Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. The Way Humanity Must Go

1. Whose Responsibility Is This World?

1) What Find of World Does God Seek?

This is the end of the world. What kind of end? An end to a process of creating a complete individual, a complete family, a complete tribe, a complete nation, and a complete world, and finally a complete kingdom of God. But the humanity of today does not know this. It doesn't know God's mission in this.

The misfortune is that God's 6000-year struggle to guide mankind in that direction has been met with man's inability to know about this direction. The world of today has all the correct structure but God has been blocked from intervening within that.

Then, what can be done? I want to cry out to the world: Where is the man of the hour, where are those that God delivered from Egypt? Where are the people that Jesus, King of Kings, came down to love? What can be a graver misfortune than not finding the foundations through which God wanted to hold our hands, singing together as one heart?

But God will find what He seeks. He is our true God. But what is it that our true God is seeking? He is seeking a true person, a true family, a true society, a true nation, a true world and a kingdom of righteousness in which heaven and earth will become one heart. And He will find it. You must sever all the cords that bind you as individuals, as families, as tribes, and as traditions, as an act of contrition. You must establish that kind of foundation.

What kind of world is God seeking? It is a true world with the true parents. Because of the Fall, we have inherited our blood lineage but not God's eternal love and true parents. Your individual merits mean very little. There is nothing in our substance when we stand to inherit the fall of man from our ancestors.

Where are our true parents whom we can praise and to whom all creatures can sing? They have been lost to us. Not from a historical process, but in the beginning of history. Who can unburden us from this millstone? You must know this.

Who are our true parents? True Parents are those who attend God as their Parent so that we can live as sons and daughters. We must find our true parents since they have been lost to us.

The land on which we stand today is not ours. It is not the land of our ideals. It has nothing that can connect us to our true parents. Because of this, the Unificationists must be the ones who understand this clearly. It's not the appearance, but the substance, that is important. You must know the truth. When we cannot hear the voice of our own conscience we must post signs everywhere that tell us about the truth.

It will be the end of the fallen world when all true parents, all true husbands and wives, all true sons and daughters, all true citizens, all true creatures, all true rights, and an all-true universe can become one with God in all thoughts and actions.

But what kind of a second coming are we talking about? A cataclysmic change in our world so that we can all levitate? You shouldn't dream about this sort of spiritual phenomena. Reverend Moon had once thought that way too. That's why he can understand things through his personal struggle against this type of expectation.

What kind of world indeed? It's when we have paid our indemnity for all our tangled tragedies and points of bitterness in the individual, in the family, in society, in the nation, and in the whole world. It's when all vertical links become horizontal to connect all historic individuals, historic families, historic societies, historic nations, and a historic world. Reaching that day is the purpose of our struggle and mission.

2) Who Will be Responsible for This World?

Who will take the responsibility for this world? It's not Korea's problem. Wouldn't you like to ask God directly: "Lord, to whom would you give the responsibility? To which nation would you give this world?" As you know, we are passing through an age of false ideologies. There are so many world views and values right before our eyes.

Which is our way? This is a big issue. Where should we go? Is it America? Is it Communism? Communism is a problem too. Where would the four billion people go? Fishermen cannot even catch enough fish during the season. We cannot work up a mood for peace when we have to struggle with lack of natural resources, population problems, pollution, and housing shortages. So, desperation is a natural outcome.

Then, who shall be responsible for this world? It's a serious matter. Korea is in the same situation. Look, Communism wants to Communize the world, the Americans want to Americanize the world. You cannot be a true world leader if, in the guise of democracy, you want to protect your self-interest at the expense of the world. We must have a tribe or a religious organization that sacrifices itself many times over to save the world and lead it to a higher plateau of perfection. I looked all over for that religious institution ... but I found none among the existing ones.

