Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Emergence Of Communism And The World Today

1. The Emergence Of Communism

1) The Revelation Concerning the Emergence of Communism

There is a story in the Old Testament history about Tamar, the daughter-in-law of Judah. What kind of woman was Tamar! Tamar was the woman who took most seriously the desire to receive God's blood lineage. Tamar was the person who understood the importance of the blessing, which is God's blood lineage. Therefore, she, as the historical representative woman, would risk anything to receive God's lineage. Tamar stands in Eve's position. Eve should have inherited God's tradition directly as the mother of humanity, but she neglected it and destroyed it. In order to restore this, the woman who is better than Eve should emerge. The woman who recognizes that receiving the blood lineage, that is God's blessing, is more valuable than her own life needs to emerge. That woman was Tamar.

Tamar knew that she couldn't receive the blood lineage of God through her younger brother-in-law, that's why Tamar took the risk. She recognized her responsibility to continue Judah's lineage, which was blessed by God, even if it meant she should die. This is why she tricked her father-in-law and had sexual relations with him. This is just like Eve, who tricked God and then had a sexual encounter. Tamar tricked her father-in-law in order to fulfill God's will. So in this way she restored the way of Heaven. It was totally opposite to way that Eve had gone. Eve tricked Heaven and went the way of false love destroying Heaven and Earth. But, Tamar in order to restore the world tricked her father-in-law in order to inherit God's lineage. Tamar was standing in exactly the opposite position to Eve, do you understand? Why could Tamar be given the position of the first mother to receive Heaven's blessing, even though she committed unprincipled love? Falling, Eve tricked Heavenly Father with unprincipled love and she perished. But Tamar, in the opposite direction committed unprincipled love yet did not perish. Why? Because she, more than anyone else, took God's blood lineage seriously, which meant she could go back to God.

For restoration through indemnity, God could work through Tamar, and her actions were not a crime at all from God's point of view. Tamar was given this position based on the Principle, do you understand? Such a position is exactly opposite to Eve's. Because of this, God's providence could continue through Tamar, do you understand? Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and tricked her father-in-law, Judah, who was on his way to shear his sheep. Tamar tricked and tempted him, they had sexual relations, and she became pregnant. Nobody knew that this would become the victorious base for God's providence for restoration, do you understand? Jacob also had to trick his elder brother. Why was everything done like that? So that Tamar could become pregnant. A fundamental movement of exchange: without a fundamental reverse, God's original victorious base for the blood lineage cannot be created. Heaven's normal victorious blood lineage foundation. Do you understand? This was Perez and Zerah. Therefore, the reversal of position should be done in the womb. Without reversal of position, you can not go back to the way of principle -- without establishing the standard that the elder brother, who was born first, can dominate the younger, who was born second. Do you understand? In order to do this, Perez and Zerah fought in Tamar's womb. If you read Genesis 38, this story is explained in detail. When the elder brother was being born he put his hand out and the mid-wife tied a red ribbon to it. This signified that in the future Communism could emerge before the Second Advent. The younger brother pulled back the elder brother, who had the red ribbon tied to his hand, and the younger came out first. (58-63)

Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and was embraced sexually by Judah. Then came Perez and Zerah. Perez and Zerah had to exchange positions inside the womb. Jacob and Esau had exchanged their positions, but the fundamental process of restoration inside the womb remained. In order to restore this, the twins needed to fight in the womb. Zerah's hand came first, and the mid-wife tied a red ribbon to it; this signified that the Communist Party could emerge first, do you understand? In the Last Days, before the Lord comes, Communism first will emerge, just as Zerah with the red ribbon came first before Perez.

