Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. God's Will For Asia

1. Jesus Christ Came To Accomplish The Unification Of Cultures

Originally, Jesus Christ lived in what are the present Arabian nations which are in the Middle East; specifically, in the area of Israel where the twelve branches of Jacob's family lived.

Today, the Arab nations exist where the chosen country, which was a well-trained God-centered country of faith, had waited for the Messiah. The Messiah was born in Israel, a country under Roman conquest. If he had risen to some position threatening independence from Rome, Israel could have become an obstacle to Rome. If so, they would have been persecuted by Rome.

Then, the more the Israelite people had been persecuted, the more they would have begun to serve Jesus Christ as the Messiah. If this had happened, the branches of the twelve families who descended from Jacob and lived in the area of today's Arab nations, would have completely unified because they were under Roman oppression. It would have been God's will, which was complete unification. Because Rome was the enemy, and because it was God's will to unite the Israelites and the surrounding nations to stand up against Rome, Jesus Christ who came down as the Messiah would have stood in opposition to Rome by making a unified Arab bloc.

If this had taken place, what would have happened? If we look at that time, the world was two countries because the ancient Roman empire was the strongest country. Because the Roman empire had invaded and was effecting Asian countries, all of the oriental countries including the ancient culture of India thought that Rome was up to no good. If we look at it from the political side, if Jesus Christ had tried to oppose Rome the powerful countries of the Far East, which are China and India, would have been the countries that supported Jesus Christ. if so, the Christian Church would have not gone to the West; instead it would have centered on East Asia and Jesus Christ.

The way of the Fall is the way of restoration and the way of restoration is the way of recreation. Human beings were divided in mind and body because of the Fall. Then we were divided between the West and the East, heaven and earth, and then broken up into nations. So we can conclude that if we make an internal culture we can then bind together the external culture. We can say that if we make a central religion then we can bind together external religions.

Because God has to prepare for the binding together centering on East Asia, God sent Confucius to the Chinese empire and created a religious foundation and sent Buddha to India and built the way of Buddhism, and sent Socrates who was a philosopher to the West and prepared the foundation of thought. Because Rome was the problem, if the oriental Empires and Arabian region had united, mind and body, internal culture and external culture would have been bound together.

Because of that, centering on the Christian Church, the internal religion which is the center of Asian thought, and the external religion, namely the oriental religions, which is like God's body would have brought about the unified culture. Then there would have been total unity. This is the historical view in God's providence.

God prepared everything so that it could be like that. So God put Israel under the strongest Roman empire. Binding together everything, God had some strategy to set up a higher main thought centering on the powerful Messianic thought in history.

2. Western Culture Should Come To Asia In The Last Days

Jesus Christ's death has the same meaning as mind and body division. That is to say, the spirit and flesh are divided. Because the Arabian sphere is internal, it corresponds to the mind, and because the Asian sphere is external, it corresponds to the body. The mind is in the Abel position and the body is in Cain's position. Unity of Abel and Cain is to accomplish God's will. This is the Principle.

Originally, God's will should have been accomplished by centering on Asia, then going into the world of the enemy, and here going around the world establishing the spiritual foundation, then returning again to Asia which corresponds to the body. You have to know it. Rome could not do it. In the last days, this is the reason that Western culture had to come to Asia. It is the spiritual. It is not enough with only spirit. The Western culture is representative of the spiritual world. You should know it.

This is also restoration. If Europe and Asia were united into one at Jesus Christ's time, the body and mind, spirit and flesh would have united into one. But, because Europe and Asia did not unite into one, taking the position of the spiritual culture, there has to be a providence that looks again at the Asian culture, which is the culture of the body.

With the corruption of Western culture in the last days humanity has some expectation from Asia. Look, although the culture of Asia is the physical, it is mainly based on the spiritual, and although the western culture is the spiritual, it is mainly based on physical culture. This is really an ironic problem. So, if both are identical, we say twins. Twins.

Then, when God created man, which one was first, body or spirit? Asia represents the physical side of God. Look at mankind. Asia has the way of thinking for the whole or the public purpose. The Western culture, which has taken Christian thought, is in the position not for the whole purpose but for the individual. Both of them are on totally opposite sides.

For example, The four position foundation comes about by Origin-Division-Union action. This is division. One is on this side, another is on the opposite side. Both have some give-and-take action to unite as one. On one side, the Western individualizes centering on the material rather than the spirit. And oriental culture, which is the internal side, lost everything on the physical side. This side looks for everything centering on the material, and the other side lost everything. So both of them need each other.

