Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. Fundamental Theory Of Unification

1. The One World Had There Been No Fall

What is the motivation that can make unfallen people unite into one? It is to make unity perfectly centering on one nation, one world and one universe. This can be the only motto for all those who live in the unified nation: How to live a happy life, making unity centering on God. There can never be division. If there were division, it would be in direct opposition to God and damage the nation, the world and God, as well as causing self-destruction. This fact must be known clearly. Above all, the place where the individual stands must be based upon God, the world, the nation, society, tribe, and family. The whole foundation from God to the world can belong to one individual.

Therefore, not to become one means to destroy God, destroy the world, destroy the nation, destroy one's own tribe, and cause the destruction of the family. It is very obvious. Because of such a situation, there cannot be any separation. Because the degree of our unity becomes the standard representing the value of the whole, we must go through daily life and through our entire life upholding this as the standard. This is the essence of human life and the viewpoint for the family, for the society, and for the nation as well. Then one nation and one world of eternal and unchangeable sovereignty can be set up centering upon God.

There can be no opposition to that nation and its sovereignty. Because it is constituted with the same structure as the human body, just as no organs of the body would rebel against the brain, likewise that nation would be one systematic, ideal world centering on God. Therefore when God feels joy, automatically we also feel joy, and when we feel joy, then God cannot help but feel joy, too.

In a dark world, everything would be united centering on the sun. Likewise, this world would be united centering on God. If such a world were built, we could see the individual, the family, tribe, nation, and world that live centering on God. Furthermore, we would see that we live together with the spirits of the spiritual world. The spiritual world is not a separate world, but all part of one world. If such a world were built, there could be no war anywhere in the whole world. Furthermore, language would not be complicated as it is today. (72-286)

2. A Fallen Human Being Has Two Opposing Purposes

We human beings are each individuals with two opposing purposes. No one can deny this. The mind wants to go toward a good place; but the body wants to go in the opposite direction. I am a man in whom mind and body are combined, yet these two entities are fighting with one another.

When such individuals come together as man and woman, then this forms a family. However, each of us has an inner self and an external self, so when husband and wife meet, four human types are manifested and engage in different actions. Suppose there are eight members in a family -- then they become a family with 16 different, conflicting directions!

When we look at the family, then among families, they are likewise standing in opposition to one another. Moreover, the clan, the tribe, the society, the nation, and the world are all divided. However, what we can be truly thankful for is that this whole world, rather than being divided into hundreds or thousands of fragments, is, on a broad scale, divided into two great blocs. That is a strange phenomenon.

When we look at the original natures of good and evil, we can find fundamental differences between them. Goodness pursues the benefit of the whole, but evil lives for the sake of the individual, ignoring the whole. To the evil man, there is no family, no neighbor, no nation, and no world. On the contrary, the good man puts the family ahead of himself, and the village first before the family, then the nation ahead of the village, and the world foremost, ahead of the nation.

Up until now, history has been filled with struggles between the selfish aspect and the public aspect. For God it is absolutely required to destroy the root of evil centered upon the body. 0n the other hand, the requirement of evil, centering on Satan, is to mercilessly destroy the conscience.

In this way, history has consisted of struggles between God's side centering on the conscience, and the evil side centering on the body, denying God and living based on material. Seeing this situation, we can conclude that the whole of humanity must be divided between two sides corresponding to such concepts as materialism and idealism. Yet if there were no God, the world as we see it could not even have come to exist. After all, evil brings about self-destruction by emphasizing jealousy, division, and struggle.

Therefore, where must the ideal and unification be realized? Essentially, it must be realized in myself before it can be realized in the world. Fundamentally, in each one of us -- in the individual! (53-11)

Looking at ourselves, we can easily recognize that we are each living with two purposes. There is the purpose pursued by the mind, and there is the purpose pursued by the body. Mind and body do not keep in step with one another, but always struggle with one another. They are clashing in a disorderly manner: in front and in back, to the left and the right.

Mind and body are fighting throughout our entire life. Of course, it was the same with all our ancestors, and just as it is with us, so it will be for our descendants in the future. That is, our mind and body are constantly fighting. The mind asks the body to do goodness. If there is a poor man, our mind pushes us to help him. In spite of whatever difficulties, your mind calls you to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others and to help others. However, as we know, the body takes a direction opposite to the mind.