Then Perez pulled back Zerah to emerge first. This signifies that the Communist world, which comes first as elder brother, will be pulled back by the younger brother who will emerge with a worldwide foundation. Do you understand? Therefore, the younger was born first, from the position of the younger pulling back the elder. Perez means to pull back and to come out. Do you understand? Goodness should have started first and continued, but evil interrupted and started fallen history, didn't it? Finally this was reversed. (43-199)

2) The Color Red and Communism

White symbolizes safety, Red symbolizes danger: is that true? Therefore, we call the Communist Party the red party. We call the Communist party the red party because danger follows them. Because of danger they are called the red party. Likewise, right-wing is to be righteous, or true, or on the side of right. The name itself implies that. People did not make up these names. (39-127)

Satan is the evil entity in Heaven and Earth. Satan cannot stand in front of Heaven without revealing his identity. He cannot stand in the court of judgment of the Absolute Being. Because Satan is so evil, on the left side, the name left-wing emerged and people call them the red party. Red symbolizes danger doesn't it? Yes. The thief on the right side represents the emergence of the democratic world. The democratic world emerged on behalf of the right side thief, therefore it is called right wing. If we see the flag of the Communist world, which is left wing, it is a red flag, while the democratic world, which is right wing, has a white flag. In the Last Days everything will bear fruit on both sides; therefore, this is the age of proof, in which identities will be revealed. Everything should tell the truth. All that has happened has been centering upon the True Parents. Centering on Jesus, only the spiritual world was established, not the physical world. Because of this, today we have the Communist and democratic worlds. (23-177)

It is so strange isn't it? Who called the Communists left-wing and the democratic world right-wing? It was planted like that and that's how it grew. The color red of the red party signifies danger. White signifies peace. The democratic world is called white. The Communist world is called red. Who in the beginning made these names? Everyone should tell the truth, centering on his conscience in front of God. Everyone should tell the truth. Falseness has no way to go but to destruction. Their identities should be revealed. That's why Communism is red or left-wing. Everybody must tell the truth in front of the person who knows all the facts clearly. Although evil has worldwide power and foundation, evil itself cannot deny its identity in front of God, who knows everything about the identity of evil. Therefore, they call themselves red or left-wing revealing their identity. (20-173)

What kind of "ism" do we call ours? Democracy is white. On the other hand Communism is red, isn't it? Why white? It represents doing work centering on God. God is doing worldwide work. What is Communism? Doing work centering on Satan. They are totally different. The Communists have the color red, so we feel wary.

3) The Symbolism of Dividing the Sheep and the Goats

In Matthew 25, in the Last Days God will send the sheep to the right and the goats to the left. This symbolizes that the evil world will be divided and separated into two, the sheep who belong to Lord and the goats who do not belong to the Lord. That time is now: the democratic world attends God as their Lord, while the Communist world denies God's existence and treats religion as its enemy. These are not just my words; history has destined it to go like this. Two is the closest to one. So, in the Last Days it will be divided into two like this. (45-47)

In the Bible the sheep and goats will be separated in the Last Days. Why? What was planted will be harvested in the autumn season. Again, in the Last Days everything will be harvested according to what was planted. Because human beings have been planted with mind and body fighting, the time will come to bear this fruit on the global level. What is the present time? This is the time when the democratic and Communist worlds are separated. One world is centering on God, the other world is centering on materialism. One world represents internal mind and the other world represents external body. These two different worlds have emerged based on the self, the fighting mind and body. (43-61)

All of you, if you read the Bible, the sheep and goats will be separated as the sheep who have an owner and the goats who do not have an owner. Because of this the democratic world has a view of history centered on God. On the other hand, the Communist world has a God-denying view, with no owner of history. (53-186)

According to the Bible, in the Last Days the sheep and goats will be separated. Sheep have an owner, while goats, have no owner. The world today is exactly like this. The free world has God as their owner, but the Communist world denies God's existence; they do not have an owner. This is the worldwide fruition of separated mind and body of the fallen individual humans. Finally, the autumn season has come, and what was planted in the spring is being harvested. (54-125)

2. Jesus' Cross And Today's World

1) Today's World is the Return of Jesus' Cross

Jesus is the embodied origin of truth, that is, the seed of truth. That seed was planted because of his crucifixion. All of you know that there was a thief on the right side and a thief on the left side of Jesus. Further, Barabbas was the person who received the blessing because of Jesus and gained new life from the position of death. Jesus said he would come again after his crucifixion. Because he went to the Cross, he has to return from the cross. When the phenomenon of Jesus' crucifixion is harvested on the world level, then will come the Lord at the Second Advent; you have to know this. (69-110)

