Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Explanation Of Materialism (Part 2)

4. The Time Of "No-Ideology"

1) The Current of Thought

When we look back the history of 2,000 years after Jesus, a great number of Christians have developed various movements in order to rediscover God. As the result of the movement, the Roman Empire, which had persecuted Christianity extremely, came to authorize Christianity. As established by the Vatican in Rome, Christianity came to conduct the affairs of state centering on the papacy. Through this papacy, Christianity came to provide an important foundation in forming the feudal society. However, in Medieval times, when the papacy was decayed, as the reaction against that, humanism came to emerge. Humanism gave a great influence on the medieval feudal society. Because of the influence of humanism, medieval Christians gradually came to grow far away from God. A great number of people gave up their faith and embraced humanism instead. Humanism has developed through the course of history. It passed through the age of enlightenment, and finally gave birth to historical materialism.

Historical materialism is based on rationalism and empirical philosophy, which emphasize human reason and experience as the base of philosophy. This materialism is having a great influence on modern society. Especially through the influence of materialism and capitalism, modern society has fallen down in a world where the idea that money is everything is prevalent. Then, who made the medieval feudal society collapse? God collapsed it. God had wanted to develop His Will centering on the Vatican in Rome, but because Christianity decayed under the feudal society, God could not but collapse the medieval feudal society.

God raised up humanism. Humanism came to play a decisive role in destroying the medieval feudal society. That is, since medieval people, who believe God, betrayed God's will, God could not help reprimanding Christians by destroying the feudal society through humanism. However, in order not to lose His providential base, God raised up Martin Luther, who was worrying seriously about God's providence, and had him reform the decayed religion. Likewise, God partly reprimanded the decayed religion, and God raised up a new religion through the Reformation. In other words, while humanism representing the Cain-type developed by destroying the decayed social system, Christianity representing the Abel-type, developed by reforming its own religion and by undergoing various historical courses.

That is, the two thoughts of humanism and Christianity came to develop respectively in a dialectical relationship. Providentially, Christianity formed the realm of the second Israel through various historical courses. Christianity not only passed through the confused situation of the Renaissance, but also passed through the current of enlightenment centered on humanistic philosophy. Finally, in this modern society, Christianity is contending with materialism, which was derived from humanism.

Voltaire, Russo, and Montesque had thought that Christianity would collapse. However, even though Christianity was confronted by the currents of enlightenment, pious people from Germany had saved Christianity by raising the pietist movement which emphasizes the internal, mystical experience with God. The pietist movement influenced England, and John Wesley from England revived the pietist movement by raising the Methodist movement. Moreover, Quakers contributed to the development of Christianity by raising the mystic movement to emphasize the internal experience. Likewise, God has worked providentially in the background of the history of Christianity. On the other hand, because of the influence of materialism, modern people not only grew far away from God's love, but also were isolated from their own reason and themselves. They were secularized and came to adore materialism, whose most precious value is material. However, even though mankind is fallen, because humanism ultimately has to return to its original position before the fall, materialism, which prevents mankind from returning to the original position by denying human personality, will by necessity be destroyed.

The Medieval Age centered on God has passed away, the rationalism and empiricism centered on rational philosophy has also passed away, and the materialism based on historical materialism is losing its influential power gradually. In the future, people will not be satisfied with only loving material things, and will not resolve humanity's fundamental problem even by the teachings of past historical figures. The world of the future will be confronted by a miserable situation which humans cannot manage. Communism cannot be the fundamental solution for the future world.

This is so because Communism regards humanity as the outcome of material and tries to have human society prosper by the productive capacity of material without regard to God. Thus, communists will never have dominion over the world as they wish. In the 21st century, with the onset of the atomic age, as the influential power of material civilization decreases, the communists' dream of having dominion over the world will be frustrated. Then, after Communism, what period will come? The age of love will come. People will find joy in the world of love, and share joy by living for the sake of one another. Therefore, we should be wise persons who can fit the coming age of love. In order to do so, we should be able to analyze all trends of thought and synthesize them. In fulfilling such a mission, we can be proud people in the age of love and before the universe.

