Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Communism And Falsehood

1. Evolutionism

The ancestors of humans are not monkeys. Which being can be the object of God, the only absolute one? Some scholars say it's the monkey, but is that possible? When you go to the zoo, monkeys are holy, right? Some zoologists are saying the monkey is ancestor of the human. Then ask the scholar, "Sir, who is your grandfather? Is he a monkey? Then you are a descendent of a monkey." Will he like that? No way. It will turn him off. Would you like a monkey to be your grandfather? What! Humans evolved from amoebas? Biologists and biological professors are saying that monkeys are their grandfathers.

There are wicked people running this world; to take care of that, Rev. Moon of the Unification Church came about. Don't you young guys do that also? Look! The nature of energy is that the entering energy is never the same as the exiting energy. It's a formula. Always the entering energy is greater. Do you agree? Perhaps you would learn in physics, even in electric engineering, that the power that goes into a motor is greater than power that comes out. It is always like that. When motion occurs, energy is consumed. While motion is going on, do you think it's becoming plus larger? Is it becoming minus or plus (larger or smaller)? It is becoming minus, smaller. Then, when an ameba engages in motion, how could it become a plus? Can a plus come about by itself? No way! What has to be done for it to become a plus? For it to become a plus, another energy must be invested in it. How could it become a plus by itself, so that it becomes a higher functional being than it started out as.

Let us compare humans and monkeys. How do monkeys live? All they do is make noise, eat, sleep and bear babies. Are monkeys shedding tears because they are missing their mother and father in their hometown? Monkeys and humans are fundamentally different. Is a monkey worrying about the older brother, or does a monkey want to sacrifice for parents? How about humans. Do they do those things or not? Yes. The seed is different. Do monkeys get together and talk about what their ancestors have done, or discuss about whether there is a God or not? Monkeys can't do that. Do they think about the existence of spiritual world? Can they dream about the universe becoming peaceful, a peaceful world, one world, and a blossoming place of love? People who espouse that kind of evolutionism of humans from monkeys are like dogs and pigs. The seed of monkeys is not the same as the seed of humans.

Humans are supposed to live centering on others, not themselves -- to live and hope centered on a higher ideal. They are not supposed to live and hope based on a lower ideal. The dimension is different! Humans have been worshipping God since they were created. There are no tribes who are not worshipping God. They have been thinking about God and have been thinking about how to make the universe better. Can monkeys think about that with their brains? Monkeys can't achieve that even going through thousands of steps. How could that kind of energy content enter into monkeys? It doesn't make sense.

Communism has been saying the humans came from material. Is it possible? Does material possess that kind of thought? No matter how much human ability one has, everyone has a vision of harmony. Material itself does not have that kind of ability. The Marxist dialectic maintains that every material being, every part of the existing world is changing and developing. But to a higher ideal? A mind reaching after higher standards -- is it developing and changing? Can this original character be changing and developing among people in the past days, present days or thousands of years of future days? Do you think it will change? One can speak of animals, and say that a monkey is a higher animal, but can monkeys have that kind of thought?

For thousands of years, or hundreds of millions of years, has any energy been added to monkeys? Can the monkey have that kind of original character? So we can conclude that, unlike the monkey, a great original energy has been given to humans. The reason why an unchanging element, not changeable element, has been added into humans, is so they can become a substantial object to the unchanging Subject. This logic is, right! We have that kind of original character, which means that there must be a Subjective real being who also has that kind of original character.

Here we can know the concept of subject and object. Here we can know that I am in an objective relationship to the Subject. Then since Subject being has put in that kind of original character, is that for Himself or for the sake of a higher ideal? That is the question! We can conclude that He invested in hoping for a higher level.

2. Evolutionism Is A Historical Artifact

When we look at "The Origin of the Species" by Charles Darwin, we find that Darwin justified the fact that historically one power conquers the world and forms a new cultural sphere through the so-called evolutionary principle that "the weak fall prey to the strong". Many kinds of crazy things happen. So, what is the origin of the species? Get down to fundamental problems. When we consider whether God exists or not, and if we consider, from today's philosophical viewpoint, the question of which came first -- consciousness or being (thought) -- there arise some big questions and problems. What is man's origin? Is the origin of humans from the monkey, or some other starting point? This kind of fundamental problem has to be solved.

Evolutionism has now become a historical artifact; yet many still are espousing the theory of evolution. Can evolution go backwards? Can it happen backwards? Can it go to the East and to West? Who sets the direction of evolution? Can one set himself in a growth direction? So many different levels have to be gone through from an ameba to a human. That direction, the direction to go toward higher levels and develop, who sets the direction to be that way? Why is it that it happens toward a higher level? Can it go downward and side ways? Woman looks like man, or man looks like woman, in other words both ways can happen, both. One can be in front, the other can be behind; this idea can come out. Direction. Who sets the direction that woman has to be this way, man has to be that way? Is that decided by man, woman? What about our ancestors? They didn't decide; the universe decided. There has to be some kind of central will of the universe. The subject of that will is God. God decided that man should be this way, woman should be that way.

