Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. God's Will For Korea's Future

1. The Korean People And Their Suffering History

The Jews overcame the sacrifice of over 6 million people with the thought of being the chosen people. Therefore, they reconstructed their spirit and land. Even the Korean people went through the same suffering course, they didn't have the same thought. Who will lead the Korean people to be proud before God like the Jews? How can God recognize the Korean people like the Jews? How can the Korean people make God to remember them like the Jews? These things are very important issues.

That why the Korean people need to have thoughts like the Jews had. Even though we didn't have ideals like the Jews. Our ancestors had the hope to have the ideal which would become the chosen people's thought and save the suffering world. They also had the hope to have a great power to overcome the world. They had a strong faith through their long history that the hope will bear fruit in the near future.

We should inherit the ancestors' hope and strive for the sake of the goal with tears and our ancestors' sufferings. We have to walk through the same path our ancestors walked. We should overcome any kind of suffering we are faced with. Therefore, even if the Koreans never understand me, I will overcome any difficulties. If they oppose me, I will not complain to anyone, and I will go forward with God's direction. Until today, I have been going through all kinds of suffering for the sake of Korea. (109-227)

2. Korea's Dramatic History

Korea has become the victim of the democratic world and the communist world. If we refer to communism as the red dragon and the democratic world as the white dragon, the situation on the Korean peninsula is such that the red dragon is biting at North Korea, and the white dragon is biting at South Korea. If the red dragon and white dragon bite and cut them, on that day the destiny of the people will be destroyed; but if the red dragon and white dragon don't cut, a new problem will arise.

If our country can build the position and authority as an independent, sovereign nation and overcome communism and democracy's conflicting decisive battle of confrontation, which is the reality of today's world with the existence of both democracy and communism in Korea, then we can become the nation that can enter into a new era of world history, and the nation that will lead the world to establish a new culture.

Right now, world affairs centering on the Korean people are such that the two opposing camps of democracy and communism are engaged in a tug of war. If we take one step in the wrong direction, then its a communist world, and if we move even one step in the other, it's a democratic world. Korea is the only place in the world where you get goose bumps every morning and night-no, every hour-from this kind of dramatic situation, north and south standing face-to-face.

There is Russia on the North, China on the West, and Japan on the East around the Korean peninsula. This is the situation from Korea in the perspective of geopolitics. The nations of the West and North need the Korean peninsula to invade the South. Japan needed the peninsula to invade the North. Therefore, the Korean people suffered throughout the history. Do the Korean people have to suffer forever? Will they overcome all kinds of suffering and build a strong nation? If we want the second idea, who will support and lead us? We can't receive full support from Japan, China, and Russia. Korea should unite with God's will and go forward with His spirit and power. This is only the way to lead the Korean people to overcome all sufferings and build a great nation. There is no other way to save the people of Korea except through a God-centered ideology which transcends the national boundary and builds the God-centered nation. Therefore I have been investing all my heart to establish the unified religious system, through the democratic world centered on Christianity. (109-230)

3. A New Religion Must Appear To Overcome Communism

Do you know what I have done so far? I am the one who created a movement to ensure the survival of the Korean people, as well as, the survival of the people of the world. For the people of the world to survive, we need the capability and power to completely overcome communism. This means also to lead the United States' strategy in overcoming communism. While world communism has influenced one. third of the globe; we must awaken her before being overcome completely by communism. This is our mission. The democratic world cannot overcome communism through its present strategy.

Therefore, today's world needs a new ideology which can crush communist thought. Do you think that the democratic world of today can do this? We cannot deny that the corruption of Christian thought over two millennia caused the rise of communism. Therefore, democracy, which was based on Christianity, has lost its power to control the communist ideology. Communism arose in many countries that were formerly Christian. That's where it became rooted and developed.