Because you must go through the course of fallen Adam and Eve, each individual has to inherit the historical mission of the second Adam. However, you have to know that you do not qualify yourselves to fulfill such mission. Moreover, you have to know that today's history was formed by the process of finding God, true humans, and true all things, which had been lost due to the fall. (4-17)

2) Humanism and Godism

A. Humanism Cannot Be The Ideal

If God likes religion, Satan dislikes it. They are opposite each other. It must be true. Don't you think so? [Yes!] In the last days, God's side and Satan's side will be divided. Therefore, the world will be divided into two groups: the one which opposes religion and the other which supports religion. This is a natural conclusion. In that situation, what kind of problem will be raised? The problem of truth and falsehood will be raised. That is, which is right, humanism or Godism? From this viewpoint, humanism does not lead people to God's side, but it leads to Satan's side. God's side is the world of goodness. So, this world is necessarily divided into the two worlds of good and evil. Such phenomena are certainly manifested in today's world. What period are we in now? We are facing the time when we should attack the whole world that is dominated by humanism. Can this world have a hope for the future? Material civilization cannot but be frustrated and will fall into desperation. In the Oriental concept, desperation means that there is no hope for the future.

Why is the history of humanity confronted by desperation? It is because humans denied God and received humanism. It is because material civilization centered on humanism is dominating this world. Mankind descended from fallen ancestors. By adoring such fallen humanism, this world cannot have hope. Then, what should we do in this fallen world? As fallen descendants, we have to adore what is not fallen. How can one adore what is not fallen? One has to return to God through religion. Therefore, the nation which adores God, the thought which adores Heaven, and the world which adores God can never perish. That must be so. It is because Satan's world and God's world are completely opposite. If one follows Satan, one must fail. On the other hand, if one follows God, one must get success. In these days, everything related to God and religion is denied because of humanism, and religious foundations are collapsing. If mankind lives centered on humanism, mankind cannot have hope for the future. Today's phenomena reveal such a negative conclusion. Accordingly, we have to analyze the traditional concept of God and the past religions, and then we have to establish a new concept of God and a new view of religion centered on God. By doing so, we have to overcome humanism. Otherwise, mankind cannot have hope. This is a final conclusion. Do you understand? [Yes]

If such a movement is not expanded rapidly to the whole of the world, there is no way to save mankind which lies in desperation. (83-128)

Humanism cannot be the ideal thought of mankind. Humanism centered on fallen humans is not an ideal thought. Humanism tries to absorb everything centering on humans. However, when we look at the human himself carefully, everybody is selfish and self-centered. (64-322)

B. The Historical Development Of Humanism

In the 12th and 13th Centuries, humanism centered on human experience began to develop. At the end of the 16th Century, humanism arrived at the extreme stage, which denies the existence of God. (42-313)

Humanism has developed from the Renaissance up to the present, and through that process, human history has fallen down. It is the history expelling God. (30-301)

The Vatican, threatened people with its authority in the name of God. In the name of God, they said, "If you do not do this, you will go to Hell." This is a kind of threat. However, when rational people think of this teaching rationally, they come to recognize that it must be wrong. From this point, people come to a point of disbelief, asking, "Is religion necessary for humans?" Because of such blind teaching of religion, humanism came to emerge and the history of materialism was expanded to all over the world. Moreover, the atheistic insistence that God does not exist became widespread. (165-64)

Owing to the appearance of humanism, theistic thought was damaged. However, because humanism does not fit the universal law, the destruction of humanism will necessarily come. ( 93-83)

Seen in context of the history of the trend of thought, theistic thought turned over its influential power to materialism, and humanism turned over its influential power to materialism, the thought which makes the world destroyed. [Laughing.] Dancing disco was derived from that thought, which destroys the world. Likewise, human thought has changed throughout human history. (May 1, 1980)

Mankind came to depart from God and took a long journey of thought. Mankind went through materialism based on atheism, and went through secular Humanism based on the thought of anti-God philosophers, and eventually fell into Hedonism. Accordingly, mankind arrived at the final point of hope like the end of human history. Those thoughts came to be the fundamental cause of the drain of spirituality of today's generation and the decline of faith. That history is giving a great stimulation to religious people. (Nov. 12, 1985)

Seen in the development of the history of mankind, vague theological thought influenced the world for a while. When that declined, humanism emerged. Although today's world is still under the influence of humanism, humanism cannot be the thought which would bring a hope to mankind. Today, communism, which betrayed humanism, has emerged and has influence all over the world. These phenomena are showing the gloomy prospects for human's future. (77-282)

This world where we are living is the confused world. Throughout history, human society has passed through the vague theistic thought and various thoughts, and now we are standing in uncertain time of humanism. Moreover, today's society is under the influence of materialism. In such an uncertain historical situation, because humanism and materialism do not present certain contents in the process of history, today mankind is confronted by the time of no-ideology. Mankind comes to think that the current thought can no longer manage this world. Therefore, what becomes a problem to us is neither human nor material. The problem is that a certain view of God does not emerge. If a certain view of God is established at this present time, through the new view of God, a new outlook on life and new view of history can be established again. Without doing so, mankind cannot have hope for the future. If we know God certainly, every problem such as the vague view of God in the Medieval Age, humanism, and materialism, will be solved. (77-257)

