Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Unity Through True Love

1. Love As The Foundation For Unity And Happiness

Can you call someone a "human being" only because he has a body? A human being must have a mind also. Does a human being laugh at someone's sorrows? Does a human being grieve over someone's happiness! No, no. That kind of person is a human being in appearance only. A human being is capable of all sorts of emotional reactions-delight, anger, love, happiness.

Do not Easterners cry over something that makes Westerners weep? The things that make Westerners weep also make Easterners weep. The scenes that make Koreans weep also make their archenemy Japanese weep. The world is united in emotional responses. Are there any differences in parental love between Koreans and Japanese? Are there? No, there aren't. It's all the same.

What is the foundation of unity? Certainly not people. Nor is it just words. It must be based on feelings. It's like a couple in love . . . . What makes them united? They are united on emotional feelings. Isn't that so? Without emotion, it's just an empty shell. What's in a couple without emotion? Any different from a wound-up doll? just a talking doll, that's all. just a talking male doll and just a talking female doll. They wouldn't be dolls if they could feel emotion.

Friends feel friendship. Can there be friends without friendship? No, there can't be. People feel patriotism toward their country. When people feel patriotic toward their country, that love for their country can unite them into one people. Don't you think so? Love is the foundation of unity and also of happiness.

Without unity there is no happiness. Don't mothers and fathers become one to be happy? Parents and children must become one to be happy. What happiness can we find in a family in disarray? What happiness in a family that quarrels among themselves all the time? They don't know what happiness is. There is no unity without love, and no happiness without unity. How can we attain happiness? First, two people must become one. When one weeps, so does the other. When one laughs, so does the other. When one goes, so does the other. How can two people become one? Through feelings of emotion.

We need to achieve internal unity more than external unity. There is no happiness or peace if the human heart is absent. The highest authority is the heart. The human heart transcends history, following absolute standards.

2. Unity Through United Hearts

There are many people who, although being pushed, cannot attain this unity. Are you in unity? We must be in unity first. We cannot unite anything unless we are ourselves united. We must unite all disjointed hearts first. We must not fear death if that's what it takes to unite hearts.

This is the universal temple where unity is attained. But people tend to think they can attain unity only because they arrived here. To achieve unity, however, one must want the unity of heart from one's own deepest heart and must be prepared to overcome all sorts of hardship on the way. We must be prepared to die for the idea of unity. You don't get united with your teacher, but with your God. Jacob united the family; Moses united the tribe; Jesus united the world around God. Unity with God is larger than just unity within a nation. It must unite all the hearts between heaven and earth. You must overcome individual or family hardships in order to work for God's unity, and Heaven will recognize your merit when you fall in exhaustion from your effort.

Unity does not just happen; we must make it happen. We cannot just remain the flour; we must become the yeast. Unity cannot just happen easily; it must go through the valley before it reaches a plateau. Jesus triumphed over the valley of death. Unity must be achieved just like his triumph. If you wonder why you have endured so much hardship, it's because you lost your confidence. As long as people remain standing on their feet, your endurance is epitomized in your people.

But if endurance is not for God or your people, but for yourself, then your doubting mind will get no help. You can look around for help, but you won't find any source of extra strength.

Our life must be offered at the attar of God. Unity for God and your nation and your people, not for individuals, must be your goal.

3. Unity As The Goal Of Love

When would the unity around God come? What would be the ultimate center of this unity that is the ideal monument to God's Creation? God's creative powers? No. The existing church had God's power of establishing an eternal paradise on earth and dreamed of the Second Coming. But, sorry. If power could do it, the Fall wouldn't have happened. That's just illogical dreaming which only leads to ruination. Power is not it; God's omniscience or omnipotence are not it. You just misunderstand the whole thing. It's not your knowledge. It's not Heaven's unlimited treasure. It's love. It's love that's at the center of all things.

What is unity with love at its center? It's love that belongs to God. A wife may show off a big diamond ring, but whose love does it symbolize? It's her husband's. That's it, her husband's. Her ring is not hers, but the symbol of her husband's love. The ring will fade if it does not mean love. Isn't that so? Love is its substance. Is there any happiness in her gold or gems if her husband's love is lost?

So where should the foundation of unity for God be? It's the object of love that would please God's expectations, that would satisfy all of God's mind and body, that would move God to say, "That's it!" in great exultation. That's love. Adam and Eve alienated this. If they had truly loved each other, the love would have made Adam Eve's and Eve Adam's, and both God's, and therefore all creation would have belonged to all three. When love connected them, all things on earth would have been theirs as they were God's. Do you understand what that means?