Facing that situation, our absolute mandate is to conquer our body completely; to make a victorious foundation to overcome the body, centering on the mind, in the midst of this continuing struggle of mind and body. We cannot live our daily life centering upon goodness, year in and year out for ten years or for our entire life, without realizing this. We must become unchangeable men and women who can live committed to goodness. Our first, highest priority is to become such a person. (41, 59)

Mind and body are in a state of confusion. The body wants to go this way, and the mind wants to go that way. Can they make unity under such a circumstance? Have your mind and body been fighting every day, or do they live amiably together like friends? [Fight!] They fight and fight! Then on which side do you stand? You stand on both sides. Within you there are two parties: that is, one which is heading in the direction the body likes, and the other which is going toward the direction the mind likes.

3. God Would Never Create A World With Two Conflicting Purposes

Looking at God, does He also have mind and body? What do you think? Does God have mind and body? God must have both too, because He resembles us, and He must have even more than what we have. Because God must possess the more complete model, He must have mind and body.

If God has mind and body, would His mind and body be fighting? Do they fight day and night? Do they fight, or make unity and get along with and like, each other? What do you think? If God has mind and body, they ought to fight. Why? Because God resembles us. If I come to such a conclusion, that God's mind and body must fight because God resembles you and me, how do you feel? Why are you laughing? Are you laughing because you feel good or do you feel bad? Maybe you laugh because it is strange. You are laughing because it sounds strange!

Of course God resembles us. But what is the difference between God and human beings? God has mind and body, but they never fight each other; they make perfect unity. They are one. If it were not so, God would have created one world which appeals to His mind, and also one world which His body likes. It would mean that God created a world of two purposes. Therefore, such a God could not be absolute.

Accordingly, within God, His mind and body never fight with each other. If we understand God as the One in whom mind and body are united, the One with a unified view of purpose consisting of dual characteristics harmonizing the purpose of the body and the purpose of the mind, then the Creation which God would desire and would approve, must resemble Him. (70-47)

If God created man as a being with two contradictory purposes, such a God would not be logical. just as there is no being throughout all the created world existing without a purpose, likewise nothing can exist with two purposes. Something that has two purposes cannot exist, and will be destroyed. (18-319)

It is clear that we are existing beings. As long as you speak of existence, you cannot avoid speaking of relationships. There must be a vertical subject and a horizontal object in the relationship of subject and object. Then the ideal can be realized. You must understand this clearly.

In today's world, we can expect happiness and the ideal only after we realize a better resultant being. What is that resultant being? The individual is a resultant being, also the family, the society, and the nation are all resultant beings. The world pursued by these resultant beings cannot be two worlds; that world must be one.

If there is a subject who pursues two worlds, he ought to have two heads. Such a subject can never be an absolute being. If the causal being expects two results, he cannot be the Absolute One. "Absolute" means "only one." The perfect origin cannot be two: only one. Therefore the world of result originating from one origin must be one. That is an inevitable conclusion which no one can deny. (59-79)

Are you one or two? Two individuals or one individual? [One!] That is a lie, a lie! Your mind asks you to go this way, but your body says, "Oh! I don't want to; let's go another way!" It looks like one shape, but has two contents.

Then who made it like this? If the absolute God did it in play, this must be a crazy God! Don't you agree? If God did that, such a God doesn't exist. That is the unsolved question up until the present, leading to all kinds of complicated thought, including the so-called dualism. Am I right?

If there is a man who goes to the east with a God-centered intention, then he should do so in order to accomplish one absolute purpose, and if there is a man who goes west, it must be for the accomplishment of one absolute purpose.

Reflecting upon ourselves, we have a physical self and a spiritual self opposed to each other like east and west. (47-22)

Due to the fall of the human ancestors, human beings are in a midway position. Because of that, each of us can become a good person, and we can also become an evil person. If we take one step to the right side, we can become a good person, but by taking one step to the left, we can become an evil person. Accordingly, we should know that each one of us is dominated by two masters with two opposing purposes.

When I reflect upon myself, I realize that I have not become a person who can take free action in accordance with the desire of the mind. At the beginning of the year, we each pledge by our own will that we will accomplish a certain goal, yet we do not accomplish what we pledged, but rather something which we did not intend. We often see such results in our daily life. So, when we look back upon our life after one year passes, for the most part we feet that there were many regretful moments during the course of the year.

Why is this? Why are we not going the way we want, but instead the way we do not want? Because there is a stronger power leading us in the direction we don't want, than the power leading us in the direction of our true desires. You must know that, in fact, you are situated in a midway position. We are in a position between good and evil. That is why we are dominated by goodness and at the same time by evil. So we have to know that these two boundary lines are connected centering upon myself.

