congregations work in unity with them, the task is not impossible. If we make that condition, we can enter Cheon Bok Gung with great confidence. This is because all these one thousand couples will become Unification Church members. This past week, we were moved to see nineteen new members attend the "new life" service, and there are some fifty-seven more new members preparing to participate next month...? Whenever I took examinations, if I didn't feel any pressure, I could not do well. If I felt pressure to do well, I did well on the exam. Only when there is pressure will rice cook well. Pressure is a good thing. If the pressure is right, the result is hot, tasty rice. It goes through a change we had never imagined.

We have been dedicated and have invested a lot of effort and that was not in vain. Our dedication and combined efforts allowed us to challenge tasks that appeared impossible. Several times, we have actually made possible what seemed impossible. The Bible tells us that if you ask for something it will be given to you. If you prepare and work for the Messiah with the mind-set that you don't mind whether you live or die, you will absolutely be able to make the goal.

On February 6, from his last English service in the Headquarters Church

This is our last service here in the Cheongpa-dong church, a historic church where True Father directly ministered.... Today we depart from this holy location where so much blood, sweat and tears have been invested, so much devotion has been offered, and we trek across the cold city of Seoul in 2010, as we make our way toward the Temple of God....

True Parents are now fighting for God. They are under attack in many ways, and we in the Unification Church are standing up for them. We are saying, "True Parents, we stand with you and we won't desert you. We will go into the city to preach about you. We will face uncertainty and face the unknown. We may even be persecuted, but we will stand with our faith." We are moving to the temple, to attend God and True Parents, to teach the world that the Messiah, the Maitreya, the Mahdi, the Righteous One has come! And we'll be standing with our faith and pride to uphold the value of True Parents. We will bring the many, many people who have been prepared by God and the spirit world, who are waiting to meet their True Parents!...

Be encouraged, because the Lord comes in might, not in weakness. And he says, the Lord our God will feed his flock. From God and from the temple, from the holy land of Zion will come the spiritual abundance and blessing that will spread not only to all the members across the world but to all Korea and all other nations of the world, and all the spirit world and will be returned and glorified back to God! If you believe it, give it up for God! [Applause] Oh my goodness! We are going today, brothers and sisters! We're moving to the temple, brothers and sisters; we're moving to the next level -- such a visible level -- as the Unification Church. We're pressing forward with hope. We're having hope in the kingdom of God, a world of unity, of oneness centered on our Lord and Savior, the True Parents of Heaven and Earth.

We face uncertainty, surely; attack from closed-minded individuals, surely; danger, surely; but we, as the Unification Church are moving forward. We are believing -- believing in our God! We are believing in our True Parents! We are believing in each other. Everybody, come on, let's stand on up! I need you to stand up! And I need you to hold your brother or sister's hand next to you. Hold their hands! Tell them today, "I am honored to be on this ship with you!" [I am honored to be on this ship with you!] Because brothers and sisters, we are now facing our own new destiny, and we're moving forward to the temple of God. 

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