That's why love unifies all things. Love unifies God's mind and body, and will unify even the once alienated Adam and Eve, and all creatures on earth. The Fall would not have occurred if love had been the connection between God and all His creations. If so, all would have belonged to God. Adam would be God's, Eve would be Adam's, Adam Eve's, the woman the man's, the man the woman's, parents their children's, children their parents'. Everyone would belong to everyone else as the firm foundation of things. You must understand this.

That's what makes love such a great thing. Love bridges social standings, obliterates time and space, establishes collective belonging of all to all, and places everyone within the sphere of collective power. It's a surprisingly great fact.

Do you think God created all things that would give Him grief? Or, all things to give Him joy? He created all things for a positive reason, as positivity creates joy. Then joy flows out as the object of love. Love for God is the foundation of unity. This love is the source of power that unites all nations, to lead all nations for all eternity.

Love begets greater love, just as parents love children. Love becomes one. No one can divide one's unity with God in love. Is there any love grander than this?

Perfect unity is possible only in perfect love for God.

Where would unity take place? Thinking about it alone doesn't do it. Only love can make it happen. It will happen when your love unites your whole mind and body. That's how it's done. Because of that, unity is possible only through love.

Oneness will occur only this way. Not only the perfect unity, the final unity, but the horizontal unity begins with love. If it is centered around God, the nature of goodness is in love. Unity is automatic through love. Even Satan will obey love that's higher than himself. God created heaven and earth to give us the greatest good and love.

1) Love as the Absolute Secret of Unity

The foundations of the mind are love. So, if we could connect this explosive power with God, it would multiply a hundred, thousand-fold. We can achieve our long-held wishes and possess eternal life and heaven on earth. The secret is love. Love is the elevator to unity and its absolute secret solution.

Mothers and fathers cannot achieve unity without children. Why do we prefer love? We can't help it. The mutual love of parents together is much stronger than their love individually. It's the rope of love that binds mothers and fathers into one. A chain made of iron eventually rusts, but the one made of love lasts forever. Neither banquets nor money can bind parents and children. Only love can bind them.

Only love binds brothers. Only love binds brothers, families, clans, tribes, peoples, and eventually the world. Love binds humanity with God as one.

The reason we prefer love is because it is the foundation that unifies all things. You don't understand completely why love is such a wonderful thing. That's why Teacher brings out the issue of love now.

Without love, oneness is not possible. Words cannot bind two people. What is needed to make two people one? If material substance could do it, what if the material substances left them? If a third agent could do it, what if the third agent disappeared? What is needed to bind two people forever? It's love, without which nothing is possible.

How does love work? How does it work? Does it make things farther apart or closer together? [Closer together.] Why is love good? You must understand this. Love brings far apart things closer. Can political power, military power, or cultural power unite Westerners and Easterners? [No.] Neither cultural power, economic power, nor any other kind of power would do it. So, what would accomplish this?"

Love can make two sworn enemies one entity and reconcile two extreme opposites. What are men and women? [Extreme opposites.] Do women prefer women? What if they meet and one says to the other, "I really like you, I really like you." [Laughter] Why are you laughing? Would the woman feel good about this affection?

If love is true, you can get into God's bosom, pull him by the nose or anything else, to anywhere in the world, even heaven and hell without boundaries. You can go anywhere, anywhere.

Isn't the world like that! Does it take a Ph.D. to be America's First Lady? Even a peanut farmer can leap into greatness if he is loved enough. Can there be a one-eyed first lady? What do you think? Realistically, can there be? Even with a gimpy leg, if the president loves her enough, couldn't she be? [Yes, she could be.] Really? [Yes.] I can't believe that. [Laughter.]

How is it possible? Love unites and transcends all things, there being nothing irreconcilable through love. No matter what kind of sin you might have committed, God's love can . . . . Don't you believe that? Is that true? This is always possible. If Rev. Moon didn't know this, he would have faded a long time ago.

2) Mutual Love as the Solution for Unity

We call ourselves the Unification Church. "Unification Church" is a beautiful phrase. What do we need in order to unify the Unification Church? Some would say, "You need unified principles." But unified principles would be useless without feelings of emotion. This is the issue. Religious people can try to unite with one another on united principles, but they need feelings of love. There must be the love that emotionally demands to see each other, that demands that one cannot live without the other. You cannot tear into each other in wrath, arguing who is better, and expect to become one with one another. Can you argue who is better and still unite? Can the mother and father argue who is better than the other and still unite? They can't.

What is then the solution for unity? It's mutual love. Love can come from pity, from preference. Few couples love each other from the start. Love grows with time. A woman meets a man who is absolutely stubborn, and thinks the man is totally unlovable. Then the woman takes pity on him for the many obstacles that he must confront because of the stubbornness. So, when pity turns to love, the man seeks solace in the woman. That's how it works. The woman might even find the man's stubbornness useful because she is not stubborn enough herself, and this way, turns his stubbornness to a mutual advantage. So, love can bloom in affection as well as in pity, and eventually lead to unity.

