Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Pattern For Unification

1. A Pattern For Unification Is Necessary

If there is a providential subject, it is necessary that this subject can say of itself that it is the model pattern for the human being. Among human beings there are men and women. If this is a man, the other side is a woman. Together they become a human being. Therefore it is necessary that such a pattern be created. Namely, they will establish a family through becoming one.

A pattern for the family is also necessary. The family is the building block for the world once we establish the realm of perfection. Such a pattern must be necessary. Do you have such a pattern? Is there anyone here who can say, "My family is the representative of the universal law of heaven and earth? You are far from it. It is the same with the tribe and nation. Is there any pattern for the heavenly nation?

Today the Communist countries are saying that they are the model nations, and democratic countries are saying the same thing. Is it possible for two separate patterns to exist? There is fighting all the time that the two patterns exist. It is very important to solve this problem. South Korea and North Korea make frequent declarations. However, without solving the fundamental problem, we cannot resolve the issue of the unification of North and South Korea. The philosophical struggle continues because Communism began based on its own philosophy. Without knowing the cause, it is not easy to solve the problem. To solve this problem fundamentally, we have to locate the cause and the result, and then bring the direction of unification into correspondence with the normal process based on the original pattern.

Let us think about the whole world. Can we say that this world is according to the pattern desired by both humankind and the Causal Being, the Subject of the providence? No. Even though we cannot see it, human beings are looking for it. We are seeking a higher level, a more unified being. It began from one originally. It follows naturally that something that began from one should eventually come back into oneness.

2. Jesus Came As The Pattern Of Unification

There must be a unified individual before a unified family can exist, a unified family before a unified tribe can come into being, a unified tribe before a unified nation appears, and a unified nation before the unified world can come about. This is a problem. The question is, from where must we begin to establish this unity? This world is the world of result. Therefore we have to find out the solution from the cause, namely the individual.

The way of unification, the principle of unification, begins from the individual and proceeds to the family, then on to the tribe, the nation, and finally the world. This pattern begins with the coming of the Lord. Today, in order to establish one world, the ideal world, God needs to have His blueprint on the levels of individual, family, tribe, nation, and world.

It is the messianic thought that God promised to the chosen people of Israel to send His representative to accomplish complete unity on the individual level between mind and body, on the familial level, on the tribal level, on the national level; and on the global level. God's plan was to save the world through the expected unity between the Israelite people and the ideal patterns of the individual, the family, the tribe, the nation, and the world.

Jesus, who accomplished perfect unity between his mind and body, achieving the model of man, could have established a unified family together with a woman who was likewise unified. if so, the unified nation and world could appear.

Jesus came on earth as a unified individual. Then he was supposed to establish the pattern of a unified family, a unified tribe, a unified nation, and a unified world. However, he ascended to the spiritual world without realizing these.

The nation of Israel was like a vineyard of wild olive trees whose owner could do anything as he pleased. Jesus came to this vineyard of wild olive trees as a true olive tree in order to cut down the wild olive trees. Then God intended to graft God's pattern on the individual, family, and nation according to His plan. If this had been accomplished, what do you think would have become of the Israelite nation and the Jews. Would they have become true olive trees or wild olive trees? True olive trees. Then if they had started witnessing to the whole world centered upon their national authority and Judaism united, the whole history of Christianity would have been unnecessary.

God sent Jesus as the standard of unity to the human world of disunited mind and body. However he was nailed on the cross. The foundation established by God over several thousand years was returned to Satan's side. Therefore, mankind had to suffer for 2000 years.

Finally the nation of Israel achieved independence in 1948. From this we have to recognize that today is indeed the time of a new beginning on the worldwide level. So we must realize that the time of the Lord at the Second Advent is at hand.

If the Lord comes and establishes a family on this earth, he will establish the family that has no relation to the Fall. In other words, God will establish a model family that can bring about unity on the worldwide level. Only the Lord at the Second Coming can establish the foundation for unification of the entirety. Otherwise it is impossible. That is why the Messiah must return.

The Lord comes to establish the family that God desires. That is why the Lord will not come on the clouds. However, to establish only a family is not enough. A tribe is necessary to secure the family, and a people is necessary for the tribe to exist, and a nation is necessary for the people. Today, Christianity should realize that without making the pattern of centering on one nation, we cannot find the nation of the Third Israel.

The position of the Lord at the Second Coming is as parents to all humankind and as sovereign to the nation. He has to establish the nation of the type of the extended family. Then, in what direction is it supposed to go? It is supposed to head toward one world, the ideal world which God planned from the beginning.