Consequently, we need to have a new religion to initiate the unity of Christianity and provide a new thought for humankind. In other words, this world must have a new religion that unites all religions including those within Christianity. This new ideology must digest even communism. This new religion must appear in order to save this world. We are in the middle position and must clear up the confusion between democracy and communism. Without the democratic foundation, we cannot build the total victory to make a democratic united nation of Korea. The people of Korea absolutely need this new religion that would overtake communism based on the thought of this new ideology. I believe this is the only way to save all people for God's purpose. (109-229)

4. What The Korean People Have To Do

When we look back at the past history, what is it that the Korean people have to do from today? Today as we approach the time when both Heavenly fortune and a worldwide foundation of love is necessary, we must bequeath a traditional ideal to the world.

From the number of Science Conferences we have been holding, I know many distinguished scholars who have developed an affinity with me. They are consistently trying to cooperate with me. If I make a national university in Korea and if I could only call together all those world scholars who, because of their affinity, desire to stop by Korea, then I am certain that a splendid cultural flower that can lead the world will bloom in Korea.

As you know, I have held Science Conferences for over ten years with the theme Absolute Value, and I have invested enormous amounts of money. This is not because I do not know the value of money. It is for the sake of the people's eternally prosperous future. It is for humankind's eternal liberation and peace.

The day that we can dissolve all resentment from the misfortunes and numerous trials of the people, Korea will become the training ground for the construction of the new world. Centering on Korea, people will fly the flag of God's victory high and stand honorably in front of the world. I have been spreading this movement for the day that the world's people will come together and equip themselves with one God-centered principle, and for the day that the newly unified Christian culture can begin in the world.

I am certain that the day will come when communism will be completely eliminated from the face of the earth; then we will celebrate God's sovereignty of goodness and under that, the people's liberation. It is with this conviction that I volunteered and walked the path that no one understood.

The Israelites, even through a history of tearful trials, were able to endure through German persecution because they had the ideology of the chosen people. But what can Korea carry in order to stand on the world stage? During this time centering on the Science Conferences, I have advocated Absolute Value. From the 12th Conference, I think we must organize a definite structure and bring about a new cultural revolution. Centering on Absolute Value we must reform the trend of religions and rebuild Christianity's theological organization. Centering on the Absolute Value standard, we have to analyze and examine philosophy and other studies, as well as all forms of culture. This is something that is spreading from Korea as the center. Because of the hope that historically Korea will emerge receiving the applause of the entire world and because I know this situation, even though I received persecution I am running like a crazy person. In other words, it is for Korea, everyone's Fatherland.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not forget about Korea's hardships and what Rev. Moon has spoken about. Therefore, inherit the hopes of tomorrow in the place of your ancestors and pledge that you will become patriotic leaders who can break through difficulties. If you can all do so, Korea will never perish. just as I didn't perish but remain living through the persecution, if the Korean people also persevere and live for the sake of their nation and the world, this nation will never perish.

If that happens Kim Il Sung will no longer be able to work in a few years. If the People's Republic of Korea becomes one with God and obtains the ability to realize independence and unification, Kim 11 Sung can do nothing but pack his bags and run away. The world's Communist bloc will fall away like dead leaves.

The leading ideology of the Unification Church is that the family cannot rest until the nation can rest, and the Unification tribe cannot rest until the nation can rest. Our sorrow is linked to our nation's sorrow. Our family's sorrow is linked with our nation. You must all know this.

Then, what is the path that South Korea must follow? South Korea has an external mission, so it must struggle to revive its economy. To achieve this, what must we do? We must overcome with our internal spiritual problems.

Today the nation is divided into North and South. The 38th parallel boundary is obstructing the path our people must follow. If we think about this, we cannot say it is not a serious problem. We have to break through. However, with the lifestyle and attitude we have lived with since our liberation, we can never break through. This is because as time passes North Korea is watching South Korea, having a strongly established army. In this situation, we need to have stronger spiritual unity and stronger fighting spirit.

The 38th parallel cannot be solved if it is merely the wishes of our nation's people. Our Korea is confronting the communist nation which has come under the system that idealized the powerful Communist ideology and armed itself with it. We cannot push them over without having the ideology which enables spiritual unity and cooperation.

