Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. The Second World War

1. The Providential Perspective On Each Nation

Through the fall, God, Adam and Eve became enemies. Adam and Eve became enemies and Cain and Abel became enemies -- father, mother, and children, all became enemies. When the realm of each of these enemies expanded, they produced the same fruit. What eventually happened was that an Adam nation as well as an Eve nation, and an archangelic nation appeared in the satanic world,. In opposition to them were the Adam nation, as well as an Eve nation, and an archangelic nation on God's side. Those two camps fought each other on a world-level conflict during the Second World War as the Axis Powers and the Allied Powers.

The Axis powers on the satanic side initiated that war. Japan, who was the satanic Eve nation, occupied the Orient, specifically Korea. The idea of the Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere developed, preceding God's ideal, as a challenge to God's original ideal by the satanic side. Japan's Shinto religion recognizes the "eight million deities," but the founding deity of this Eve nation is Amaterasu-Ominokami, a female deity.

On God's side, England was the Eve nation. America was born from England, so America is a child of Eve, and in a position to follow her. But it is not wise for America to follow England all the time. An example was the war in the Falkland Islands. America should not have supported England. In the future she must stand up as the Adam nation centered upon the heavenly standard.

In World War II, the restored Eve nation was England and the restored archangelic. nation was France. On the satanic side there was the Adam nation of Germany, the Eve nation of Japan, and the archangelic nation of Italy. Together the three of them formed a four, position foundation centered upon Satan's ideal, who put himself in the highest position. While on the heavenly side the Allies formed a four-position foundation centered on God. The Second World War was the decisive battle on the world level. After the heavenly side gained the victory, the satanic World could be returned to the heavenly side. Finally, on the satanic side communism came to exist on the world level.

In the Second World War, the Allied nations of United States, England and France were in the position of Adam, Eve and Archangel respectively. On the other hand, the Axis nations of Germany, Japan and Italy were in the position of Adam, Eve and Archangel. Why are Japan and Italy Eve nations? Because they are island nations. The island nations are always longing for a subject and thus are in the object position to the continent.

England gave birth to the United States. Therefore the United States is in the position of the son to England. This foreshadows that at the Second Coming, the Messiah would come through the body of woman. The mistake of Adam, Eve and Archangel caused the fall. Therefore we have to indemnify the fall by the law of indemnity. The Second World War took place to fulfill the indemnity.

2. The Mission Of England As Eve Nation

Why has England experienced a Renaissance and received many blessings in recent history? I would like to explain the reason. England had many colonies throughout the world. It is common sense that, occupying many nations is not an acceptable action. However, England did a great service for Christianity. She promoted the teaching of Jesus. She provided a great blessing to each colony nation. It was God's strategy to bring His message through the expansion of England's colonies.

How did the western culture develop by going through the peninsula city of Rome to eventually bear fruit in England? Is that mysterious to you? An island nation is longing for the continent. We can regard the continent and the island as a man and a woman respectively. God's providence of restoration is to establish the realm of an ideal bride. In other words, God has been looking for one woman. This is the reason that a Christian nation should be established in God's providence. That nation was to be England. This is the very reason she was blessed.

Many people say that the Queens of England governed well in history. Do you know why England was the victorious nation for the First and Second World Wars? England took all the responsibility because of her position as mother. Therefore the mother nation should appear and overcome the satanic world in the final conflict. England is in the position of the mother nation.

Germany was the enemy nation through the First and Second World Wars and she will be in the position of enemy in the Third World War too. Communism is Marxism and Germanism. The mission of the mother nation is to expel Satan in the last days. Then the base of heaven can be established.

England gave birth to the United States as the elder son. Therefore England must unite with the United States. England should influence the United States. When the son is about to make a mistake, the mother should be able to control him and stop him. Eve, in the position of mother fell first and Cain, the son, committed sin later. In order to restore this, mother and son should unite and overcome Satan. (54-128)

England was one of the victorious nations in the First World War. God protected the nation because she had good faith and was righteous. Germany had confidence to defeat the Allied nations and thus attacked them. However Germany was defeated by England. The evil side always attacks first but eventually they are defeated. Whenever you have good faith in God, no power can win over you. In the Second World War, Hitler believed that his nation could defeat all nations and attacked them first. But he was defeated because England had great faith in God. You should know that if you have good faith in God then you can win over all kinds of conflict. Fortunately, England never attacked first. This is the reason that God had to protect her.

