The Words of the Heung Jin Moon

The Value of the Gift We Have Been Given - Heung Jin Moon

"The following is an excerpt from the new book "Victory of Love " by Heung Jin Moon and is from his revelation to the staff of the Twelfth I.C.C. at the Won Jun in Korea. Rev. Zin Moon Kim recently presented this book to True Parents and they asked for all brothers and sisters, through reading the book, to understand more deeply the heart and sacrifice of Heung Jin Nim. In the following excerpt Heung Jin Nim urges us to better understand the value of True Parents, the value of our blessing and the importance of us studying Divine Principle each day."

Attributed to Heung Jin Moon

You must understand the power, the power in the name of your True Parents. This is a key that Heaven gives you now. Cham Pumonim, our True Parents. Say it with pride. Champoomo Nim. We are their children. We are the children of our True Parents. We have been ransomed with the blood, the sweat and the tears of our True Parents. You must understand that I come to speak to you not to take your eyes from our True Parents but to bring you to the True Parents, because when you see your True Parents you see God Himself.

You see these little children (there were some present), how they hang on to their mothers. "Omma." They will not let them go. They cling to them. They will not be separated. So you must be to the True Parents. Because as tightly as you cling to them, the closer you come to Heaven. You can inherit from them what rightly does not even belong to you. Because of their love, because of their suffering, because of their blood, sweat and tears, God allowed them to give to you what only belongs to Heaven.

Go into the Kingdom! Bring the Kingdom here on earth! It is so close at hand. It is so close at hand. It is here and yet you do not see it. It is here now, my brothers and sisters. You must wear the name of True Parents as a banner of pride and honor. Yes, you must let the world know that you are a son, that you are a daughter of the True Parents. There is no greater honor in the universe.

You are blessed

To be king, to be queen is nothing. To be the president of IBM is garbage next to being a son of True Parents, the daughter of the True Parents. Yes, the world looks to its models and heros, its film stars, Princess Diana, all the glory and the glitter of these famous and popular figures. But in the eyes of God who are they? If you can wear the name of True Parents you have indeed reason to be proud. Not because you have earned it but it has been given to you as a gift, a precious gift.

My brothers and sisters, do you know the most precious gift that our True Parents have given to you, concretely and substantially? (The Blessing!) The Blessing, yes. You have never known the value of the Blessing. The Blessing is your passport to Heaven.

Through the Blessing our Father has stood before Satan and before God and with a big knife, with a big sword, he has cut your connection to Satan. He has taken your chains that bound your hands and feet and cut them and said, "Satan, you cannot touch them, they are mine! I have bought them! I have ransomed them with my blood, sweat and tears."

You do not know how pained our Parents' heart has been because you do not even know the value of this gift they gave to you. They gave it gladly, joyfully. It was the most thrilling moment of their life to give it to you. But you have not understood its value. Yes, it has not been understood. Many of you members, especially you Western members thought, "Oh, I am getting married," or "I don't like the color of his eyes," or "I don't like her voice," "I don't like her character or his attitude." It does not matter. You must understand. If you are given Al Capone or Godzilla, it does not matter. It does not matter who your mate is, but the fact that you could be ransomed from eternal death into eternal life. That your children can be born sinless, this is a miracle. This is a miracle! This is such a great miracle.

Please I ask you to gratefully, gratefully thank our True Parents for this Holy Blessing. Those of you who have not yet received this Blessing from our Parents, you must yearn for it with all your heart. Nothing is more important. This is your passport to Heaven. This is your ticket to freedom.

Look at your wife, look at your husband no longer as your wife or your husband, but look at that person as God. This is God in the flesh. Do not look at the imperfections of this person. This person is your doorway to Heaven. You must be so grateful that you have been given the Blessing, that you have a husband or wife with which you can go to Heaven. You must be grateful every day. This is where the Revolution of Love must begin.