One thing which you must always keep in mind is that, because absolute God created man, a human being should pursue one purpose perfectly. The purpose of absolute God cannot be two. If absolute God created all things, He should create all things to harmonize centering on the purpose of the universe. Therefore, the purpose of existence cannot be two, but only one. (41-58)

4. The Fundamental Cause Of Struggle

Look at today's world. What kind of a world is it? Is it a world of love? No; it is not a world of love. This is not a harmonious and peaceful world of love, but one of hostility, jealousy, and struggle.

Within the individual human being, mind and body are struggling. The original mind which pursues goodness and the body which pursues evil according to physical desires are fighting. Because we are human beings with conflict within ourselves as individuals, the families built by such individual are in conflict; and because tribes are composed of such families, they are also struggling; and because nations are built by such tribes, they are also struggling; furthermore, nations are struggling with one another. Therefore wars have occurred ceaselessly everywhere on earth.

However, human beings do not want to fight, and from the bottom of their hearts do not desire war. If this is true, then why must we continually deal with fights which we do not want? It is because of the Fall. (1981.5.10)

The situation of today's world, in which two sides, left and right, are divided and confronting one another did not come about merely by chance. This present reality must be the world which the Creator Himself must have foreseen could come about if the humans were to fall. If the human ancestors had not fallen, then we would not see such a tiresome world on the face of this earth. But, because of the Fall, such a world came into existence. (10-311)

What is the Fall? It means to lose unity. Mind and body became divided, and natural law, heavenly law, and the whole Logos became divided, and all people divided. In order to bring these divisions into unity, God has for generation after generation conducted His providence of bringing about unification centered upon a certain tribe or nation.

History has been the history of war. Why is that? Because history began with selfishness, in the pursuit of individual gain. The original circumstance of the Fall was like that. Because our human ancestry is rooted in such a wrong motivation, everyone born throughout history has taken that form and brought forth the same fruits. (166-220)

Because fallen history started with conflict, it will also conclude with conflict. Of course, the process along the way has also the same. No matter how wonderful our parents may be, and no matter what nationality we may embrace, because we belong to humankind which has lost the place where we might seek peace of mind, we cannot escape from conflict.

When we answer the question of why war takes place, of course, there must be such reasons as problems of material; however, most of the causes relate to the problem of love. War occurs because the people of one country do not love, but hate, those of another country. Everything is like that. The person who hates a certain nation hates its king and his dynasty too. Isn't that so? Suppose there were a person who wished his enemy nation to perish. Then would he first wish the people of that nation to perish, or that the king of that nation perished first? What do you think? To hate a country is to hate its president.

After all, when we hate the president of a nation or the prince or queen of a kingdom, then war can break out. But if we like them, there can be no war. So war takes place on account of love problems. Therefore war occurs according to the degree of lack of love, and the infringement of love, in relationships between sons and daughters, and likewise in relationships on an expanded scale. (72-219)

Without exception and regardless of sex, all three billion people living in the entire world today were born with a fallen destiny. What is that destiny? It is the destiny of division. This is not the destiny of unity and prosperity, but the destiny of separation and destruction. As we know through the Principle, we fallen human lost God's Will, desire, and purpose. (21-99)

What happened to man after the Fall? Originally human beings should have established the four-position foundation in unity with God; however, due to the Fall, Adam, Eve, and their children divided. They separated from each other and created four divisions. Originally they should have all been one, but instead they divided, the reverse. We must unify that. (19-205)

The most miserable war among all wars is the war within one family, when parents and brothers and sisters point guns and swords at one another. The bloody war within one and the same family started with Cain in Adam's family, and expanded to war on the tribal level, on up until today. Unless we make the foundation that can bring about reconciliation between tribes in order to indemnify such a history, then the nation of God's ideal will be unattainable. Unless we build the foundation for the harmony of Cain and Abel, God's Will can never be realized. (1982.3.25.)

5. A War More Dreadful Than Nuclear War

The war between the mind and body is more hazardous than World War II and more dreadful than nuclear war. There are truces in those wars, but here there is no truce and no end. Since human life began, there has been no truce, but only fighting in the very core of our mind, and this will continue until it comes to an end. Such people built families and tribes, and so they fight more. Furthermore, they have formed peoples, which are fighting even more, and these combine as nations, which are fighting ever more and more.

