Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. The Ultimate Problem Of Unification Lies In Myself

The problem of unification today is not limited to the problem of the nation. If it is expanded, then it is the problem of the world, and if it is reduced then it is connected with the problem of an individual. It is logical that before the world can be unified, the unification of nation must be established; before the nation can be unified, the unification of family must first take place. Unless the spouses are united, that family cannot be happy, no matter how much they may want happiness. Likewise, unless the individual is happy, the family cannot be happy. Therefore, when we desire unification, we should recognize that the problem lies within human beings. Before a nation can be unified, a unified family must first come to exist, and before a family can be unified, a unified person must be exist.

In every human being there is mind and body. However, mind and body are fighting with each other, aren't they? Can you trust in yourself? When you cannot trust yourself, how can you trust America? When you cannot trust yourself, how can you trust your wife, your children, and your nation? Isn't this a fundamental problem? There were numerous saints and sages in history, but who among them declared that my mind and body is in complete unity and not in conflict? How can I lay the unified foundation in myself? This is a very important problem. If I want the unified world, then I must first establish unity in myself. It is a fallacy to welcome the unified world without having the unity in myself

Everything starts from one, and unless we lay the foundation of unity from that one, the unification of the whole is not possible. The standard of unity in the midst of confusion lies in myself. The unity achieved by the love between my mind and body can always connect with the unity of love in my family. The loving couple of a harmonious family can connect with any families in their clan. When the loving spouses become one, who can bite, rip or stomp them? The harmoniously unified family, unified people, unified government, unified world, unified heaven and earth, the world where unified people and God become one in love-wouldn't such a world be the utopia of love? There cannot be division.

The unification of nation before the unification of world, the unification of family before the unification of nation, the unification within individual before the unification of family; ultimately I, myself am the problem. When my mind and body are in conflict and suffering, could I feet peaceful even when my family and parents are happy? When my family is in agony, how can the nation connect with my family? Even if this nation is unified, what good is it? Would we feel peaceful? If our country is divided North and South, even if this world is unified, can our nation participate? Therefore, a true human being must first be found. A person who can live for the sake of the world transcending the nation, a person who can live for the sake of the cosmos transcending the world, a person whom God can trust as a true human being must first be found. Can you say this is a futile argument?

Why do you think God wants to save humankind? He does not intend to save humanity so that everyone divides and creates the world of conflict. God conceives of the world where everyone is united, loves each other, harmonizes under a common purpose, and needs each other. God has the purpose of salvation of humankind in order to make such a world. However, no matter how much God eagerly awaits peace, it is impossible for us to leave this body, which is always the trouble-maker, and bring about unification. Certainly we must first unite our mind and body in order to achieve this ideal, unified world for which all of us hope. Unification cannot be achieved as long as our mind and body are separated!

What is the problem in saving this world? Society is not the problem. The problem lies in me. The advent of material-based worldviews and spiritual-based worldviews was inevitable because our mind and body are in constant conflict. The harvest time on the worldwide level has come. Such a time is called the Last Days.

We have to determine to make a new peace and unification at this time. Therefore, the problem for the coming era is also myself. I am the problem. The issue we have to wrestle with is how can I plant the heartistic foundation of peace in my mind and body which can overcome any difficulty in society and connect that with the trend of history.

1. The Foundation Of Unification Is Laid Starting From One

There are so many people living in this world. We know one among all is I, myself. We have to think about the kind of relationships people have. There are many nations in this world. They, however, have not become united. There are many people in each of those nations, yet they have not become one. Families and tribes are the same.

When you look at yourself, your mind and body did not become one. We are living in such a reality. Wherever we may go, we experience the environment of distrust where unity is not possible in everything that we see and experience. However, we cannot deny the fact that our original mind seeks the peaceful and unified environment and rejects the society and environment in which we live. If this is an undeniable reality, where is our point of settlement and destination? Where is a place where we can find trust; where is the person we can lean on in this universe? We realize that in the present era we cannot find faith among the believers, we cannot find trust and comfort in the world, nation, society, or even in our families. However, the problem does not lie in the world, nation, society and family.

The important issue ultimately: can I establish the unified foundation in myself. I must build unity in myself if I desire the unified world. It is illogical to welcome the unified world without having unity in myself.

