The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Letter to the Leadership of Unification Church in Japan about Hyun Jin Moon

Kiyoshi Seino
June 21, 2012

This is a direct translation from Japanese of my experiences and understanding of key issues that have occurred recently in our Unification Movement. I cannot speak for others, but what I state here is true to the best of my knowledge. -- Kiyoshi Seino

Letter to the Leadership of Unification Church in Japan

Sent to: Mr. Gentaro Kajikuri (President/ The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity), Mr. Hideo Oyamada (Bun Bong Wang), Mr. Ken Sudo (V. President/ The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity), Mr. Motoo Furuta (Co-Chairman/ International Missionary Association)

I would like to ask some questions and make some comments about an official statement issued by the Unification Church and "A letter to Hyun Jin Nim" by my elders who claim "to be representing all Unification Church members in Japan"

1. Disgraceful actions by the church

HSA-UWC Japan issued an official statement on May 15, 2012 titled as "Reporting about approaches by Kwak group". In the statement, the church instructed members to report to the External Cooperation Department about people who approached them from the "Kwak group", their names, date, place, what they said, and their contact information.

Surprisingly, members who have been labeled as "Kwak group" are tailed, photographed and pressured to confess and self-criticize. Then those actions are announced and publicized at church gatherings without shame.

After attending True World Group Asia meeting (on May 11, in Seoul), I stayed a few days in Japan. While I was there, I met some Unification Church members who I had known for a long time. They all said that they had to report to the church that they met me. Later, I learned that what they were saying was true from reading an official statement (dated May 29) titled "Warning about penetration activities of Kwak group in Japan" in which they call me a member of Kwak group and advised members to be careful about me.

In order to interrupt an international welcoming for Hyun Jin Nim on June 2, Mamoru Kamono, PR administrator of the Unification Church, sent a written statement to the hotel where the event was being held. The statement warned of a violent situation and threatened the hotel by saying "Because of the actions by members who don't follow the church, there may be violent trouble from members who follow the church", if the hotel holds the event. In addition, church representatives verbally threatened the hotel by saying "Unification Church members are coming to the hotel to make some noise"

What a sorry church we have become! The fair and brave Unification Church that used to fight against the Japanese Communist Party without fear is gone. Now, the Unification Church has become a sinister organization that does tailing its own members, forcing confessions and self-criticizing, and finally threatening people who are not even affiliated with the church. Is this the Unification Church as the model of God's Kingdom on earth that we have been seeking for?

In the statement from Unification Church Headquarters, it says "please pray hard for those brothers and sisters who are now called Kwak group to come back to the dominion of True Parents." (May 30), and "To those who are listed (as members of Kwak group), the door is always open for you to restart. Please contact us" (May 29). However, I have never been contacted when I was listed as "Kwak group", and never been asked my opinion. On one hand, Unification Church Headquarters treats us like condemned criminals, on the other hand, they say "The door is open" or call for prayers from members. It is nothing but hypocrisy.

2. About Kwak Group

I don't believe it was right to do a campaign to claim "Rev. Kwak is Satan; Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam". I respect both Hyun Jin Nim and Rev. Kwak, therefore, I don't mind being called a member of "Kwak group", but the motivation behind this campaign is not honorable or just.

In the first place, I don't believe Father instructed to do the campaign to call "Rev. Kwak is Satan; Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam". On the contrary, I believe Father was upset about it, and directed to stop it.

I will explain the reason why I believe so. When I met with a personal assistant to Father at a restaurant in New York together with Mr. Motoo Furuta, the president of True World Group (at that time), he said that Father was very upset about the negative campaign of "Rev. Kwak is Satan, Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam".(January 14th, 2010)

