Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Current Of God's Providence

1. From Israel To Rome

1) The Israelites Should have United with Jesus Christ

It was not God's will that Jesus should be accused of heresy and so go the way of the cross. Do you think God chose the Israelites and prepared them through 4000 years of faith and suffering for the mission of killing Jesus Christ? If you truly believe that this was the mission of the chosen people, I could say you are crazy. No, God did not prepare Israel for 4000 years to kill Jesus. God did not prepare the Israelites to make villains for the murder of Jesus.

Even though Jesus was born as the first son of man, he did not have the power and authority of the first son. He had only the position of Abel.

The authority and power of the first son was denied him. Because he was in Abel's position, when the external, Cain realm (the Israelites) denied the Abel realm (Jesus), Jesus had no way out. Therefore, the sorrowful events of history took place.

When the Israelites opposed him, Jesus Christ was alienated from Abel's position. That's why Jesus said of his mother Mary, "What has she to do with me?" These were painful words. Do you know why Jesus said these words? No one knows or has revealed the reason. When the Israelites became the Cain side, Jesus on the Abel side became the enemy of Judaism. He became the object of ridicule and criticism. At the same time, the Romans viewed him as a revolutionary against Rome. Owing to all this, God's will could not be completed, fundamentally because the Cain realm, the Israelites, did not unite with him.

Jesus called out on the cross, "My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?" Why do you think he prayed like this? Do you think he would have prayed so if he had completed the will of God? He couldn't carry out God's will completely.

How he longed to unite with the Israelites! Jesus came to establish one nation and one world centered on God's love. Even though he yearned for the Israelites to unite with him, they did not believe in him. So the first Israel crumbled and the second Israel, Christianity, inherited the lineage. In other words, because Israel did not accept Jesus and his will, God carried out His providence for the next 2000 years through Christianity.

2) What if the Israelites had Welcomed Jesus Christ?

If Jesus had not died, what would have happened? His hope for world unification would have been realized. He would have completed God's Will.

First, Jesus would have united Judaism, the Jewish tribes and nation, and the Arab region in which the descendants of the twelve tribes were living. Jesus' goal was to bring unification, centered on one religion, of all tribes, nations and the world. Even though this was Jesus' mission, he was killed just three years after he began it. He should not have died at the age of 33.

Rather, he should have lived until he had completed the Will of God by saving all the people and the world and becoming King of Kings.

The Bible clearly states that God sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ because He loved this world. If the Israelites had united with Jesus, God would surely have realized His Will.

Let's look at the situation of Israel at the time of Jesus. The Roman Empire, the strongest empire in the world, was declining and becoming spiritually impoverished. A revolt or radical revolutionary change was likely. This was the situation at the time of Jesus' birth. At that time in the Orient, Indian civilization had developed centering on Buddhism and Chinese civilization centering on Confucianism.

As a religious leader, which direction would Jesus have gone after the unification of Judaism? He would have gone to the countries of Buddhism and Confucianism. If the Israelites had welcomed Jesus, the Messianic idea would have easily spread throughout the Middle East, India and the Far East, as well as the Roman Empire and all of Europe. Jesus would surely have united the world in his own time.

In other words, if the twelve tribes of Israel had united with Jesus in walking this religious way, the entire Arab world would easily have united with him. Upon this foundation he would have won over the Roman Empire, Europe and all of Asia. Jesus would have established a new religious realm and would have become the King of Kings. Even if the Roman Empire had opposed him, with the support of the Buddhist and Confucian powers in the East, Jesus could have united the world in his time.

Unfortunately Jewish people rejected Jesus and he was sent to his death; the hope of the unified world was lost.

Let's think over what would have been established if the Israelites had welcomed and united with Jesus. If that had happened Jesus would have become the King of Israel, united his disciples, and brought unity among all the descendants of Abraham including the twelve tribes of Jacob and the Arabs. They all would have become part of the family of God's children.