Up to the present time, human history has been filled with wars. There was not a single day without war. Where is the basis for war? That is the mind and body. Because mind and body are the base for war, the individual, family, tribe, and nation all became like that. (19-287)

Neither the First nor the Second World Wars were the biggest wars in world history. There has never been a bigger war than the war of conquering myself. This war has continued unabated for six thousand years. Has it ended or not? More bundles of sin have been continuously piled on. Accordingly, six thousand years of sinful history is concentrated upon you. Then, who will overturn this sinful history? Because you are incapable of doing that, you need a Messiah with stronger power than you. To be sure, we need the Son of God. (21-189)

How difficult it is to save one person, yourself, from evil! What is the main problem for the Unificationist? It is how to completely liberate "me" centering upon mind and body. How difficult is this task, and how intensive is this battle? We cannot even compare it, with such a war as the competition between the USA and the Soviet Union. This fight between the democratic world and the Communist world is not the real problem. It is much more difficult than that war. This is the fight originating in myself.

Just as two parties are fighting within one individual, there are also two parties in the family, in the society, in the nation, and in the world. According to heritage or legacy, on one side is the evil individual, evil family, evil society, evil nation, and evil world, and on the other side is the good individual, good family, good society, good nation, and good world. This world is divided like that. One side is under the sphere of religion, centered upon God, and the other side is under the sphere of material, denying God. That is the state of the human being and all humankind. (41-63)

There is greater damage resulting from the war between mind and body than any kind of suffering in the world or all the trouble and destruction caused by war. You must know that tremendous sorrow remains after the defeat of the mind.

Even though many times per day the mind is defeated in the battle with the body, people don't even realize it. However, people never forget the moment they tripped over a stone and fell down in the street. People remember very well, and remark "Oh! Here I tripped and fell decades ago!" Yet we can be sure there are countless people who forget and think nothing of the defeat of their mind in the battle between mind and body.

If we were to think about it, however loudly you would like to excuse yourself, you are the person bearing the label of a straggler -- a defeated soldier. But, originally, the mind was supposed to win the victory in the battle between mind and body, and to always gain control over the body. Yet, because this was not the case, the mind and body came to pursue different directions separately. (19-285)

6. The Basis Of The Solution To World Peace Is The Human Mind And Body

Where South Korea and North Korea are divided is not at the 38th parallel, but rather in the human mind. We planted such a seed within the mind, and accordingly we have harvested such a fruit as this. Am I right? [Yes!] We harvest what we have sown. We live in such an environment of conflict and struggle between people of the mind and people of the body. We have gradually expanded what we planted in the beginning. Consequently, in this age of the world, what is our result? First of all, there is the democratic world based upon the idealistic view of history. The democratic, idealistic world is the fruit of the mind on the worldwide level, is it not? [Yes!] The idealistic view of history is that of history based upon the mind. On the other hand, the other association of people on the worldwide level is centered upon the body, namely the Communist world, upholding the materialist view of history.

If so, where will we find the solution? Today, even though the USA conducts a good foreign policy and military policy, yet it is unable to solve this problem. It is already a failure. A failure! Even if the Soviet Union were to take over the democratic world, as long as they cannot establish unity between the mind and body, they will be divided again. This is certain.

Look how the Soviet Union has advanced under the banner of international Communism! Nevertheless, in spite of this cosmopolitan ideal, such a rift took place between China and the Soviet Union beginning in the 1960s, and now no politics and no policies can correct that and reestablish unity. For them to think of unification seems to be a fantastic proposition. What this means is that they think it natural to be divided.

So where is the basis for a peaceful solution to that problem? Neither the USA nor the Soviet Union has the answer. You must know that. Where is there a basis for a peaceful resolution? Nowhere! Neither the USA nor the Soviet Union can help. Where is the problem? In my own heart. It is very important to find the harmonious view of the universe and a happy and peaceful worldview in a human heart where mind and body are fighting. (85-302)

Let me ask you a question. Do your mind and body fight, or not? [Fight] Is that peace or struggle? [Struggle] When will it be resolved? When will this struggle come to an end? Have you thought about that? When will the present world war end? You don't need to think about that, but rather, when will the war inside of myself be finished? When that is finished, then the world war will end. Peace within myself connects to peace in the world. Looking at the Bible, we can find many paradoxes. It says, "The heavenly kingdom is within you." Is the great Heavenly Kingdom in my mind? What does that mean? If mind and body are not in conflict, and represent the universe perfectly, then the Heavenly Kingdom will indeed come there. (82-134)

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