When we understand this world to be a world of distrust and disunity, where would this world find unity? Likewise, where would the nation and the family find unity? As we look for a central point of unity for this world, the nation, or the family, everything points toward "I," myself.

Everything starts from one, and unless we lay the foundation of unity from that one, the unification of the whole is not possible. The standard of unity in the midst of confusion lies in myself. It is because this world and the universe is the expansion of "I". The unified foundation is expanded from an individual to a family, tribe, people, nation, and world. When the foundation of the individual is laid, the foundation of the family is a horizontal expansion to all directions. If an individual forms an harmonious body of love and a common desire centering on the family, then that person becomes a new subject. If a person becomes one centering on the tribe, he becomes a new subject. Likewise, when we can unify the world in the realm of love and common will, the unified world can begin. For example, let's say there is a metric ruler. We cannot make any ruler on the whim and claim it is one meter when actually one meter is different. We cannot do as we wish. A metric ruler must be made according to the original measurement of meter. Centering on that, the measurement must be made. In other words, evaluation must take place in comparison with the center.

Likewise, even when we talk, even when we act, it must be centering on a certain standard. Then, we can lay the foundation of peace. The realm of unification came be realized.

What is the nucleus for the unified foundation? It is "I". What should "I" do? My mind must first be united with God's love. Being united means the establishment of a vertical relationship. Next, I must create the horizontal line by uniting my mind and body horizontally centering on the vertical relationship. Then I achieve complete unity. In the place where complete unity is achieved, vertical and horizontal come together and inside and outside become one. Thus the inside is not merely inside and the outside is not merely outside. When two are suitably united they form "I" , who can center on a new third object. In other words, the position of "I", myself is created when my mind and body unite and centers on an object.

That is why the most critical problem is nothing other than "I". Although it is necessary to pray for the world, the most important issue is do I stand as the central nucleus in complete unity of mind and body and have I formed such a foundation together with God with the proper attitude. When this is determined, the unified nucleus and the foundation of unification centering on myself will be established.

2. The Plan Of Unification Lies In Myself

The plan of unification must be clearly established in myself. You should understand this. Don't think I love myself. When I think of myself, it must be I who contain God's love and in whom God's Will and love is harmoniously concentrated. What is the plan of unification?

People try to make unity based on world democracy; however, does it work? No. The parts must first be properly made if we want to produce a perfect product. Therefore, we must make a perfect factory which can make you into a perfect person. What is that? It is a perfect religion. We have to search for the perfect religion.

The plan for unification is not found in South or North Korea. The fundamental issue is how can we subdue the unending struggle between mind and body and how our mind can take control and maintain the standard of peace in the realm of body. This is the critical problem. If such entities are connected, it becomes the world. The world is divided into the democratic world and the Communist world. The democratic world represents the world-view based on spirit and mind, whereas the Communist world represents the world-view based on matter and body. It must be understood in this way. These two worlds are producing great turmoil. Where does it start? It starts in you. You are the seed of that turmoil. That is the problem. Therefore, don't think that this world will be unified by a great politician. That cannot happen.

Where is the plan of unification? It is not out there but it is in you. We must make unification by first subduing the struggle between my mind and body and allowing the mind to take charge. Thus, I must fol. low the direction of my mind; my family, society, nation, and world must go that direction too. Then unification will naturally take place.

3. The Path To Unification Starts From One Unified Person

This world today hopes for peace. All people dream of one unified ideal world. That ideal world cannot be realized unless it goes through each and every individual. That world cannot be achieved unless the individuals establish such an ideal foundation and the process of expanding such an environment takes place.

When we understand this, from where shall we welcome the day of unification? Can we welcome such a day centering on the world? The conclusion is, no. Can we welcome such a day centering on a nation? It is also no. When we observe a society, it is in competition and conflict. We also know that people in a family also oppose each other. Moreover, when we understand that the mind and body of an individual is in struggle, there is no other way than to seek the path to unification and peace in the individual. We cannot witness the start of unification, unless one person establishes the substantial unification representing the heaven, earth, nation, people, and family.