Jesus would have secured the sovereignty of God centered on the nation of Israel, and established the Constitution of the Heavenly Kingdom. At that time, once God's sovereignty had been substantially realized in a nation, no one would have dared to challenge it. The nation that God wished to establish through Adam would have been realized through the second Adam, Jesus Christ the King. The Roman Empire would have knelt down before God as prophesied in Isaiah Chapter 9:7-9: "The Lord thunders; He sits on the throne of David; He has set up His throne and His judgment seat. He will judge the world with justice and try the cause of the peoples fairly. So may the Lord be a tower of strength for the oppressed, a tower of strength in time of need."

After Jesus went to the cross his disciples had to go through all kinds of bloody persecution and suffering, and march toward Rome with bare hands. Eventually, within 400 years, the Roman Empire did kneel down in front of these bare-handed people. If Jesus had lived to lead these people, surely in his own time he could have brought the Roman Empire under God's control.

At that time the Roman Empire was the center of the world. God had prepared the Roman Empire for the sake of the restoration of the whole world. Once the Roman Empire had been transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven, it would have been easy for the rest of the world to follow.

If Jesus had established the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in Rome, Roman power would have been used in spreading his message throughout the world. Jesus would have gone on to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth all over the world. If that had happened, today there would be no churches-Roman Catholic, Methodist, Church of Christ, Presbyterian, etc., would not exist.

There would have been no denominations. When you arrive at your destination, you no longer need your car. We would all have been citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom. Christian history would not have been written in blood; there would have been no martyrs, and no cross hanging in churches. Had this happened the mission of the Messiah would have been completed, and there would have been no need for Christ to come again.

The betrayal of Jesus was a miserable event. Because of the disobedience of Adam and Eve, God could not realize His ideal in the Garden of Eden. Because of the chosen people's betrayal of Jesus Christ, God could not realize the Kingdom of God on Earth.

3) The Israelites Didn't Know the Will of God

Even though the Israelites had been waiting for the Messiah, they didn't recognize him when he came. Why did they fail to attend him? The reason is simple. The Messiah came to earth to save the world and all mankind. God had chosen the Israelites not for their own sake. You must know this. He did not choose the Unification Church for its own sake. God did not choose Rev. Moon for his own sake, but for God and for the world.

In the Bible, John 3:16 says, "God so loved the world that He sent his only begotten son, that whoever believed in him would not die, but have eternal life." God gave his only son not for the sake of Christianity. Christians must be aware of this. Jesus came not for Christianity, he came for all mankind. Jesus was not the Messiah only for the Christians. If they are not aware of this the Christians will surely perish.

The Israelites didn't understand this. They thought the Messiah, the King of Kings, would come to bring them blessings and glory after he conquered the Roman world. But that was not God's Will. God's Will was that the Messiah would come and sacrifice the Israelites for the sake of the world, teaching them the heart of God to serve all mankind. Only after winning over all mankind would the day of glory come to them. Do you understand?

The expectations of the Israelites were at cross purposes with the Will of God. The Will of God and the Messiah was to save the world and humankind, and to straighten out history. The Israelites thought the Messiah came for the people and nation of Israel and their history. So they had divergent purposes. When Israelites looked at the Messiah they couldn't believe their eyes, so instead of welcoming him they opposed him. They expected the Messiah to win support from Rome and eventually to govern Rome. But they couldn't believe that this Messiah could do that.

The Israelites had received the blessing as God's chosen nation to lead the world. But since they were at cross purposes with God they could not reach their destination, and the chosen people who should have attended God and served His purpose failed to serve God and were punished. For 2000 years they wandered around the world without a nation.

4) God's Blessing Moves to the Italian Peninsula

Why do you think God put so much effort into setting up Judaism, as well as Buddhism and Confucianism in the Orient? This was all for the Messiah. God set up a worldwide realm of religious culture so that when the Messiah came it could provide peripheral support for him. Christianity had to endure 400 years of persecution and sacrifice in Rome to indemnify history and establish the Christian culture centered on the Roman Empire.

