Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The True Nature Of Communism

1. The Nature Of Communism

Where does Communism come from? About 50 years ago in 1917 it appeared out of the blue in the Soviet Union. Can we look at the historical meaning of Communism and our present times in a more coherent manner? Yes, we can. (18-11)

Communism is a world ideology. But what kind of world ideology? It does not believe in God. It is evil that appears on stage, taking advantage of the late appearance of good. This is the fundamental stance of the Unification Church. (56-163)

Today we hear the Communist battle cry: "Oh, liberate the peasants from capitalism." We recognize that Communism does not agree with our historical understanding that God is the center of history, is the creator of certain churches, and the impetus for the liberation of those oppressed.

Communism is based on the materialist conception of the world and world liberation. It rejects God, calls religion "the opiate of the masses," and is devoted to stamping out religion. In theory also, it contradicts its own claim of liberation. It is undoubtedly a liberation scheme against God and, as the flag bearer of the devil, challenges the flag bearer of God's own church. This is the conclusion we can draw on Communism.

What is Communism? It is the religion of the devil, taking on the form of a real religion to those who are gullible. I see Communism as a theoretical instrument of the devil, called materialism. Why? Because it is evil. (85-230)

Materialism, another name for Communism, is a derivative of religion because it aims to unify all religions around materialism. It resembles Christianity in that it concentrates on some external issues as a materialist religion. Isn't man trying to play God in this? It's the same as making Kim Il Sung the father. As an absolute entity, he has become a deity. It's very similar to religious thinking. There is also the external resemblance to religion. Internally, it unifies thoughts. So the real and the false come to resemble each other. (41-339)

If you look at the Communist countries, it is obvious that individual rights are ignored in favor of the State. Where is the individual within the State? Where is the individual in the State conception of property ownership? The Communists establish the Party as absolute. They say, "You must obey the Party, and belong in it forever," in order to "liberate the world through Communism."

Where is the human value on which Communism insists? It is located in absolute obedience to the Party. It's all turned upside down. The individual and everything else are sacrificed for the Party. Can the Party last forever? Can it maintain its authority forever? Things are changing. Communism is changing. If it were absolute and eternal, the party line might be a plausible explanation. But that is not possible while it is changing.

Those who live within the Communist sphere end up longing for human autonomy, individual rights, and an individual-centered worldview. You know, if the Berlin Wall were to come down, all East Germans would flood to West Germany. Why? Because you cannot forever deprive humanity of its fundamental rights. Communism could conquer the world if it would establish a free world within its own sphere. Viewed this way, Communism is at a crossroads between individual rights and materialist rights, whose conflict humankind must confront and triumph over.

What is evil? Evil is in self-centeredness. The worst evil is raising the slogan of self-centeredness to the world. What is Communism? It is a self-centered slogan, and will do anything for its own self-interests. (32-232)

You probably feel you know the Communists. Communism must fall within. It won't fall through external battles. If it falls externally, it goes underground, a fertile ground for wayward children learning guerrilla techniques and stealing.

Stealing is the Party's most common feature. It rapes the passerby. Everything in the world is its enemy. It uses anything to excuse what it wants to do. just on some excuse. It steals a cow from the village, takes it to the mountain, and devours it. It can mug and kill a wealthy person on any street comer. Those are all for revolutionary tasks. Counterrevolutionaries and dissidents are all dealt with this way. They would do anything everywhere.

When they send agents to South Korea, do you think they come with money? No, the agents learn to pick pockets. Pick-pocketing is their mode of operation.

Some become pick-pocket ringleaders and now, staying behind the lines, support others to do their spy activities. You must know this. (163198)

2. Communist Strategy And Tactics

1) Communists' Deception Techniques

All of you, look at the leftists' activities. All is deception. All is disguised. Their most important strategic-tactical weapon is their deceptive disguise. They disguise the truth. Evil actually is representing as true what is false. (36-60)

The Communist Party has been practicing deception as its standard policy. This practice risks exposure sooner or later. That evil has been in successful existence so long does not mean that its activities are normal. In view of their successful invasion using deception and disguise, we can tell that it is the Satan's evil playground. This is a problem. (36-26)

What are the Communist strategy and tactics? None other than to establish the dictatorship of the proletariat through a surprise attack. That's their main idea. For their flanking operation, they go on a peace offensive. Their diehard strategy is to get the bourgeois class intoxicated and to dance to their tune, and then at the opportune moment go for the decisive blow.