A few days later(January 17th), Mr. Furuta and I met with Hyun Jin Nim in Seattle. We had many opportunities to meet Hyun Jin Nim. On those occasions, Mr. Furuta begged Hyun Jin Nim to meet with Father. I did the same with tears. Hyun Jin Nim replied to us that he has always been scolded by Father based on criticism by the leaders, and he had been required to abandon everything many times in the past. However, those leaders who took over the foundation from Hyun Jin Nim destroyed God's foundation that he had built. Then, a few years later, Father would call him to rebuild it again. At this time, Father said "Abandon everything and come to me". Then, Hyun Jin Nim made a prayer condition and went to Las Vegas to see Father. (September 10th,2009) However, because some leaders had accused him that "Hyun Jin Nim is trying to take over the True Parents position", he could not even talk to Father. Hyun Jin Nim said "In such difficult times, it seems like the right thing to obey Father in the short run. However, considering God's critical providence, my conscience doesn't allow me to abandon everything irresponsibly. I will never be apart from Father, and I will see him soon. And, as the elder son, I will be responsible for True Family. So, don't worry"

He also said "You don't understand about True Family. I have been with them for 40 years, don't you know? There is a huge gap in understanding of the True Family between us (general members) and True Family themselves, like the difference between a kindergarten kid and a university student. Once all members of True Family meet centering on True Parents, issues can be resolved in 2 days. However, leaders and members of Unification Church are blocking it in a campaign of 'Rev. Kwak is Satan, Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam' that forces separation between Father and me. You wouldn't want someone to interfere with your own family matters like that, would you?"

At that time, we reported to him that Dr. Chang S. Yang had been appointed as the chairman of HSA in America by True Father. I remember he said "Watch what happens. You'll see that Father's decision will be turned over". One week later (January 25), I attended the exchange ceremony of continental leader at the New York Church (43rd HQ). Dr. Yang was inaugurated as the continental leader, not the chairman of HSA. As Hyun Jin Nim pointed out, Father's appointment was disregarded.

There were many other incidents when Father's direction was neglected. I give you a well-known example. As indicated in Father's speech of "Proclamation of Settlement and Embodiment of God's Word of True Parents of Heaven and Earth", Father wanted to carry out some providence in Korea through Rev. Hwang. For that purpose, Father appointed Rev. Hwang to be the chairperson of the Korea Foundation, and Kook Jin Nim as the vice chairperson. Those personnel changes were first announced in Yeosu, then at Cheong Jeong Gung and in Las Vegas. However, right before the inauguration ceremony, Rev. Hwang signed a self-criticizing statement, and the inauguration has never been completed.

When Father found out about the self-criticizing statement, he was very upset about it. He crossed out the statement and wrote "Not Accepted" and signed the paper. He instructed leaders to announce it. However, the church published Rev. Hwang's self-criticizing statement, but not Father's denial of the statement.

Second, I don't think my elders believe from the bottom of their heart in the lecture contents of "Rev. Kwak is Satan, Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam" prepared by the research department of Father's words, because its contents are so poor. They used fallen natures as evidence that Rev. Kwak as Satan. However, the fallen natures were "natures that came out accidentally when the Archangel had a transgression against God and had a sexual relationship with Eve" and not the cause of the Archangel becoming Satan. The archangel became Satan due to "the illicit sexual relationship". To say Rev. Kwak to be Satan, church must show he had an illicit relationship with someone.

Father has already declared subjugation of Satan. Nevertheless, if they think a new Satan was born, I wonder if they are aware that they would have to discuss the necessity of the Third Coming in order to solve this problem. It is obvious that the theory is wrong according to the Divine Principle. I wonder why Mr. Oyamada and Mr. Sudo who are known as experts of theory and education remain silent about it.

Third, in last November, after 3 years of silence, Hyun Jin Nim published a letter titled "To the Unification Community worldwide" Right after that, on November 27, there was a telephone conference among leaders of the Unification Church in America regarding the letter. On the conference, Joshua Cotter, the vice president of HSA-UWC, testified that In Jin Nim said "The reason why we used the term "Kwak group" was to avoid direct attack on Hyun Jin Nim. However, in his letter, he said he wasn't manipulated by Rev. Kwak, therefore, we don't have to protect him anymore." This means there was no such thing as the "Kwak group" existing in the first place.

