Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. Headwing Ideology For Unification (Part 2)

3. Unificationism Is Headwing Ideology

1) Headwing Ideology

You do not need to worry about how this world, entangled with complicated environments and circumstances, will become a world of goodness. In the fast-paced world where things are taking place in urgency and where the right and the left are in confrontation, your right foot is standing on the right-wing, and your left foot, on the left-wing. Your right hand is holding the right-wing, and your left hand, the left-wing. These are fighting against each other. When fighting, you do not hit the chest of your opponent, but his or her head. In such a case, you should not do so without God. We, who are looking at such a world, should clarify the purpose of the fighting. It is not because humans want to fight. The leg of a compass goes around without even knowing the one who is turning it. The head of the compass is elsewhere. Humans only see the lines that being drawn.

Therefore, such things keep on taking place in the last days. If God is present in all of those situations, we feel relieved. On the contrary, if God is not, we feel worried. If God is there to mediate everything that is taking place, in order to achieve a certain purpose, and in order to reach a resolution, He would have to lead the meeting to suit his purpose. Otherwise, we just cannot feel safe. If God is not there, we would be concerned, but if He is there, we shall have some time to think about the situation. However, when God attempts to resolve problems, He always does it thorough people. If God could make His own plan and execute it alone, He would not have needed to create humans. God's will can never be done alone, but can be done always only through humans in the position of His object, thus connecting heaven and earth to each other. Such is the principle.

Therefore, as long as God is alive, in the last days on the worldwide level, He would need people who are intimately connected to Him. Then what kind of people will they be? The question is how to resolve the problems between the supreme good, God, and the supreme evil, Satan. (10-197)

2) The Need for Headwing Ideology

Neither left-wing ideology nor right-wing ideology will work. Both in the left-wing world and right-wing world, Cain and Abel came into being. Who can bring unity there? The left-wing cannot do it, nor can the right-wing. Therefore, we can come to a conclusion that we need a movement through which a new advanced right-wing type that can be supported by the left-wing, and a new advanced left-wing type that can be supported by the right-wing should be brought together. That is why some mysteries of the olden days are necessary for the youth. Then we go over to the age in which we come to think, "Well, this humanism based on materialism is not good enough. How wonderful it would be if God can be above it." When looking at the entire history of humankind, a God-centered ideology centering on the Vatican failed, and so did human-centered democracy.

The same is true for communism centered on materialism. Therefore, we came to think: "What about an international, inter-ideal world that combines God-centered ideology, humanism, and materialism?" We need a system of thought in which all of these are combined and at the same time, we need a way that can be harmonious with a religious system. That is, we need a thought, but we also need a religious ideology. We need something God-centered that goes beyond something human. Humans alone cannot resolve problems. Humans will only fight among themselves. Hence the worldwide political inclination is flowing towards this direction.

For this, the Unification Church researched, and presents as an alternative: the Headwing ideology. Humans need a spirit, a body and material. However, throughout human history, seen from a vertical perspective, by undergoing the ages of God-centered ideology led by spiritual leadership, body-centered humanism, and material-centered materialism, humans reached their limit. Then what can unify these? The body cannot unify spirit, nor can material bring unity to spirit through the body.

That task should be done through spirit. Mind should do that job. Then, what part of that mind can do it? The supreme mind and the supreme standard of spirit should be perfect. That mind should not be mine, but should be a system of thought that can go and operate beyond history. It should be connected to God's providential age, transcending human history, but as a non-limited thought, not belonging to a limited thought system. That thought also should not be time-limited, but should transcend time. Nor should it be a thought that seeks for an ideal centered on physical life, but should be a thought that seeks for an ideal centered on eternity. Through this, it is only logical for us to come to a conclusion that a standard that can finally bring us thinking people to settle in peace, can come about. From this view, the most serious question that we are faced with is how we can connect humanism that represents a body and God-centered ideology, such as religion, that represents the spirit.