They have used this strategy often. Of course, it's the deception strategy. It's Satan's tactic. That's why they dig tunnels. They all go underground and dig tunnels. Why are they digging tunnels? So that guilty parties can go hiding in them . . . that's Communism. That will eventually sweep the world. That will demonstrate their muscle. (78-216)

That's the Communist Party. They will not last long, even though they use the deception strategy and do everything to conquer. They cannot last, and one day they will fall. (62-203)

I am well versed in Communist theory. So, they can't fool me with their deception. For the past 15 years I have been working with the Liberal Democrats in Japan to counter the Communist theory. Since things are changing as I have predicted, the Japanese are the more eager to consult me on these matters.

Normally, the Japanese would not consult a Reverend Moon, a Korean, on anything. (1981-4.26)

2) Communist Threat and Intimidation

I know the Communists well. They use threat and intimidation until the opponent weakens, and then assault him. You must remember this pattern. The evil Satan is always on the attack. He cannot attack God because He is stronger. But when the children of God become weaker than he, then Satan attacks immediately.

I have always loved God. I have been imprisoned and threatened and intimidated many times. My East Garden residence in America has been bomb-rigged by the Communists. However, thanks to God's protection, none of the bombs went off. I am impervious to their threats and intimidation. I still fight in the trenches in the face of perilous dangers. There is an organization in New York that offers to kill people for 170 dollars. I once had this organization investigated. I have investigated the Mafia, the Communist organization, and underground gangs. As a religious leader, I have done all this. I coached the whole thing in our fight against Congressman Frazer. Bo Hi Park is standing right here, but I also studied organizational training, Communist tactics, and other related matters. (1981-4.26)

The Communist nations are dictatorial nations. Their actions spoken words are two different things. (54-5 1)

Realistically, the Communists are the world Satan and the cell-unit is their organizational mode of operation. "Oh, I don't want to know any more than what concerns me, just my own business," is the kind of mentality that invites attacks from them. "It's all right as long as you are not involved, is Satan's standard technique. They use deception and attain their objective through gradual steps. (71-104)

The Communist ideology is precisely that. They force you to obey them through threats and intimidation. To avoid pain and suffering, you give in, pretending you are one of them. But you will escape as soon as the first opportunity arises because you were forced into it in the first place. (32-254)

3) The Unmitigated Lies of Communism

Communists do not hesitate to use lies as their routine means. Defamation is common. They will distort everything and make your life unbearable. Isn't that so? There is not one nation in the world that believes that North Korea invaded South Korea, thanks to the former's incessant propaganda of the past 40 years. Everyone thinks the South invaded the North. Out-and-out lies continue.

You don't know unless you have experienced it. It's pure evil.

The North has been saying that everyone is hungry in the South, with mobs of poor people sweeping through streets causing chaos and havoc. People there think so. They say in Japan that they would never go to South Korea. Their heads would be cut off, they think. Do you understand this kind of North Korea? You don't? (No.) That's why I say many of you remain ignorant. That's ignorance. Don't tell me it isn't so.

Reverend Moon thanks God for teaching him about Communism by throwing him into their prison. Theory alone is not enough. Even the Communists themselves don't know how Communism works. They believe in their own unmitigated lies. There was this fellow who was my prison warden. The prison meals consisted of low-grade mixed grains, but the warden would ask us, "Don't you think our laborers are well fed with white rice and once-a-week meat soup and they are so strong?" Every prisoner had to answer, "Yes, of course," just to save his skin. I went through hell for two years and eight months doing self-criticism.

All Communists are liars. The prison warden told lies everyday. He would say, "Our Great Leader Kim Il Sung feeds his prisoners fat beef and plentiful rice everyday so that they work diligently at the factory, etc." Those lying hoodlums wouldn't even feed us our ration, cutting it to one-third, with the worst-grade grains at that. All the while, they would sing "Our Great Leader," etc. It was everyday.