Fourth, I was the vice president of True World Group and assisting Mr. Furuta. As far as I remember, Mr. Furuta said that Hyun Jin Nim was the best one who could advance God's providence. Therefore he never thought HJN was a "fallen Adam". Mr. Oyadama, as the Bun Bong Wang, mentioned on July 18, 2011 in America that it was not Father's instruction to do "Rev. Kwak is Satan, Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam" campaign. I don't believe Rev. Sudo, who has been preaching true love, thinks it was either.

The church criticizes that the Kwak family is leading Hyun Jin Nim in the wrong direction. But, please read the letter by the oldest daughter of Mr. Jin Man Kwak who is an assistant for Hyun Jin Nim. ( She and other children of Jin Man are the third generation, and have been accused for a few years from their friends who said "Your father should go to a jail." She is still proud of her father "who inherited a pure heart of devotion from his father, and serves True Family with his whole body and soul".

Our church has been teaching that Jesus said "Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her." (John 8:3-11) and ""Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you" (Mathew 7:1-2)

Then, how about you as leaders? Are you assisting that Kook Jin Nim is leading Japan Unification Church in a proper way? Kook Jin Nim's idea of "Abel should subjugate Cain by force" is different from what Father teaches us. Have you explained to him that it is wrong to force members to obey the church by requiring them to state that "Rev. Kwak is Satan, Hyun Jin Nim is fallen Adam", and videotaping each person? Are your children as respectful and proud of you as Jin Man's children as the third generation are proud of Jin Man? Aren't you actually responsible for changing the church of true love into the church of judgment and hatred? You church leaders should release an official statement immediately that the Kwak group criticism is wrong, and bring the church back to Father's teachings of True Love.

3. Letter to Hyun Jin Nim

Just before Hyun Jin Nim's visit to Japan, on May 28, Unification Church Japan published a "Letter to Hyun Jin Nim" under Rev. Song, the chairman of National Blessed Family Association, Rev. Kajikuri, the president of HSA-UWC Japan, Rev. Oyamada, Bun Bong Wang, Rev. Sudo, the vice president of HSA-UWC, and Mr. Furuta, Co-chairperson of International Missionary Association. This letter was sent to all Unification Church members under the title, "Conscientious Proclamation and Statement from Truthful Heart and Will"

However, the contents were filled with hypocrisy. It was disrespectful and far from being "in respect and courtesy for Hyun Jin Nim as a member of True Family" (official statement dated May 30)

First of all, it said "We, all Japanese Unification Church members, well understand that Hyun Jin Nim has been working hard with an enthusiasm from the late 90s in order to accomplish God's providence as a member of True Family. Even today, you work for God's providence without changing attitude." Then, why does the church call him a "fallen Adam" and try to block him?

It also says "We cannot accept your guidance under the situation that Hyun Jin Nim is not under True Parents directions" Then, why did the church threaten the hotel where the international meeting was held on June 2 and try to interfere with the event that should have nothing to do with the church? On October 19, 2011, when Hyun Jin Nim was going to Brazil to attend an international conference that has nothing to do with the church, and receive an award from the Brazilian Parliament, the Japan Unification Church Headquarters sent a huge financial donation to support accusations in order to block Hyun Jin Nim from entering to the country. Is this enough proof that the church interferes with him, no matter what Hyun Jin Nim does?

A few years ago, most of the assets of the Brazilian church were being stolen by a lawyer they hired, and the remaining assets were going to be confiscated by the Brazilian government. To prevent it, on July 2, 2008, the person who sent a letter to Hyun Jin Nim and said "It is our only hope that we ask Hyun Jin Nim to help us" was Rev. Oyamada, Brazil's national messiah.