Jesus came to the Israelites, but he did not accomplish his entire mission; he then promised that he would return centering on the Christian culture. Christendom is the beginning of a new history centering on Jesus, Jesus was planted. Jesus was a true person: that true person was planted. But when Jesus was planted, he was not planted wholly cleanly or alone, but accompanied by Satan's accusation. You have to know that when what was planted at the time of Jesus bears fruit on the global level, this will signify the Last Days. At the time of Jesus' crucifixion there was a thief on the right and a thief on the left, and before Jesus was Barabbas. The term right-wing or left-wing was not derived today. What was planted in Jesus' time now has been harvested as right and left wings. The left-side thief said to Jesus, "If you are the Son of God save us,". He denied Jesus. The right-side thief said to the left thief, "Of course, we should die because of our sin; but this person should not die because he has no sin". He was on the side of Jesus, overcame difficulties and defended him. Therefore, the thief on the right went to Paradise with Jesus. We know this from the Bible. What kind of person was Barabbas? He was saved by Jesus, but he was against Jesus. Therefore, such a cultural realm should emerge. This is the Islamic realm. Islam, on the one hand has the Koran, and on the other hand, the sword. That violates the tradition of a pure religion. They believe the Old Testament, but they are doing wrong things.

A person physically has a physical mind and physical body and spiritually has a spiritual mind and spiritual body. In the same way, there is an internal world and an external world. Jesus was in an internal position. From an internal position, Jesus and the thief on the right became one, and from an external position the thief on the left and Barabbas became one. (53-188)

Centering upon Jesus, the right-side and left-side thieves, and also Jesus, and Barabbas were planted. History was planted in this way. It should be harvested as it was planted. So, what first appeared were right and left wings, which are democracy and Communism. Next to take global prominence was the Barabbas-type, the Islamic realm. Islam, the Barabbas-type religion that received the blessing because of Jesus, started by centering on the Old Testament. The history that began like that now has brought about three leading realms. This means we are entering the time of harvest. Nasser, in the Islamic world, had a dream of one unified Islam nation. Similarly, Christianity now has a worldwide trend toward unifying all religions. When we see this kind of worldwide trend, we can understand that the history which was begun or was planted from misery is finally appearing due to due the fruit of goodness centering upon God.

In the last days of fallen history, everything will be harvested according to its original planting; this is an inevitable phenomenon in God's providence. Then what should come now? Jesus was crucified for the sake of all humankind. At the time, the left-side thief blamed Jesus, who carried the cross (Lk 23-39) "Aren't you Christ? Then save yourself and save us". What has appeared from the left-side thief is Communism that blames and denies God. The right-side thief, talking to the left-side thief said, "You silly person; although you have sin, you are not afraid of God. We should be punished for our sin, of course, but this person has no sin at all."

The right-side thief recognized Jesus and defended him and testified to Heaven. Democracy and the right-wing world has appeared due to the right-side thief. Islam is from Barabbas, who received liberation from the position of death by Jesus. Nasser, from the Islamic world is seeking to benefit from the conflict between right wing and left wing worlds. This is the policy of Nasser. Democracy is the internal side and communism is the external side. The right wing is internal and the left wing is external. Therefore, the Messiah's world will come on the internal foundation of the democratic world, which respects God. The Messiah will embrace the external environment. He will form a unification movement centering on the Christian cultural realm. In the Last Days this kind of movement will begin. This will begin, not by accident, but because it was planted in the beginning, such a movement will emerge. (21-75)

2) Four Groups on the Earth in the Last Days

In Jesus' time God and Satan fought, and the planting of the global struggle of God and Satan occurred. The place were Jesus was crucified was where God and Satan fought. As this is the time of the Last Days and the time of harvest, there should appear on the global level the struggle between God and Satan. There were four figures, viewed from centering on Jesus. Jesus, the right-side thief, the left-side thief and Barabbas. All four share with each other a relationship centering on life and death. From this relationship Barabbas was resurrected physically, Jesus was resurrected spiritually. (53-132)