C. The Origin Of Humanity Must Be Understood

How do we describe this world? Existentially, humans are still struggling between mind and body. So, the world can be said to be the place where 3.6 billion people are struggling between mind and body. Because of this, there is always conflicts and fighting in this world. Isn't that right? In other words, the form and results of this world were made by the struggle between mind and body. This struggle between mind and body made mankind pay a great price of sacrifice throughout history. Such history of struggle is the very history of the world and the reality of this world. The worldwide struggle cannot be solved only by a sovereign nation. What should be done to solve that problem! First of all, the unity between mind and body has to be accomplished, and on the worldwide level, the world representing mind has to get a victory against the world representing body. In order to do so, true motivation and true result have be raised. If such contents are presented, because people can be united centering on that motivation and result, all problems of the world will be resolved. Then, who can make the worldwide fighting stop? That fighting cannot be stopped today by any thought or theory. It cannot be stopped by humanism centered on humans. Why is that so? Did the human mind begin from itself? If one's mind is derived from oneself with having self-motivation, fighting between mind and body can be stopped, so that the world would be unified into one centering on humanism.

At the beginning of this world, were human's progenitors born centering on self-motivation and self-will? Human beings are a relative existence. No matter how much one strongly insists that the human is subjective, the human is an absolutely relative existence. However, since humanism insists on human subjectivity, humanism cannot but generate negative results. Therefore, you have to deny what you like. You have to deny totally what the advanced countries are advocating. Such a negative stand against humanism has to occur. As an example of the negative phenomena caused by humanism, hippies are now causing social problems in America. That is the historical gift. That is a punishment for the evil that violates moral laws. In these days, with the negative results of humanism manifesting themselves, what shall we do? Humanism cannot manage negative results of history of the world. Materialism also cannot do that. The human mind cannot be a fundamental motive of human existence. Material also cannot be a motive of human existence. Therefore, the origin of mankind must be correctly identified. However, the thought in the Renaissance of the 13th century had a great influence on the current of thought of that time, and brought about the result to deprive humanity of God's name in human history. In the end, the thought of Renaissance arrived at the conclusion that God is dead. Then, are human beings alive?

Before God can be dead, humanity would die first. However, people, like groups of corpses, are making a disturbance that God is dead. Such a society cannot have hope for the future. Humanism, materialism, and communism cannot make a foundation for human happiness. No matter how the human reached his ideal and fulfilled his responsibility in his social life, those things would by necessity pass away. Your achievement in this fallen world has to be denied totally. Why is that so? Because the body has to be always denied before the mind, all works which are achieved centered on one's body, have to be denied. Today's communist countries are denying God and human consciousness as well as human personality. Communism tries to push people into its logical realm, which is centered on materialism. However, originally humanism as a subject was created to manage the logic or the theory, but was not created to be bound by a logic or a theory. Theory cannot dominate the world of love. What is the love of father? What is the love of mother? Can those questions be explained by theory? If the ideal love can be absorbed into theory, such love is not needed by humans. Actually, such theory cannot be made. (22-224)

D. Every Thought Centered On God

Why do problems such as no-ideology and the destruction of the view of value occur? It is because those problems occur in trying to manage every problem centering on humans. Therefore, in pursuing the new world of future, there may be a method which can manage such problems. The method would be able to explain clearly if God is there or not, and if absolute God exists or not. In other words, if some thought and theory, which are explained from God's viewpoint, not from the human viewpoint, are not found, the world we desire can never come in the future.

From the certain view of God, the problem of life and material has to be solved. Those problems would not be solved separately, but from a synthetic viewpoint. The problem of materialism and humanism has to be solved in God's nation with God as the absolute center. Otherwise, that cannot be resolved absolutely. That is a natural conclusion. (78-99)

Today, both left wing and right wing were established centered on human will. "If I only can live a happy life, everything will be fine." This selfish thinking was also established centered on humanism. Such thinking is false humanism. Do you think that the appearance of humanism is not the result of the human fall? Although humanism centered on God can be permitted, the humanism which denies God, is apparently the fruit of the fall. Therefore, in order to overcome such false humanism, first of all, the present humanism has to be denied totally, and then Godism has to be established anew. Based on that Godism, humanism has to be pursued again. In this sense, the starting point of thought and life has to be God. If a human does not live a life centering on God, there would be no way for that human to return to God. (59-89)

Communism cannot explain resultant things or causal things. Democracy also cannot exactly explain about cause and effect. Then, who can explain that? What should emerge here is a religion. Some religion must emerge, and teach with certainty, "You were begun from this motive and are going forward in that resultant world." Moreover, that teaching has to be established as the standard which most people can accept. That standard must be centered on God, not humanism. (10-159)