Fortunately, Hyun Jin Nim and his staff could reclaim the assets of the Brazilian church. Because the church members knew how much Hyun Jin Nim had done to support Brazil, on May 30, 2010, they invited Hyun Jin Nin to speak at a Sunday service. At that time, Rev. Shin, the continental leader, occupied the podium for hours despite knowing Hyun Jin Nim was waiting to come up to the stage. It was obvious that he planned it, because he discussed it in advance with a Japanese missionaries and he was accused by them. The Brazil incident was a fake play performed by Rev. Shin. For that reason, the Brazilian judge made a conclusion that it was not a violent assault after watching the entire video that showed members were welcoming Hyun Jin Nim, not the 8 minute edited version by the church. (December 17, 2010)

The Unification Church Brazil president who was asked to sue Hyun Jin Nim again in order to prevent him from entering Brazil in October 2011. The president of the church faced tremendous opposition from the members. Then, he asked that HQ send him proof that the lawsuit was really the direction from True Parents. (He posted his email asking for this publicly).

They say "Unification Church Japan plays a central role in the world providence". Kook Jin Nim said both the Korea foundation and Korean Unification Church became financially positive now. There is no more "providence" that requires a huge fund. Why are members still suffering from donation obligations?

It is because of lawsuits that the church filed all over the world. They have to pay huge penalties and compensations to three major law firms in Korea. According to the "Monthly Choson" magazine (January 2011 edition), "for Yeouido lawsuit alone, the church will have to compensate hundreds of millions of dollars whether or not the church wins the case." Are the precious donations from members used for God's providence, or wasted for self-satisfaction of the church leaders?

In last May, Pres. Kajikuri filed a lawsuit against UCI together with other Korean leaders. An attorney of Mr. Dong Moon Joo(plaintiffs), pointed out how risky the lawsuit was. (May 6) The risks are (1) the founder of UCI (Father) and church leaders are legally obligated to stand in court and testify, (2) whoever is involved in this case is legally obligated to answer about the origin and nature of donations sent to UCI, (3) those records and testimonies will become public and disclosed not just to mass media, but also to any government agencies in Korea, Japan, and US.

In the US justice system, both defendants and plaintiffs must disclose to each other all the facts and records, even if the plaintiffs may want to hide information from the defendants such as above. The other day, an attorney of the plaintiff, Richard Steinbronn was found guilty of using legal documents improperly. Like this case, if someone hides or rejects testimony on facts or records that may be unfavorable to him, he shall be penalized. Then, as the plaintiff attorney said, all those records and testimonies will become public sooner or later.

At this time, the church has made a big change from its 30-year long policy of considering Father as only the founder of UCI with no legal position or control with the organization. Now it has filed this lawsuit based on recognition that Father does have a legal responsibility on UCI matters. This makes Father responsible for many activities in UCI, and causes a great legal risk for him. In the Danbury case, the interests of bank accounts($1.6M in 3 years) opened under his name became an issue. But, in this UCI case, the amount of money involved is hundreds of times greater than that. Hyun Jin Nim became the UCI chairperson just recently, and manages the organization in compliance with all US laws, since he has been educated in America. Therefore, once the court hearing starts, the focus will be on the previous UCI management including Father himself. It is not something Hyun Jin Nim hopes for or would allow if he had a choice. It is the result of the decisions and strategy of the Unification Church leaders initiating the case. The US government (IRS) is waiting for Father to appear in court again.

There is no question that Pres. Kajikuri has to testify in court as one of plaintiffs, and the Japan Unification Church has to disclose all records. Anti-Unification Church people have been waiting for this moment. In your letter to Hyun Jin Nim, you said "Hyun Jin Nim's activities are unintentionally feeding the anti-Unification Church group and fertilizing malcontents" I hope you now realize that you are the ones who are "feeding the anti-Unification Church group and fertilizing malcontents"

The top leader of Japan Unification Church is Rev. Song. According to the record of examination of a witness of the district court in Seoul on October 20, 2011, he testified "Japanese donations are collected based on the instruction by Father, and he decides how to use them" I know the purpose of his testimony was to protect Kook Jin Nim, but how could he put everything on Father's shoulders? It is now even more difficult to allow Father's entrance into Japan, which is something that Father himself and all Japan Unification Church members have been longing for.