From this perspective, the Korean people are not to take the position of South Korean isolationism. The question is, how does South Korea connect to the various nations of Asia and the world? However, when I think about America, the leader of democracy, retreating from Korea, I think about our Korea facing the tense situation of today.

5. The Way That Koreans Must Go

1) Try to Overcome God's Ordeal

How do you overcome the obstacles? Necessarily, Koreans should love God's Will, or should love the nation. In order to feel that kind of thing, we could not have regular daily life. We should think of the people who are in the miserable situation. When we look it at the centering on God's providence, God is poor. Until now, God has led the providence in the background and has formed the cultural zone of democracy centering on Christianity. But no country could be connected with God's heart. There are a lot countries and groups. There are no countries waiting for God's order. Even though we have no country, our group can have responsibility for God centering on the ideology of a nation or the background of nation. We are the only group to have responsibility for God. God is so poor.

We should have the mind to endlessly blaze up to love God. To die or to live is not an important problem. It is not a problem that I have suffering. We should focus on this world of God's suffering. And we should march on the way that has led to this nation. The thought of patriotism, loving people, and loving God, which are the thoughts of loving heaven, blaze up in our mind endlessly. If we have the power to blaze up, we could overcome any kind of obstacles.

2) Only with God Can Korea Survive

The climax of death is in front of us. So, we should hold on God. We should live with God. We should think that we will perish with God. If we are in that moment, there is resurrection. We have destiny that we should be with God. How can we help them to survive? There should be one movement to lament the crime of 6000 years and to call the Father with raising up two hands. If so, Korea can survive. What kind of people are mobilized here? Today, Christian should accept us.

3) Be a Dedicated Person to Give Royalty in Front of God.

If we look at Korea and the historical background, the people were so miserable. These people were a colony under other people, and were held in contempt from other people. If we look at the historical background, the land of Korea has a lot the historical resentment. Koreans have had the historical grief. There is the spots of miserable blood and miserable tears of patriots. Do you have the mind to settle the grief. Did you cry tears with that kind of mind? We are here as new pioneers in the way of God's revolution. We have bodies to move the blood of pioneers and to move the flesh of pioneers. We should pray to the heaven with the people, and we should console the people.

If you are like that, even though we get a lot persecution today, this nation and mankind need us absolutely. We are missing people who are needed for the nation and the world. We should teach people who don't know about parents and brotherhood.

6. Korea's Misfortune And God's Will

1) Why has God Subjected Korea to Trials?

How can we be victorious in the ordeals that our race must suffer to indemnify all the sins of history? You must pray, "This race was chosen as a clan on the side of goodness for the sake of a new world and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven with a new ideology. Please let us sacrifice to indemnify the sins of history." Why has God let us suffer ordeals for hundreds of years? This is a terrible thing on the surface, but God has made this altar of sacrifice for us in order to give us a blessing. God has been training us.

What shall we do? We must be the priests who work for the restoration of this world. Representing our race, we must repent for our past before God and sacrifice in order to gain redemption. You must be a priest to perform these sacrificial rites.

When your race is being judged, you will be judged. This is heavenly law. When you receive judgment on behalf of your race, don't take it as a personal judgment. Rather, you must think, "I know God's will is to establish this race. Let me take responsibility. I am a sacrificial offering repenting for the past with my left hand and resolving the present with my right hand. Even though I am divided in this way, I am not in the position to be invaded by Satan, because one side is a historical offering, and one side is an offering for the present time. Please take this offering!" You must pray like this, and Satan will give up.

We must establish a rock-solid foundation for the world. We must build it of the strongest kind of rock. On the springboard of this rock, we have to develop and unite through our trials.

When we consider the five thousand years of our history, has it been boring? Since the historical course of Korea has been bloody, we do not like to think about it. This small country has had a very bloody history. We must still suffer much more in the bloody course of history in order to accomplish the will of Heaven.