So where did God's blessing go when it was taken from the Israelites? It went to the Italian peninsula.

Because of his death Jesus' spirit and body were separated. Thereafter two main cultural spheres developed: the physical culture of humanistic Hellenism and the spiritual culture of theistic Hebraism. The Roman Empire, representing Jesus' body, first accepted Hellenism, under Satan's dominion. So Christianity was persecuted in Rome for 400 years.

God set up Christianity as the national religion in Rome only after the Christians endured 400 years of persecution, bloodshed and indemnity, finally winning over the hearts of the Roman people. After the Roman Empire recognized Christianity, the period of the Patriarchs began. How did the Patriarchs handle the situation? They were dogmatic, authoritarian and divided, and so they could not rise above the national level and take up their worldwide mission.

5) History of Judaism and the Roman Catholic Church

Why couldn't the Israelites receive Jesus Christ? They thought that when the Messiah came he would immediately conquer the Roman Empire and the Israelites would control the whole world. But that was not God's Will.

His Will was not to have the nation of Israel spiritually conquer Rome and the neighboring countries and control the world. God's Will was rather to use Israel as a sacrifice for the sake of Rome, the neighboring countries and the world. God's Will is not confined to one nation; His idea is to go beyond the nation. His Will is not limited to one religious denomination; it goes beyond the denomination. However the Israelites, stubbornly concerned with their own national interest and authority, did not trust Jesus, who advocated internationalism. This resulted in horrendous tragedy.

As in Israel, in Rome God's Will was not to remain in one nation. It was to save all humankind. Did Rome accomplish its mission? No it didn't. Due to corruption in the Roman Catholic Church, it could not unite the world into one Christian culture. If at that time the Roman Empire had united with the Roman Catholic Church to pursue God's will, unswervingly going the sacrificial way of the cross to complete their mission, they could have saved the world. However, what did the Roman Catholic Church actually do? It centered on the Pope and forsook God's Will. It subjugated many nations and boasted of its authority.

In John 3:16 the Bible says: "God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son, that whoever believed in him should not die, but have eternal life." Do you think this message was intended to save individuals? No, it was intended to save the world. God's love was not only for individuals. It was not only for Christianity. God's love was for the world. This world included the Roman Empire and the nations of the Orient. What did God intend to do after Israel welcomed the Messiah?

He wanted to save the world, then, with all mankind proclaiming "Hallelujah!" He wanted to make Israel the central nation of the world. But Israel wanted immediate glory as soon as the Messiah came. The Catholics also wanted immediate glory and the expansion of papal authority.

2. From Italy To England

1) God's Blessing Moved from Italy to England

When the Roman Catholic Church did not fulfill its responsibility, God's blessing inevitably had to move elsewhere. When God withdrew His blessing from Rome the Medieval Age became the Dark Age, and the proud Roman Catholic authorities were brought down in the midst of humanistic ideology.

At this time God initiated the new Protestant movement and opened the way for world salvation once again. God bestowed His blessing on the English Protestant movement, centering on Henry VIII, who led the movement to oppose the Catholics and change the constitution of the church. So God's Will left Rome and moved to England, and a new providence for world salvation began.

Thus the small island nation of England, developing its ocean-going capabilities, quickly became a world power. The world said, "The sun never sets on the British empire."

God blessed England not for the British themselves, letting them conquer the world and enjoy the cream of civilization just for themselves, but for the sake of world salvation. In other words God blessed England because, upon its world foundation, He wanted to save the world. At that time England should have been aware of God's Will and internally united with the Puritans, who dreamed of an ideal country centered on God's Will. Then England should have spread God's Word throughout the world on the foundation of its colonies. If she had done so, England would surely have been able to unite and save the world.

In reality, what did England do? It was unaware of its mission and colonized other nations for its own interests. It failed to become a nation for the sake of world salvation, and exploited the world for its own sake. The Anglican Church tightened its authority, supported the government and forgot about world salvation, and persecuted the Puritans who advocated new religious freedom. God's Will to save the world centering on England came to a dead end.