Now, we have arrived at the stage that we would consider the world which has synthesized all thoughts and theories. That is, if there is a certain and true God, there will be Godism which goes beyond every ideology and thought, and there will be humanism which true God can authorize, and there will be materialism which true God can admit, and there will be the unified one world in which all those cannot be separated absolutely and can be authorized by God. (77-282)

God's purpose of creation is to establish a humanism based on God. If humanity goes towards God, democracy, which was created in the process to go to God, also can be regarded as the process of establishing Godism. (10-118)

Advanced nations, which developed the world culture of the 20th Century, are saying proudly that they do not need to receive another philosophy or thought any more. Accordingly, they cannot have the opportunity to be revolutionized by God's truth. Communism is also not such a thought about which God can feel joy. (20-107)

Materialism must fail. On the contrary, does democracy have a historical and victorious condition? It does not. Without some victorious condition, there cannot be a victory in the future. Then, what would religion, which does not have such a victorious condition, have to do? Every Christian in the world has to be united into one. Now what goes forward into the future of hope has to emerge. Although some religions insist on going back to the past, today's situation is not the same as the situation of the past. Could today's problem be managed by the contents of the past? We should not go back to the past. Only when we achieve historical and actual results, can we establish a foundation for the future. Therefore, the thought, which can synthesize the past, present, and future, has to emerge. (11-253)

Communism is the thought centered on the human and material. However, humanity will be changed and material also will be changed. Communism was made centering on changeable human and material. Human opinion is changeable. Don't you think so? However, what God insists on will never be changed. Then, what is the goodness and righteousness on which God insists? It is to live for the sake of heaven and earth. This has never changed. (87-261)

We created the CAUSA movement to resolve the problem created by secular humanism. (May 6, 1986)

E. The Inadequacy Of Medieval Thought

The reason why materialism cannot manage the human problem is that it excluded God and the value of humans. Materialism denies the value of the human. Therefore, materialists massacre people mercilessly. That is the very problem.

How about humanism representing the democratic world? Humanists not only exclude God, but also take serious the view of materialism. That is a pernicious evil. In this sense, they have nothing to do with God. They are rather close to communists. Then, between the materialist and humanist, who is stronger? Materialists can be stronger than humanists. That is why humanists are likely to be subjugated by materialists. Materialists not only deny human personality, but also forget God. In the world of materialism, there cannot be an ideal.

Accordingly, True Father advocates Godism. Godism can fundamentally include humanism and materialism. Why? It is because God values human personality as the object of love. Moreover, because God created humans as the subject of the symbolic world centered on material, God sees human value even in the world related to material. Thus, Godism itself has a foundation to contain humanism and materialism. Godism is very inclusive, and contains various meanings.

Thus, Godism. or Unificationism seems to be very good. On the other hand, even though there was thought centered on God in the Medieval Age, the thought could not establish the unified ideal world centering on God, humanity, and material, because it was a vague and imperfect thought. In order to enter the Kingdom Of Heaven, one has to certainly know a God of personality, and has to know the value of objective humanity before God, and certainly has to know the value of material which is an object of humanity. God, man, and material have to be combined by subjective content. \What is the subjective content? That is love. God, man, and all things are combined through love. That united world is the very ideal world.

However, in the Medieval age, such unified world could not be established by Medieval thought centered on God. God, who was supposed to practice love, could not be found. Although people had thought of God and talked about God, nobody practiced God's will. Because that thought was abstract and uncertain, it came to be changed to some autocratic thought. Since that thought could not give certain answers to people at that time, it came to ask blind faith.

Accordingly, Medieval Christian thought came to be far from the essence of God, and finally fell down to the secular thought centered on God. That thought came to deny human personality, and became exclusive. So, while the thought regarded its own standard as absolute, it denied relative value of others. Accordingly, the thought centered on God could not but be destroyed by another thought. Even though the Medieval thought was centered on God, it did not know with certainty about the God of personality. That had such a deficiency. (167-66)

F. The Necessity Of Rediscovering God

What is Communism? It is based on materialism as well as atheism. Then, what kind of thought does Christianity and Western society have? They have theism and idealism. Which will get a victory between materialism and idealism, and between atheism and theism? What is the problem here? The way which Christianity can revive again is through the rediscovery of God. Because communism denies God, if the existence of God is proved with certainty, communism cannot but collapse.