In other words, the question is how we can connect humanism and religions. Otherwise, secular humanism or nationalism, for example, America or France that promotes its own country to be the best, cannot be overcome. Through this, what conclusion do we arrive at? Communism should absorb the idealism that accepts spirit, and humanism should also pursue world-ism or an ism that is higher than that, transcending a nation, and religions should also transcend their own denominations and participate in harmonizing all humanity, by bringing them to one religion for all humankind, not for religions them, selves. Without such a content, we cannot cope with and resolve the world problems. That is why it will be natural to say that an ideology that can deal with and resolve such issues, being connected to the supreme spirit, that is to say, the Headwing ideology will be necessary. (162-100)

3) Left-wing, Right-wing and Headwing

These days, Father often speaks about a head due to the Headwing issue. When we talk about the Headwing, centered on God, that is, centered on the head, we are saying that it is connected to all limbs of human body through all nerve systems. Where did the right-wing and left-wing ideas originate from? They came from the right thief and the left thief with Jesus at the center. From the viewpoint of the Principle, we understand that it started from the foundation of the providence for restoration through indemnity, centered on the historical separation of Cain and Abel. Also, even if the right wing embraced the entire world of democracy, if a left hand does not cover it or become one with it as its partner, it cannot totally embrace the left wing. This, we must understand. (162-97)

Although both the right and the left are exhausted, as long as the head is right, and the spine is straight, once normal energy is applied and a direction is set, hands and legs will start to move. It is only natural. That is why Father is talking about the new term, "Headwing" these days. We can understand this when thinking of Jesus. The term "rightwing" originated from the time of Jesus.

In order to start a providence of separation from the national level to worldwide level, the terms right-wing and the left-wing were created. From there, the right-wing and the left-wing came to bear fruit worldwide. They are, however, fighting, divided into the right and the left. Who comes there? It is the Lord of Second Advent. (163-168)

The Unification Church is working on a movement to unify thought. When we talk about the right-wing and the left-wing, we are talking about wings. But is the head from the Headwing a wing? No. As the left refers to left side and the right refers to right side, when we talk about "Headwing" we are talking about the head. That started with Jesus. Jesus started the providence of separation for the world on the cross. Centered on Jesus, the world was divided into three realms: the right thief, the left thief, and Barrabas. Another one that should be added is Satan's realm. In the last days, there will be the right and the left like this, and like Jesus, a head will be here, and Barrabas will be here. What is Barrabas? It is neither the Communist world nor democratic world, but is the Islamic world. It is not a religious group nor is it a political group. Such is the Islamic world and Barrabas civilization. Do you understand? It will benefit more, as the right-wing and the leftwing fight more aggressively. That is why the Middle East problems cannot be resolved among them. It can be resolved only through the Lord of the Second Advent.

Since the last days were to come, the world has been divided into the right and the left, and the Third World, and Barrabas world also came into being. Then what is the third world? It is the foot-wing. The foot-wing. People say that the feet are the ugliest. They live such a carefree life. This is the world of the dark. This cannot be resolved by humans. It cannot be either man or woman. Then, can it be done by God? It cannot be done by God alone either. Only the realization of God's love that is His ideal can make it possible.

If God truly exists, a new religion should come with love that represents such thoughts from the right-wing, the left-wing, the third world, and the Barrabas world, with an ideology of love that can transcend time and space throughout human history and unify all religions of the world, even with the world of science, and should initiate a movement that can achieve the realization of such love. Only through it, there will be hope for humans in the last days. Otherwise, there will be nothing but despair and destruction to all existing beings and humanity. (166-55)

4) Headwing Ideology is that of Parents

Presently, democracy and communism are the thoughts (sa sang) of the right and the left. What are the thoughts of the right and the left? They are from Cain and Abel. But a new thought that should come from the orient is a thought of parents. Centering on parents and centering on Asia, the right and the left should be united. This is called the Headwing ideology. By so doing, if one says to both of them, "You are wrong for this," they should be able to say, "Correct." And if the former says, "You'd better listen to me," the latter should be able to answer, "Yes." That is all we need. It is simple. In other words, if they agree to follow their parents since their parents' views are better than their own, that is all that matters.