The Puritans, who advocated religious liberty, struggled against the authoritarian monarchy. Finally they crossed over to the new continent of America, at the risk of their lives. Beyond denomination, beyond nationality, these Puritans pioneered America centered on God's Protestantism. They strove to build the ideal country of God. They left behind their homeland, which had persecuted and oppressed them for their faith, to save the world and build an ideal world in which they could serve God freely. So they united and pioneered America and laid a religious foundation that matched England's. Here people were able to establish a world level Abel Christian realm, in opposition to the world level Cain Christian realm, by uniting the Protestant forces. In this way God began the providence of restoring the Catholics, in the position of the first son, through the Abel Protestants.

2) The Anglican Church and the Puritan Movement

You know what happened between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, don't you? Henry had no son and wanted to divorce Anne, but he faced great opposition. The Catholic Church opposed him, so he wanted to change the law in order to justify his divorce. He left the Catholic Church and set up his own Anglican Church. This is history.

Henry should not have done this. He should have repented about this. Yet he opened a new providential stage by uniting with the new Protestant movement on the national level. Queen Elizabeth was Protestant. She welcomed Calvinism. Through the Statute of Westminster, Article 33, Queen Elizabeth laid the foundation for England to accept Calvinism. It was God's Will for England to defeat Spain and strengthen its ocean-going power.

England inherited all the historical foundation of God's blessing to Christianity. At that time if England, beginning with Henry VIII, had embraced all European Protestants for three generations, England would have become the kingdom of freedom, the elder brother and mother nation. It should have embraced all Europeans who sought religious freedom.

The name of England is the United Kingdom. Literally this name transcends the nation. England, once only a small island and the base of pirate gangs, became the mighty British Empire. The sun never set on the British Empire. This was not because they were so capable. It was possible because, after the failure of the Roman Empire, God needed a new central nation in which to set up a new tradition and a new path.

That's why God blessed England and enabled it to conquer throughout the world. If England had united with God's Will there would have been no nation of America. The world would have been united at that time. But the way that the British colonized and exploited India for 300 years was not God's Will.

God made a good foundation upon which England could have united its colonies in Asia. Isn't that so? If England had known God's Will and marched forward with the Protestants to unite the new nations for the sake of world salvation, then England would have been able to establish a world culture. Today's America wouldn't have existed. Isn't that so?

The Puritans tried to reform the Anglican Church and establish God's ideal in England. They sought to build God's ideal church and nation. But since the British monarchy persecuted them, they had to go to the far-off land of America to seek freedom of faith.

3. God's Blessing To America

1) The Protestant Movement and the American Pioneers

We can see that the medieval Roman papacy had forgotten God's Will to save the world, because they were corrupt and consumed by their own ecclesiastical authority and dogma. They had forgotten the world, seeing only their own power and foundation, and negating all forces that opposed them. Originally they should have been thinking they were ready to sacrifice themselves to save the world. Instead they thought only of protecting their own power and glory.

Since God's Will was to save the world, He could not allow this situation to continue. He had to either destroy it or rejuvenate it, so He initiated the Protestant movement. Martin Luther came and directly confronted the papacy. His thought was to love God and to teach the world the ideas of equality and freedom. He believed that this was God's desire, and that God would help him.

In England, the Puritan movement tried to influence Parliament and form a new government centered on God. But the government didn't accept this movement and continued to oppress it. The Protestants who sought freedom to worship God were persecuted all over Europe.

These movements arose naturally. The leaders of the Protestant movement dreamed of a church in which they could freely serve God and move beyond the medieval Roman papacy. In the course of this movement they became aware of a new continent. In search of freedom from the dogmatic, totalitarian European church, the Pilgrim fathers, dreaming of a world where they could freely practice their faith, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and arrived on the American continent. They came in search of freedom to worship God and to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth on this new, free continent.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean was a dangerous undertaking at that time. To gain religious freedom, the Pilgrims left their beloved parents and homes, forsaking their families and homeland. Believing only in God and relying on His love, they set out on their voyage. They never resented God, no matter what difficulties and trials they faced. These people kept their faith and determination to build a nation where they would be free to practice their faith. They relied absolutely on God.

