Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. Democracy

1. Initiator Of The Democratic World

Do you know why democracy was created? God made it because of His desire to embrace humankind as His children. In the past, rulers treated people like servants or laborers, but this was not proper. So God sent a true messenger so that He could embrace even those who are betraying and cursing God. Furthermore He sent His own son even to death to embrace people. Through that God has been destroying the evil world. When the messenger is embracing people, he is causing to retreat all rulers who are in the position of Satan's servant, and he is causing to retreat all the rulers who are children of the evil world. Now he is pushing to make an era of the realm of brotherhood.

Where is the initiator of democracy? When we look at the democratic world, we see the hand of God. Democracy is a worldwide structure which was molded from the Christian culture. Christianity was started by God. Christianity, which has centered on goodness, flourished. However, now, in the Last Days, democracy has not been producing good fruit. Then, is the lack of good fruit God's fault, or does the lack of good fruit result from Christianity's lack of responsibility to set the right direction? It's not Gods fault. We can reason that if Christianity, which is representing all people, didn't fulfill its responsibility, then a bad result would follow.

Had it not been for the sacrifice of the early church, do you think that there could be the kind of Christian church today where we can sit comfortably and worship? No way! We have to know that. If you visited Rome and saw the catacombs, you would know how unbearable it was for the early Christians. They lived each day thinking, "Today is my last day, today I am leaving this world to go to God." They could not live one day comfortably. Today's Christians should never forget the foundation created by their blood sacrifice. Through this kind of sacrifice, God made the foundation for democracy.

2. The Democratic World Is A Christian World

What is the democratic world? It's a world centered on Christian thought and culture. This democratic world is the world that is to receive the Messiah, and make the foundation for the Messiah. There is this kind of world and there is also the world opposing this kind of world. The destination of the democratic world is a destination of the realm of Christian culture. But to go one step further, Christianity can't reach the ultimate goal because it is only a growth-stage religion. To reach the completion stage, to digest and overcome the current reality, there has to be historic indemnification of the formation-level and growth-level evil foundations.

What is the situation in today's democratic world? The situation of the nations based on Christian culture is that they must enter the Completion Age. In other words, now is the time for the global Age of Completion. We are in the Completed Age, but there is no core, there is no substantial foundation for this Age of Completion.

God made the worldwide realm of Christian culture to protect against the worldwide enemy realm. God sacrificed greatly to develop the Christian cultural realm and today's democratic world. Jesus came on the national foundation of Israel, but was rejected; to prevent that from happening again, God inspired the creation of the worldwide era of democracy. The democratic world stands in the position of Israel at the time of Jesus, and Christianity has the responsibility similar to what Judaism had at that time. So, also there should be a prophetic nation and should be that kind of organization. God has been desperately preparing that kind of foundation.

3. Democracy Is In The Course Of Restoration

Democracy is an ideology in the Course of restoration. In this fallen world, good Abel cannot regain the position of the elder son without attending parents. The democratic political system has to set up an alternate system so that Abel's sacrifice can obtain Cain's position. Can you elect God or the Messiah? That is why such a nation as Japan has been attending an emperor for a long, long time.

Democracy was set up as an alternative because no solid central point could be established. But there is a limit to democracy. Can God be chosen in a democratic way? Can the Messiah be elected democratically? Can you choose your mother or father? Democracy cannot address these fundamental relationships. It can only deal with relative circumstances. What we are ultimately hoping for is not that type of world. Is there democracy in front of God? Do you think democracy is eternal? Answer me! Is there democracy in front of God? If there is democracy in front of an absolute figure, then we don't need an "absolute" one. Heaven is not a democratic world. Democracy is useful when there is no true center. Where there is already a true center, do you still want to have an election?

4. The Limitations Of The Election System Of Democracy

Nations that stand on God's side are righteous nations, in a righteous world. Unchanging means that one must not compromise what is right. How is the situation in today's democratic world and Communist world? It is a mess. It's not a Bibim Bab (Korean dish). What is this? It is rotten, smelly and looks disgusting. The direction of today's democratic policy is that of compromise and reconciliation. Can God compromise? Can we chose God through a democratic process? Democracy is a means when we are in the process of finding the law of justice, but it is not a goal. Now it is getting extinguished

We can't defeat Communism through democracy. Can you do it with democracy? We can't do it with presidents who change every few years. What is the most valuable thing in the universe? What is the most valuable thing in America? When one says it's a first couple, what is the reason? It's logical to say that because they are like the parents of the nation. Then how is it that the most valuable one can be changed -- that is the question!

Which one is close to the truth: the presidential system of democracy or the ancient monarchical system? It's good that we can find the true king through the system of democracy. The reason that democracy replaced the medieval monarchical system is because the king was not a true king. It is a wonderful story that the democratic presidential system came about to find the true king.

