Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 6. Headwing Ideology For Unification (Part 1)

1. Existence Of God

One of the agonies that people throughout the world in the latter part of 20th century are faced with is whether or not God truly exists. The majority of people insist that God does not exist. For this reason, half of these people are praising mammonism centered on humanism, and the other half are praising communism centered on materialism. We need to have a clear understanding about God. Please do not forget what I am saying right now. Certainly, God is alive. (4/26/1981)

Had humans not fallen, it would not have been necessary to ask the question whether or not God is alive because one would know the answer through his or her original mind. In other words, had the human ancestors not fallen, but instead, had established a true family as the parents of goodness in this universe, multiplying that family in this world, such a discussion would not have been necessary. Because they would have been connected to God through their blood lineage, they would have known God's existence immediately even through their bodies. Like a tree, no explanation would have been required. Had God created humans in a way that they could understand Him only through explanations, one could say that something is wrong with His creation of humans. Originally, humans did not need an explanation. But the humans who should have started their history, transcending explanations, due to the fall, started history alienated from God on the level of an individual, a family, a tribe, a nation, and the world. They ended up living in a world where they discuss whether or not God exists.

Without the fall, had humans been born from good parents with their original nature fully developed, it would not have been necessary to question whether or not God truly exists. From their birth, they would have known it naturally. Isn't a baby in the womb born knowing how to suck its mother's breast? As soon as a baby is born, if breasts are shown in front of its eyes, it knows how to suck automatically. Likewise, had humans not fallen, they could have known their relationship with God, and they could have known how to resolve any problems, and could have understood the right path to follow. However, due to the fall, they forgot all about this. As a result, they came to the point where they created a world in which they doubt the existence of God. This is indeed a miserable situation. (120-306)

The most serious problem that took place on earth is the appearance of communism. Why is this such a serious event? It is so because it states that God is dead, although God is truly alive. What is the most serious sin or crime? It is to lie, saying that someone does not exist when he or she clearly does. When a certain person is alive, if someone tells a lie that he or she is dead, that person will become his or her greatest enemy. If your parents are alive, if you say that they are not, there is no greater sin. (22-126)

At an early age, I experienced the essence of all religions. The first issue of all religions is whether or not the absolute God truly exists, and this is the most important question for humans. Does God exist? His existence as a being with absolute value determines the value of humans, who are finite and are in a relative position. Therefore, we must resolve this matter clearly. However, none of the saints and sages, philosophers, and religious people, who came to the earth and passed away, resolved this matter clearly before humanity. Today, humans cannot find an ultimate solution to the challenge of communism, which states that God does not exist. Actually, even that problem is due to the failure of democracy, which cannot clearly answer the questions related to God. Furthermore, all the phenomena taking place at the end of this century are also due to the failure of religions today, which cannot resolve the same questions related to God. (4/25/1981)

Many people are living in this world. In today's world, problems do not remain a stranger's but are our own. Such is the world where we are now living. Whether we are living in the world of democracy or of communism, people are anxious to realize the world of God and they seek for the world of peace. Yet, to establish such a world, we come to realize that humans cannot do it alone. We know that we came to a point where we cannot, in the true sense, build a unified world of peace, with power, wisdom, culture, or anything else done by humans alone. From this perspective, what is the central issue for resolving all problems of the world? To answer this question clearly, the issue of the existence of God is more important than anything else. If all humans come to clearly understand that God truly exists, they will clearly come to understand where His will is heading, and then this world will become one unified world of peace, an ideal world.