I pity America. It has fallen into the pits. They can't even mention God without feeling shame. The ministers have lost their dignity. Who can solve all this? Not man, but God can do it. He chose the Reverend Moon to come and organize young people for a counterattack ... according to his instructions. It's not my own doing.

Who is this Reverend Moon of the Unification Church? Nothing special. Can you love your enemy more than your own kind? I am that simple. It's the Will of God that I am here. He sacrificed his only son to save the children of his nemesis, Satan, who has to bow to God who sacrificed his own most loyal servants to save the children of the devil. Even Satan cannot exercise his powers over God, often crying "Oh, Lord!" in obedience. This is the knowledge you must live by.

3) Only I Can Save This Chaotic World Today

It's tragic indeed that God has had to see His Christians be martyred, oppressed, and mistreated everywhere they went on mission, only because they believed in Jesus.

Where can God rest Himself when He sees the world, which has been Christian for the past 2000 years, creating a democratic world, fallen into a moral abyss? The more you think about it.... This Christianity which God created and spread to the world has fallen on hard times. The church itself, and the nations that have adopted Christianity as their ideology, having lost their direction, deny God, deny Jesus, and distort the principles of God, even saying there is no God.

Why did God sacrifice everything to tolerate this world, for whom? Certainly not for America. Certainly not for Christianity. God sacrificed to save me. The Messiah was sent and was crucified not for the Messiah himself, but for me. It is for each human being that God created the Christian Church and established it throughout the world centered on the idea of the Second Coming, and He fights for it to this day.

Whose responsibility is it that the democratic society of today has fallen into moral abyss? It is the responsibility of all humanity. Who is the representative of that humanity? It's me, myself, and there is no other conclusion. Someone who will stand for all of humanity must come forward and take the responsibility. We all must take the responsibility. We all must declare: "I will take the responsibility. I will pay the indemnity that is owed God, and I will gird up my strength to do all of God's work." Without this self-awareness in all of us, who is going to save the fallen people in this chaotic world?

How often have you prayed for your nation, your people? Have you ever thought about sacrificing your sons for the three billion people while you pray? I ask you: Have you ever wanted to suffer more than the worst sufferer, have you ever wanted to relieve God of His burden to save this humanity?

You are all lost in ideas. But you cannot pay indemnity for restoration if you are lost. You must establish directions. You must sacrifice the family for the clan, sacrifice the clan for the tribe, the tribe for the nation, and the nation for the world. This is the principle of indemnity. How much effort have you been making to sacrifice yourself to save your family, your tribe, your people, your nation, your world?

You cannot be confident with your answer to this. That's why you need someone to stand up as your representative. It is the Lord of the Second Coming, who is our representative and the standard for all mankind.

2. The Way Of Humankind

1) Messiahism is Absolutely Necessary for the World

Because of the human fall, God dispersed people, and then, developing a special providence, has gathered faithful people and established new families, clans and nations. Among these nations Israel was the one which, representing others, took responsibility for God's Will. That's why Israel became the prime nation in the world.

What is the "bone marrow" of the history of the prime nation? The history of humankind was to be developed on the foundation of the ideal standard of Adam and Eve, the first ancestors of humankind. But in reality, that did not happen. That is why a certain standard must appear to replace their fallen standard. This standard must be the standard which Christians wanted to establish. That is Messiahism. From the viewpoint of the bride, it is the ideology of the bride.

Then what is the goal of Christianity? It is not a Christian nation or world, but is a world of faith. A tree must have a trunk. If a tree has too many branches with leaves, the tree may be too wide. If the branches are too long, the tree cannot stand well. In a similar way, if we symbolize all humankind as a tree, many nations are leaves and the prime nation is a trunk. If the trunk is perfect, the tree is all right. That's why, centering on the prime nation, God was going to form good nations and then a good world. Preparing a whole column, God wanted to connect the evil world to His love. God wanted to start a new history in this way.