Today American democracy is becoming so legalistic that one can find strange relationships between husband and wife, and parents and children. Can you elect God? Democracy is good, but we have to think about these fundamental problems. Today's democracy -- the best kind of political system made by humans -- if not run by a principled majority, can be misused.

5. The Fallacy Of Democracy

In fact, democracy is a system, not an ideology. Democracy will face problems. There is no pillar of thought when we look at the democratic world. There is a separation of church and politics, so they put man ahead of God. It's absurd. Man is ahead and God is following behind. Can you do that? Who should be in front? It should be the constitution in the name of God, every family in the name of God, every education in the name of God; but it's not that way. Is America a democratic nation? What kind of nation is it? You are saying democracy, democracy, but there are things here that are worse than Communism! Which ones? One is racism. Communists will criticize that point.

In the UN Assembly, if you ask the American ambassador, "Does your country have religious freedom or not?" he will say, "Yes we do, of course." Then ask again, "Religious freedom even for Rev. Moon?" (laughter). Racial discrimination is worse than Communism. Next, taxation is worse than Communism. Communist nations divide the land and collect only one third. Here it is up to the half, or for some people even about 80 percent. We could consider that as more restrictive individually.

Democratic nations are good about respecting law. This is clearly good. However, when changes occur worldwide, those countries will have difficulties. Is the authority of law important? Or are human rights important? Which one? Law is complicated. Is democracy "lawism" or "human rightism"? That is the question. In the world, democracy that loves only its own nation has already been tried, and is doomed. Democracy that cannot sacrifice its own nation for the sake of one world in the larger sense, with Heaven as subject, is a very sad reality.

6. Comparison Between Democracy And Communism

When we look at democracy and Communism and place them in opposition to each other, we can see that these two worlds started very differently, and with different purposes.

Democracy is a world that represents the mind, Communism is a fruit that represents the material body. Communism is based on materialism and atheism, where there is no God. Humanism is "bodyism". Communism started from "bodyism". Man was made with mind and body, and from the body came worldwide Communism. The bread is number one. The world that the body likes most is Communism.

On the other hand, democracy is "mindism". Democracy includes sympathy and concern for the future, and discusses peace. But Communist ideology insists on the struggle of the dialectic. They say that the process of struggle is the cause of development. But if this were true, there could be no peace. The Communist ideology is false. Communism is Satan's Pandora's box in the Last Days.

Look, the Communist works are done at night. They have secret meetings, also held at night. They dig a hole and enter it. That symbolizes the shadow. But democracy is developing in the day. So among those, democracy is better.

Now the world has a democratic world and Communist world opposing each other. The democratic world is pursuing Heaven, and the Communist world is going in the opposite way, pursuing materialism. Exactly opposite. The democratic world is centered on the individual, while the Communist world is centered on the Party's organization. Everything is controlled by the Party. That is opposite. The democratic world is centered on freedom and love and peace, but the Communist world controls based on threat and gun and knife -- by force. The two worlds are exactly separated in opposite directions.

This world has two kinds of ownership. There is the democratic world, which puts weight on individual ownership, and the Communist world, which emphasizes total, national ownership. The democratic world, which emphasizes individualism, has religion. The Communist world, which emphasizes state ownership, has no religion at all. There is no thought of God. The democratic world is representing religion, while the Communist world is representing philosophy. That's why we, representing religion, introduce the heart of God, and we introduce the ideology of Victory Over Communism.

This ideology of Victory Over Communism is not opposite to the heartistic ideology centered on religion, but started as a complement. It started from God. One is internal, the other is external. That situation is reality. Today there is an ideological war, without God. It's a war between an ideology centered on conscience and ideology centered on evil. Isn't it interesting? The Communist Party is totalitarian. Then why is the democratic world individualistic? Because evil has the authority of dominion. That is why goodness has to end individualism. That has to come about. This cannot start as fruit of the realm of evil. That's why in the Last Days, there is the world of individualism.

When we compare Communism and democracy, which one is closer to God? Communism is pushing for dictatorship, while saying they are for laborers and farmers. However, when we look at democracy, people do not think that way. Everyone is good, including ones who have a lot of money, conscientious people, farmers, and etc. When we look at a Communist country, for example East Germany, when the borders are opened, people want to escape-even Communists who went there because they like Communism. Therefore those who set the borders are bad.

So, the democratic world is closer to God then the Communist world. Communists want to get rid of bourgeois. They never think of rescuing them, but only want to get rid of them. They never think that they should assimilate. They just kill them. Do you know that? [Yes] The Communist world is saying "religion is a drug": that's a total destruction - total destruction. The Soviet Union has a structure of church as a strategy. It's all false, and is really under the control of the Communist Party. That religion is just for show, it is a strategy, for disguise. What the Communist Party wants to disguise is that it considers itself more important than the Bible, than attending God. What is the border? It's inside Satan's dominion, inside Satan.

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