In any country both loyal subjects and traitorous subjects may thrive. God's side is never the same as Satan's side. God is on the side of the loyal subjects. Even though God has been on the side of the loyal subjects, God's side has been invaded by Satan for thousands of years and He could not claim His authority. God could not proclaim his son, family, clan, race or nation. We can never forget the sad history throughout which God has had to fight with Satan.

When we establish a nation on God's side, it is important that we ourselves stand on the side of God, and that we can be a sacrificial offering at the head of the country. You must understand that God's side has suffered so much and shed so much blood to maintain the side of heaven. The suffering is not over yet. We must shed blood to overcome difficult situations. We are not paying just to appease Satan's desire. We have to risk death and offer bloodshed to relieve God's sorrow.

2) We Must Change Sorrow to Hope

A people who follow a clear purpose will not perish, but become more and more united through long periods of difficulties. We can find examples of this fact throughout history.

For example, even though the Jewish people have suffered intolerable situations, they have never forgotten that they are God's chosen people. Even though they suffered persecution and sorrow wherever they went, they kept moving forward, clinging to hope. The persecution and sorrow did not defeat them, but helped them to unite to overcome their difficulties. Sorrow can be a cause of disappointment, but it can be a cause of gathering inner power. Inner power can accomplish a purpose.

Then, what did the people of Israel wish for? They hoped to experience the thought unifying the heart of the nation and race. They sought after this and kept it in their minds when they died. They left behind the sorrow of not having fulfilled this. They expressed their dying wish to accomplish this. When we see this, we can imagine that the more a race has passed through a sad course of history, the more this race can receive the victorious foundation of world history through that course of history.

From this viewpoint, the race losing its nation was sorrowful, but if its purpose was strong the sorrow was the motivation to receive hope. If the people of Israel had had their nation and had felt sorrow only on the level of the race, that sadness would have someday flowed away.

The more they confronted sorrowful fortune without having a nation, the more they developed the conception of nation and love of their people. Because they faced the sorrow, they pursued a new nation and environment to break down the old practices. You must know that this race will be able to gain victory one day.

If there is a race that does not fall down into despair, but unites and explodes with love for its nation, then we must think that this race has the power to move world history.

3) The Nation of Korea and the Will of God

Looking back on the past, the history of Korea progressed through plots, confrontation, fighting and veiled enmity. We have not had a time of forgiving, understanding and loving each other sincerely. Do you know why the Koreans, with their long history and cultural traditions, have spent their history in confrontation and conflict? It is because it is the secret heavenly principle that in the Last Days Korea has to finish the fight and confrontation between Cain and Abel on the world level. Accordingly, now is the time to bring an end to this stage of God's providence unfolding in Korea. But if we who are Cain and Abel cannot establish the national sphere of Abel, this race is more miserable than the Jews. You must keep this in mind.

Now the fortune of world history is progressing centering around this race. The division of Korea was the blessing of God to make this race be the leader of the world. The division of Korea was a trial from God to make this race be the model for the world. As a result, God established North and South Korea, and demonstrated God's will through the Unification Church in South Korea.

Because I knew this, I was fighting at the head of the Unification Church. I did not fight for the Unification Church, I fought for the future of Korea, for you, and for the Korean people. I fought to make the foundation for the chosen race to fulfill its responsibility. Whose will is this? This is God's and Jesus' will.

Korea is the third Israel, which is inheriting the providential responsibility which Israel and the second Israel, Christianity, did not accomplish. God's providence must be accomplished in Korea. All civilizations must bear fruit on the Korean peninsula. We must be the standard to make one world centering on God. The new epoch of the Adamic cultural sphere must be established.

God established a trunk in history and has worked to create the horizontal environment throughout history's course. God has been seeking a person, family, clan, race, nation and world, that can be this sprout. Korea must stand in the position of the sprout and must experience all hardships. Even though the sprout (trunk) stands in the position to have to receive all kinds of hardship from its branches at the same time, it must be able to advance, surmounting them all. In this way, we must also be able to overcome the trials that the world sends us.