If one feels strongly enough for the other person in pity it can naturally find a way to unity. How about when a parent spanks a child in anger? Wouldn't the parent regret it immediately? The effect would exactly be opposite if the parent shed tears and showed love for the child. Don't you think? So, if the parent does not give into her anger, she can always triumph over and control her children. Spanking is not as effective. An older brother who hates his brother can be brought to his knees this way. Isn't that possible? [Yes, it is.] So, what do we say we need for unity? We must have feelings. There is no happiness where there is no unity. When we say, "unity comes, or unity is possible," we mean unity with love as its substance.

The Unification Church desires to unite Christianity. Could we ever unify all the denominations and sects of the Christian world if we just limit ourselves to the Unificationist brothers and sisters? We must love all the denominations and sects. Once in this frame of mind, we can forgive all their human faults. Do you think it possible for God, who has already forgiven us our sins, to forgive us if He still thought that we are sinners? He forgives us because He looks at us with this forgiving mind. You must understand that forgiveness leads to unity.

Do you understand that nothing is possible without this feeling of love? The world is merely a desert without friendship, without love for the country, without love between parents and children, without love among siblings. Is unity possible in this environment? Is there any happiness without love?"

How do we bring about our Unificationist ideals? Through love -- pupils shedding tears of love for teachers, teachers for pupils, children for parents, sisters for sisters, brothers for brothers, siblings for siblings, tribes for tribes.

You would never be able to forgive yourself if you had to die tomorrow without accomplishing this act of love. This is the demand of unity. This is the path Teacher has chosen, not just mine, but God's. You must underhand this.

Why do we seek unity through love's foundation? Because without love everything is temporary, and love makes it eternal. Does the wife's love end when her husband dies? No, her love for her husband bums even more strongly after her husband's death.

Where does unity materialize? You might think, "Well, unity will come wherever it may," but that's wrong. What is needed as its foundation before it comes? We must have love connections, yes, love connections. There will be no unity without love connections. The connections are mutually honored and obeyed. Don't you think so? In such connections, one recognizes the other, which is returned in mutual recognition.

What is the foundation of this mutual recognition? There must be a mutually-recognized goal. Their mutually-recognized goal makes their unity possible. Unity cannot allow two different goals. The goal must be one and will become one if love is mutually given.

3) All is United Upon Contact with True Love

What is true love? Upon contact with true love, our mind-cells and body-cells respond in unison. Unison! It is through unison that differences are ironed out to produce harmony in all parts and move together in the same direction. In true love, if the mind calls on the body, the body responds in unison. If all cells are united in true love, vision becomes one, thought becomes one, movement becomes one, smell spreads in one direction, words are spoken in praise of this unison. Men and women become united horizontally and stand on the vertical line as God intended. Through this center point, which unites the man-woman horizontal line and God's vertical line, all things operate -- outside of it nothing works properly. This is the eternal equation. This principle operates in all movements, in all beings, all cell structures, in united ideals and paths. Viewed with love, there is nothing that is not directly connected to each of us personally.

The anatomy of mankind includes the five senses; but why do we value the senses and what is their basic function? They exist to follow love, and only love. When following love, everything, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue become one with feeling. The whole becomes one. The eyes dart here and there in pursuit of love. The nose follows love also. All my soul and flesh, all my living organs follow this principle. All plants seem to react in their various ways when the morning sun shines, on them, but they all follow the principle because such is the essence of life.

We speak of God's love freely as if we understand it: do we really? Do you know how strong His love is? You've seen gristle on chicken legs that stretches when you pull on it. What is love, then? Love is like that gristle that is strong when pulled. When love pulls on it, when God's love pulls on it, the whole world follows. Do you understand what I am saying?

When possessed by love, the eyes become one, the nose becomes one, hands become one, the focus becomes sharpened, all unite into one. Perfectly one. So, we say, "perfectly done!" and all the cells echo "perfectly done!" This is possible, don't you know? All things hang onto love and move wherever love dictates, go with whatever loves does. . .

Once in love, the cells dance, the whole universe dances in celebration of love. When we rejoice, the whole universe rejoices with us. When we laugh in God's abundant love, the universe laughs in unison. It's like the echoes of the mountains. When we shout "yoo-hoo!" it echoes back "yoo-hoo!" Do you understand what I am saying? It opens your eyes as never before. It's like that. It's indescribable. We are qualified to receive that kind of love. When a man and a woman are in love, their breath can move the universe. Just like the ocean waves moved by the moon's pull, your love's "yoo-hoo" will be replied to by many "yoo-hoos" from all over. Don't you want to discover this?

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