God has developed His providence for 6000 years with one purpose, and now we are living in the final phase of the providence. If the day of True Parents could have been established 6000 years ago, and if a people, society and world had been formed as originally planned, then today the earth would have been under God's dominion. The problem is that it didn't happened.

If one central nation appears, people of this nation have to offer to God all their heart, even though they cannot avoid confrontation with many other nations. The ideology of the prime nation should be completed. Also, the ideology for the world should be completed. On the foundation of this ideology, we have to be eager to see a new prime nation. No matter what kind of difficulty we will face, even if we should enter our historical enemies' camp, we have to have an unchanging heart. Israel didn't inherit this tradition even though they had a very precious mission. So, the second Israel, Christians, have continued their mission.

Then what is Messiahism? Messiahism is an ideology for the world. The center which is able to unite the world, unite the family, is True Parents.

Then how will the fruit of Christianity appear? Christianity has endured thousands of adverse circumstances to establish the standard of bride and bridegroom.

Even though this world is in darkness and chaos, and is governed by a decadent culture rather than a brilliant culture, if we have connection with True Parents, we can live in a peaceful kingdom. That is why since the beginning of history many peoples focused their thoughts, spirits and lives to seek True Parents. God has worked to bring the world to unity externally, and through religions to connect the world to one master internally.

Though Jesus lost Israel and the people Israel, he lived for God's world, the Kingdom of Heaven, throughout life. So, even though Israel perished, people of filial piety and fidelity found Jesus, and in the Last Days the world will move centering on God and His Christ.

You should love your brothers, love the creation and live according to the True Parents' will by your heart. Then, what is True Parents' will? They want us to do goodness not only for Korea, not only for the world, but for the whole universe. In True Parents' name you must represent all men and women, high and low. You must start from the individual level and go through levels of family, society, and nation and expand yourself to the world level to show humankind a common value. Then you can be called God's sons and daughters.

2) The life of Jesus and the Way of life of Humankind

The more you must live risking your life for one purpose, the more you have to have hope and confidence for victory and invest everything that you have. The wise person is the one who dies together with Heaven but not with his enemy.

Jesus lived like this. He went the way of destiny, taking on his shoulder the whole responsibility for the future of Israel, giving all his power. His disciples scattered in all directions; concerned only to protect their own lives, they abandoned Jesus. On the other hand, Jesus didn't think about his own life at all and, having utmost sincerity and responsibility more than any other person who lived for God in history and being eager to accomplish God's purpose, went the way of the cross. He lived together with God.

Because of Jesus' final fate of the way of cross, the new tradition had to be rooted in this world of death and enmity, and it allowed fallen history to continue. We know this fact. "O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt."(Mt. 26:39). In this prayer of Jesus everything is included. He went to God not obsequiously. He went to God with a standard of God's son following His Will, fulfilling His desire to see His son. Until now there were many people who wanted to live like Jesus, but there was no one who could do it practically.

Even at the climax of his thorny path, Jesus earnestly entreated the salvation of the people who killed him. Even though Jesus had to go back to God at that time, he was sure that his time would come, and he would rule over the world together with God victoriously, and that the world of hatred would become the world of forgiveness. In the very moment Of death, with confidence of victory in the future, Jesus blessed the persecutors and Romans, who would be defeated in front of Jesus' victory in the future.

When we see these facts, we can understand that Jesus is truly a person who could occupy everything internally and externally. The standard of his fidelity and filial piety toward God, the historical tradition based on this standard, his attitude of tolerance and forgiveness to enemies, all make us bow down our heads in front of Jesus; we cannot stop admiring him. Indeed, Jesus is a person who lived his life without any stain in any aspect. His life did not end on earth when he was just 33 years old, but it has continued together with history. History has been flowing to accomplish his purpose. It was impossible that history could go in any other direction than the direction in which Jesus wanted to lead history. That is why Christianity has become a world religion. No matter how violent the persecutions were, Christianity did not go to the way of ruin, but the way of prosperity. The more Christians endured difficulty and persecution, the more solid a foundation of victory and tradition they could make, and finally they could make Christianity a world religion.