7. Korea Must Live For The Sake Of The World

From the viewpoint of God's will, Korea was chosen by God and Korea is the center of the providence. Korea must demonstrate a model of life for the sake of others. Korea has the providential responsibility to sort out and cleanse the spiritual causes of providential history and the merits and demerits of history. Although Korea has a good character and culture, it has walked a path of ordeals unparalleled in history. Korea must be understood from this viewpoint.

The trials of our race are providential and are not for Korea itself. God expects us to overcome these. The meeting of east and west, south and north, and the confrontation of spirit and matter, of atheism and theism happen and are whirling around the Korean peninsula. It looks like the struggle of a mother who is giving birth to a child. We cannot solve the difficulties of a nation and race by separating from God's providence. The problems may be solved in the relation to the world. Now we must realize God's will, and follow the person God has sent to guide the world in matters of the realm of the spirit, and overcome human suffering.

The foundation for myself and the Unification Church has been made by thoroughly serving God's will. This foundation is the victory gained through overcoming the historical persecution of Judaism and Christianity, and the misunderstanding between the West and the Orient. If Koreans live for the sake of others, then on the foundation of my victory for the world God will give us more blessing than America. Korea will not only surmount its trials but also be the center of truth, love and peace. God's love for Korea is not only for Korea. As Korea serves the world, we can bear the fruits of blessing from God.

Where can we receive God's love? We receive love in the center of the world which is the foundation for the realm of the victory of Israel. So the Unification Church is waiting for the establishment of Israel. Because this establishment is not for Korea but for the world.

It is not "the world for Korea," but "Korea for the world." Do you understand me? You must stand in that position. If we are Korea for the world, we must give something first. We can make the foundation by receiving something after giving. This is the principle of give and take. Likewise, what happens when we give out for the sake of the nation and the nation receives that? We can turn back. To where can we return? To God's nation. We go back to the position of Cain and Abel. So we must give the world something centering around Korea.

God wants that we Koreans establish the condition of indemnity for the individual, family, clan, race, nation, world and cosmos. God has given our people the responsibility to bring salvation to the world.

We are given this responsibility by God and we have the ability to fulfill this. What can we do? We must shed tears centering on God's heart. We must make a foundation of indemnity that can achieve a universal and historical turning point.

If you are living for God, if you really know God and are certain of your relationship with Him, if you were born and live for His sake, you must not complain. Why? We must accomplish the restoration of the world. So the problem is in the world. It is not important whether I die or some Unification Church members die. If God can bring salvation to the world through Korea perishing, God will rescue the world by the way of that sacrificial offering. The world comes first.

To do this, the Korean people should unite as quickly as possible, and North and South Korea must become one. Through this, therefore, Korea must be a sacrificial offering in front of God. If the world receives redemption and salvation through Korea, Korea will not perish. Korea will prosper with the redeemed world's prosperity. If the people of the country which can receive redemption and those of the country that works hard for that purpose become one, the country that works hard can become the central nation. There will be no sorrow in that place.

In the event that the Korean race chosen by God supports God's will, the Korean race will simply achieve the great work of world restoration. If the Korean people are united, world restoration will be achieved easily. I have the mission to take that responsibility and to lead the Unification Church's development in accordance with this destiny. You should realize this and you must devote yourselves completely to keeping in step with this.

What is the one way to thrive? You should stand in the position to be united with God centering on the direction of God's providence. We must be the race that can get hurt in place of the world by bearing the world's every sorrow, and that can step forward, even entering the jaws of death, by taking responsibility for the sorrows of the world. Thus, even though the race has no land on which to live, and will be scattered throughout the world, as long as the ideology left by this people remains in existence, through that thought heavenly fortune will move to solve world problems. Do you understand? [Yes].