The Communists lie like snakes in the grass. Lying is routine for Communists. You must remember this. It's routine. They routinely lie and deceive.

The Communists are unmitigated liars. Because I know this, I am well versed in Soviet strategies and tactics.

All their insistence on historical materialism and dialectical materialism is just an out-and-out lie.

4) Communists Work in the Dark

Satan works at night. Isn't that so? God works during daytime. Day is God's domain as night is Satan's. So, the Communists do their work at night. All their underground work is done at night. That's why they dig tunnels to conquer the world. All is done at night, and they cover it up so cleverly. They cover up evil and trumpet some things to the world as propaganda. North Korea today represents all evil nations. Do you understand? Isn't that so? The North Korean Communists may be killed one thousand times over, but that's never enough for all their evil deeds.

The Communists push humankind to its death by using force and pressure. They do all their work under the cover of darkness, never in the light. All their operations take place at night. They do nothing during the day. Night is shadow. They must be destroyed. Communism must be destroyed.

The Communists work in the dark. You must remember that. They do their important training at night. When they torture prisoners, the nastiest things are done at night. That shows that they are real Satans. That's why we call them underground organizations. The underground organization is the Communists' common reference. You must remember this. Once we recognize this, we must work more than 24 hours a day. You must understand that you cannot otherwise overcome Communism.

You must understand how Communism works. You must understand that Communists, if so ordered, will refrain from rest for 24 hours straight. Many of them go to work at night, others during the day. You must know this. You rest on Saturdays and Sundays here. People want to reduce their 8-hour workaday to 6 hours. You will be eaten alive that way. Think, what would happen? Are you going to win or lose? You will surely lose. (92-132)

3. The Cruel Nature Of Communism

In their pursuit of a foundation for world dominance, the Soviets killed 70 million people. They don't think like those freedom-loving people the world over. Mao killed 50 or 60 million people for the Communization of China. The New York Times has reported on the killing fields in Vietnam and Laos. Over two million people were killed during the Korean War.

During the past 40 years of Communist dominance, over 150 million people have been killed, and many scores of millions persecuted.

Do you know how many Christians are being killed off under Communism? Do you know how many are killed off in the Soviet Union, in North Korea, in China?

The Communist Party decides whether one will make a good Party member on the basis of one's willingness to turn in one's own parents. It's patricide, or parent-killing. One must be willing to purge one's parents and siblings. Communists use intimates to purge the undesirable. How can this be? This is the greatest contradiction of all. It's the most extreme form of evil against good, and most extreme form of falsehood against truth.

4. The Communists' Strategy For World Domination

1) The Communists' Strategy

Reverend Moon knows about Communism only too well. Communism dreams of world dominance as its reason for being.

You must understand Communism thoroughly. It has already infiltrated labor unions and the State Department. You must understand that they are all infiltrated by the Communists.

Everyone must understand the Communists. Looking at China, in 1922 or '23, it was already infiltrated by them, only 6 years after the Communization of the Soviet Union in 1917. Do you understand what this means?

Following this pattern, we know that Communism has been in existence for over 60, 70 years. It has infiltrated the United States and other places all over the world. That's why Europe is the way it is, Latin America is the way it is, and in Africa the Communist sphere of influence is already challenging capitalism in many countries. It's not the Soviets doing the fighting, but the proxies and cell-units of the native country. You must understand this.

As I have investigated it, they have infiltrated the churches in America. Many agents are working as deacons and having secret meetings in very many American churches. You have to understand that Korea has become like that too.

There is no nation in the world that is immune from this threat. That includes South Korea. South Koreans believe North Korea will invade them some day. Americans believe that too. I have met many senators and representatives and all of them feel the threat of Communism. I ask, "Can you stop Communism with your mighty wealth?" They say, "No, we can't." They are all tangled in the Communist web. So is Great Britain. The Protestant-Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland is really controlled by the Communists in the back, ground. So is Germany. There is no nation impervious to Communism. It's fairly standard throughout the world.

What are the Communists up to these days? They are on the peace offensive in Europe in order to weaken the anti-Communist forces. They are using the peace slogans to infiltrate third world countries.