3. Unification Will Be Established By True Parents

What is the purpose of creation? Adam and Eve were not created just to look at. Man and woman were not created just to get old and die as a man and woman. They were created to establish the true Kingdom of Heaven on Earth centered on God through the reciprocal heart toward the opposite sex after reaching maturity, and to establish a love nest. Here Adam (man) is the representative of heaven and Eve (woman) is the representative of the earth. They are two individuals. But if they become one horizontally it means the unity of heaven and earth. When two persons make unity centered on God's love, the entire cosmos will be automatically unified.

The first ancestors should become one, as a model of unity. Then the root centered on God's love becomes the root to form the foundation of mind and body. God created human beings to enter God's ideal world directly through the one way of following God's love. This direction is the way centered on God's love. The individuals were realized with mind and body unified in God's love, but the way that such a man and woman should go was changed because of the Fall. The Messiah, the Lord, is the person who was sent by God to resolve all these problems. The Savior saves people through recovering the lost love. Human beings were born through false parents because of the Fall. Therefore he must come as the true parent, fulfill the love which human beings could not attain centered on God, and then teach people to enter the realm of God's love. All humankind has to find their True Parents again, the absolute origin of God's love. All the problems of the fallen world -- all the sadness, sorrow, suffering, wars, disease, and so on -- can be solved by setting up the core of love.

The principle of the heart centered on the family is passed on from parents to children. But this was not set up correctly in the beginning. The purpose of the history of restoration is to set it up again. Here the representative of man is the Messiah and the representative of woman is the Holy Spirit. Because the engaged bride and bridegroom violated the heavenly principle in the beginning of the world, the new Bride and Bridegroom must be installed and set up as on the original stage. For this purpose God has conducted the providence for salvation.

Because of the human Fall God expelled them. Subsequently, He called groups of devout believers, through special dispensations, to form new families, tribes, and a new nation. The Israelite people were the representative people bearing the responsibility among the numerous peoples. So the people of Israel became the central people on the worldwide level. Human history was originally supposed to develop centered on the first ancestors, Adam and Eve. However, this was not realized. History should bring about the standard centered on the ideal, with the reappearance of the original ideology. It should be the standard of hope fulfilling the hope of Christianity. Namely, from the viewpoint of Christians, it is the thought of the Messiah and the thought of the Holy Spirit.

What is the thought of the Messiah? It is the thought for the sake of the world. The center which can unify the family and the world is True Parents. What is the fruit of Christianity? Christianity has been heading toward the standard of the bride and bridegroom, passing through numerous difficulties.

With what qualification does the Lord come? He comes with the qualification of parents. However, when Jesus came on this earth, he could not attain the position of parents; namely, he could not attend God and bring glory to Him, nor could he establish the substantial foundation for consoling God on behalf of all humankind. That is why the Messiah must come again and why he cannot come as a glorious Lord. Therefore the Messiah at the Second Coming has to succeed in the mission of Jesus on earth, carrying out his filial duty which can console God substantially. Furthermore, he is chosen by God to subjugate Satan. He has to establish the foundation which can return glory to God. Otherwise he cannot gain the qualification as True Parent.

Even though this world could not develop a resplendent culture, and instead became dark, confused and devastated, if it comes into relationship with True Parents, then it will become the kingdom of peace. A number of people have maintained the focus of thought, spirit and life centered upon this standard throughout history. God has guided history toward one world externally, in order to finally connect it internally, through religion, to its true owner.

4. We Can Achieve Unity When The Blood Lineage Is Changed

How did Satan invade the human body? What was the reason? What kind of disease did human beings acquire? We have to understand this. As you know through the Principle, Satan's blood lineage entered into your body after the Fall. You have had a connection with Satan's lineage. All causes and results became entangled with Satan's love. Therefore when we inject into your body something stronger than Satan's love, Satan runs away. What is the absolute center which can unite the mind and body according to the principle of God's creation? We can make unity centered on God's love alone. No other love.

What kind of a tree did human beings become due to the Fall? They became wild olive trees. Therefore the Messiah must come to the fallen world as a good olive tree. Then what should he do? He has to cut off the trunk of the wild olive trees and engraft a sprout or branch of the good olive tree. The eyes of both are the same. When we cut down all the wild olive trees for only one eye of the good olive tree, people who do not know this process may say that it is crazy work. Yet that is why Jesus said that anyone who does not eat his flesh and drink his blood has no relationship with him.