Once people come to know God's existence, both the democratic world and the communist world will be able to find solutions for all problems that they face. Once they know God's existence and His will, all humanity will have no choice but to follow God and His will. Until the present time, numerous religions have existed, but no religion could clearly present evidence of God's existence, the most fundamental question of all mankind. Nor could philosophy do it, although that is what they have been trying to pursue. Therefore, rather than pursuing God in a vague and ambiguous position, Rev. Moon believes that we should deal with the questions of God from practical viewpoints. (151-131)

What will the Unification Church do in front of all humanity who are groaning at the limit line of this despair? One of the things that the Unification Church should do for them is to answer the question of God's existence. (33-226 )

1) Proving God's Existence

The most important task for our VOC activities is to prove the reality of God's existence. Although as VOC members our hard work is important and appreciated, we should show the real existence of God to communists who deny it. However, unless we strongly feel His existence ourselves, we shall not be able to have the conviction that we can defeat communism. Let me give you an interesting example in order to explain to you the existence of God. Before I do, first, I would like to ask you a question: what part of your body do you love the most? I am asking you this question, dealing with visible things since mind is invisible. Then what is it? Is this not an interesting question? Someone might say it is his ears, saying that they are "ears of fortune" in the belief that they will bring fortune to him or her. Someone else, for the same reason, however, might say that it is his or her nose. Also, another person might say it is his or her eyes, saying that they are like that of a Chinese phoenix, etc. There will be all kinds of people who will come up with all kinds of reasons as to their preferences.

However, the most important part of our body is our face. That is why people normally do not talk about someone's body whether it is handsome or ugly, but do talk about his or her face in terms of its beauty or ugliness. The reason is because it is the most important part of human body. However, what is most important in a human face is the eyes. This is because, although all other parts are fixed and cannot move, eyes can move in all directions, while engaging themselves in various activities. Further, the first part that comes into being even with animals are the eyes. If you pay a close attention to a tadpole that is being born, you will notice that the first part that is being made is eyes.

What does this mean? This means that, in this universe, there is a central being who has been existing, like these eyes, even before any other beings came to exist. That is why our eyes symbolize God. On the other hand, our noses symbolize humans. It is the last to develop of all of the body parts of human beings. When a baby's nose is kind of flat, but as he or she grows, it grows big and protrudes around the age of his or her teens. The reason is that at the time of God's creation, humans, which are symbolized by the nose were created last. The nose was created last. When a human inhales, air goes in through two nostrils, but later, it goes through only one nostril, meeting at one point.

Here, two nostrils symbolize a man and a woman, respectively, and like a nose, they eventually become one. Then, what does a mouth symbolize? It symbolizes all things. That is why humans have 32 teeth, which symbolize the entire world, which consists of four directions and eight directions (4 x 8). That is, it symbolizes all things in the universe. Then what about ears? They can communicate with four directions of north, south, east and west. From this viewpoint, we can understand that the closest and the most familiar organ of the human body is our face. That is why we look into our face after washing it in the morning, at which time, people normally only think of their external look of their face.

However, let us, for a moment set aside the external look, and think about the root of eyes in particular. The eyes did not know the existence of sun before they were born. If any ancestors of humans or other creations with eyes are asked a question whether they knew the existence of the sun before their births, they will be unable to answer this question. Thus, eyes themselves were born into this world without knowing that sun exists. Also, when you look at eyelashes, why were they made? I personally think that they were made to prevent dust from getting into the eyes, already knowing that there is dust in the air. Then, when eyelashes first came into being, did they know that air and dust exist in the world? We cannot say so.

Nevertheless, how did they come into being? Furthermore, we have tear ducts in our eyes. Do you think that the eyes knew in advance that the water in the eyes will evaporate due to the sunlight? They did not know. Nevertheless, as if a water-pipe was installed for a water faucet, our eyes have tear ducts. If we didn't, within 30 minutes our eyes would have turned red. Even if we think of only one part of body, the eyes, in our face that we look at on a daily basis, we find them a palace of mystery. But come to think of it, the fact that eyes were made in preparation for the sun, without even knowing that the sun exists in the universe, and the fact that eyelashes came into being even without knowing that air exists, and dust exists in the air is truly amazing. Further, when eyes blink in order to prevent the dryness of the eyes, the fact that a tear duct is attached, is truly remarkable as well.