On board ship they prayed to God when they were ill, and remained united centered on God. God must have been moved by their faith, watching them overcome great difficulties and suffering for His sake.

"You are the first people since human history began to take such risks for My sake. You forsook your families and nation, so I will give you a better nation, better tribes and clans than those you have given up." This must have been God's determination.

You know that the Mayflower arrived in New England in winter. It was November, the weather was cold and the Pilgrims didn't have enough food. Some of them died of hunger. Yet even though these amazing people were dying, they kept some seed to plant for the next year.

They certainly had the faith that God would open their way in the future, and build through them a nation of freedom and blessing. That's why they walked even the way of death happily, leaving behind seeds for their children to plant. They could bless their descendants while going through a difficult sacrificial way themselves. They did this only because of their faith in God. You may know that the last 41 survivors made an agreement in the name of God. The fact that the ancestors of America kept their faith until the last moment before they died was an historical event.

Without faith, could they have prayed to God in gratitude with their last breath? You must know that your ancestors strove always to attend God, day and night, wherever they went. God, knowing the corruption of the Roman papacy, readily bestowed His blessing upon these American ancestors.

The Pilgrims had a different motive from other emigrants in leaving their homeland. They left in pursuit of a nation that could save the world and be a fatherland of faith. This was a great thing. This idea was in accordance with God's hope, who wanted to save the world beyond the Roman Catholic Church. So God could not help but bless them.

American citizens, God blessed America not only so you could have good meals and good times. God blessed America to save the world. America must not betray God's Will. God wants to work centered on America. If your ancestors had come to America for their own sakes, God would never have blessed them like this. These early immigrants to North America came only in search of the freedom to worship God, nothing else. But they found God and freedom and money also. The immigrants to South America were the opposite. They went in search of money. They side-lined God, and went in search only of money. They went at the same time and in the same position as the northern immigrants, but they lost God and freedom and money. Now those countries are underdeveloped.

It is a miracle that America became a first-rate world-level nation in 200 years. This was only possible with God's protection and blessing.

2) America's Independence and God's Blessing

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bicentennial of American independence is approaching. Let's think for a moment of the position of the people who led the campaign for independence in 1776. The leaders of this movement were traitors from England's point of view. How could traitors bring the independence of this big country, which has become a first-rate country? Do you think God blessed these traitors?

General George Washington was defeated in every battle, at first. Finally, at the decisive time at Valley Forge Washington must have prayed like this, "God, it should not happen that these people, who came to this land in search of freedom of faith, should be taken back by a totalitarian government that is no different from the Catholics. Please bless us to build a nation of religious liberty, and the world of Your ideal."

England was proud of its authority and military power. George Washington had nothing. He was in the position of David confronting Goliath, believing that God was more powerful than an army. No one imagined that Goliath could be killed with a stone from a sling. Washington went into battle with his thoughts focused on God. He prayed as he marched, he prayed as he fought. The soldiers on the frontline prayed to God, and the people behind the lines prayed too.

Religious leaders never serve the will of God in their homeland. God always asks them to leave home; it is His tradition to bless such people. Likewise he blessed and protected those who left their homeland of England.

God led the American revolutionaries to victory so they could build the United States of America, because their dream of a land of religious liberty was in line with His ideal. Don't you think America won with the help of God?

In England, the British people united with the monarchy and fought. In America, God's loving sons and daughters united with Him and fought. So America won, to build a new Christian nation of religious freedom. The American people, from the Congressmen to the common folk, were always proud and grateful to God because He led them to victory.

The American Congress always opens with prayer. Surely America is a nation blessed by God. Even on the money is written, "In God We Trust!" This nation was formed as a microcosm of the world, with the purpose of protecting religious freedom centered on Protestantism.