Today, the Unification Church must go the same way. All of you must live for God and know that you were born to save the world. We must make up our minds to deal with the matter of life and death in the world.

You must know it clearly. If there are members of the Unification Church who are living centering on themselves, then they are truly enemies of God's Will.

On the way of restoration you have to worry about the nation when you leave home every morning, you have to worry about problems of the world beyond nations, you have to worry about the Will of God. We must go forward thinking how we can accomplish the providence as soon as possible. Then the unified world will come soon.

3) From Now On Religious People Will Rule Over the World

We must know that from now on, the United States, a developed country, will not be able to rule over the world. When the times change, people in high positions will go down. According to Communist ideology, laborers and farmers should rise to the leading position. Earlier, intellectuals had authority and were in the leading position. Now powerful people with big bodies can rise in the world. Isn't it right? Physical power is needed in this militaristic age. Faced with power, everybody gives up. But it is not right that there is nothing more than subjugation by power. Next will come the time of "hands and feet." It means that the time comes when laborers and farmers will rule over the world. Isn't it true? First, intelligent people ruled the world. Second, people with power ruled the world. Next, people of good hands and feet will rule the world. Now all laborers and farmers are eager to rise up.

Earlier, clever people dominated the world. Now powerful people dominate the world. Even laborers want to dominate the world. But there is another kind of people: people who are downright stupid and don't have any advantage. These are religious people.

Religious people have never risen up in the world, and have never ruled the world. But don't ignore them. Even though, as the dropouts of the world, they have been treated contemptuously, whose instruments can they become?

So, if they take their position and appear with great dignity and calm, and give commands to the people, all kinds of people -- intellectual people, powerful people, laborers and farmers -- will be mobilized by them to fight against Communism. Then Communism cannot rule any more and will perish.

Then who will rise to the leading position? God will. With whom? With religious people who looked like the dropouts of the world. Do you understand? Such a thing will happen. From now on who will rise up in the world? The age of laborers is ending. Now the USSR and China have started fighting each other. In such a time our Unification Church has come out with a banner advocating "All religions in the world, let's unite into one." That is a good work.

In case the Unification Church cannot unite religions, the fact that they insist on unification among religions and that they are trying to realize it is already so good. Korea should be proud of it. This is the only thing that Korea can be proud of. They should praise Reverend Moon because he started this movement.

4) All Humankind Must Go Through the Gate of True Parents

In earlier times, it took several years for something happening in Korea to be known by the world. But today we feel that some affairs in Korea are world matters and world affairs are our own.

We are connected to the greater world through our daily feelings and circumstances. Because all humankind must share the same circumstances, certain affairs in one country may become world affairs, and in this way the world is becoming a place where people can share a certain idea or heart as their own. Then, in the end, what do they have to share as their own? All people have to have in their heart a meeting point with God's Heart. For this, everyone must have a relationship with True Parents.

Soon the time will come when the world will be full of hope. Now history can be finalized by one Heart. How can we link ourselves to this Heart? We cannot share this Heart as our own through any external circumstances. We cannot share it by having any hope or ideology. To share this Heart, we have to go through a gate that is called True Parents. We must have a certain standard. It is called True Parents.

The day that God promised to establish in the Last Days is Parents' Day. On this day we can welcome True Parents and attend them. In other words, this is the day when all humankind can meet with original parents who are able to accomplish God's blessing on this earth, where all parents had been lost because of the human fall.

What is the inevitable requirement for humankind to go back to God for the purpose of restoration? The requirement is to go through the gate of True Parents. Until we go through it, we cannot connect our heart to the Heart. If you want to be one with someone, your will should be one, the circumstances should be same and your hearts should be united. God has worked for the unification of the whole of humankind. He will bring about the unified world.