Please don't be proud of our people's culture. Don't be proud of the authority of the world-level Christian nation at this time. If this race can't take responsibility for the world of sorrow coming soon, it will lose its sovereignty and hope. But though the people are in a miserable position, unable to maintain their sovereignty, they will meet the realm of victory if they have the national character that can be boldly and powerfully responsible of the sorrow of the world. individuals, families, tribes, races, nations and the world are waiting for such a world of victory. So don't be discouraged, and fight to the end.

Though being lonely priests or leading sad and sorrowful lives being chased as a wandering clan, this race should be responsible for the coming world of sorrow. And then its people will be blessed forever by God. Eventually they will take dominion over the world. To be of this race, you must abandon racial culture and racial sovereignty. It is good to lose these. To conquer the world, you must break off relations with something narrow. If a group has this point of view, that group will meet the determining time one day.

We should know what we are shouldering. What we are carrying must liberate race and Asia. It must liberate Korea and America in front of God's will. This is what we have to do. We may do the rest later. First of all, we must solve the extraordinary sorrow of God.

A race should appear that will reverse all historical wrongs. We should make everything right.

8. The Race Must Deliver Love

We must become the BaeDal race [BaeDal is the earliest name for the Korean people]. What does BaeDal mean? The BaeDal race is a delivery race. (laughter). [BaeDal is also the Korean word for "deliver"]

When you wait for your lover who is far away, who gives you news of your lover? Who delivers the letters from your lover? [The postman]. The postman delivers the letters. Are you pleased when you receive those letters? [Yes].

Have you ever treated the postman well? You have waited until your eyes popped out for the letter, and then if you received the letter from the postman, did you just return home without giving him some lunch, even though it is lunch time? Postmen are pitiable. Although they deliver pleasant news to many people, nobody gives him a tip. Please raise your hand if you have ever treated a postman well just once. Nobody treats these poor people well.

God gave the Unification Church the responsibility to be a postman. Will you become the delivery men who bring pleasant news in every house? When it is very hot, does the postman with sweat running down him ask for some water? The delivery man is always despised.

The Korean race is the delivery man. Namely the Unification Church is the delivery man. We must be the delivery men of love. Let's be a delivery race giving God's love to the world. How wonderful this is! What kind of race? The BaeDal race.

And then, what does it mean to be the white-clad race? When we hold a funeral, we wear white clothes. (laughter). White clothes are used as a distinguishing mark. Can something red or yellow stand out on a dark night? Only the color white can stand out. Only the color white can stand out in this dark world.

Thus, only the white-clad folk, who are centering on God's love, can be distinguishable in this dark world. I have been working on this centered on the Unification Church.

9. The Korean People Must Pioneer The Way Of The Cross

Today we Koreans are in the valley of skeletons. We must pour the oil and water of life on this valley. We must make the valley revive. Do you feel this?

Why is Korea facing this terrible whirlpool? Why is Korea so miserable? It is not until the Koreans take off their old clothes that they can wear the new clothes. They cannot take off their old clothes in the heavenly world. After they take off their old clothes in the evil world, because those clothes are the ones of the evil world, they must go forward to the new world. If they create a path for the race to go on, that race will bring brightness to the world.

We are a people who are silently fighting a war. We are silently pioneering the castle of the future. If we avoid this position, our ancestors will sigh and the thirty million Koreans and their descendants will suffer tens or hundreds of times more greatly. So we must take this responsibility. Don't cry by yourself even if you cry. Jesus shed many tears. He cried longing for his family, his people and the world. "The foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head." (Matt. 8:20) When we think about these words of Jesus, we can understand He was so miserable. Why did the Messiah endure such miserable circumstances? What could Jesus receive on the basis of God's suffering of four thousand years? If a person experiences Jesus' heart, appeals for the restoration of the lost heaven and is devoted to God's will, we must attend that person as Abel.

God cannot leave the chosen race because God always stays with the chosen who must pioneer the road of cross. We must follow this way because God chose us. We cannot return to our hometown because we have to go this way. After we complete this way, what shall we do? We must chase out these miserable circumstances and banish the bitter way of the cross forever from this people. We must do our utmost to usher in the day of accomplishment of God's will. (13-270)

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