Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Nation Of Korea

1. The Korean People

Take a good look at the Korean peninsula in Asia; it is very beautiful. However, I feet really bad about the small geographical size. If big countries had thought of our country being so small, like a mole on their face, and tried to take it out of their face, our country would have been gone a long time ago. However, we have persisted and still have a seed even today, after the 5,000 years of long history. We have not become an antique found in museums, but we still have history and culture today.

But, why could many countries could take over such a small country, Korea? That's because Korean people are very smart. Hence, we still have survived until today. I think of it this way. Of course, we have encountered many moments of invasion. Whenever there were other countries' invasions, we have done every thing just trying to survive. Hence, Korean people have become everybody's friend. Therefore, we could not spare time to decorate our own country.

These days, young Koreans think that they must to go to America in order to succeed. However, it is not true. A country like America is very cold with no heart. You must know that. America is a rich country, but she does not know how to use money without any plan. They all use money based on computer data. Not even one penny is wasted. Do you understand? America is such a society.

This is the most common evaluation of Koreans who emigrate in America. Their conclusion is, "If I had worked as much as I did in America, I would have become rich." This means, because every company has very detailed departments, if one works in that specific field, he must become a perfect part of the company for eight hours. Do you understand? If you do not act like a part, they will kick you out. (85-80)

2. The Characteristics Of The Korean Race

1) People in White Who Love Peace

The Korean people are white-clad folk who love peace. Korea has never invaded another country. It is a miracle that this peace-loving people has survived its unique 5,000-year history. It was only possible with the protection of God. To use common parlance, the Korean people have always been backed by God.

Many powerful countries have invaded and conquered Korea during its 5,000-year history; however, they were never able to fully dominate the country and its people. After attempting to swallow Korea, these invading countries were forced to eventually give up. What power made this possible? It was the power of God! Who brought the Liberation of August 15 to Korea? God did. Who stopped the invasion of the Communists during the Korean War? It was God. If President Truman had waited three more days to provide American help to Korea, then South Korea would have been pushed into the sea at Pusan, Sending UN Forces would have been impossible if the Soviet Union had opposed it in the Security Council of the United Nations. Yet, when the Security Council was debating the issue of sending troops to Korea, the USSR delegate was not present. In his absence the proposal was quickly approved. It has been a mystery until today why the USSR was not present. How did this happen? It was God's doing.

Nobody can destroy Korea as long as God is protecting the nation. All powers trying to harm Korea have eventually met disaster. An example of this is one former American congressman who attempted to damage Korea.

What is different about Korea? The Koreans have a foundation of tradition by which they make people who make them happy feel welcome, and treat them as best friends. This is different. If you foreigners go to Korea and gladly meet with the Korean people, from the top to the bottom they will welcome and love you with all of their history, including the past, present and the future. They will do this because of their historical psychological background. Do you understand what I mean?

As a people or a representative nation, they accept suffering even when they are being invaded, and faithfully continue to respect others. This demonstrates the spirit of a representative people during suffering. This spirit is the backdrop to their national character. However, they do not forgive injustice and they are the first to fight injustice. Thanks to this nature, the people of Korea could survive as a homogeneous people caught between great powers.

Who has borne fruit throughout Korean history? A person must emerge and take Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity to the world level to elevate the destructive, aggressive history of the world to a peaceful heaven of unification.

That ideology must establish a peaceful world and gather together all religions, and must connect the earthly world to the heavenly world. Thus, we need the ideal of true love. The foundation of world peace will be established centering on true love connecting earth and heaven. Then the ideology of peace and unification must emerge. This ideology must take the lead and connect the background of the religions and cultures of the earth.

If a representative or a group having such a background is to emerge, who will they be? They must have the tradition of a people, represent the phases of the ages and connect the obligations of the present age as far as the world level; to the obligation of the future. It is Reverend Moon and the Unification Church who can do this work. The truth of the Unification Church is not aggressive. Rather, it is the truth of salvation. Our truth is to elevate to a high level. I'm certain of this fact. The truth must liberate all humankind. The spirit and physical worlds together must liberate God.