Today, communists assert that the universe exists naturally. However, when you took at the universe, existing so scientifically, no matter how minute some part of it may be, we cannot say that it just exists automatically. Let us yield to them 100 percent. Yet their assertion "natural or automatic" is not a blind "natural or automatic." Then we cannot help but to come to a conclusion that the "natural or automatic" is a result of a nature with an inherent sense of direction and purpose. From this perspective, it is for sure that someone must have known that the sun exists even before eyes came into being. Likewise, even before eyes came into being, someone must have known that there is air, and in the air, dust exists. We cannot say that they came into being automatically when no one knew about it. Then who could know it? Ladies and gentlemen, who claims the superiority of humankind? Could it be the eyes themselves? Our eyes, nose, and ears, respectively, are considered to be a palace of mystery. But, as evolutionists say, do you believe that they came into being automatically based on such an unscientific theory? They say that living things came to be as they are according to the laws of mutation.

But that is nothing but a theory that is used as a means to defend their evolutionism with its many contradictions. It is a serious matter for us to understand this question. Before I and my eyes knew, the fact is that someone first knew that the sun and dust exist in this world and prepared us with eyes and eyelashes, with an incredible knowledge. Then, who can that being be? When seen from this perspective, it is only logical that we can arrive at a conclusion that a central being, a subject, who can have dominion over humans, exists in the universe. It is all right to say that the subject is a concept, a thought, or a cognition as put in today's academic language. However, because such subject created humans with knowledge with incredible depth that goes beyond the material dimension, humans came to have systematic forms and relations. This, we cannot deny.

In order to exist, nothing comes into being without a purpose. It just does not happen. Then, why does direction exist? Direction exists where there is a purpose. Otherwise, we can come to a conclusion that it does not exist. Ladies and gentlemen, you came to Belvedere early this morning. Why? Did you say to yourself, "Just go in that direction, without a reason nor a purpose?" Because of your intention to listen to the words of Rev. Moon, you came to visit Belvedere. Then we can conclude that a direction comes only with a purpose. Well, let me ask you the question whether or not an amoebae has an ability to invest power or energy beyond its own ability, and to present a direction and a purpose? What do you think? [No.] It is impossible. It is illogical. It is just nonsense. Nevertheless, communists try to justify their theory of dialectics. But it just does not work. The theory of dialectics cannot be logical because it teaches that a direction can be presented even without a purpose. Without a purpose, everything is destroyed.

Still, such a question is asked, and people do not know. So, since it cannot be done within itself, we can say that something was added or invested in it. That is what happened. When viewed from this perspective, it is only sensible to think that there is a motivating being in existence. Such a theory is scientific. Then what do you mean by "scientific?" When something hypothetical fits with reality, it is called "scientific." If someone says that energy comes into being automatically, it is not scientific. In order for energy to be generated, either heat or an injection should be given. Then, it works. A magnet is turned to the south, it is directed to the north. What has that directional nature? Why? Can material itself, nature itself possess such an active inclination or characteristic? No. It cannot.

Being scientific means that it fits a theory. And the theory should be in line with its hypothesis, proof, and reality. They should be based on the same principle. From this view, God is the causal being of the universe. He is the causal being of all of these functions. He is the causal being who adds such energy. He is the causal being who gives direction and purpose. Therefore, it is inevitable to come to the conclusion that such a causal being exists. Further, we call him the being of character. Why? Because He presents a purpose with a direction always centered on a motivation, and because He keeps this position without wavering. That is why one can say that we travel to the world of purpose via a direction through a cause. When viewed from such a perspective, the causal being of the whole is called God.

Why do we lead a life of faith? It is to invest a higher form of energy that transcends ourselves as individuals. Then where is that direction headed? Towards the world of higher realm, not the fallen world in which we are now living. Isn't that right? That is why a theory that God does not exist is groundless. The cause and the effect always match. Right? [Yes.] The more complicated the process is, the more complicated the cause and the purpose are. That is why it is more valuable. The broader the width the more valuable the process is. (89-74)

Even when seen from the perspective of how the conscience works, we cannot say that God does not exist. God exists. Those who absolutely deny the existence of God must also deny the function of conscience. By the same token, as long as we absolutely admit it, God absolutely exists. For this reason, we cannot deny the existence of God. (56-166)

Our belief in the existence of God is not merely a theory. When viewing it from the principled relationship of subject and object, our position is not only that it is inevitable that God must exist, but that even before I came into being, and even before I was able to think, did not God exist first? Did God not have dominion over everything about me including my senses? Coming to realize this point is more important than anything else. Is it not a principle that we come to understand after recognizing it first? It is not the other way around. We do not know this cold climate first before feeling it, but we feel the cold weather first, and next we understand the feeling of being cold. Likewise, if God exists, we should feel his existence first, with our own cells. The level of feeling Him is the question. In other words, the question is how we can confirm our actual experiences. (58-29)

2) God Should Be Invisible.