After the wild olive trees are engrafted to the good olive tree, Satan has no relationship with them. They have no connection to Satan. Therefore at the autumn harvest, the engrafted trees will automatically bear the fruits of the good olive tree, and they will enter the heavenly kingdom. The wild olive trees must cut themselves off and be engrafted to the good olive tree. Otherwise they have no way to revive. Most of the major religions--Confucianism, Buddhism and Islam have a concept of the Second Coming. They say the Savior must come and they are waiting for him. Without the worldwide work of the Unification movement, which the Messiah has unified with God's love in order to engraft all people, these words "unification" and "one unified world" have no meaning. We cannot be saved by religious doctrine.

The main point is how to remove Satan. We cannot enter the heavenly kingdom without removing Satan. When someone has a condition which Satan can accuse, he cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. The blood lineage must be changed. This is an absolute requirement.

The foundation of unification is myself. However, it is impossible to erect by myself. Because the root of our lineage is from Satan, we cannot ourselves separate from Satan. Do you follow? That is why the Bible mentions that we became wild olive trees. Originally, if we had become true olive trees, we could make complete unity of mind and body, becoming persons whom everybody likes, and enjoying happiness together with others. But instead we became persons who are liked by nobody, because we are wild olive trees. As a result of having Satan's root we became branches and leaves of the wild olive tree. That is why human beings are fighting each other. Analyzing fallen humans deeply, Hegel came to the conclusion that the essence of human beings is struggle, and so he developed the theory of the dialectic.

We must understand that we were born in Satan's lineage. For this reason, religion denies the pursuit of physical desires. They follow the way of suffering in order to deny the relationship with Satan's lineage. They fast to deny the physical desire for good food. They deny the love of husband and wife and also children in order to receive God's love. They must deny the family, society, nation and world that were conceived by Satan's love.

They cannot receive God's love unless they deny the entire world. Reverend Moon and the Unification Church today can give a clear explanation for it. Without the Unification Church your mind and body cannot establish roots of love. The Unification Church has to be a root of love, as well as the branches and leaves centered on God's true love to connect with peoples, nations and the world. Then they must all be engrafted. Before engrafting, we must cut off the whole world. That is why Jesus said: "He who believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live."

5. The Holy Son Is The One Who Has United Mind And Body

The minds and bodies of human beings are fighting incessantly. When they fight, each time the body is the winner and the loser is the mind. We have to understand how to reverse this state of affairs. Who is able to make the mind the victor and unify mind and body, standing in the position of absolute goodness, and not dominated by others? It is miserable that throughout our entire life we are unable to reach such a position. Furthermore, this same type of people who are living today, will also be living in the future. Thinking about this, we must bury the past and become a person of absolute goodness who has committed no evil in our entire life. This is the ultimate hope of all human beings. Where is there such a person? It is impossible to find one. It is very difficult to find any person who succeeds in reversing all the evil consequences coming out of human existence. Knowing this, we can find no one who has no evil but only goodness.

To control oneself is difficult because the mind wants to go in one direction and the body in another. There is a traditional Oriental proverb: The human mind changes from morning to night, but mountains never change, whether in ancient times or in the modern age. The problem is how to achieve unity, with an ever-changing mind. We would need to know how the greatest saints of history were able to dominate their bodies. Let us look at Jesus, Confucius, and Buddha. Our mind and body are always changing, but holy sons and daughters keep them unchanging. For example: what would happen with the mind of Jesus when he saw a woman? His mind might shake because he is a man, but Jesus wouldn't take a step and his body would not fall down. However, ordinary people are different. Their hands and feet follow, they cannot control the desires of body and mind, and their body succumbs. No one can be better than Jesus. Jesus unified his mind and body; but we are different. When American men and women meet one another, they can kiss and enjoy each other at any time-, but we must make love in the proper place. This is an example of fallen worldly people. If we seek a new ideal, then, as righteous people, we should start with mind and body unity. We can conclude that it is impossible to realize the ideal without unity of mind and body.

We must unite our mind and body centered on God's true love in our lifetime. Throughout your entire life, eating, thinking and acting should be centered on God's true love. But instead, your mind and body are enemies. Your mind and body took their root not from God's love but from Satan's love. The mind and body struggle begins there.

In God's ideal of creation, Cain was Abel's elder brother; but after the fall Abel stood in the position of God's elder son. When we indemnify their failure, we can establish the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven. In the fallen world, the body dominates the mind. Therefore there is fighting at all times and in all places, and injustice and immorality continue, because the body does not submit to the mind in the fallen world.

Because mind and body confront each other within each individual, husband and wife, and consequently parents and children, and, moreover, different peoples and nations, fight each other. When mind and body will finally be united, then this fighting will come to an end. In order to do this, we need to meet and engraft to True Parents. Mankind has to attend True Parents and be renewed by God's love. Otherwise we cannot stop this fighting, because we cannot control ourselves.

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