Even today Germany has the confidence to control the European nations. However, the Russian communist party sees the democratic world as her prey and is attacking it. If Germany and Russia could unite, it would create a big problem for England. What is the situation of England now? Her government will not accept communism. English people based on the conservative party can not unite with communism.

In the midst of the cooperation between the United States and China, God should protect England. God had a great hope for England. The mother should always overcome all kinds of conflict. If she does overcome, England, in the mother position, will not perish. However she should not become a nation that embraces communist thought. Only when she binds with the Christian thought which is God's thought, she will never perish. (54-124)

3. The United States And The Second World War

The United States, centered on Christianity was in the position to lead the world to be one nation right after the Second World War. (167-67)

The United States has been the key nation to embrace the whole world since the Second World War. The United States had been the key nation to bring the victory in the First and Second World Wars. England was not in the key position at that time. What had to be done by the United States? The Axis nations of Germany and Japan were in the position of Satan because they killed many Christians and Jews. Under Japan's persecution, many Korean Christians were killed.

The United States should have taken control of all the colonies which the Axis nation had controlled. Each and every piece of land should have been controlled by the United States. However, the United States couldn't fulfill the mission. Nations such as Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Albania, which Germany had controlled, should not have been yielded to Russia. The United States should have led these nations. Why was Germany divided into East and West? Every nation should have been governed by the United States. At that time The United States should have much more aggressively negotiated these matters with Russia, because Russia became involved in the war in the middle, not from the beginning.

The United States didn't fulfill her mission. If the United States had fulfilled her mission at that time, the communists wouldn't find any land to advance on. Many of God's young people were sacrificed for God's providence to expand God's land and find God's people. However it was never realized.

The division of Germany and Korea is the big mistake of the United States. The enemy will take all kinds of benefits from the mistake of the United States. The biggest beneficiary was the communists after the war because of the failure of the United States. Germany and Japan have been growing fast since the war. In previous history, the defeated nations never prospered.

The enemy nations are blessed, but the United States is retreating from Europe and Asia. She didn't fulfill her own mission from the perspective of God. Therefore the nation is perishing now. Christianity is perishing because it didn't fulfill its mission. Christianity and the United States should have united and expelled communism. (54-160)

What were the mistakes of the United States and England at the time of invasion of Russia into Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia? The free nations couldn't support the nations oppressed by Russia. If they had supported the oppressed nations, they would have strong bonds with Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and Rumania against Russia. At that time Yugoslavia was against Russia's policies, and freedom activities occurred in Rumania and Czechoslovakia. Because of the United States' silence, she lost the East European nations. Russia mobilized the army to control the Balkan areas for its future purposes. (54-160)

4. The United State's Responsibility And The Division Of Germany And Korea

The Allied nations brought victory in the First World War because of the key role of the United States. Because of the United States, England and France were the victorious nations too. In the Second World War, Eisenhower's Normandy invasion brought victory in the war. The United States had responsibility to manage the world which was against the democratic world. The United States had a good chance to manage the nations which Germany and Japan had controlled, including China and Korea. Then the United States could go forward to embrace the whole world. Was that possible or not ? "Yes, it was possible."

The Allied nations shouldn't have had any negotiations with Russia. They had to stop Russia's expansion to the East European nations. The United States should have exercised its major power to stop Russia's expansion. The failure of the United States caused the division of Germany, Korea and China. Russia didn't do anything to cause the division. The 38th parallel also is the product of the failure of the United States. She had the power to manage the whole situation of the world at that time.

The United States had the responsibility to build a strong UN centered on her own authority and stop the advance of Russia's sphere of influence throughout the world. However, the United States lost a great opportunity which God had prepared.