The question of whether or not God exists is a complicated one. If God exists, would you be happy or not if He is visible to everyone's eyes, and can be met by anyone whenever he or she desires to? [We would be unhappy.]

God is absolute, unique, and remains at the very top. Therefore, people would like to possess Him alone. Nevertheless, if He is visible, what will happen? From this view, if God is in the midst of us, do you think that there will be anyone who would dislike God or not? [No one.] Of course, everyone would like Him. But since He is the only being, will there be competitions or not? [There will be.] Then, the one who has the strongest fist will possess God alone. [Laughter.] Then, the head gangster or a wrestling champion will make God his own. Have you ever thought of it? And when you look at the world, would the U.S.A. like God or not? [They would.] Then, would a communist country, such as Russia, like God or not? [They would.] Then each nation would fight to possess God on their side, wouldn't they? [They would.] They would fight even with an atomic bomb.

Then who will stop the fight? Who can? If a handsome-looking God is in front of our eyes, everyone will continue fighting to keep Him on his or her side. Such a war will not be compared with the wars taking place in today's world, but will be much more fierce. Would God have thought about it or not? (39-154)

Is it good for God to be visible or invisible? It is good not to be visible. If God had been visible, how could He be free to act as God? Have you ever thought of it? For many thousands of years, how many times did nations fight to gain more territory for themselves on such a small planet, as earth? Further, these days, they are fighting to keep more people on their side. If a political party such as Republicans or others find someone useful, it fights to take such a person to their party. Right? If God, the master of the whole universe, is visible, would people not fight to keep Him on their side? There is no way of stopping such fights. It is good for God not to be visible to people.

If God had been visible, would there not be fights between the U.S.A. and Russia? There would. Then, who could stop them from fighting against each other. God is omnipotent, and knowing that such things will take place, He remains invisible. Is it good? [Yes.] For God to desire to be visible would be absurd. It is good for Him to remain invisible. If God dwells in your mind, would you know it or not? You surely do. If God dwells in your mind, you will be able to see through a wall. So will you see the inside of the Pacific Ocean. Such ability can be given to a human being. (41-387)

Who will deny the existence of God? They will be stricken by lightning. It is impossible to deny God's existence. If they do they are Communists. (71-77)

2. Unification Thought

Today, in the world where we live, we are faced with problems from the democratic world and the communist world. We are witnessing right in front of our eyes a worldwide political climate that is confrontational, conflicting, and opposite each other. Then, what will be the ideology that will become the center of the world? This is the question. (66-19)

What is an ideology? It is not material. It is not visible, but is a thought. An "ism" is brought about based upon an ideology. Therefore, a term, ideology cannot be applicable for materialism. For this reason, an ideology that can replace it should appear.

In other words, an ideology that is based on complete truth should appear, and should connect human ethics and religions to each other, bringing unity between them. That truth should transcend time and space. And that truth should be in accord with what has been sought by all prophets, saints and sages, and patriots, and should also be in accord with what has been sought by all philosophers, politicians, and economists. Otherwise, we cannot build one unified world. Until now, such a system was externally established, but internally, the truth that can substantiate it did not appear. In other words, no revolution took place centered around the ideology that can bring forth the unification of the world.

When Jesus was crucified, the thief on his right side wanted to serve Heaven, but the thief on his left took a position of disbelieving Heaven. Likewise, today, the world is divided into two: There is a right-wing world that takes the position of the thief on the right side and a leftwing world that takes the position of the thief on the left side. That is why the left-wing world became a world that claims that it does not know God. Then, what should be witnessed to in such a world? It is true love. As people witnessed love in the name of Jesus, a religious country that seeks for Heaven should come and witness to true love. (4:247)

2) Unification Thought is the Love ideology

The tests for democracy and communism are already over. Then what is Moonism, Unificationism, or Godism?

