Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Providence For Korean Christianity

1. Japanese Colonial Rule Of Korea

The history of the restoration providence is the history to restore through indemnity by repeating the same conditions and the same circumstances. It is God's providence to set up indemnity conditions by repeating missions not accomplished through history of two thousand years since Jesus Christ died.

The Second Advent could not come to an independent nation. It is because Israel did not meet Jesus Christ as the rulers of Israel. The Israelites had lost their own nation, and many tribes had been scattered. So, Jesus Christ had started in the lonely position without a nation and Church. In the days of the Second Advent, God has to prepare to connect with one country in that position.

The nation that is in a position like that is Korea. Korea, externally and internally, is very similar to the Israelite people. If we see Korea from the Asian side, Korean is very similar to the Israelite people. If we look at Korean history, Korean history has been the history to restore Abel and Cain. Korea has been in the position to be invaded. Internally, Korea has had a very complicated history until today. In recent history, Korea was a Japanese colony for 40 years. It corresponds to the Roman persecution for 400 years of Christianity. It also corresponds to the 400 years in Egypt by the Israelites. Because it corresponded to such times the Koreans had to go through so much suffering. As you know, the country of Japan worships the Shinto gods.

Japan took approximately 120 years to reach the top of modem civilization. Japan externally developed their own country. Korea has internally developed for 120 years centering on Christianity. Already 80 years have passed. Unless we bring about worldwide reconstruction within 40 years, we have no way to bring victory.

2. God's Providence For Korea

If Japan corresponds as the country to substitute for Britain what do you think about Korea? Because the Korean peninsula is the same as the culture of Italy, Korea is divided into North Korea and South Korea just as Christianity has been divided in the spirit and the flesh. So we have to unify. How can we unify Korea? The Korean people should accept the spiritual Christian culture.

This government has accepted the Christian culture. What about the Unification Church? Rev. Moon is the man who makes the history of restoration like the body of Jesus Christ centering on a new dimension, and pays the indemnity for the failure of the substantial salvation.

Because of that, where does the Lord of the Second Advent appear? As it has been received that the spiritual Vatican conquers the world centering on the Roman Vatican, the Second Advent should come to the Korean peninsula in Asia, which is the Roman Vatican in Asia.

Because it is related with the history of God's providence, Korea is the place that life and death should be decided. Because the history of restoration through indemnity is restored in the same way we lost it, we should know what is happening in Korea now. You should know that we are connected to three countries. And these three countries come into a situation of confrontation again. At the time of confrontation we saw Britain, America, and France confronting Japan, Italy, and Germany. If it had finished then everything would have been over. But because it was not over, Communism and Democracy are fighting with each other on a higher level in Korea. With the division of South and North, we should unite the Communist side and the Democratic side. Therefore, God's side should unify three countries, and Satan's side should unify three countries.

3. The Three Years From Liberation To 1948

1945, the day that Korea met the restoration of independence is the day that Japan perished. That day is the new starting point in Korea. The chosen Koreans which met the day connected the national fortune to the world nations to fulfill the responsibility of historical destiny. There is the man who has hope for the family, tribe, nation. It is the day of hope for the nation that Jesus Christ could not establish.

At that time, Korea did also not establish that type of nation. It is in the same way Jesus Christ did not establish that type of nation because of his crucifixion. In the same way, the Christians were more of a problem for Rev. Moon than the rest of the nation of Korea.

Korea was established under the protection of Christian nations of the democratic world. At that time, Rev. Moon had expected to start in the highest position with the famous leaders who founded a country in order to fulfill it's destiny of the new Providence. Then, because the ministers who were representative of the Christian Church were opposed to Rev. Moon, God's will was blocked everywhere. All this has not been explained until now. The content I am talking about is totally new.

Korea was a nation formed on God's side centering on the Christian Church. Because a few ministers who represented Christianity were opposed to Rev. Moon, a way opened that nationwide the Christian churches could oppose Rev. Moon. Rev. Moon had prepared everything for this for three years from 1945 to 1948. In this period, Rev Moon worked individually. But nobody knew that he had a historical mission. Because I was in that position the Christian Church could oppose Rev. Moon. I knew that God prepared a lot of spiritual groups. Even though God prepared internally, if the Christian Church opposes with the rest of the nation, it is in the position of Judaism and Israel which opposed Jesus Christ.

During the three years from 1945 -1948, Rev. Moon was not welcomed by the Christian Churches and nation. They were frantically opposed to me with the national power and foundation. That was the reason it was necessary to pay restoration by indemnity of Jesus Christ's position. Because the people who led the Christian Church divided with Rev. Moon, it became the motivation to separate as South and North. North Korea established their own government in 1948.

Therefore, there is fighting in two ways. One should nationally fight with the government centering on Christianity, another should externally fight with Communism, which is Satan on the national level. Because Christianity was in the position to oppose God, we have to meet a destiny of collapse for twenty years to pay 2000 years indemnity. This is the principle view point.

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