Who must do this? The true people representing history must do this. What kind of people are they? They are the people who have a character based on true love. That love is the same in the beginning and in the end in daily life and is the historical basis that allows the people to maintain their ideals. This is different.

When we look at it from this viewpoint, we can see that Koreans have a nature which seeks to work faithfully for world peace, to connect heaven and earth, to liberate heaven and earth from the suffering caused by aggressors, and to establish the Kingdom of Heaven of Love. You should know this.

2) The Country of Loyalty, Filial Devotion and Virtue

What is the situation of Korea today? Korea has a 5,000-year old history, but has succeeded in developing the traditional culture of a pure people. Korea was invaded by powerful countries, but has not lost its characteristics and has developed as a homogeneous people.

Korea has developed through a history of suffering. As loyal subjects, they have protected their country with their blood. When Korea was invaded, women and children together fought the enemy. Korea has the most loyal subjects and patriots in world history. Korea could inherit and develop a shining cultural tradition as a homogeneous people because the heavenly spirit of the loyal subjects and patriots has been successfully handed down.

The faithful subjects and patriots shed blood for their country, setting an example of a history of sacrifice. Today the Unification Church is spreading God's Providence based on the holy tradition of Korea. In particular, I have been concerned about spreading the new tradition of God's nation. Korea has not only the most patriots and loyal subjects, but also the most virtuous women and dutiful sons and daughters. This tradition of faithfulness, filial devotion and virtue will serve to absolutely tie the cultures of East and West together as one.

As this philosophy connects to God's providence by heavenly fortune and establishes the way, God will protect it. Throughout my entire life, I have done my best to connect the Korean tradition to God's providence and to establish it in the center of the world.

Korea has the tradition of loyalty and filial piety. I felt happy to see the dignified appearance of the Korean military when I was invited to see the military parade on Armed Forces Day, May 16. It was very impressive that the soldiers shouted "Loyalty and Filial Devotion" when passing before the reviewing stand. It is a slogan that a nation chosen by God would have. No military in the world has such a slogan. Korea is the first people to make the spirit of loyalty and filial devotion into the central thought of the country: Shim Chung's filial devotion for her poor father, Chun Hyang's fidelity toward her husband, Ryu Kwan Soon's patriotism. The Korean spirit embodies an integrity of loyalty and filial piety unparalleled throughout the ages and nations of the world.

The spirit of loyalty, filial piety and integrity, which stands as straight as the pine or bamboo, will be the central thought and spirit of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that is to be established. We must be loyal to heaven because heaven is God's country. We must offer eternal filial devotion to God because He is the Father of humankind. No matter what tests from God the many peoples of the world may have faced, none has borne greater fruits of loyalty, filial piety and integrity than Korea. That is why God has chosen Korea.

Koreans are an homogeneous people. It is a Korean tradition that the women never marry foreigners. Even when Japan invaded Korea, only a few of the Korean women married Japanese. Korean women believe their chastity is more important than their lives, so they have experienced many hardships throughout history.

To become the chosen people, first the women must experience many difficulties. The people must know greater struggles in life than others, and experience the tragic feelings of a people deprived of their country. Because Korea has been dominated and oppressed by other countries, she is yearning for the protection of Heaven.

When you travel in China at night and knock on a door, the owner of the house will open the door if you are Korean. In the days of the Russian Empire, the Russians opened the door if a Korean came knocking. The Chinese, Japanese and Russians always concealed weapons in their clothing. We know this from what was found on their dead bodies. But Koreans did not carry weapons, they carried only a stone to help them start a fire. The Korean people do not use weapons in this way.

Korea has been influenced by the cultures of Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity. These religions have borne great fruit in Korea.

3) A Great, Unique and Cultured Race

Recently it has been written that Korea influenced Chinese culture. It is said that Korea created the Chinese characters; so we can conclude that the Koreans are a very intelligent people. They have been a race worshipping Heaven and longing for a high-dimensional ideology. They did not like to fight so they moved eastward at first. The Korean peninsula was a good place to live because of its four seasons. Korea was the only good place to live in Asia.