Next, even we have the parents, we have the differences of opinion between the North and the South. Well, they are brothers. If the East and the West in the position of communism and democracy listen to the parents, the problems between the North and the South will be resolved within a short time. It is because if parents call them and give them direction as to what they need to do, it is natural for them to say, "As you please, mother and father." (168-81)

As you are already aware, today, Western civilization is the one that is centered on the third son of Noah, Japheth among the three sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. This we should understand. Why was the third son blessed? It is because Shem failed to fulfill his mission. That is why Western culture is governing the world. This is for sure. The third son has been controlling the world. However, he took things from yellow people in Asia and black people in Africa. Thus he failed to bring unity among them.

Yet, from the providential viewpoint, Korea is, as a third child, given a mission to bring unification to the world, by forming the general cultural sphere. Brothers alone cannot bring unity among themselves. Then who can do it? It can be done when their parents come. The unification is possible only with parental love which surpasses brotherly love. For this reason, in the Unification Church, we are proud of the True Parents, of their love and of being children of the True Parents. [Applause.] Even of brotherly love. By so doing, can we resolve problems between the white and the black? The yellow are in the position of the first son, the black, (in the position of) the second son, and the white, (in the position of) the third son, and they are fighting. Yet Korea can unite them through Unification Thought. Through this, an ideal nation, the fatherland, centered on God will be established. Thereupon the world of peace, one unified world, and the world of victory will finally embark, and centered on God, the Kingdom of Heaven will be eventually built on earth and in heaven. This is the mission of the Unification Church members, and they need to live for this and fulfill this. This, we should clearly understand. Only on such a foundation, by becoming one with the Parents, life in the Kingdom of Heaven with peace on earth will begin. (79-83)

5) Godism and Unificationism

Now what we should uphold is the Headwing, not the left-wing or the right-wing. Then what is the Headwing? It is under Godism. That is what you should understand. Under Godism, the Headwing exists. Because Godism is added on top of the Headwing, through the spirit world, and the Headwing of earthly world, they are completely connected. That is why the word, Headwing, is needed for humanists whose life is based on materialism. They cannot oppose once they are presented with the Headwing as their substitute. Next, what is Godism? If religious people are confronted with Godism, they cannot dispute. These two words, "Godism" and the "Headwing" are extremely persuasive to two different types of people who are religious people and secular people. This, you should understand.

From now on, one of the most powerful words that we can proclaim to the society is " Headwing." That is a body-centered ideology and is necessary for humans to live in this world. Then, what is Godism? It is an ideology that is based on spirit. If questioned regarding Unificationism, it makes these two, the Headwing and Godism into one, making a wholesome person. For this, a clear distinction should be made. Therefore, the Unificationist should be welcomed before God while living on earth, and also, wherever they go, in whatever position or situation they may be, they should be able to cope.

How can unification be achieved? You now understand Headwing and Godism. Right? [Yes.] You also understand Unificationism. You bring unification through the true spirit of God. That is logical. Why? Since humans came from the origin, God, as a motivation of the subject being, in order to bring total unity, we should connect that origin to our physical body. Otherwise, we can conclude that such unity is not complete. (162-104)

6) The Role and Mission of the Unification Church

What is the Unification Church? Where is it heading, embracing both the right and the left? Its purpose is to guide people to the world of happiness, that transcends the struggles of the world. Then, you should not live only a two-dimensional life.

