Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. The People That Will Guide Mankind

1. Which People Can Guide Mankind In The Last Days?

Who is coming as the Messiah in the future? What country is he coming from? Is he the pilot of an airplane? Is he an astronaut who has been to the moon? There are such people, but they are not qualified to guide mankind. Will the Messiah be a famous scholar? No. The Messiah is a religious leader. God will find a religious leader who can transcend race and culture. Rich people and people from highly developed cultures do not like to suffer. They refuse to take the suffering path. I have employed many American people. If it is time to go home, they stop working.

Korean people work hard, even though it is time to go home, if the work they are responsible for is not completed. The rich want to be comfortable. They like easy work and do not like to experience difficulties. When you climb a mountain, it is very difficult to get to the top. People who love climbing, who like taking the difficult path, are all very strong and enduring. They are harsh and tough people. Why are you laughing? They are the most thick-skinned, tough people in the world. They are the strongest and most tenacious people in the world. They are a homogeneous people.

A guide must have a constant, unchanging mind. He must always speak and act with confidence. He can never allow his mind to waver as the situation changes. An unchanging people is one that can hope to guide mankind in the future.

2. The Strongest And Most Enduring People

Which race is the strongest and most enduring among the peoples of the world? It is not a Western country that I am thinking of. Which race is the representative of the world's people? This race originated from having to endure, and they have an ideology of endurance. This race must maintain its unique ideology of tenacity, and not allow anyone to deprive them of it. Also they have to maintain their traditions. The Jewish people are such a race. Also the Christians. It is strange to speak of "the Christian race." Have you ever heard this term? [No] The Christian race is the group assembled centering around Christianity. A group which has a religious ideology as its center is very tenacious. After they have heard such an ideology, such a race should go forward even in the face of death, to accomplish God's will. This race must be certain of its path, and believe in the protection of God. Without this, even though a man may be very strong, he will not have the independent power to climb

The end of the year is coming soon. If you have a plan to do something in early January, can you confidently say at the end of December, "I finished my work according to plan, and have done so successfully!"? Many situations can arise in the course of a single year, so even if a man is strong it does not mean that by himself he will have the ability to overcome the difficulties of each situation, which may result from the changes in the nation or in the world. This is life. Do you agree with me? [Yes] In order to overcome difficulties and survive, a man has to have a unique kind of thought. What kind of thought is this? Is it philosophy? No. It is a religious ideology. A religious ideology is the most fearful kind of thought. This world needs to travel the course of a race with a religious ideology, and also find the path that leads to the future by digesting the past and the present. Christianity has followed a historical course. Following Christianity, a different religion will appear. Buddhism, and Confucianism also have long histories, and the Jewish people have experienced many things during their course of thousands of years. After the Jewish people, the next race is the Korean race. I am not sure whether Korea has a strongly established religious ideology or not.

Which race should be the guiding race? The guide must be a race that centers itself on an ideology of worshipping heaven. It must be a race which feels they have a unique mission for God-in Asia. This race must be a homogeneous people, because any mixed race is not pure.

3. The Jewish People Were Chosen As The Guiding People

The Jewish people are a single people, with a long history, which has not perished despite suffering many difficulties around the world throughout history. The Jews were without a nation of their own for two thousand years and have been trampled under the feet of many countries, despised and slaughtered. But in spite of all these difficulties, they have survived with gusto, maintaining their unique traditions and ideology. But the Jewish people have a lot of resentment.

The Jewish people have always held to the thought that the more they were oppressed, the more they needed money and knowledge.

So the Jewish people have made their children study, even if it meant living like beggars. They needed to earn as much money as possible. They think that the keys to power are money and knowledge. With this motivation, the Jewish people have been able to work together for their common purpose. I don't think the Jewish people are exceptionally intelligent. We can see lots of Jewish people in New York. Their faces don't look any more intelligent than anyone else's. Their faces are not particularly handsome.

Did God cause the Jews to suffer to punish them, or was God training them to be the race that can endure difficulties? If God made the Jews suffer out of His love, the race that has suffered for a long time will be blessed and will dominate this world. This is the conclusion. Do you understand this? [Yes]

In thinking about God's Will, God established the chosen people not only to give them the responsibility, but to give them special dignity. The chosen people are chosen as the race that should lead the world. After this is accomplished, God can give the whole world the same position of honor. What are the characteristics of the chosen people? They must have the independent ability to embrace all of humankind. If they do not have this, they cannot digest the whole world.

4. The Homogeneous Korean People

Look at the Korean people. Originally, Korea occupied a broad area of land including the northern parts of China. But today Korea covers only the southern part of the Korean peninsula. Korea seems to be waiting to ask for help. When China struck out at Korea, Korea cried "Help us." Korea could have perished during its long history. But they have survived for five thousand years holding onto the edge of the Asian continent.

Let's think about this. The land of Korea is created perfectly to welcome ships from foreign countries. When ships from other countries come into the region and tie up, we are happy to see them. What is this land of Korea? I think a peninsula is better than the continent for tying up to. Also, as Korea is divided at the 38th parallel, if we make a levee there, we will not slip back. We will not be slid out of place by a typhoon. I have to think positively like this.

Koreans take great pride in their long history. But look at that history! What can they boast of? They have just lived in humble houses for five thousand years. What were they doing while the Americans and the Russians were making the space shuttle? I would like to hit the Korean ancestors and educate them. What were they doing for five thousand years? They did not accomplish anything.

The Koreans have a special ideology, however. They loved God. This is different. They like spiritual things especially. Because of this, shamans have great influence in Korean society. Koreans are interested in the future. They are grieving about their misfortunes now because they are suffering under miserable conditions. They are depending on luck. They like fortune-telling. What do you think?

Koreans are very tenacious. Do you understand? [Yes] The Koreans have been more enduring than the Jewish people throughout history. If Korea were invaded by communists, and the Korean people were scattered abroad, what would happen? Koreans believe that although Korea does not have its own ideology to offer to the world now, they will dominate the world in the 25th or 30th century. That is what I think.

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