From the beginning of human history, God started with humans, and has been working with humans throughout history, and is still working with humans at this present time. However, the most important thing is knowing how to rediscover God who is in the process of history and in the midst of human life. To rediscover God is the very key in establishing the ideal world. First of all, people have to know clearly what kind of transient period they are living in now. When people come to know clearly about the coming age, communism would also be able to receive God. Because the coming age will be the world of love as the certain view of God is established. Then, do you think God is with American Christians? If God is with them, that God would be the one who is working not for the salvation of individual level, but for the salvation of worldwide level. In other words, the new view of God would be the God who is working for the sake of salvation on the worldwide level.

Why have Christianity and other religions separated from one another? It is because Christianity and other religions do not have the goal of going forward. On the other hand, communism has a clear goal which is the destruction of capitalism. If God is working through Christianity providentially, Christianity would have the providential goal. That goal should be much better than one of Communists. Because Christianity has no clear goal, Christians do not go in a certain direction, and lie in the uncertain and vague situation for the future. When Christians were confronted by strong persecution or difficulties, their direction has been changed easily. Then, what kind of faith do Christians have? They believe that at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent, the world will be destroyed. This is a big and horrible cancer of Christianity.

While communists try to dominate the world, because of their belief, Christians try to escape from the world and are arguing that their own denomination is the best. The goals of their denominations are vague. If we describe the situation of Christianity, it is like fingers that do not move together, but move separately and individually. In the last days, if God does not judge the world as Christians expect, what will happen? How would God manage the difficult situation which will be raised, when the world is not judged by fire, but remains as it is? Therefore, the age of Christian culture, which does not fit God's providence, cannot but pass away. In this sense, we have to prepare how to manage the phenomena, which will be raised by the Christian view of the end of the world. (June 1, 1983)

G. Neither Democracy Nor Communism

Because today's humans do not know God and the relationship between God and man, they do not love. However, once they come to know the relationship and make a bond with Him, they cannot help loving God. Accordingly, in order to make a bond with humanity and reveal Himself, God has been working in this world throughout history. First of all, in order to find the starting point of the ideal, in which the world can be unified into one, God has desperately fought centering on thought and ideals throughout history. Today, God's desperate fight is developed through the confrontation between democracy and communism. However, the problem is that the phenomena of today's world cannot be fundamentally resolved by those two thoughts. (11-58)

It is apparent that democracy and communism did not provide the method which can remove social evil. Although democracy and communism were fundamentally developed from the desire to resolve the common problem of mankind, democracy not only did not fulfill that task, but also did not overcome the destructive activity of communism. On the other hand, communism also could not resolve social problems completely, and rather ironically, brought about only a bigger problem.

Accordingly, the world came to fall into difficulty, and democracy and communism are facing a dead end where there is neither a victor nor a loser. That is our present actual situation, and the future of mankind seems to be unpredictable and gloomy. Why can't democracy and communism be the solution for removing social problems? According to close analysis, the two thoughts do not have the core of ultimate truth. Even though democracy, on the positive side, contributed to the development of the political system, democracy has no clear and inclusive view of the world. On the other hand, communism has an inclusive and systematic view of the world, but it is based on false assumptions and distorted facts. (Nov. 15, 1983)

We are in the last days. Both democracy and communism are also in the last days. Therefore, in this end time, communism is struggling at the crossroads of life and death, and democracy is wandering at the crossroads of rising and falling. (Oct. 9, 1978)

Where does mankind have to go? Where is the ideal world which mankind has been looking for? Mankind gave up its hope for the future. However, the ideal world, which the democratic world is pursuing, has no subjectivity and objectivity to be able to transcend today's present situation. On the other hand, communism has a dream to have dominion over the whole world. But now, we can see that communist countries are pitted against one another. They cannot be unified into one. Their division is increasing and will result in the level of individual communism. (59-82)

The time for the democratic world is finished. The same for communism. Don't you think so? Although America was saying, "Oh, my fellow democratic countries, let's unite into one," were they unified into one? Rather, the democratic countries are almost dead. Do people of the world welcome America? [No!] They are saying that they will kick out America. Don't they say so? Communism also fell down from the international level to the national level. At this national level, no matter how communists may try, they cannot establish worldwide communism. (90-303)

Truly, will democracy or communism be able to unify this world? They do not have an inner power to able to absorb the world. If a thought tries to unify this world, the thought has to have an inner condition to able to digest this world. (15-51)

Was there such a thought which teaches clearly the problem of cause and effect? Communism? Even though materialism has its own logic of cause and effect, it cannot be the fundamental and ultimate theory. On the other hand, the center of thought which consists of democracy is Christianity, but Christianity does not do it. (67-217)