Even if it comes down vertically, all of this should go together. Even if this is done like this, it should be able to go down further. What that means is that the Unification Church should be equipped with a theoretical system that can restore all of the failures that were brought by other ideological and thought systems of the past. But at the same time, it should embrace them and move them horizontally. By so doing, from the vertical standard centered on religions, it should also pursue an inter-substantial being based on the foundation of spiritual experiences that can be mobilized.

Unification Thought should theorize systematically both human-centered humanism and material-centered materialism from humanistic views and all God-centered ideologies from the past to the present, with a content that can unify all of them. At the same time, from a vertical perspective, it should become an inter-natural religious thought that can be experienced and can connect religious denominations, transcending them. This we must understand. What do I mean by that? First, it means that we should become a person who can be told by materialists and communists: "That Unification Church member is more committed to their work than we, communists. Further, so are they internally in terms of their character and conscience. The Communist Party needs someone like him or her."

Second, we should also be told by secular humanists, "We wish to have someone like him or her in our world as well." Third, we should be told by Christians, "Wow! The Unification Church members are remarkable people although they do not belong to our denomination. I wish we could have such a person in our church." Fourth, we should be told by God as well: "Truly, this person is someone whom I need, no matter what." That is, we should become a person who meets all qualifications in these four aspects. Then, all problems will be solved. Such a person can be complimented by the communist world, by the secular humanists, by the denominationists, and even in spirit world.

Since no one who lived on earth and passed away has gone through such a process, they can be proud even in the spirit world. What does that mean? It means that such a person has a perfect brain, perfect feet, perfect hands, and perfect internal organs. Throughout human history, if there is a museum for a perfect man and a perfect woman to be chosen and exhibited, such a type of man and woman will be chosen only from among Unification Church members. We can digest communists. We can digest secular humanism, Christianity, and even God. With what? With true love. With true love. (162-102)

Since the Unification Church belongs to the Headwing, it can control both the right-wing and the left-wing. In the secular world, there is no Headwing. That is why the two sides are fighting. (181-245)

The right is right-wing, and the left is left-wing. They are fighting. Right? But now, they should become one, centered on Rev. Moon. The same goes with Russia and U.S.A. The Headwing thought comes from this. "Yoo" in Chinese character means a head. In order to become a head, centered on God, it should be connected here. If these two worlds of mind and body are connected centered on love, everything will be finished. (164-191)

7) Unification Thought Embraces the World

What is Unification Thought? As to the fundamental questions of the universe, there are two schools of thought: historical materialism and historical spiritualism. Therefore, Unification Thought has been systematized as a means to seek for an answer to the question and to resolve this problem. We should understand that this is a thought that was newly organized and systematized for a purpose of presenting a new world view and a new philosophy of life. (165-337)

Today, centered on the different thoughts of both camps, democracy and communism, we see that world views on history are crossing each other. Under the circumstances, we are in the standpoint where we cannot hope for anything nor can we trust in anything. However, with a content that can critique this and present an alternative, Unification Thought can stand in the position that can show hope to all humanity on the higher level. Therefore, with this thought, we should go over democracy and communism. Even the barriers that cannot be overcome by democracy and communism should be overcome by Unification Church members. (49-91)

Unification Thought came to present two missions to fulfill: to awaken the world of religions and thoughts worldwide for their unity. Unification Thought does not take a vague position. It is going towards the vertical direction centering on God. What is that vertical direction? It is the foundation of heart. (51-70)

What will be the thought that can become a historical core, a time-era core, and a future core? In other words, what will be at the center of the worldwide thought that can become the historical fruit when viewing history, the center of time-era, when viewing the time-era, and the origin of the future, when viewing the future? It is a true man and a true woman. Then what is their view of life? It is to live a fruitful life for the world. The reason for the two to love each other is for the sake of the world, and the reason why they have children is also to create a motivation to love the world more deeply. Such is the ideal that we are now striving to realize. I am not sure whether you know such a content in detail, but as far as I know, when viewing the world both from horizontal and vertical perspectives, we arrive at a conclusion that history must be explained from such a standard. (25-147)

Where is the world going from now on? Communism is wrong, and so is democracy. Now the only home that we have is Godism alone. I started a dreamlike mission about 40 years ago. When looking back after working hard on it, I see myself standing on the summit of the world. I laid the foundation so that people cannot accomplish a worldwide task unless they go through the Unification Church. The same is applied to the Republic of Korea. The same goes with the education of leadership. They appeared to be so inspired with a sense of righteousness, studying books and taking notes for five hours.