Man should exist as a being of love based on the ideal relationship with love as a vertical axis and with the principle of existence on the horizontal. It should not be only a theory, but such should be done in reality. (12/12/85)

What is Godism? It is love-ism. People in the Unification Church are a people who strive to achieve Godism, centered on God's love. (163-89)

You should understand that the reason why the world opposed the Unification Church is due to such a providential background. In order to deal with the opposition of nations and world against the Unification Church, the Unification Church should come up with an "ism," which is Godism. Godism is the ideal of love centered on God. Such is the reason why the Unification Church has been fighting for Godism before the two worlds. (1/4/85)

What is Unification Thought? It is a thought that can possess God and His love, and then True Parents, the true family, the true tribe, the true nation, and even the true world. (4/15/80)

When you look at the nations of the world, the diplomats, who represent their nation, think that they should cheat other nations in order to perform their duties well. Then, what will happen to the world? The future of the world will be hopeless. The Unification Church teaches that an individual sacrifices himself or herself to protect his or her family, a family for his or her tribe, a tribe for his or her society, a people for their nation, a nation for the world, and the world for God. This thought is to protect God by sacrificing the world.

When that happens, will you perish? Will this branch perish? Will this trunk perish? No. Everyone will remain alive. Then what comes out of it? There will be prosperity, and the source of happiness will appear. That is our view in Unification Thought. That is the way we can achieve the unification of North Korea and South Korea. Otherwise, there is no other way of uniting the world. That is where the Unification Thought stems from, and that is the reason why I am asking you to return to your family, your family to your tribe, and ultimately to your original root. Let us return to it as quickly as possible. (79-224)

This is one of the differences between other churches and our Unification Church. The Unification Church teaches that we should love our brothers and sisters as our own parents, and our tribe, our people, and our nation as our brothers and sisters. Even if we should abandon our own parents, we should love our own country. However, in order to love the world, we should be willing to abandon even our own country. Likewise, in order to love God, we should be willing to sacrifice the world. For the sake of something more distant and greater, we should be willing to sacrifice something that is closer to us and smaller, in order to find the path to true love. The is the main thought of the Unification Church. It is simple. Do you understand? [Yes.]

However, what is that thought? It is not Rev. Moon's. What is being said in America is not Rev. Moon's idea. It is originally from God and therefore God's. When we look at God, we can see that He is a being who loves the others more than Himself. By loving the others more than Himself, He desires to bring two people together so that He can create a greater scope of love through their oneness. That is the movement that God desires to cultivate. Since this is the essence of God's thought, God sends the one closest to Him to the world and sacrifices that person for the sake of all humanity. That is God's thought. (100-30)

What is the ideology of the Unification Church or Rev. Moon? Rev. Moon's ideology is not for the sake of a nation, but for the world. The purpose of the Republic of Korea is to love the world. Likewise, the purpose of Christian churches is to love Korea, and by building a bridge, to eventually love the world, and heaven and earth. Then, what should be done? The closest one should be sacrificed.

What is the ideology of God who has been toiling to restore this world until the present? In order to save the evil world and to save the pitiful and the poor, God has been leading a dispensation for salvation, by sacrificing the one closest to Him. (33-298)

3) Unification Thought is a God-Centered ideology

Today, if the democratic world asks for the third liberation, the communist world will ask for the second liberation, wouldn't they? From this perspective, where will a new ideology and thought that can be a flag-bearer of the second and the third liberations, and that can be their original source, stem from? It cannot stem from the human world. Humans have been striving to receive liberation for many thousands of years, but they could not come up with a right content. Therefore, liberation cannot take place centered on humans. (13-225)

Would you become a nationalist who lives only for your own nation or a person who lives for the world? [The world.] Religions are not only for the people who live for the world but also for God. Their purpose is not to benefit only humans but also God. Which ideology is better: the one that benefits both God and humans or the one that benefits only humans? In other words, is the ideology that serves both God and humans the best or the one that pursues the happiness of humans alone, abandoning their original master? [The former.] Your answer tells me that you know the right thing. Religions are good.