Approximately one million Koreans live in America. Only 130,000 Koreans lived in America 14 or 15 years ago, but today there are close to a million. These one million are trouble-makers in America. They have established businesses in the areas where black people live. Koreans are very adventurous people. Even though they may be starving, they dislike receiving help from the country's welfare system. However hard things are, they accept their circumstances. The Korean people are unique.

Do you know who Genghis Khan was? He conquered a large part of the world, but not Korea. Do you know this fact? Koreans unite when they face difficulties. Because the Communists are in the northern part of the Korean peninsula, South Korea united and developed quickly. The Communists didn't develop.

Recently, America has been worried about Japan, but Japan is worrying about Korea. That is because, well, in all aspects -- diplomacy, temperament, and individually -- they are superior. The Japanese know this well. That is why the Koreans cannot unite together well. Koreans are individually very gifted, so they don't unite; but they can be united through Unification Thought and through Reverend Moon. They can be completely united.

4) The Warm-Hearted Korean Race

When I visited Jerusalem, I felt many different things. Half of the city is covered with sand. There were no plants. When I saw the desert, I realized that Korea is blessed by God.

In Israel the grapevines are not even an arm's length wide. During the day, a third of the grapevine's leaves dry up because of the heat. The leaves are so withered that you can't recognize it as a grapevine. It looks like a different vine. But proportional to how hot it is during the day, the dew collects on the vine during the night and at dawn. The plants are revived by the dew. I felt strongly that the Jews were waiting for the dawn like these plants, and they have prayed enthusiastically to God.

If you look into their eyes you can find deep emotion. Singing with deep emotion is the highest expression of the praying spirit. I realized that a new history began here.

Koreans have the heart of sympathizing with each other. Nobody can see this kind of affection in the world. In America, although the relationship may be between a father and son, they have their own things. For example, after having lunch, they each pay for their own. But Koreans always try to pay for the whole meal even though they may not have a lot of money. When I consider this, I feel that Korea is noble and dignified.

3. Characteristic Of Korean Customs

1) The Korean People Are a People Who Receive Revelations

The Korean language was received through revelation. How can we know this? For example, there is a phrase, "pick and eat somebody" in the Korean vocabulary. This means to have a sexual relationship with someone. These words fit perfectly with the words of the Bible, which describe how man picked and ate of the fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil, resulting in the Fall. Such Korean words are received by revelation. They also say they are "dying" when they are happy and glad to meet someone. They say they are dying because they are so happy. Or "I'm dying because of the hot weather. I'm dying because of starvation. I'm dying because the food is so delicious," and so on. Many Korean expressions include "dying."

They don't fear death because Koreans have been educated to die. Education on how to die is one of the best kinds of teachings. I've given you two examples. Are they good? I'd like to give a few more examples, but I don't have time now.

Let's take a look at food. Western people eat spinach raw. Also, they usually prepare one main dish. But Korean meals exhibit the harmony of male and female principles. The food is salty and hot, and realizes a harmony. The spoon represents God and the chopsticks represent Adam and Eve. They signify a trinity.

The local names of Korea represent the local surroundings or topography. "Crane Village" has many cranes. "Golden Village" has a lot of gold. The names are also given in harmony with male and female principles. What is the name of your hometown? Think about it. If a place has a bad name, the people there try to change the name. The names of the regions are good on the whole. The name of my hometown is not bad: Deokseong-dong, Deoksan-myun in jeongju, right? But Deoksanmyun has been renamed Deokeon-myun.

Koreans are a unique race. They are more interested in culture than people of other nations. They always try to seek out the way to live. Even a congressman visits a fortune-teller to ask about his future. Perhaps every congressman does this. They give weight to the words of the fortune-teller. This may be an extreme example, but in general the Korean people do this.