Whoever saw the scene, could not help but to be moved. Even if their head was made out of raw steel, it is supposed to be melted. If they are the same humans as we are, they will respond to us. Father has been accomplishing a mission that no one could ever do in the past, despite countless persecutions on the cross throughout his life. There are three ideologies in the world: Communism, Democracy, and Godism. Among those three, democracy is the right-wing, and therefore, it should be carried on the right side. On the other hand, since communism is the left, wing, it should be carried by a left hand. And if it is swung around once, everything should be finished. Then, does Godism have such power to hold both democracy and communism and swing them around once?

Rev. Moon does not have such power, but God does. Nevertheless, Rev. Moon's foundation is so strong that it cannot be separated from God as God is going around. (11/2/86)

In order to catch many thousands of fish at a time, you should throw a net, keeping it loosened until many of them flock together. Then you pull and roll the net. Such is Father's strategy. If you do it, all the fish inside the net are supposed to be pulled to God. Everyone is supposed to go to God. (4/3/83)

Father's idea is that if, centering on Unification Thought and the Unification Church, if worldwide economy, worldwide mass communication, and worldwide universities are moved, the entire world will be moved as well. (196-257)

The confrontation between the Communist world and the free world is, in short, a confrontation of ideology. It is a confrontation of philosophy, and ultimately, a confrontation of ideology and thought. If God truly exists, atheism is a lie, and if God does not exist, materialism becomes the truth. Both of these ideologies, which have different views as to the existence of God cannot be true. One of them will be false, leaving only one to be the truth. For this reason, we who believe in the existence of God should be able to see real evidence of His existence in our daily life and know Him as a God who cannot be defeated by the world. The ideology that denies the existence of God can be overcome only though a clear evidence that can prove His existence. Then, the matter of Communism will be destroyed on its fundamental basis. The movement that started with such a mission is the Unification Movement in the Unification Church. (10/8/82)

The Unification Movement that was initiated by the Unification Church attempts to bring solutions to the problems of the world and humanity. First, the Unification Movement is a movement that can bring an aggressive solution to the issues raised by Communism. For this to be done, the free world should first have a spiritual realization and repentance. Based on this spiritual realization and repentance, all solutions for the human problems will be derived. Second, the Unification Movement is a movement that attempts to establish a foothold through which all religions of the world can help each other and cooperate with one another. All religions of the world should be united as one power in the faith of God. The original mind of humans is to recognize God, our creator and the Father of all humanity. From attending one God as the Father of all humanity, one Unification Family can be realized. Third, the Unification Movement is a movement to build a moral world. This is rather important for today's youth. Since there is no absolute standard of morality, immorality is prevalent. An avaricious and selfish lifestyle in which they seek their own self-interest, disregarding what ever happens to others, even using others for their own sake is encouraged and is rampant.

If this continues, our society shall not be able to avoid self-destruction. For the sake of building a world of goodness, the absolute standard of morality cannot be seen apart from the creator, God, based on His views on the right values because He is the only one who is eternal and unchanging. He is not conceptual God, but should dwell within us everyday. If all men and women of the world are always living with God in communication with Him, there can be no immorality. This is a solemn truth. In front of truth, lies are dissolved, and even if the lies are supported by a great political power, financial power, and social power, in the end, that power will not be able to overcome truth. Even though communism is now powerful and influential, since it is not based on the truth, the day when communism will be destroyed will arrive. (10/5/82)

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