Then, Truman should have listened to MacArthur's suggestion which was to attack the mainland of China and then stop Russia's expansion. But he did not and thus lost a good opportunity. The United States could have governed the colonies which were controlled by England and France, China, and even all Asian nations. Two thirds of the whole world could have been governed by the United States.

She had a great opportunity in which she could have governed the whole world. This opportunity was the providence of God. (80-249)

The division of Korea was the failure of the United States. At the conference of Potsdam, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin brought about the division of Korea. However this division was the result of a big mistake made by the United States because she had the authority which came from the victory of the Second World War. (67-152)

The whole world would have had a chance to build one nation. The failure of the United States and Christianity have brought about the division of Korea. In 1948, the two Koreas established their own governments in the positions of Cain and Abel. Consequently, the world was divided into the democratic and communist world. The democratic world, centered on the Christian thought, built the Abel-type individual, family, nation and world. On the other hand, the communist world built their own Cain-type individual, family, nation and the world.

In the democratic world, whenever they are in conflict with each other, they divided by the number 12 such as 12 tribes and 12 brothers. This kind of phenomena came from the division and conflict of Christianity. (1986.1.1)

The United States failure brought the division of Korea and the fall of the world. This is the reason we have to go the indemnity course. To restore the free world and stop the expansion of the communism, we have to pay the indemnity. (1981.2.10)

5. The Mission Of The United States And The United Nations

In fact, the United States couldn't recognize her mission and she did whatever she wanted to do. She did many things for her own sake. She thought the world existed for her sake and that democracy existed also for her sake. She didn't act like a God-centered nation. The will of God is to save the United States for the world. The United States was the key founding member for the UN, but she has made the UN a dysfunctional organization now. The Communists nations occupy the UN today. The enemies took all the blessings which God's nation should have taken. God's side lost Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. When the United States retreated from the Vietnam War, God was very sad. When God looked at this situation, He could not be happy. No one can trust and admire the United States anymore, because she moves only for the sake of herself.

No one believes that the United States fulfilled her own mission for the world. If Germany, France and Italy had become communist nations, the people of those nations as well as the people of Asia would blame the failure on the United States. She would be the enemy nation of the world including the communist regime. Eventually she would perish. If the people of the United States do not awaken themselves, the nation will soon perish. Look at the situation of the relationship between the Philippines and the United States and the matter of the Thailand airport. These nations have hostility toward the United States. God trusted the United States and gave her all authority to have dominion over the world. However, she didn't fulfill the mission and may perish. The nation will receive God's judgment through social problems such as broken families, immorality and drugs. This is the reason that the communists are saying "America is our bait." The people of America should not be proud of themselves. They are in a very shameful position now. (80-25 1)

Within 60 years, from 1917 to 1977, the communist nations have occupied over one-third of the world. As you know the number "6" is the number of Satan. The communist nations will take two-thirds of the world in the last days. The time will come that everyone will say that "the democratic world is perishing now." Today is the time of last days. In the UN, the United States, Korea and Israel are in a lonely situation. Everybody else is on the side of the communists. What is the United States' mission at this point? She must not unite with the satanic world but the spirit world. She must reconstruct the system of the democratic world. God's will for the United States is: get rid of the communist nations in the UN and reorganize the UN. The United States must make that determination right now.

If the Christian world unites, the communists can't stand anywhere in the world. Therefore, there should be a Christian UN, centered on the United States. She must understand that Christianity in the nation has a big responsibility to bring the unity of world Christianity.

In the Christian UN, they discuss the conflict of the world and God's providence for the world. At the same time they work for world peace. The spirit of a Christian UN would be love and sacrifice for the sake of God and fellow man. It should be the place where the hope of humanity is fulfilled. They would not discuss war, rather they would research the way of humankind's well-being.

If the Christian UN had been established earlier, there would be no place the communists could stand in this world. Even though the communists started in Siberia, they would disappear before they could expand their thought to the world. However, the Christian leaders and the United States couldn't fulfill the mission. This is the reason the people of the world have a fear toward the communists in today's world.

The unity of the Christian world will save Christianity and the United States which was founded in the spirit of Christianity. When the United States is saved, Rev. Moon will save the world. The United States should be the foundation to save the world. (1986.6.6)

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