People say today's world is the era of the Soviet Union, China and America; but that is not true. America, the Communist and the Arabic realms are today's realms. The Arabic realm is the Islamic realm. Do you understand? Today the world is divided into the democratic world, the Communist world and the Arabic world. Then, one more needs to come: this is the world of the Heavenly Kingdom. When the Heavenly Kingdom is established, then the realm of resurrection, which signifies Jesus victory, will arrive. Why? To the extent the truth was planted, the truth will be harvested. Isn't that true? If you plant some birdseed, you will be harvesting some birdseed. What you plant you will harvest. (57-332)

God divided the nations and God made many "isms" and thoughts and even divided Communism. So everything is divided. They will merge into four groups. When the four groups are formed, it is the time of the end of fallen history. Now this time is coming. The four groups should be formed on a global level. Since Jesus is the prince of truth, the time will come to harvest what Jesus planted. (49-196)

What, from now on, is the problem? All have to die. Because Jesus died, so the right-side and left-side thief died, Christianity will end, democracy will end, Communism will end -- isn't that true? Even the Islamic realm will end. Because the owner of the universe disappeared, many disasters will happen: we are in such a destiny. The historical view of the Unification Church is that at the Second Advent the Lord will come on earth with the authority of the resurrection.

When families are divided, you can know that the time of the heavenly family is forming. When a mother and father are at war with each other, you can know that the satanic world is fighting itself into destruction. When a church minister and elders are at war in the church, you can know that God has already left that church. When the church members are at war with the church minister, then you can know that it's the Last Days. From now on, such phenomena will happen in the world. The position where the most blood was spilled is the position where Jesus was crucified. In this position is the place Jesus should resurrect again. Korea is exactly the country in that position. In that sense the Lord at the Second Advent will come from Korea. Centering on North and South Korea, at the dividing line of right and left, the communist and democratic worlds came into existence. Many families were separated, on the national level. If you understand this, you can under, stand God's providence. (50-72)

3. The Islamic Realm And Communism

1) The Islamic Realm's View

Who is Barabbas? He was supposed to die, but because of Jesus, he survived, isn't that true? The Arabic realm is today's Islamic realm. Islam came from Christianity and has deviated from the religious tradition. They are the Cain-type world religion, the Barabbas-type religion. If you do not accept the Koran, you are put to death. Do you understand? In the democratic world, Christianity is the internal, spiritual standard. In the Communist world, Islam can stand in the internal position. Therefore, Islam and Christianity are historical enemies, and also democracy and Communism are historical enemies. (50-224)

Which country is like Barabbas? It is the Islamic countries, holding in one hand the Koran and in the other the sword. That is not the essence of real faith. They are fundamentally wrong if seen from original religious teachings. Islam definitely became the internal and external side of communism. (69-112)

What kind of person was Barabbas? He was able to survive because of Jesus, isn't that true? He was a rebel against the government; he tried to raise a revolt against the government. He was to have been executed immediately. But because of Jesus he survived, isn't that true? If the parent of Barabbas was Jesus, then Barabbas should have been loyal to Jesus, at the risk of his life since he received liberation instead of Jesus. This is the way for everyone to go.

Where is the Barabbas realm? Barabbas survived death because of Jesus. Since he received liberation from Jesus he should have been concerned about Jesus' death and been sympathetic towards Jesus carrying the cross; but instead he blamed Jesus. Although Jesus was resurrected only after his crucifixion, Barabbas never died but received liberation through Jesus. You have to understand that the Islamic realm, which believes the Koran centering on the Old Testament, has originated from this fact.