The Communist way is to adopt nature to natural law. But adoption without fundamental understanding? Someone should hit and capture these guys. Without adding energy, something bigger can't come out. A higher level being can not develop from an amoebae by itself. For a higher level being to come about, there has to be motion and some kind of power and energy from outside; the direction has to be connected. In other words, the power has to be connected, the motion has to occur, based on the relationship between subject and object.

Subject and object do not engage in action as absolute minus, it only engages action as plus. The relationship between subject and object has always been relative relation. So to develop from amoebae, there has to be a cooperation strategy of give and take while adding something, or there has to be some other minus that leads to development. Through that, the higher level can be produced. Without that, no development can come about. In other words, for anything to develop to a higher level, there needs to be a second energy. After that, there also needs to be purpose and direction. For evolution to occur, there needs to be direction. Direction is absolutely necessary, and has to be known. There should also be a final point of the direction, which is the purpose. The understanding of purpose is necessary. That is an important question.

The next question is that of power. Look at the formula of power. Is there such a formula? In man, is entering energy and existing energy the same? Energy comes in and functions. So, do you think the energy remaining after motion and entering energy for engaging in motion will be same? Here consumption should occur, don't you think? When you exercise, you consume energy right? That's why the amount of entering and exiting energy are not same. The size of energy is always smaller after engaging motion.

Evolutionists are saying the energy is greater after the engaging action. There is no such formula. When that happens, the world would turn upside down. That's why you need a second energy. To accomplish a larger purpose, there needs to be second energy. Second energy is possible when subject and object become one. It's right. It's logical. Don't you think so? When subject and object are there, the greater energy comes about. Right? That's why God made the relationship between subject and object to advance through its objective form and provide new value and purpose, so it can develop to higher levels. Because the Principle of Creation is like that, the universe could be formed from small material.

3. To Say The World Was Born Naturally Is False

Today's Communist society is saying that man was created through evolution. Then how did animals get born before they become human? That is a problem. How did the monkey get born? Think about this world. How did this world come about? Today's scientists or Communists are saying that these "came out naturally", but it's a deception. How did nature come about? Where did it come from? How did all creation come about? How did it exist without being created? Communists are saying it just naturally came about. Did a piano also just came about by itself? It's fully scientific! How did a microphone come about? It just came out (laughter). Our body is the palace of mystery; it's so mysterious that millions of medical doctors couldn't figure it out completely. So when you are asked , "How did your body come about," you can answer, "It just happened to come about."

Nature has very scientific elements, so nature itself is the same as God. In conclusion, nothing could come about without a cause. To adapt the theory of evolution, for higher level beings to come about the amoebae, while the amoebae engages in production there has to be other energy added. That energy becomes plus. Then can the amoebae itself generate this plus power? Can amoebas themselves add energy? Do they have that kind of ability? No. To be moved to a higher level, greater energy has to be added. If they themselves cannot create energy, then from where and how does appear? Is Logos established? (No.) Can Mr. Kim or Mr. Park handle Mohammed Ali easily? To handle him, they would need more energy, otherwise they can't go through the boundary. Can Mr. Park take care of Ali because he has gained sudden energy through mutation? Can he do that? (No.) It's only possible when he receives some kind of injection, or consumes ginseng extract, etc. So he can have explosive dynamic energy. But by himself, he can't generate that. So myself can't advance myself. That is the logical conclusion.

4. Criticism Of Evolution Centered On Man

Human life has an objective cause like other life in the universe. Life forms, from microorganisms through to higher animals have been created based on the model of man. Evolution is merely a viewpoint based on the result. Man, who is purposeful being, was bound from the beginning to be created. With that in mind, the universe come about. From microorganisms to higher animal, we are all created through a principled procedure.

1) Critique of the Doctrine of Evolution Centering on Humans

Since human beings are born and have life, then they have a cause of that birth and life, just like any other living thing in the universe. In fact, God created every existing being based on the image or pattern of human beings, from minerals to the higher animals. From this understanding, the traditional theory of the evolution of life is based on looking at nothing but the resultant effect.

Because the universe and all things were created according to the pattern of human beings, then from the beginning, the universe was created with the limitations of humans. Every existing being, from microorganisms to the higher animals, is connected by the principal process of creating according to the human model. From this viewpoint, the development of creation did not occur unconsciously but was based on a clear purpose of creation. Therefore, every created thing came into being based on having a purpose of existence. In fact, every being has dual purposes of existence: an external purpose and an internal purpose. Human beings are no exception. We have the purpose of the body and the purpose of the mind.

Why do human beings have dual purposes? That would seem to only create problems. However, because both the world of external matter and the world of the internal mind exist, then human beings as the center of the universe cannot but have dual purposes, in order to connect the two worlds. These dual purposes should not be in conflict or separate from each other, but should become one. It is in harmonizing and unifying the dual purposes that our ideal of existence as human beings can be realized. In order for the dual purposes to become one, we should establish order between them, an order that results in one unified purpose, which is the completion of human beings. Such a completed man and a completed woman relate in order to become one.