2) Racial Characteristics and Korean Customs

Korean customs are similar to Jewish customs. When I saw the spirit world, I realized that Korean customs are almost the same as those of the spirit world. The ceremonies having to do with birth, marriage and lifestyle in general are similar to those of the spirit world.

There is always a spoon placed next to the chopsticks on a Korean table. Also, the dishes on the table have a relative relationship of plus and minus. We take foods in harmony with the male and female principles. And the number of dishes is based on the number seven.

Korean food includes three or more spices. We always use red pepper, garlic and onions in our food. We also use sesame seeds. We always use three or four spices. So we like the three-position foundation and the four-position foundation. The Korean weather has a cycle of three cold days and four warm days. It is mysterious. We love the numbers three and four that represent the three-position foundation and the four-position foundation.

Korean civil law forbids marriages between people with the same surname and the same family origin and encourages marrying someone with a different surname. The people love the concept of unification.

The climate is a cycle of three cold days and four warm days. The rainy season, the snow, the cold and warmth follow a regular cycle. I have not found any mountains as beautiful as the Keum Gang Mountains, although I have traveled throughout the world. They are more scenic than the Swiss Alps.

The Korean language is also well developed in terms of hearty expressions and adjectives. There are many expressions for good and evil. There are numerous expressions for colors, too. The vocabulary is one of the most scientific in the world, very detailed and religiously-oriented. Koreans are therefore able to speak any foreign language. If this interpreter is poor in German, he is not pure Korean. Whenever Koreans live in another country for several years, they speak the foreign language well.

Koreans do not like to be dominated. They are very intelligent. They are no less so than the Jews. Thus, the Koreans are called the "Jews of Asia."

Koreans are experts in investing their energy in self-improvement. Many Koreans understand the spirit world and many of them have experiences with the spirit world. They believe in the last days of this world.

In this sense, Korea embraces God's will, I think we can say. If you live in Korea for three years, you will not wish to go back to your country. Recently, many Americans have been living in Korea. When they must go back to America, many of them don't want to, but as they have no choice, they go back.

Also, Korea has clean air. The climate is wonderful The climate of Korea represents the climate of the world. Wherever you drink the water, you do not have stomach trouble.

The Koreans on the whole do not demonstrate strong independence. Americans and Europeans are different. Even the son of a millionaire might not receive his schooling expenses when he is 18 years old. He is ashamed to receive money from his father. This is certainly necessary for his own development and making the base of independence but it is it is a hindrance to inheriting the tradition. It is hard to inherit the unique ideology and patriotism of a country if you are too independent, wanting to set up things centered upon yourself.

3) "The Moon! The Moon! The Bright Moon!. . ."

There is a song "The moon, moon! The bright moon! Lee Tae Baek played on the moon. . . After building a three-room thatched house, I want to bring my parents and be with them for a thousand years. . ." The Korean people never exclude their parents. Why do they build three room thatched houses? They understand the formation, growth and perfection of the heavenly world. They face the suffering road of the three orderly stages, desiring to live in a golden age. I recited a simple poem, but this poem is evidence of the deep love of this race and the ideology of God's elect which can form ties with the natural laws of heaven.

We need a three-room thatched house only as a way of cultivating our religious sense. If someone lives in a three-room thatched house with their parents after completing the cultivation of his moral sense, he is not a son of filial devotion. He must live in that house only until he meets his parents. If his parents come to him, they will give him a blessing because he has suffered in a three-room thatched house. A three-room thatched house is the basis of blessing, but it is not a place to live with one's parents.

And what kind of house must be built? A very big house? We will build the house of God on earth, in heaven and in our minds. But that house is not a three-room thatched one, but a huge mansion -- so we can be with our parents in it forever. Can you do that? [Yes, we can.]

You must be God's warriors. Satan invaded God's ideal many times. We must take revenge for God's tears and mistreatment. We must say, "Satan! You are the enemy of God. God is my father. This earth is mine. You are my servant and enemy." Today there are many religions, but they have not solved this problem. We cannot have peace unless we solve it.