That is to say, this is the same as finding Jesus Christ's body, which is divided. Because of that, the Western culture should find out how not to make the same mistake again. It should not fail to unite with the Asian culture centering on the Arabian sphere. It is God's providence that God tries to make one culture like the ideal man, one who has fully realized the ideal of creation. This is very important. In here, we can see the historical answer centering on God's providence. This is the historical view.

Then, where is the Western culture going to turn to? The United States? Is it true? No. Where is it going to turn to? The Western culture has to go to Asia. The Christian culture that has taken the spiritual culture of Jesus Christ has to totally unite into one with the Asian empires that could have taken the physical culture of Jesus. And they should have become the ideal unified world before Jesus Christ's death. You should know that this is the purpose of culture that has been developed by God. (80-25)

3. The United States Is The Fruit Of Western Culture

The United States, embodiment of the Western spiritual culture has spread it's culture worldwide. So because of that, you should realize that the United States is the central nation of the second Israel.

Then, where is America going, the country of Christian culture? Going beyond America, in what direction are we going? The American people say that America should be by itself. Today the American congress says that America should be by itself But God's will is to make one between the Western culture and Asian culture.

Then if the Western spiritual culture, namely the Christian culture, a culture based on the mind, bears fruit what is next? It should find a body. It should seek out Jesus Christ's body. Shouldn't it? Yes. Where are we looking for it? Originally, if the Arab sphere became one I said that the Asian cultural sphere is like the body. So, where does the Western culture go? We come to the conclusion that the Western culture should be looking for Jesus Christ's body, which is Asian culture.

Because the Western culture is corrupt, Dr. Toynbee came to the conclusion that there will come the time that Asian culture can control the world. Asia must be interested in the Western culture. Because of that, we should have a strategy to make one culture. The time has come. We can't survive as humanity only. We know that we have no where to go in the world. There is only Asia. Asian people are waiting for the Western physical culture. East and West both hope for that.

It is strange. Why has the Western culture centering on Christian culture received so much material blessing? It is looking for Jesus Christ's body. In seeking something like Jesus Christ's body, where should it go to? Originally, it has to go to Asia, and go to some place to unite into one the West and the East.

Because of that, America should aid Asia. America should know that America should help Asia more than Europe. Until now America has not done that. (80-313)

4. America Should Bring About World Unification Through Asia

Originally, God's will was to unify the world centering on Asia. In order to advance, God's providence came to Rome, and then went around the world and should return to Asia again. Why? It is because Rome got all of the blessing. Rome got the blessing, which was supposed to go to Israel. It is going to Asia, from centering on Rome on the Italian peninsula, it is going to Asia.

The Christian Church should try to make unity with the will which is trying to accomplish God's will centering on Jesus Christ. And then, the Lord of the Second Advent comes to the earth, and connects with physical, and does a liberation campaign throughout the world.

Where is the central nation in East Asia and Asia? It is not Japan, not China and not East Asia. You should know that it is Korea. So, Korea is divided into two like a sacrificial offering. Korea is divided into God's side and Satan's side. Abraham also divided the sacrificial offering. South Korea and North Korea are fighting with each other centering on Panmunjoum, which is on the line to divide North and South Korea. There is only one place, which is Panmunjoum, in the world that God's side and Satan's side hold as their own land. It is like the court where God and Satan fight each other. South and North become one, and if they come back to God's side, the communist world is going to fall down.

America should connect with Asia. Because Jesus Christ died, the Christian Church which is in Asia receives the victory in order to solve the resentment of Jesus Christ. If Korea doesn't get victory, the Christian Church in Asia will become totally corrupt. God will kick it out of Asia. Who has responsibility for that? It is America. All of the Christian Churches in Asia will come under Satanic dominion at the moment that America gives up Korea. Next, God will be kicked out of Asia also. if so, America will totally perish. Before Korea perishes America will perish first. Do you know what I say? You should know that God will punish America first. You should know this.

Because the political situation came to this point, God sent Rev. Moon to the earth. Because Asia should be stronger, Rev. Moon came to America and created a movement to make a foundation for Asia, binding together America young people. The America government ignored that Rev. Moon was preparing to connect to Asia and they were opposed to Rev. Moon. Is your mind in Asia? Yes. You should establish some condition to fulfill the responsibility that the American government did not. If Asia yields to Communism, we should restore Asia again by binding together young members of the Unification Church. (92-176)

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