3) God's Blessing to America through the World Wars

When God blessed America it was made up of Protestants who had come over from England. From that time, the American people had to unite centered on God in order to save the world and establish God's sovereignty. For the sake of their mission and world salvation, they were to sacrifice themselves and serve the world.

God built America into the leading nation of the world through the victories of World War I and World War II.

Because Israel had rejected Jesus Christ and failed its responsibility, the Asian nations of India and China were in Satan's realm. But after World War II, nations under Satan's dominion returned to God's side.

Because of the American victory in two world wars, a world-level spiritual empire was established, centered on Christian culture, as the second Israel.

Then where was America to go? It had to circle back to Asia and, centered on Christianity, to create one powerful cultural sphere by uniting the nations that were drifting with no strong national foundation. The times had changed. The era of the nation was passing, and the era of the world was approaching. Who do you think gave this blessing to America? God did. God blessed America in order to win the world, centered on Christianity. Did America accomplish its mission?

Originally, the United States should have done as General Douglas MacArthur recommended. It should have destroyed the Communists completely at that time. Once America had brought the authority of totalitarian Germany and Japan back to God's side, it should have been able to keep it at all costs. Who do you think was responsible for the division of the Korean peninsula? America! Here America went against God's Will, and as a result of its mistake Satan crept back in.

Through World War II the Christian world received God's blessing. All Christian believers, in gratitude for this blessing, should have united in a strong determination to fulfill God's Will, offering their tears, blood and even their lives. But they failed to do this. Under the banner of their victory in World War II, America, united and centered on God, should have created a new spiritual culture and launched an all-out crusade for world salvation. But America was not thinking of God's Will. Instead, the rise of individualism, money-worship and materialism led the people into corruption.

America lost its value and mission to lead the world, forgot God's Will, and became ethically corrupt, and the once-blessed Christianity began to decline. Communism, which denied God and defined religion as an "opiate," spread all around the world, aiming finally at the United States. Today on American campuses, especially among young intellectuals, Communists are very active in underground operations.

4. To Korea Through Japan

1) The Cyclical Principle in the Development of Human Civilization

Where could the fruit of American culture settle? It was not to remain in America, but to spread to Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, then circle back. Even though God blessed America, when America failed, God expected Asia to inherit His will.

Where can we go from here? We must first melt down America, then cross the Pacific Ocean to Asia. We have to go to Asia. From this point of view, today's American policy is headed in the wrong direction. It's Europe-oriented policy is not correct.

Civilization has moved in cycles from continent to peninsula, and from peninsula to continent and then to islands. Why has Japan grown so fast? In Asia, Japan substitutes for England, which failed its mission. Japan has opposed Western culture and taken over its blessing. In Asia, Japan is in the position England was. It was supposed to raise and nurture the rest of Asia. When Japan tried to dominate other nations for its own sake it became a Satanic nation, and declined.

Japan and England are in the same position. The United States inherited England's civilization, and at the same time Japan copied and inherited England's civilization.

Japan omitted the name of God though, replacing it with that of it's own female goddess, Amaterasu Omikami. Was this female-centered nation on God's side? It was on Satan's side. Knowing that God had an eye on Asia as the center of His providence, Satan tried to use Japan to claim Asia.

But the most important country in Asia is Korea. You must know this. God wanted to bring a new Pacific civilization to the Asian continent through Japan. To reach the continent it had to go through a peninsula. This is the principle of the development of civilization. It traveled in a reverse way from Europe. Japan was in the position of England, and Korea in the position of the Italian peninsula.

America had to go through Japan, Korea, China, the Middle East and Africa in order to encircle the world. To encircle is to unite. Then, European civilization and Asian civilization would have become one. The Middle East and Africa would have become one, and the providential work would have been done.