Then, will it be all right for the ideology to be pleasing only to God? From the principled viewpoint, it should not be so. It should be pleasing both to God and humans. Communists assert that God does not exist, and that material is life itself. They would not want to go to hell. However, communism will eventually perish. Even religions that exist only for the sake of God will perish. Likewise, religions or ideologies that exist only for humans will perish as well. if not, I will make it happen with my own hands. Then, will the ideology that serves and benefits both God and humans be welcomed in the world of God or not? Also, will that be welcomed in the world of humans or not? It will be welcomed by both worlds. (43-44)

What is the cosmic ideology? Our ideology is superior and one step further advanced than communism? Its purpose is not only to liberate all mankind but also God. Therefore, without heart, it cannot be done. Since parents are connected to children with chains of the heart, unless children are liberated, parents cannot be liberated. Therefore, let us create a history of heart. Let us establish the tradition of heart. Let us create a world of heart. We should be different from others. Let us liberate God. (55-50)

What ideology does the Unification Church uphold? It is Godism. That is our view. Anyone who lives Godism is communicating in the world of heart. It is so because they do not attend God conceptually, but in actual life. In the Unification Church, we discuss God's heart. Today, "theology" teaches about God. But we do not know heart, by obtaining knowledge from learning. That is what you should understand. You would not know by understanding. People would not know me in the true sense, even if they meet me and say, "Ah, that is Rev. Moon. His eyes are such and such, his nose is such and such, etc." In order to know a person well, you should live with him or her. Do you understand? No matter how great he or she may appear to be, if you live with that person, you will discover something that you did not expect. Right? [Yes.] So, you should go ahead and do it. Yet, when you live, you should not live blindly, but should live well. (59-101)

4) Unification Thought

Communism and democracy are confronting each other centering on their truth, that is, their doctrines. Yet, from now on, Chun-joo ideology, transcending national boundaries should appear. Still, its purpose is not the ideology itself In the last days on the worldwide level, the democratic world and communist world will be entirely invaded. Therefore, an ideology that can absorb both democracy and communism should appear. That is, there should be an ideology that can connect the whole centered on the individual.

As the last days approach, what is it that we need? God's character, heart, and value. That is, the question is hope, situation, and heart. Today, all ideologies that are prevalent and gaining power in the world are related to God. (16-273)

With what did the Unification Church appear? In short, the goal of Unification Thought is to terminate a tragic human history and to start a new, hopeful history for all mankind It is equipped with a content that can reach that goal. The Unification Thought is an ideology, which strives to connect spirit world and the physical, phenomenal world into one. Further, even if the entire world comes into this ideology of Unification Thought, since only a portion of it can be filled, we can say that the greatness and vastness of the Unification Thought is beyond the limits of human imagination. We should understand that ideology is a thought that can connect not only the world but also the entire universe, spirit world, and even God as one. (10/21/86)

When we walk with a greater thought, a greater will, the standard that is lower than that will be included. For this reason, humans should hold a high thought. From this viewpoint, has there been any other thought that is greater than Unification Thought throughout human history? In this sense, we can say that the Unification Thought is the greatest of all thoughts. (49-51)

Who is God? He is the subject of heaven and earth. Since He has the highest ideal, He can also become the standard of our purpose and motivation.