Because of this, Islam became the enemy of Christianity. Just as Jesus and the right-side thief became one, so the time will come when the left-side thief and Barabbas will become one. Then what is the democratic world? It is represented by the right-side thief. This is not a story that Rev. Moon is making up. History is destined to go that direction. What, from now on, is the problem? The Islamic realm is the problem, and the Communist world is the problem. You have to understand the Communist Party and the Islamic realm are cooperating with each other. The democratic world, standing as the right-side thief with Jesus, should prevent this. Where has the power of the democratic world gone to prevent this? (54-127)

2) Communism Cooperates with Islam

From now on the Communist Party uses its entire means to make an effort to work together with the Islamic realm. Father has been mentioning this for a long time now, from when he first met the American president Eisenhower in 1965. Father said to Eisenhower that when Communism declines, then the Communist world would definitely rise up again, with the cooperation of the Islamic world, against the democratic world. This is happening now. (47-193)

When I met Eisenhower, I mentioned that from now on, even though the democratic world would triumph over the Communist world, Communism would cooperate with the Islamic world. You have to understand that now; the Soviets are in cooperation with the Islamic world, Egypt and India, to invade the democratic world. America is withdrawing from the attack. The Satanic side is becoming one and is trying to swallow the democratic world. The democratic world is not taking this seriously. (63-134)

Now the Islamic realm and the Communist realm are in cooperation. (65-272)

What Father is most concerned about is the possibility of fighting between the Islamic nations and the democratic world. Communism may become one with the Islamic realm. At this time the Nasser military government surprises the Soviets. If either Communism or democracy declines, they may seek further cooperation with the Islamic world, and they may go to war.

Therefore, the Unification Church has the providential responsibility to prevent this. Father has been watching with great concern the Islamic and Communist worlds, particularly Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia and East Asia. (18-237)

If the democratic world defeats the Communist Party and that declines, they, in cooperation with the Islamic realm, will again attack the democratic world. What can stop this? The democratic world is wondering about this problem; they do not have a center, so they do not know where they are going. They will become like a reed in the wind. Only the Unification Church can become the mast and anchor line for the democratic world. (60-226)

4. The Mission Of The Right Wing

The right side represents the right wing, that is the democratic world. (72-129)

Since Jesus died and was resurrected, then when the right wing is resurrected, the left wing will emerge at the same time. The right and left wings represent democracy and Communism, do you understand? (Yes!) Definitely this will happen, definitely this is true. Because Jesus is Parent, when the Age of Restoration comes, which can complete Jesus' responsibility and he is liberated, then there will emerge two sides that will wage war on each. Jesus was crucified and buried for the sake of Heaven. Now the parents arrive and unify these two different worlds and establish the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth. Thus, this is the time of harvest on the global level of all that was planted. Where did the term "right-wing" come from? It originated from the right-side thief, the seed was planted in the spring. Do you know if this was a true or a false seed? You don't know. What was planted in Jesus time will appear only after the autumn season has arrived at harvest time. When the autumn season comes, all things will appear as they are. Definitely this form will appear on the world level. When the three sons, realms become one centering on God, when the dutiful children become one centering on God, then the parents will be happy and will give the blessing to the dutiful sons. That time is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Ideal world is established, do you understand? This is the time to identify everything on the world level. (57-333)

The communist party says God does not exist. The democratic world says God does exist. We call the democratic world right wing, and communist world left wing. What the right and left thief planted at the time of Jesus' crucifixion will be harvested at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. The left thief accused Jesus, that if you are Christ then save yourself and ourselves, and he said, "Where is God, if you are the son of God, how can you die like this?" Jesus did not say anything. At the time the thief on the right scolded the thief on the left, "We receive the same punishment and we deserve it, but this person has done nothing wrong to deserve this punishment."