Why should man and woman have to become one? Before talking about this issue, we should consider Darwin's theory of evolution. Evolution cannot occur without some action that advances beings forward and makes them become one. Because evolution itself is not the cause but instead the result, in order for evolution to occur, there should be some force that causes the evolution. The force would be one that tries to advance two beings forward and combine them with each other. Thus, evolution occurs based on a force that tries to advance two beings forward to a higher level.

Then, who made that force? Because evolution is the result, evolution itself cannot make some direction to advance beings forward to a higher level. There must be some force that causes evolution. That force gives the direction to evolution. Then, why does the force have a direction? A direction cannot be made without any purpose. Thus, unless an existing being has a consciousness of its purpose, it cannot have direction. If there is no purpose, the direction moves as it wishes. Therefore, in order for two existing beings to develop a higher being, they have to be moved by a force to try to advance forward and combine with each other. Therefore, in order for evolution to occur, existing beings have to have direction and purpose.

Evolution cannot occur by itself. It requires a relative relationship. Also, in order for some action to occur, both sides must benefit by becoming bigger. If both sides become smaller, then the action cannot occur. You should know this principle. The reason why a man and woman try to join with each other centering on love is not because they want to suffer a loss. They love each other expecting to attain some higher development.

Therefore, the action of love is given for the sake of the other person. The direction of love is for the sake of the other. Only a direction for the sake of the other person can develop each person to become higher. Moreover, everything is formed by the purpose of living for the sake of each other. Therefore, action has dual characteristics, direction has dual characteristics, and purpose also has dual characteristics. (93:173)

2) The Purpose of Existence Preexists the Existing Being

The dialectic does not admit direction and purpose. It does not deal with the fundamental problem of action. The dialectic did not deal with why existing beings try to act, and why they try to become one. Because the dialectic does not have direction centered on purpose, the development of the dialectic is made centering on itself. In the dialectic, existent being develops toward a bigger one. In explaining the process of evolution by the dialectic, what cannot be understood is explained by mutation. Then, why does the mutation occur? What is the cause of the action, direction, and purpose of mutation? The mutation itself cannot be the cause of any action, direction, and purpose.

When a man and woman love each other today, can the direction, action, and purpose of their love be different from those of our ancestors' love in ancient times? No! Then why doesn't mutation occur in human beings' love? If evolution has developed continuously until now, why did it stop at the stage of humans? If the doctrine of evolution is right, then evolution would develop beyond the stage of humans. Why did it stop with humans? That is the problem. Is it because humans wanted to stop at this stage? Is it possible that evolution is stopped by human's thinking? No! A human being cannot decide the position of his own existence by himself, he is in a position that was predestined before his creation.

That proves that consciousness preexisted creation in the universe. Human beings cannot explain even the origin of their eyes. Neither the dialectic nor the doctrine of evolution can explain about that. You will have to fight against communism in the near future. We have to destroy the theory of the dialectic and the doctrine of evolution. When we destroy only the doctrine of evolution, then the dialectic will be destroyed naturally. What is the present crucial issue? The problem of which came first: consciousness or matter. Communists think of matter as coming first and therefore having the highest value. On the other hand, the democratic world thinks consciousness came first.

Our eyes consist of matter. By whom were the eyes made? Those who think that eyes were made by themselves must be crazy. Also, the nose doesn't move around, but the eyes do. When a person is asked why the eyes move around, if he answers because they want to, then he may be an evolutionist or materialist. The purpose of eyes is to see. Therefore, because their purpose is to see, then eyes move around. In order to fulfill their purpose, eyes move. Why does a person blink his eyes? Because water evaporates, the eyes blink in order to keep moist, On the other hand, a person's nose does not move even if dust becomes attached on it.

What is the purpose of eyelashes? It is to prevent dust from getting in the eyes. Why were eyelashes created as they are? Because they wanted to become like that? (Laughter.) It is not a simple matter, as some may think. If someone here says it is, I will scold him, saying, "Such a crazy fellow! Shut up!" Thus, when the eyes first open, would they know that the universe exists? "There is the sun, and because there is air too, then dust particles would rise and water would evaporate." Would the eyes know such things at first? Please answer. (No, they wouldn't.) So if people can say that eyes evolved by the dialectical development to be able to adjust the environment, even though the eyes did not know about the condition of the environment, then such people must be crazy indeed. The purpose of eyes preexisted the eyes. That is, eyes were made to be able to adapt themselves to the environment before they emerged. Therefore, which came first between matter and consciousness? (Consciousness!)

Regarding the problem of the origin of human beings, they did not evolve by a developing cause within human beings themselves -- what is called human consciousness. There must have been a prior fundamental action, direction, and purpose in the creation of human beings. Neither humans nor any other existing being evolved and developed as they wished. They must have come into existence as substantial bodies having definite purpose, action, and direction. Then why were humans born as the highest animal? They were born with the purpose of having to accomplish the position of the' highest animal, and they were born with the direction to have to go in as the highest animal. You should know this. (93:176)

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