When we understand the history of humankind, the problem is finding that one person. That person would possess a unified self and character representing heaven, earth, history, and the whole of humankind, and would stand in the central position. Without such a person, we cannot achieve the world of unification, ideals, and peace, no matter how much we long for it. Therefore, God is looking for that one center. How then can such a center be established? That center must first be established on the individual level before going to the world. We understand that God has been searching for this one central person as a representative of the world, through whom unification can start. The position of such a person is the position of Messiah. The historical desire and the purpose of the providence has been to find this one person. With the advent of this one person, the starting point on the individual level representing Heaven can be found and also provide the standard of unification.

This person can unify the mind and body, and as he establishes a unified person a family can come through that individual. The start of one family can take place when a perfect person shapes the standard and the environment forms a reciprocal position centering on that standard. When looking at that family, the parents which represent that family can be the model representing the universe.

The children born from those parents should be able to form unity with their parents. Numerous children may come to exist, but those children should be connected with the parents and set the standard for all children. In other words, the parents should walk the path that can establish the representative center and the children should walk the path that can set the representative center. Thus, the unifying fortune can expand on the family level by numerous families around the world following the standard of unity set between the representative parents and their children. We know that unless the progressive steps of unifying the tribe through the central family, the people through the central tribe, the nation through the central people, and the world through the central nation, can take place, we cannot accomplish the historical task of unifying the world.

Fallen people must first carry out the revolution of character before the revolution of politics or religion. If a person who did not undergo the revolution of character unified the world, then it would not be good news. It is because the purpose of that person's accomplishment would be to satisfy his own self-centered ambition or his own glory.

History teaches us that even if the world is unified by someone's military force, that world would soon be destroyed by another person's military force. Such unification creates even bigger problems. America may want the unification of the world centering on herself, but it is impossible. It is because many nations would not want the dominion of the United States. Likewise, even if Japan tries to unify the world based on her economic power, we would arrive at the same conclusion. No power can unify the world. If there is a way to unification it would have to be through character. A great revolution is necessary if we are to unify the world; it would be the revolution of human character. That revolution of character cannot be accomplished by knowledge, money, or power, but it is possible only through true love

True love refers to the most fundamental and original love which God has longed for since the creation of human beings. There is no solution to the world unless the revolution of human character centering on true love occurs. Korea being divided into the North and the South means the central position has disappeared. Where, then, should we find the center. The process of selecting the center must begin from one certain point. Especially when the land is tilted, an anchor is needed in order to find the central realm.

Where then is the central focal point? That is the issue. Is it South Korea or North Korea? Where is a place where the whole country can be included? That is one point. What is that? That central point must be set from one individual. Then, a family can appear from that one central person. Therefore, through one individual representative, through one family representative, through one tribal representative, the whole 30 million people of Korea can be connected. The 30 million start from one individual, then, reaches the family, tribe, and so on. That realm expands from the close center. Isn't that right? The nucleus is one, but centering on that center, the family, tribe, society, nation and world expand. It starts from an individual and gradually becomes greater and greater. Through the restoration of individual, family, tribe, people, and nation, the individual center, family center, tribe center, people center, nation center, and world center must be expanded.

We talk about unification these days. The people of Korea earnestly desire unification. However, where will we find the plan for the unification? We do not find it in the 38th parallel. We must first bring unity in the 38th parallel that is inside our mind. That unification is more urgent. If we can bring that unification, then the national unification will take place automatically. If the direction of goodness and the value system based on goodness are firmly established, then there is no difference between people from Chung Chung province and people from Kyung Sang province. Where should the unification take place? It must first happen in my mind.

Because two types of people are sown, one has borne fruit in the world-view based on spirit and religion, and the other resulted in the world-view based on material. The world today is the fruition of those seeds. That is why the Last Days are now.

Where did the world-view based on spirit and matter come from? They started from me, from a human being. Isn't that right? Where is the origin? It is in my mind and in my body. The origin of conflict between mind and body resides in the individual, that is why individuals fight; families fight because such individuals form families; tribes fight because such families form tribes; nations fight because such tribes form a nations; such individuals ultimately form the democratic world and the Communist world. In other words, the world-view based on the spirit and based on the body are formed.

So, from where will we end and resolve this conflict? The solution cannot come from Communism or from democracy. There is no other way for unification than to find the solution to the conflict between mind and body in an individual. We cannot resolve the problem of the 38th parallel in the family if it is not resolved in the individual. The 38th parallel in the society cannot be solved if it is not resolved in the family. The 38th parallel for the people cannot be solved if it is not resolved in the society.

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