4. Father and Hyun Jin Nim

Father may say Hyun Jin Nim is not under his guidance, because he is not physically close to Father. However, it's clear that Father never said "Block all his activities" or "Accuse him as Satan or fallen Adam". Father has even forgiven Satan himself. How could he give an order to persecute his own son? You should stop fabricating lies and twisting his words.

Some people blame Hyun Jin Nim because he did not follow Father's direction of "Be close to me for one year" But, he was not the only one who did not respond to Father's specific direction. Many of the True Family members did not respond to specific directions given to them by Father. Some of them who did not follow his direction more than decade have now become church leaders, and some still haven't. I don't think I am the only one who senses an evil intention in the people who blame only Hyun Jin Nim. Some say it is because Father's expectation toward Hyun Jin Nim is much greater than toward the others. Then, they should stop accusing Hyun Jin Nim by calling him "fallen Adam" with evil intention.

Father has always been teaching "true love" saying "Forgive, Love and Unite". Also, Father guided the blessed families to live in "the Noon-time Settlement" with no shadow based on their conscience. Father has even changed our prayer format from praying "in the names of True Parents" to "in our names as blessed central families" Do you believe the same Father denied what he has always preached, and now instructs members to blindly obey the church leadership and attack Hyun Jin Nim against their own consciences? I would suggest Japan Unification Church leadership not to blindly follow their leaders, but to try to confirm if the directions really came from True Parents.

Father praises General Sun-sin Yi as the most patriotic figure in Korea. According to history, when Gen. Yi won over the Japanese navy, voices were raised in cheering among the Korean people. Entourages of the king and other leaders accused Gen. Yi that "He is taking over the King's position". For that reason, Gen. Yi was tortured and demoted down to a soldier (served in white uniform). Within our church, in order to chase out a capable person, the same conspiracy was always used. It is to accuse that the person "is taking over True Parents position" In America, I heard that Dr. Durst from Oakland church in California was damaged by an accusation of "He is taking over the True Parents' position" As the result, the momentum of the Oakland church and of the most successful American witnessing efforts were diminished.

The accusation toward Hyun Jin Nim is the same, "He is taking over True Parents position." He has never denied Father is the Messiah, and never proclaimed himself as one. Hyun Jin Nim believes that "the era of church has passed" just like Father said. Therefore he has no interest in being the successor of a church institution like Unification Church. You can understand it by reading his book "Realizing God's Dream". His speeches from 1988 (when he was 19 years old) are in that book. You can understand how deeply Hyun Jin Nim understands about God's providence, and how Father has raised Hyun Jin Nim from when he was young until today.

Hyun Jin Nim conducts Hoon Duk Hae every day, and encourages members to do Hoon Duk family church activities. He shows us a clear vision through Father's words that God's and True Parents' dream is to realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that is "One Family under God", and what we should do about it. Does the current Unification Church demonstrate a vision of how to build the Kingdom of God here on earth, and a vision for the Age after the Coming of Heaven?

If you believe Hyun Jin Nim' visions and activities are wrong, you should not blindly follow "Father's direction" which you heard from someone indirectly. Rather, you should read Hyun Jin Nim's speech book "Realizing God's Dream" and his letter "To the Unification Community worldwide" (last November). Then, you can point out what portions are wrong, and criticize the problems in public. If you can't do it, as the Bible says, you should wait God's judgment quietly, not to be blamed as the blind leading the blind (innocent church members) into a hole, and blocking them from entering to heaven. "Now I tell you, withdraw from these men, and leave them alone. For if this counsel or this work is of men, it will be overthrown. But if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow it, and you would be found even to be fighting against God!" (Acts of the Apostles 5:38, 39) "Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch." (Mathew 15:14) "But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither go in yourselves, nor do you allow those who are entering to go in." (Mathew 23:13)

June 21, 2012 Kiyoshi Seino

This letter was sent to you because I understood the leaders who sent "Letter to Hyun Jin Nim" were supposed to be responsible for words and actions of Japan Unification Church, and I thought you should know what has been happening. Also, since the official statement mentioning that I was a member of Kwak group was issued, I will make this letter open and public. 

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