Without the True Parents of humankind, the world can never become one. No one is able to realize the unified world except the True Parents. That is why the True Parents are the embodiment of all hopes and desires in the history of humankind. All victories are substantiated in them, because through them the entire indemnity is accomplished. So, nothing can be exchanged for the True Parents; their value is the highest in the world.

3. Globalism Centered On God

1) Globalism

The time when all the people on earth feel happy (and therefore God can feel that His time has come) is neither the era of Christian civilization nor the era of Communist civilization. They both cannot go beyond the national level. Communists want to conquer the world centering on Slavic nations and Christians want to rule the world centering on their religion. Judaism is also limited. That is why a movement beyond nations and centered on globalism is necessary. Such a trend has to appear somewhere in the world. From this viewpoint, we must know how important the Unification movement is.

This movement must be interracial. There should not be discrimination among the white, black and yellow races. We must unite the world into one, and also unite heaven and earth into one. From this perspective, there is no greater ideology than the ideology on which we insist. Communism is an ideology based on the material world. Religious people are too anxious to solve their own spiritual problems. Both of these attitudes will disappear.

Our real task is to realize the Kingdom of Heaven. Only afterwards we can be happy in front of God. Above all, we want to help God and relieve Him. We want to make God happy. There was no such doctrine until now. So, our ideology has really excellent and noble content.

The main idea in the Unification Church is "we are ready to go everywhere." We are ready to go any place: a Communist country, the spiritual world, even hell. We go to God. So God will surely like this ideology. People like it and all things like it. This ideology is too good for words.

In the Unification Church, there are large wedding ceremonies, where people of different nations, even different colors of skin, get married. Even in the United States, where racism is serious, there are white people who are eager to marry black people. This kind of phenomena is possible only in a globalism that transcends nations and peoples: Godism-an ideology centered on the one God.

I once asked, in America: To what kind of race or school do we belong? Unification Church members belong to the love race. What kind of love? We are united by God's love into one race. When the race is expanded, what will we call it? The love nation.

I guess that the population of Korea now is about 40 million. If there will be more than 40 million Unification Church members, we will be superior to Korea in power. If we gather our donations, it will be more than all the taxes in Korea. The Unification Church is the true homeland of faith, the spiritual fatherland. So, for the members it is more precious than their families, peoples, societies, or nations. They are forming a love race and will form a love nation in impregnable unity centered on one God, Whom they love more than own lives. They have no ideology other than Godism-an ideology centering on God, the Parent, a globalism and brotherhood centered on God.

Usually globalism means to consider all humankind as brothers and the world as one country without different nations. But globalism in the Unification Church means to transcend all walls between families. Together with God, the one Parent of mankind, we are making one world in which all human beings will be our brothers and sisters, no different from our physical brothers and sisters. As the Unification Church has such an ideology, our movement became finally a worldwide movement.

2) We Have to Liberate God and the World

We believe that God has not only personality but also Heart. Until now, no religion knew about that. We have found out that God lives in grief We have found that God is under restraint.

Only when we can liberate God can we start to live happily. This is the Unificationist historical viewpoint. Until now, religious people have believed only that God liberates us.

What do you think? Were nations that have believed in such religions liberated? No, they were not. Religions in which believers want only to be freed by God are fundamentally wrong. But we have found the right order. So, no matter what people say against us, we have to insist on our ideology and go forward with dignity.

We must make sure of our determination to save the world and liberate God, risking our own lives. If we go forward everywhere with such conviction, God will always be together with us.

God does not help you if you make efforts to liberate yourself. What is the goal of faith in Unification Church? Are we living a life of faith to receive salvation? No. We have the faith to save the nation rather than ourselves, to save the world rather than nation. When the salvation of the world is accomplished, our nation will be saved automatically. If Christianity had had such an idea, it would have been impossible for Christianity to become separated into hundreds of various denominations. I offered my whole life and have worked hard for one purpose: to liberate God. Until now, mainly through democracy, people have insisted on the freedom of man or the "liberation of man." On the contrary, we insist on the freedom of God and the "liberation of God." We should restore God to His original position as owner of heaven and earth. If this problem is solved, human liberation and the restoration of human freedom can spontaneously be realized. Each of you must be aware that you were born to liberate God and the world.