For this reason, the motivation and purpose of our existence is God, Then, where can we find that motivation and purpose? That motivation is a family centered on God's will, and that family is to realize that purpose on the worldwide level. This is Unification Thought. This is the supreme standard that you, young people, should understand as the thought that can bring all the world to one point. The cosmic ideology is a thought with a content that no other thoughts that have existed throughout all human history can ever reach. This is a new thought that can exceed any other world thought, and its distinctive nature lies in the character, "joo" which signifies "house" from "Chun-joo. . . . ideology. (25-83)

The ideology of the Unification Church is "Chun-joo" ideology. Of course, this is an ideology that strives to bring heaven and earth into one, but "joo" from "Chun-joo" signifies a "house." In other words, it is an ideology of a family. Man is heaven, and woman is earth. If they are united into one, heaven and earth are united into one. Right? What does that mean? It means that centering on heart, you should tie your family like a steel castle, transcending a tribe, a people, a nation and the world. The question is not a tribe, nor people, nor race. If they can be united, the world can be one. (37-77)

What is "Chun" from "Chun-joo" ideology? It is an ideology in which a person's mind and body became one with God both internally and externally. In this case, mind symbolizes heaven, and body, earth. Originally, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, as individuals, should have had mind and body unity, and then they should have become one centered on God. By so doing, they would have built a God-centered family. God would have dwelt in their family. Then, they would have become the root of hope for all humanity. But this original plan was shattered. As a result, while humans have been struggling in ignorance, God has been leading His providence for salvation until the Last Days. Unification Thought teaches the standard of original life to humanity living in this era. For this reason, you are gathered here. (20-309)

The ideology that we are promoting is neither communism, nor democracy. It is an ideology that is more important than that, which is the cosmic ideology. This ideology is the standard of the final hope and the final ideology that Adam and Eve needed to attain in the Garden of Eden. Through this ideology, both God and humans can be united as one. That is, God and you can be one. Only when this is fulfilled, all the problems of the world can be resolved. (20-310)

The question is how we can reach the position of a true person. Suppose that, with such an ability, we overcame all social vice and problems, and were able to achieve happiness in the position of subject, in which we can erect the standard of good. Then, it will bring worldwide attention. Truly, this will become a historic event in the world. In this sense, the path that we shall be walking will draw attention from the world even after we enter the latter part of the 21st century. If not, I Will make it so. This is the thought of this ideology. (21-18)

5) Unification Thought Is An Ideology That Pursues Communalism, Mutual Prosperity, And Righteous Justice

In the Unification Church, what does that mean to be saved through attendance? It is not alone eating, but with parents. Isn't it remarkable? Even when you go sightseeing, you do not go alone, but with parents. You must understand how great but fearful it is to live a life in the attendance of heaven and earth. On the day when you come to realize this vividly, there will be no one who will not surrender or give up. Those who truly believe with conviction through life experiences, will never give up on anything. Even if they surrendered, because they should go back to the original principle, one cannot say that they fully surrendered.

For this reason, the Unification Church teaches us to experience the truth and surrender yourself to it all the way to the end. Then, you will not be conquered by anyone under the sun and thus will be saved through attendance. That is why the Unification Church teaches people that we can be saved through the life of attendance. Do you understand? A religion with such conviction can go over any obstacles in the world. From this perspective, you must understand how great Unification Thought is. What else could there be for humans to be grateful other than for this? This has been the hope of our ancestors. This is the hope that numerous men have been waiting for, and numerous women have been waiting for.

Therefore, had such a man and a woman come together and established a family, they could have become a nuclear center who could be approved by the public. The time when such a man and a woman can open a door to the new world with a heavenly heart will be when the Kingdom of Heaven for which we have been waiting in hope will start. Then, finally, the last days of heaven and earth will begin from there, and a settlement point of purpose and hope which humans have been awaiting will be formed. When that time comes, an individual will not be able to insist on his or her own views alone, saying that he or she is the best. From then on, it will be a communal world. That is, that will be a world of communalism, mutual prosperity, and communal justice. That is why the Unification Church is teaching communalism, mutual prosperity, and communal righteousness. That world cannot be built alone. Do you understand? (24-298)

The world of communalism, mutual prosperity, and communal justice is the ideal world, the Kingdom of Heaven. That world can never be built alone. For this reason, that world is not a place where you can be alone. When we talk about "I," we are implying that there is another party, subject or object. There is also a family. This should not end just as a concept, but should be substantiated in actual life. The world where it can be actually substantialized in reality is the world of the Kingdom of Heaven. Is it not so? Ladies and gentlemen, are your left eye and right eye placed on the same level? This is for mutual prosperity, living for one common purpose. Everything consists as such. We have two nostrils as well. Yet, if one of them is clogged, do you feel pleasant or not? Likewise, what if the same happens to one of your ears? Would you be happy to be a disabled person or not? Suppose that one of your arms or legs was amputated. You will not be happy at all.