2) God's Will to Bless Japan as an Economic Superpower

God's Will, which had been centered on America, now moved to Japan. When you read the Divine Principle you find the idea of "parallel providential periods." Human history has moved according to consistent providential formulas set up by the living God. Thus divine providence guided history through these parallel periods. In other words, history sometimes repeats itself and sometimes takes a reverse course. God's providence, centered on the American continent, had to go through a nation that was an island like England; that was the island nation of Japan. Thanks to God's blessing Japan has become a world economic superpower. God blessed Japan to indemnify the failure of England. God developed Japan as an economic power to indemnify the position of England, for the sake of world salvation. But did the Japanese ever have this kind of thought?

They rather centered on their goddess, Amaterasu Omikami, and persecuted Christians. After World War II Japan became a hotbed of the Communist movement.

If Japan had fallen into Communist hands, peace in the Far East would have been impossible, and even America would have been endangered. The Communization of Japan was the secret strategy of Russia and Kim Il Sung's North Korea in the Far East. Rev. Moon saw through this strategy and initiated a powerful anti-Communist movement in Japan. To my understanding, unless the leaders and the people armed themselves with the ideology of Victory over Communism, Japan would decline. Who could lead this movement? Japanese Christians should have done this. Did they do so? No. They were set back by the Communists. In this situation I fought against Communism, which had a powerful background in Japan, at the risk of my life. Now I have established a victorious foundation in Japan.

3) God's Providence Moves to the Korean Peninsula

Did Japan complete its mission to save the world? No it didn't. So God's providence moved on to Korea, to work centered on this peninsular civilization. If Jesus had not lost his body he would have established a God-centered civilization on the Italian peninsula. Now the Second Advent of Christ was made possible on the Korean peninsula.

Korea is very similar to Italy. It's a peninsula, and it's climate and environment are very much like Italy's. Not only that, but also Korea paralleled the Roman papacy. Rome had only a spiritual papacy, but Korea had to establish both a spiritual and physical papacy.

New cultures begin on continents. Now, representing Satan's sovereignty, Communist power swept over India and China. Korea, in the position of Rome, was divided into South and North. Ladies and gentlemen, do you know at what age Kim Il Sung became premier? He was 33. At this age Jesus Christ should have become the King of Israel. Do you know why the North Koreans call their leader, Kim Il Sung, "Aboji," meaning "father?" In the Unification Church members say they are attending "True Parents." This similarity is not accidental. Even though you may misunderstand these words, it's all right. Even if you oppose me it will not stop God's providence.

4) God Gives Korea a Historical Mission

Korea is a country blessed by God. Because God has a desperate desire to clear away His historical resentment, Korea must complete the mission given by God. All the complicated knots of history must be untied on the Korean peninsula.

The representative history of separation for the sake of God's providence is taking place on the Korean peninsula. Just as Cain and Abel fought each other in Adam's family, so the Korean people, who are brothers of one lineage, are fighting, aiming guns at each others' faces. The Korean demilitarized zone is not only the line of confrontation between democratic South Korea and Communist North Korea.

It is the frontline of the historical confrontation between God and Satan. North Korea represents the Cain realm; South Korea represents the Abel realm.

Therefore, if the Abel-type Unification Church and the Cain-type established churches unite and build up their substantial power and foundation, then Abel South Korea will be able to subjugate Cain North Korea, not by force, but by love. It will be no problem to demolish the demilitarized zone. Every problem will dissolve at once.

The area north of the demilitarized zone has symbolically been captured by a red dragon. The south has been caught by a white dragon. Do you know what Panmunjom means, symbolically? It represents "the twelve pearly gates" of the Bible. Panmunjom is the frontline of God and the frontline of Satan.

This is the place where God can make His accusations, and Satan can also make his accusations. It is the only place in the world where God and Satan accuse each other simultaneously.

Then, ladies and gentlemen, do you know why the demilitarized zone was set up like this? Because the Korean peninsula is the place of the final showdown, where God's sorrowful history will be resolved. Here Satan will confront God with all his might, to his last breath.