Christians are facing the Last Days now. Then who will give peace to God? This task is upon our shoulders and our bodies and minds. We are in charge of this amazing mission for heaven and earth, putting the central condition in the history of mankind before us. We must struggle with problems on earth, even though we have no place to put ourselves. We are still in this process, and we cannot settle down with a comfortable life.

We can rest only after we see our victory. We must present the heavenly law to the earth. We are in such a position. Where is it happening? There are developed countries that are proud of their superiority as nations. But if a nation is close to God, this is worthier than being proud of the nation.

I belong to God's nation. I am from the heavenly country. I am God's child. If you have such self-consciousness, you cannot avoid going through a course of struggle. Because this world is an evil world and this society has an evil history, you will not be welcomed completely in this world.

3) Let Us Go Forward with Indomitable Spirit to liberate God

There are many obstacles on the way of the Unification Church, but we cannot go back. We have to go forward overcoming all these obstacles. If the United States can be liberated centering on God's Will, the world can be liberated. America is a country which was prepared by God and has received blessings of many kinds. God doesn't want America to be disgraced. What do you think? Who can save America, which is internally corrupted by immorality, the penetration of Communism, racism and so on. It is impossible for them not to be disappointed when Americans see their own country.

In such a situation how can America liberate God? What about the churches, which are fading? Can they liberate God? Then, God cannot have expectations towards America. God has waited impatiently for the appearance of the people who can inherit the ideal that He wanted to realize through America. We are the objects of His hope. Reverend Moon, of ruined reputation, and who is ignored and opposed by America, is the object of God's hope.

I came to America not to destroy it. You must testify to this more than anyone else. You must love America more than I do. I came to release God and give Him liberty. "I am fighting for the sake of America and the world as a righteous person, and I will protect and support God." You have to have such conviction. If you go to a battlefield, do you want to go to a hard-fought field or the rear, where the battle is less violent? Which place will you choose?

When we see soldiers who came back from Vietnam or Cambodia, we cannot hide our excitement. To keep God's blessing in America, you have to determine firmly to run to any kind of hard-fought field bravely and conquer fairly. You have to enter the battlefield, ridden with knavish Communists, with a new weapon, which is called Unification Thought. Are you confident? How do you feel in the Unification Church? You just like it? Or are you afraid when you have known what it is? Do you think that it is an excellent place?

The Unification Church is a very fearful place for the satanic world. But it is an excellent place for God's side. No matter how violent the oppositions I have to face, with indomitable spirit I receive them and digest them. I ask you to march forward with indomitable spirit together with me toward the liberation and freedom of God, knowing that you are on the final battlefield. If you do your best, not hesitating but wishing to take the lead in any battle or on any thorny path, the day when America goes back to God will come in the not too-distant future. Once we are victorious in America, all other nations will follow suit. But this is not easy task.

Don't forget that Heaven gave you a destiny to raise the flag of victory together with me. Do you believe it? Do you know that? Do you think that you can accomplish your given mission? You are the ones who could find the most righteous way on the earth. Are you ready to fight on behalf of God? Do you pledge it to God and yourself?

We have to work hard everywhere in our mission for the world. We should know clearly that we are living in so urgent a time. When you are confident in your own mission, you will never be disappointed, you will never hesitate, and you will never be defeated. You will only continue to go forward.

We have to gain victory and offer glory to God. We should take pride and dignity from the fact that we are in noble ranks. We have to rush to accomplish this great purpose. Then you will receive blessing from God as the victors. You will receive overflowing love from God. You will be qualified enough to become God's beautiful sons and daughters. (1975.7.13)

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