Love revolution

Perhaps some of you have heard my words before. I have spoken of a love revolution, of a love epidemic. Our Father is waiting to see this in the Blessed Couples. You are the Elders of the Church. So as you learn to truly love, as you learn to truly love within your own family, this love epidemic will spread. It will become a wild contagion. But if you cannot love your own husband or wife, how can a love epidemic spread? So please, I ask you all to repent today. And to pledge before Heaven that you will love your wife, you will love your husband at the cost of your own life. That you will never again judge them, that you will never again resent them or criticize them. But only you must kiss their feet.

You must thank your True Parents. Thank your True Parents every day that they could give you this Holy Blessing. It is only through the Blessing, my brothers and sisters, that the satanic lineage could be washed clean. This is the final step to the coming Kingdom. Yes, yes, I speak of these things for a reason. I speak of these things for a very profound reason.

So I charge you, my brothers and sisters. I charge you who have been called here today to go out as missionaries to witness to the new life that has been given to you through the True Parents. Yes, you must witness. You must be thankful.

There is healing in the name of the Lord. There is a Christian hymn that sings of the name of the Lord. You must say the name often. Say it proudly. Identify yourself. And as you say proudly, "Yes, I am a follower of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Yes, I am a Moonie," it is like a flashing light. Have you seen the blue-light specials in the K-Mart? Yes, it's like a flashing light. The spiritual world sees your blue-light flashing, "here is one, here is one! This way, folks, come on!" Spiritual help will come to you.

Yes, you must never hide the name of True Parents. It is your badge of authority. If the FBI comes to investigate you, they flash their badge and without hesitation you open your door. Or if the police officer or someone in a position of authority, when they show their badge, everyone trembles. Your badge is True Parents' own name. Yes, you must announce to the world with pride and dignity, "I belong to the True Parents" and the spiritual world will come running. They want to get on the bandwagon now.

The Principle

Everyone wants to be identified with True Parents. But those of you who came before this great highway was open you are indeed very blessed. So you must let it be known, you must advertise.First you must know the language of our Father and Mother and then you can receive from them directly their precious words. Yes, my brothers and sisters, and you must know the Law of Heaven. You must know the Heavenly Constitution, which is the Divine Principle. You must eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You would not think of letting a month or two go by with no physical food. You know that soon your spirit will leave your body.

But some of you are very careless about nurturing your spirit with the Holy Word. Some of you are very careless indeed. You must daily consume the Holy Word because this will give life to your spirit. This is the food that your spirit man needs, the Divine Principle.

Yes, your spirit man cannot live without the Holy Word, cannot live. And by this Holy Word, as you digest it every day, you will see your life changing. You will see your eyes open. And things that were never clear to you before you will understand. You will be transformed. You will be reborn through the power of the Holy Word. And you must eat your Bible as dessert. Your Bible is the foundation upon which our Father could receive this precious revelation.

Divine Principle is the key to unlock the many cages in which people are trapped. Divine Principle is the key, but you must become incarnate. You must become the Word made flesh. You must be filled up with this Holy Word. I want you to promise that you will never let the sun set without opening this book. This is the Book of Life.

As you fall in love with the Divine Principle, you will find that you have new power and authority to witness. We have many ideas in our heads but these have not been actualized in our lives. And as a result we have brought very meager results, very poor and very barren fruits. Very withered and dried up little fruits. As you become reborn, you will find the flocks coming after you. You will find the sheep beginning to follow you because they will see that you are well-fed. They will see you are well-nourished. Yes, you must understand they will know that you know where the watering-hole is. They will perceive that your spirit is very healthy and alive. They will see the living Word within you.

Yes, the time has come for the Christians to come home. The Christians are being called now by our Lord Jesus. He is gathering up his flocks. He is gathering them in. So as you consume the Holy Word of Heaven, as you proudly wear the Badge of Honor, as you display your authorization from Heaven that you are indeed a child of True Parents, as the spiritual world recognizes you, they will guide the prepared souls to follow you to come to Korea and witness the Holy Land here and to meet our True Parents. 

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