If South Korea has the substantial ideological power with which to completely digest Kim Il Sung in North Korea, then Korea will earn the title as the one who saved the world from the power of Communism. To win this title is this nation's historical, God-given task. So I clearly declare, we Christians must unite to complete the historical mission given by God to this nation.

If the Korean church and people fail to prepare the foundation to inherit God's fortune, God may leave Korea and the Korean church. Japan and America are also God's countries. The era of the nation is passing.

If Korea fails to complete its mission, God will look for another nation. History does not remain in one place, it keeps flowing on.

5) Korea Must Initiate a New Adamic Culture

Korea is the third Israel, which inherited the providential mission of the first and second Israels. Korea, by all means, must see the fulfillment of God's providence. The fruit of all world civilizations should culminate on the Korean peninsula. We must be the foundation for the establishment of one world centered on God. We must initiate the new era of the Adam culture here in Korea.

How can one world centered on God be established? One world means the world in which God's Will is perfected. There the Adam culture will be realized, which transcends the tribe and nation and creates one perfect world centered on God.

If you and I unite, love our enemies, unreservedly love God, love and serve our nation more than ourselves and our families, and if this is done in every family and church, then Communism will perish automatically. At the Yoido "Save the World" Rally, I requested Unification Church members from 60 nations to pray for Korea. If we all together pray hard for the sake of God's Will and for the future of this nation, then Korea will be able to realize the Adam culture centered on God's will.

Through its sorrowful history of suffering God taught this nation to feel His heart, and to overcome its national sorrow by working to fulfill His Will through the Unification Church.

5. The Mission Of Christianity From The Viewpoint Of God's Will

1) Who Will Take Responsibility for This World?

What is God's Will? Of course, God's Will is to save individuals. But His Will is also to save the world. Individuals need salvation, but God needs an individual who believes in Him and wants to be saved for the sake of the world.

God wants a representative family, but He wants it for the sake of the world. God wants a representative tribe, also for the sake of the world. God wants a representative nation which declares it will take responsibility to save all nations of the world. Don't you think God wants this?

The Jewish people and the nation of Israel thought the Messiah would come only for themselves; that's why they failed to receive the Messiah. They had no idea that the Messiah would come to unite them to save the world. God's idea and that of the nation of Israel were at cross purposes.

From this viewpoint, Jacob was the representative of the family, Moses was the representative of the tribe, and Jesus came as the representative of the nation and the world, with the central mission of saving the world. Isn't that true?

God's will is not only for one denomination. He wants to sacrifice one denomination for the sake of world salvation. Today many Christians think, "I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, so I can go to the Kingdom of Heaven." If you believe in Jesus only for your own salvation, it is not in line with God's providential point of view. We never think of the whole world. Very few people think beyond the salvation of their own family and their own nation.

Today, from the viewpoint of God's will, one should desire individual salvation for the sake of the world, and family salvation too for the sake of the world. Tribal and national salvation should also be for the sake of the world.

Looking at the world situation, Communist China is coming back to the democratic system. This is a symptom of the collapse of Communism. I tell you clearly that if the Christian churches and the Unification Church unite into one, Kim Il Sung in North Korea will surely die within three years. If Christianity cannot overcome Communism, it will surely perish.

No matter how strong the democratic world is, if it cannot attain victory over Communism the system of democracy will perish. God's Will is to eliminate Communism completely from this earth and build a nation centered on God. From the viewpoint of God's Will, what is the mission of Christianity? You must be united into one. All Christians must unite and uproot Communism from the earth! You must not fail to recognize that this movement was initiated here on the Korean peninsula.

To end the history of God's resentment, God's providential Will is now developing centered on the Korean peninsula. In order to establish the nation of the Adam culture here on the Korean peninsula as God has willed, you Christians and the Unification Church must unite! Please know that this is the mission of Jesus Christ and Christianity from the viewpoint of God's will. I hope that when you go back to your church and your family you will tell everyone about this, so that our nation could fulfill its mission as the chosen third Israel. If you do so I am sure that the realm of God's true happiness will widen to encompass our people and all mankind.

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