The Communists lure working class persons to oppose the upper class. The middle classes are not very clear about what their position is in society and lack certainty about their class ideas.

2) Communism infiltrates Christian Churches

Communism does its utmost to destroy democracy and Christian based family values. They lure the young with drugs and stir them with anti-authority values in order to bring disharmony to family life. They also alienate men and women from each other. In this way, Christian authority is ruined. The Communist arrow is shattering our civilization. We must stop this.

Who is Jesus? Christians answer, "Jesus is the Savior." The word Savior is applied only to Jesus, not just anybody. Theoretically speaking, you cannot have thousands of people titled Savior. That's impossible. For this reason, Communism is destined to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

We must rebuild historic Christian principles. This re-building cannot be done with the old principles. We must perfect Christian personality by entering a higher level of being and character that would stand eternally.

If we say capitalism is based on democratic culture, and democratic culture based on Christian civilization, what is the purpose of Communist infiltration? It is to destroy Christian civilization. In view of this, it's important for us to know how Communism infiltrates Christianity. I sometimes wonder if the infiltration has not already been completed. Reviewing today's theological trends, it is easy to see that theologians have concluded that there is no God. That's their conclusion. That leads us to believe that the Communist infiltration of Christian principles and its breakup of the theological schools has already been completed.

The theological views center around personal salvation, holding individual salvation as the main purpose. But the Communists have begun to argue that Jesus came not to save individuals, but to start a revolution against the Roman Empire. They quote Jesus' preaching to the poor and sayings about the difficulty of rich persons to go to heaven as evidence for their argument.

They also argue that there must be no God because there was no response when Jesus cried, when faced with the cross, "Father, let this cup pass from me. But it is as You will, not I," and "Why have you forsaken me?" Therefore, God is man's own creation. Religion is in part an ethical system and cannot abrogate its social responsibility, they argue. The reason for Christian development was, they say, for the capitalists to perpetuate their superior social positions. Over 80 percent of theologians and seminary professors deny that God exists.

There are trends toward social salvation, away from individual salvation, and toward liberation theology and political theology as new names. They are trying to build a social revolution toward a secular utopia. The Communists are changing the face of Christianity. We are confronting a problem of how to change families and societies, as they are the core elements of Christian civilization.

We must realize that the hippies and yuppies, corruption, drugs, and so on are all part of Communist world strategies. In particular, free sex, homosexuality, the lesbian movement and other such phenomena destroy human rights and dignity.

It has reached a point where no one, not even theologians or national governments, can stop the destruction of the family and churches.

So, what happened to the mainstream of Christianity? It has fallen into individualism. The United States, for example, has been completely severed from the Christian belief. Christianity cannot be individualistic. Individualism, when it expands, tends to deny the world, nation, family, tradition, and history.

I have received a letter recently from a young Communist, which warns me of the perils that churches face from Communist activities. He says in the letter that they are given money to donate to a church as they infiltrate church bases for their activities. I personally received that letter that should be exposed to the world. You must know that many existing church ministers dance to the Communist tune. You must realize that they send members to churches to work in cell-units in America. You must realize that through these cell-units they perpetuate anti-government and anti-Korea activities worldwide. We must recognize that there are established Christian ministers who are controlled by this sinister force behind them, several times removed from the scene, without even recognizing the fact that they are being controlled.

Given this situation in America, what are you going to do about America? Very soon, the Communists agents will play Jews and Christians against each other. Those are already ganging up on the Unification Church; but, once that war is over, they will be fighting each other. They have plenty of reasons to ignite a war between them. Jews already say the Reverend Moon is anti-Jewish; but once they started a war with the Christians it would be much worse. We remain silent because we know all this.

Look, everybody. You must know that there are Communists among the ranks of Catholic priests. It's true for Protestants and Catholics alike. These days, some leftist priests say Jesus was a communist. They point out, as reasons, that Jesus preached to the poor. That's true. We must understand that there are many wolves in sheep's clothing.

What is the Communist Party? It's the whip to be used for judging Christianity. Christianity must repent. The whip will not be used if we understand the cause of our own ruination and destroy the cause that contradicts Heaven's edicts and repent sincerely before God. The whip will be withdrawn then.