The thief on the right was the only person in history to move to Jesus' side; therefore, he could receive the words, "Today you will be together with me in Paradise". You have to understand that he will be at the front to open the gates to the Heavenly Kingdom. In that sense the Communist world is left-wing. It is from the time of Jesus that the name left-wing originated. The democratic world is right-wing. The country leading the right side is America. America has to play the role of the thief on the right. The Communist Party says, "God has died". The democratic party, as the thief on the right, should prove God's definite existence and fight against Communism at the risk of their lives. (69-131)

Where is the democratic world, which has to play the role of the thief on the right, going now? Where is Christianity going? Christianity has to meet Jesus, liberate Jesus, and meet his resurrection with glory, but where are they going now? The free world is going their own way, Christianity is going its own way, dividing, separating. On the other hand, the satanic world is becoming one. (53-313)

As the democratic world is declining, if you do not determine to die for the sake of Jesus and the Lord at the Second Advent and hold onto God until the end, then the at the Second Advent the Lord will be crucified also. Although the Lord will come, he also will face death. The time has come now. The Lord will make one world; he will not kill the Islamic and Communist worlds. He will embrace them and make one free world centering on Christianity. At the crucifixion, there was a war.

When the Lord comes he should be welcomed with a world peace banquet, and finally the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be established at that time.

5. Communism Is The Enemy Of God And All Humankind

America is now facing various serious problems, such as those of race, youth immorality, the collapse of Christianity and Communism. Among these problems, the danger of Communism centering on atheism is the most serious problem. Even now their ideology is spreading throughout the world. This is not only America's problem but the problem of all the religious people, God, and the free world. This is a desperately serious problem. (88-212)

What does God hate the most? I know three points. First, the Communist party. People are wondering why the Unification Church has established the International Federation for Victory Over Communism [IFVOC], and is actively working against communism. I, as a religious leader, know definitely that God exists and acts, and that is the reason why Unification Church is doing IFVOC activities for the sake of God. God's biggest headache is the Communist party. God surely is alive and considers all mankind as his children. Communism denies God's existence, just like people who deny their parents when the parents are alive but not with them. Therefore, we cannot be quiet. If we are quiet, then we cannot be God's filial children; instead, we become rebellious children. In this sense the activity of VOC is inevitable, to defend God, who stands as our Father. Second, the corruption of religion. Third, the decline of moral standards.

America as a Christian nation is on the path of corruption. Christianity, which developed from 2000 years of persecution and sacrifice, has been in decline for several decades due to the Communist strategy of God-denial. Communism always denies Gods existence. The Communist party is using denial to push Christianity into decline. If you investigate behind the hippie movement, which is full of moral problems, you will find the Communist Party strategy working. They have been active for 10 to 20 years.

By creating an immoral lifestyle, they want to break down the family and the world. They think they can achieve the destruction of the democratic world without weapons. They think that if the family is breaking down, if the church is breaking down, if God's ideology is breaking down, then this world will become there own. So, these three headaches came from Satan. Therefore, the Unification Church is trying to destroy Satan. In order to do IFVOC work, we have to establish new family ethics and new world ethics. Therefore, I myself have a goal to establish the perfect ideal world of God; I have founded the IFVOC. I will fight on the front line against the Japanese and American Communist parties, with new family-ethics, new religious-ethics and new world-ethics systems. (26th April 1981)

What is the greatest problem in the world? What is first? It is the decline of thought and it is the decline of religion. How is the decline of thought occurring? It is from the decline of religion. The formation of the world's cultures comes from each religion. If God is alive, God must feel miserable to see the world level decline of Christianity. Who will take responsibility for this? The Unification Church should take responsibility for this. What is the next difficult thing for God? It is Communism. Communism is the most difficult problem for God and the world. Because Communism has an ideology centering on materialism, they say that God doesn't exist, that religion is the opiate of the people, and that they intend to destroy religion at its roots. I should be responsible for this problem. What is next? The youth problem, youth immorality. America now has to face this problem more than any other country. So, in this sense I put the motto, "Unification Church, let's take responsibility for the most difficult problems that the world has today". Therefore, I have been on the front line to fight Communism. I have now been recognized on the worldwide level. (84-218)

What is Gods worst headache? It is World Communism. I will triumph over this problem through my own effort. Therefore, the worldwide Communist Party hates me the most. They hate me the most: did you know that? We have to triumph over the ideology of communism. (85-327)

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