Democracy centered on Christianity did not establish the welfare society of well-being. Communism also did not do that. Accordingly, the society, which mankind is looking for cannot be established by the present democratic culture or communistic culture. (16-165)

3) The Reason Why Communism Must Fail

A. China And The Soviet Union

Whether communism would be destroyed or not can be guessed at from the controversy of two countries. If communism tries to dominate the world centering on the Slavic sphere, communism will fail because the national level cannot digest the worldwide level. Do you understand? Why are China and Soviet Union conflicting with each other by arguing about revisionism and doctrinism? It is because they dream of trying to dominate the world respectively without going beyond their nation. Such thought centered on the nation will be destroyed. Therefore, in order to unify the world, thought has to go beyond nationalism. In this sense, in order to unify the world, people of nations who can love the world more than their own nation should emerge. (34-337)

In 1957, the ideological controversy between China and Soviet Union began. However, today, what kind of things are happening? "Although my father and mother are communists, I dislike communists. I dislike autocracy." This kind of phenomena is occurring. When such phenomena goes through the first, second, and third generations, communism will be destroyed. While the democratic world has God's will to save the democratic world, communism has not. Since the communistic world has nothing to do with God's will, it cannot help but fail. On the other hand, because the democratic world has God's will, it has some possibility of being saved by God. Accordingly, when worldwide communism falls, the age of communism will end. Do you understand what I am saying? [Yes!] North Korea or China will no longer follow the Soviet Union. They became national communism. Moreover, when North Korea is internally divided into two groups fighting each other, and when one side cannot remove opposite people freely, the communism of North Korea will also end. (64-259)

The communist country is the same. When international communism emerged, it said, "We will be able to dominate the world centering on communism! Centering on the Soviet Union and the Slavs, people of the whole world will be united into one through communism." They dreamed like this. However, they were divided. Now, the relationship between the Soviet Union and China has fallen to the point that they can never be united forever. Moreover, various ethnic groups within the communist country itself are struggling with each other because of the their different characteristics, different habits, and the historical background in which they had fought against one another. This shows that communism itself decreases. (82-13)

Let's see. From 1957 on, the Soviet Union and China began to divide. The communist party tried to establish its dominion over the whole world centering on the Slavs. This, in other words, is the same as saying, "Let's live for the sake of ourselves." Because the communist party is divided, communism will be destroyed. (77-201)

What kind of world will be developed in the future? Worldwide communism would destroy the one of national level, the communism of national level would destroy the one of the level of people. Originally, the communist world was one; but it became divided between a Cain-type country and an Abel-type country. In the future, Cain-type communist countries themselves would fight one another. When they come to fight against one another, on Satan's side, absolute individualism comes to emerge. On the other hand, on God's side, the worldwide thought will be advocated, and the world of God's side will be united into one. (16-195)

B. Independent Communist Parties

How about communism? Now, communist parties such as Italy's communist party, or France's communist party, are opposing the Soviet Union, and proclaim the independent line. Is that right? [Yes!] Communists were wandering about in the dream of the domination of the world, but as the dawn of history breaks, they woke up from their rosy dream, and begin to recognize their reality. They had dreamed to unify the world centering on communism, but that dream came to vanish. Why is that so? It is because communism itself contains many possibilities of change. The dialectic itself is the logic of change. The dialectic cannot become the logic which can establish the standard of true value like a precious jewel. The reason why the logic of the dialectic emerged is that the democratic world does not recognize themselves, and does not find their own position, and does not go their own way. In other words, the dialectic is raised in order to stimulate the democratic world. Thus, the dialectic is just a temporal logic, which God can permit as a means to stimulate the democratic world. (85-99)

C. From The View Of Ownership

While today's democracy favors individual ownership, communism promotes joint ownership. Although everything must be offered to God, the two worlds regard every possession as their own. That is the same as offering all ownership to Satan. This is what we call communism. Although everything should be offered to God at the place of denying oneself, communism does not do so. Even though communists deny individual ownership, they do not deny their ownership with a true mind, and insist on joint ownership in the false position. Because of that, communism must fail. (29-162)

What is the thinking process of today's Communist Party? Mine is mine and yours is also mine. This is the thinking method of the Communist Party. Such thinking must be destroyed. On the other hand, what is the thinking process on God's side? Mine is yours, and yours is the family's, and the family's is the tribe's, and tribe's is the people's, and the people's is the country's, and country's is the world's, and the world's is God's, and God's becomes mine. This is the thinking process of God's side. On this foundation, even the establishment of Utopia is possible and the world of happiness, hope, and love is possible. Until now, mankind did not know the thinking process of God's side. (77-201)