When faced with Communist perils, Christianity must call on its young people from all over the world and defend the nations in order to thwart the perils. All Christians of the world must unite economically and in human resources and support those nations in trouble from Communist infiltration. Reverend Moon believes that this is the last stand against the Communist ideology.

3) Communist Infiltration in America

Christianity has made it possible for the United States to be the multicultural society that it is. It's one nation. But Christianity has been ruined. Now, we believe Christianity will go back to the old days when people will unite. . . .

Look at America. There are two nations in America. Virtually two separate nations in one country. There are state governments and the federal government. They have different laws. What if some want to secede? What if Germans got together in one state and Jews in another and both want to separate from the central government? It will happen, not in a distant future but soon.

Communists will make it happen soon. The Communists will try to agitate by saying, "Why do we have to pay taxes to the federal government?" What are you going to do? What if people agree and say, "We should fight the central government!"?

You might say that will never happen. Do you think the Communists would let it get off that easy? It can happen to one state, then two states, then three states, then everything will break up. America will break up. There is no guarantee that America will always remain American. There will be new nations.

If you look at the black-white situation, you can see the long shadow of Communist infiltration.

The Communists are convinced that they can overcome America's democratic system through their peace offensive. Militarily, any nation that can surpass America will be able to conquer the whole world easily. Next, they are working on underground organizations to destroy American families. They think winning over America is a piece of cake. You must know that that's why they concentrate on weakening morality and increasing decadence among the young. You cannot deny that America's withdrawal from world affairs does not help America, but actually pushes it into a greater difficulty.

The Communists want the family destroyed. They are luring good young men and women into taking drugs. To undo the family, in their plan, is to undo the Christian values. This is the crisis as I see it.

Because I know Communism and have been at the forefront in fighting it, what I have seen in American society personally gives me neither optimism nor comfort.

If you ask them, "Now, with what did you play this game?" they will say, "Christianity." Then, they will say, "Let's destroy Christianity." They use strategies, psychology, and, finally, physical force. Good Christian families are turning into dens of drug users, which is a strategy used by the Communists.

Free sex can appeal to most youths. The Communists use this strategy to lure the young, with plenty of funds to be used in their organization.

You must understand the underground cell-units of the Communists. You must know that many students coming to America from Latin America are supported by scholarships from the Soviet Union. Americans have lost their democracy, but keep saying, "Americanize the world!" not realizing that their times have passed. America is being deep-fried, that's the true situation.

How is it in reality? Do you know what percentage of people in America are illegal aliens? (60 percent).

They are mostly from Mexico. Did you know that? When the Communists can enlist these Mexicans to their cause, America is finished. It's critical. I believe over one-third of the Mexican population will be coming to America eventually.

Here is the trouble for America. The Communists infiltrate America, then get in cahoots with the Cubans, and organize underground cell-units to attack the Anglo-Saxons. When the Hispanics are under their control, blacks will join them automatically. What are you going to do when they start a destroy-the-whites campaign? They have already infiltrated the leftist elements.

After the Hispanics are Communized, they will join forces with blacks. Once they start airing their historical grievances, Latin America will join up on their side. What are you going to do, then? Are you going to run to Canada? What are you going to do? Then all the colored people of Asia will join in. Their battle cry would be: "White people are our enemy." I do believe there will be a race war. A new Civil War, a continuation of the original Civil War. What are you going to do? It's a race war, a race war. That's what's left. It will be a major catastrophe. I feel responsible for stopping that from happening.

Who will make it happen? Who? Only the Communists. If they can comer Africa and Asia, they can play this game at their own pace. Latin America is a busy place. Asia and Africa will fall at the same time. I anticipate this kind of catastrophe for the white race looming.

If we are to warn this world, what kind of warning? Death by illness is nothing by comparison. Illness kills just one person, but Communism kills the whole nation. The United States is under a Communist threat. indeed, the whole world-in Europe, in Asia, in Latin America, in the Middle East, and the present United States. Can it be different?

Everyone's hands seem to be tied. America is retreating. Isn't it? It is retreating. (96-168)

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