From this point of view, that Korean folk song is amazing; "The moon, the moon! The bright moon! Lee Tae Baek played on the moon. I want to live with my parents forever." How amazing it is to think about living with your parents forever! Our race has insisted on filial piety and respected the virtuous woman and the loyal subject. You have kept the spirit of our people for hundreds of years. Now it is the time to bear the fruits of this spirit. For whom? It is a crucial matter whether we can bear fruit for God or not. Numerous Christians have died for God. We must bear the fruits of their sacrifice.

Never be sad that you are Korean. In the past, you were sad that you were Korean, weren't you? Because Korea was poor, although we might have been proud that Korea has a history of 5,000 years, we were sad to have been born in a three-room thatched house. I don't like to hear the song "The moon, the moon!. . .": Are we really going to live with our parents in a three-room house for a thousand or ten thousand years? What is the hope of people in such a place? (laughter)

But who are the parents in this song? We can say they are the ideal parents. In Christian terms, they represent heaven and the thought of the Second Advent. If we look from the viewpoint of all people and nations, this can be connected with the ideology of the Savior. Do you understand? [Yes]

What are people looking for? They are not looking for a king, but for parents. Parents! When they are asked with whom do you want to live, no one says they want to live with a king. They want to live with their father and mother. We have that folk song, "The moon, the moon! The bright moon! Lee Tae Baek played on the moon. After making a three-room thatched house with a golden ax and a jade ax, I will live with my parents for only one or two years [No, not like that!] Because you want to live with them forever!

Thinking about this, the Korean people are a race that has received revelations. Although there are many wonderful palaces, they wish to be with their parents in a humble house. The parents are their father and mother. There is only one country of God. Are there two countries? Do you have two countries? Do you have two families? (No, one.) And countries? (One). Is Korea the central country of the world? We do not need many countries in the original world. We need one country. The parent of that one nation is God. The family is one, the nation is one. Heaven and earth are one. Are there two owners? (No, one.) (Laughter) You must understand this.

We must serve the parents in the family. To make up for the resentment of Adam and Eve, we must be with the parents. Do you know about three-room thatched houses? Why do you like those humble houses?

Among houses, only thatched houses wear clothes. The room for guests is always comfortable, and wherever we are we will always want to be there. That room is a good place for sleeping in the spring time. When you build a three-room thatched house, you must build it to live with three generations. If you don't build it for three generations, where will your parents live? After you build that house you can live there with your parents for one thousand or ten thousand years. The Korean people are a fine people. Only Korea is going forward with the heart of restoration. Do you understand?

4) Climb Over the Arirang Pass

Arirang is a famous Korean folk song. I am not a commentator on Arirang. There is a village of love in the last part of the song. The love village symbolizes heaven. Because I think like this, some people say Reverend Moon doesn't understand this Korean folk song.

I'd like to say that, compared to others, I understand it very well. What are the hills? We must climb over the hills properly. There are twelve hills: have you climbed these twelve hills? If you haven't climbed the hills, just sing the song "Arirang." How many hills have you gone over?

Although thirty million people have sung Arirang, none of them went over the hills. But I did. Korean folk songs are very well written. The stories of Shim Chung and Chun Hyang are appropriate for explaining the providence for restoration. How wonderful is the love of Chun Hyang and Lee Mong Ryong! How commendable is the filial devotion of Shim Chung! In the original world, we must welcome the Lord and serve the True Parents like this. So we must go over the hill of Adrang, and we must attain victory! (17-116)

What shall we do in the Last Days? God will dominate this earth. Have you ever heard this? These are the best words of blessing. When God starts to dominate the world, will you go there if you know the place? Won't you go there with all your fortune? Needless to say, you will want to be there.

If we Koreans establish the standard, the world will come to Korea selling their treasures and singing songs. Do you know what Arirang is? Why Arirang? I believe Arirang means love, separation and brightness. Love, once lost, is found again on a bright day. We sing Arirang with tears. These tears change into happiness. We must climb the hill of Arirang and meet together in one place. We must live again in that place. This must come to pass. (22-104)

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