D. From The Heavenly Viewpoint

The reason why a country is destroyed is the country is opposed to the heavenly ideal. When heavenly mind and consciousness go together, the country can develop. Otherwise, the country is destroyed. Therefore, communism will be destroyed. On the other hand, because Christianity went with God, Christianity was invulnerable in Christian history. (13-240)

No matter how the Communist Party makes plans in order to become the central country of the world centering on humanism, as long as they do not gain a victory over God, who is also trying to be the center of the world, communism must be destroyed, and the communist country will be subjugated before God. In the end, in order for God to become the center, we can conclude that God has to see the democratic and communist worlds collapse. (81-101)

Communists believe that they can lead the world centering on communism, and can manage the world even in the future, but that is nonsense. Can communism digest the democratic world? Is communism prepared to receive the coming fortune of the future? Can communism take responsibility for the world on behalf of the God of justice? [No!] Communism is materialism. Because it denies the existence of God. it must fall over the cliff. (162-191)

The mission of religion is to reveal the existence of God and teach how to occupy God's love. Therefore, True Father established the Unification Church and is now fulfilling such a mission. Once we occupy God's love, the dominion of the world will be different. Today, some people are arguing for the ideal and love disregarding of the love of God. But such an argument is useless, and their efforts to pursue that ideal will fail. In this sense, communists are destined to fail. If they do not fail, we should fail. Because communists deny human love, they are fundamentally denying all emotional relations which have been transmitted historically until now. However, no matter how they try to deny it, love cannot be denied. (18-327)

Because God's Day was proclaimed, both the democratic world and the communist world will be divided internally. Today, every phenomenon of the fallen world becomes decayed and destroyed, and even the last thing which is decayed has to be driven out in order to restore this world. (19-339)

At the time of Jesus, the difficult achievements of 4,000 years had been in vain, but today, our Unification Church will not repeat the same failure. The surprising fact is that the historical foundation to be able to praise God has been made. But this has not been accomplished without a plan. All things, which were tied, are untied in accordance with the Divine Principle. Let's think about how the spiritual world feels joy. If such an after-effect of our achievement has influence on the democratic world, America will be able to play an important role at the subjective position of heavenly history, and the realm of communism will collapse naturally. That will be done. The realm of communism will collapse naturally. (79-30)

We have to take responsibility for the history of the past, present, and future. Among the past saints, there is nobody who wishes that America and the democratic world would be dominated by communism in the future. All persons in the spiritual world who had lived on earth before, wish to eradicate the root of communism in this world. Even former communists who are now in the spiritual world also wish that communism will fail. Therefore all the spiritual world wish that the Communist Party will be eradicated. That is the wish and painful heart of our ancestors. Every spiritual person in the spiritual world wishes that. Thus, to destroy communism means to accomplish the wish of historical ancestors. (79-3 10)

Because communism denies the way of the saint and patriot and instead indulges in the material and secular world, it has to be destroyed. The universal force cannot but remove communism. Communism will not last much longer. (April 12, 1981)

If we follow the law of indemnity, every problem of the world will be resolved. Do you understand? [Yes!] Then, would communism fail or not? [It will fail.] Communism must fail. Communists destroy their political enemies in order to maintain their power. However, even if one went to the spiritual world because of a purge, because one's descendants remain in this world, his descendants will avenge the enemy of their parents. In such a situation, would the world of peace be likely to come? Would peace be likely to come in such a situation of horror and anxiety? The world of peace can only come when one can say, "Thank you," even visit before one's death. On the other hand, when one says, "You took advantage of me. You had me sacrificed like this," the world of peace can never come. (80-238)

Would communism develop or not? The answer can be recognized through the law of indemnity. (32-35)

The thought of the Unification Church is not materialism. Unification Thought is the thought to raise people to God. Accordingly, God can raise up the Unification Church. On the contrary, since materialism is the thought to draw people away from God, if one follows communism, one must fail. (Jan. 1, 1980)

4) The Period of No-Ideology

We are now facing an extremely confused world. Moreover, we know that this world is filled with antagonism, jealousy, and disbelief. Regarding this present situation, people call this world the age of No-Ideology or the age of the destruction of the view of value. On the other hand, religious people call this world the end of the world. Such negative tendency is spread to the individual, family, nation, and the world. In this sense, mankind is confronted by a despairing worldwide situation. In this present situation, in order to pursue the new world of hope, a new central thought has to emerge which can be welcomed by the individual, family, society, nation, and the world. When we briefly look at church history, the uncertain trend of thought centered on God led the Medieval age for a while, but as that thought decreased, the humanistic world began to emerge. However, as the trend of humanistic thought also did not fulfill its mission, this world is now facing the extremely dangerous situation in which materialism has dominion over the world. Since materialism is fundamentally based on the value of material, materialism can be said to be the thought of the end of the world. That is, we are now facing the thought of the end of the world. (78-98)