For this reason, all the existing beings are in the relationship of counterparts prove the existence of heaven and earth. The maxim: "People's hearts are Heaven's heart. . . . is related to this. The terms, parental love, conjugal love, and brother/sister love do not exist in the Western world. Therefore, in terms of heart, Oriental thought is one step higher than Western. And on that foundation, the Unification Church is crying out for communalism, mutual prosperity, and communal righteousness. Therefore, apart from this perspective, "I" cannot exist. We can never be victorious alone. This, you should know well.

Then, why are you asked to live for the church? It is to make you grow more. Will it be good enough for you to become a captain in the family? To live for the church is to help you grow. The same goes for the nation, the world, and heaven and earth. It is all to help you grow more. To what extent? To the maximum level. When I say that you should grow, I am not talking about physical growth, but internal maturity to a supreme degree. Then, you can finally become a son or daughter of God. From such a perspective, all of you must understand that we have still a long way to go ahead of us. The starting point for this path was already set by the Unification Church. As you already started, you should be able to arrive at the final destination. For this reason, you are asked to go out witnessing for the nation, become a missionary of the world, or fight communists for the sake of heaven and earth, etc. At this point, I hope that you understand the value of yourself and live according to the will of God. (24-300)

6) Unification Thought will Endure

What is the final thought that will last until the end? Let us make a conclusion. For the sake of the world, the movement or ideology that can love the world more than the nation, and the movement that can love God more than anything in the world will remain until the end.

Therefore, the question is how an international movement that can transcend its country can be presented on the worldwide level, and how an "ism" can seek for methods through which we can prepare Heaven or the world to freely go to places and love beyond people. (53-24)

Let us find out what is being done in the Unification Church. The Unification Church has a special connection to human history, with the truth that has never been discovered in the world of religions and cultures. That is something that we alone have and something that we can be proud of along with its history. What has been sought throughout the history of struggle? It is truth and the haven of truth, the world of truth. In order to find the haven of truth, the world of truth, based on the foundation of truth, a system of thought that can represent truth and that can realize the world of truth is required. That is what we have. Truly, that is an absolute truth. At the place where this truth appears, Heaven will be brought together, and at the place where this truth travels, there will be no enemies. This truth is the final proclamation and the expression of final judgment. (64-254)

In the future, what is the ideology or thought that can inherit the world? It is the one that teaches people to willingly sacrifice his or her own nation in order to save the world. When such a nation with such thought, or when a nation and a people that are centered on such a new movement are realized, a new world of hope will make an appearance in this world. Thereupon, a new world of unification, an ideal world will appear. A national view, a historical view that cannot transcend its own nation cannot inherit the ideal world of God. (51-64)

What is the thought that can bring all religions and ideas into one? It is not a self-centered world view, but is a world-centered and all-nation-centered world view. This is a thought that can bring them to one purpose. This is not a world view that is only proud of its own people in a position that is alienated from the world, but is a thought that loves humans themselves. Any human being looks for the world that is built with such a thought. (36,175)

Even if all humanity perishes and the entire human history changes, Unification Thought is something that they have no choice but to keep. And even if I perish as an individual and so does my own family, it is only appropriate to leave this thought behind. (79-226)

Because humans could not overcome the barrier of their own nationalism, rather than marching towards the world of democracy their life became that of an intolerant man. The same is applied to communism. It is now denying international communism, and was degraded to the level of national communism. In the future, it will continue to be degraded to the levels of tribe and family. This is clear when seeing that the term, "founderism" is constantly being repeated. If an "ism" sacrifices its own people and nation for the sake of world, that is an "ism" of God. That is the reason why God sacrificed His closest sons and daughters for the sake of the world. And that is the reason why Christianity has been building an altar of blood. Because God prepared a foundation to love the world, by sacrificing His closest children, eventually, only Godism will remain. (126-236)

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