The present age is called the age of No-Ideology and the age of uncertainty. Nobody knows the fundamental cause why this age is called that. Only through the manifested phenomena do people say that today's world is the age of the destruction of the view of value. Today's young people, who are living in the cultural realm of the free world, are wandering because they don't know exactly where they should go. The destruction of the view of value is derived from the loss of confidence in the future. The wandering of the young generation, which is spreading like a terrible disease, also means the destruction of human society in the future. As the age of uncertainty, which was caused by No-Ideology, continues, mankind will not get away from desperation. Intellectuals and religious persons, as well as leaders, also will not get out of this swamp of despair. Academic institutes and universities also will not escape the hot wind of this destruction. (March 7, 1982)

The present society which we are facing can be called the age of disbelief and uncertainty. People are living with anxiety, worrying about an uncertain future, because the present situation is one of disbelief as various problems conflict with one another. (March 7, 1982)

The Communist Party had a dream to unify the world centering on worldwide communism, but now communism has fallen down from the worldwide level to the national level. When communism falls down from the national level to tribal level, communism will meet its end. The democratic world also is falling down from the worldwide realm centering on America, to the national realm which can provide support only for America. America abandoned the world, now people of America are fighting among themselves. Likewise, when the democratic world falls down from the worldwide level to national level, the democratic world will meet its end. Therefore, today's world is called the age of No-Ideology. What view of value does mankind have?

What is the value of a human? Today's human seems to have only the value of an animal. Because today's human becomes secularized and pursues only actual value, the value of his life is lowered to the value of an animal. Accordingly, today's human has nothing valuable. Today, such a despairing result was fundamentally derived from false humanism, which had been raised against the blind faith of Christianity. At that time, humanism did not know the spiritual human, but it knew only the animal human. By denying humanism, which denied the existence of God, we have to go toward the new stage which can affirm God again. Then, based on God, we have to establish humanism again. That is the law of negation of negation. When rediscovered, the denied God is not the same God as the God of the past. This God is not the same concept of God which Christianity had insisted on in the past. The rediscovered concept of God should be the new idea of higher level Christianity. (83-310)

As you know, you are facing the confused phenomena of the world. Some people call this time the age of No-Ideology and the destruction of value. When we see the present age groan, owing to the desperate situation, we can feel that this is the age of revolutionary change. This is the same for people of Korea as well for people of America who are leading the democratic world. The Soviet Union which is leading the communistic world is also groaning internally owing to such phenomena. Although people don't know exactly what it is, individual and nation are equally looking for a new start for the future. Because all people of the world share the same destiny, the whole world is expecting to come into the age of revolutionary change. (86-60)

This world is at the edge of a cliff. So, a worldwide breakthrough and worldwide leaders are needed in this world. A true leadership organization and a true master are not in this world. Your mind does not become the master of yourself, and your parents do not become the master of your family, and responsible persons do not become the master of your country, and people who are leading this world do not become the master of this world. All people are not true masters, but wage earners. Wage earners! Such wage earners exploit people and are doing everything for the sake of their own benefit. This world is filled with such poor people who are committing wrongs against the heavenly will. (84-207)

Where would mankind go? There is nowhere to go. Because of that, young people are sitting and hesitating without attempting anything. People like us are moving busily at every second because we have no time. On the other hand, these young people were sitting there when we went out in the morning, and when we come back at 3 p.m., they will still be sitting there, because there is no place where they want to go. You may be confronted by such a destiny sooner or later. True Father will see what will happen to the proud person, the proud intellectual person. In Japan, a professor committed suicide. Because the Communist Party made a disturbance in his country, and people of the nation did not manage that, he committed suicide. Nobody can handle that. How can this be overcome? Mankind does not have a foundation to be able to overcome. There is no such way. Now, we do not need either democracy nor communism. Only the ideal thought which the mind desires is needed. In order to go out to find that ideal thought, now, some thought or theory is needed. However, such theory and thought are not truth itself. They are just a bridge and a road to introduce truth. Mankind has to go over that bridge. (27-232)

Today's people make a disturbance with theories such as the destruction of the view of value or the age of No-Ideology. Therefore, now, the leader, who would lead the world by the subjective and certain thought, is requested by necessity. Economic, political, and scientific problems are not important. A true person is like a treasure that must come out and has to raise the new revolution. If that person becomes the master of the world and creates new value from the individual level, family level up to the worldwide level, how wonderful it will be. That is the agony of discreet people at this present time. (85-100)

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