Way Of Unification - Part 1

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The History Of The Old Testament And The Messiah

1. The Providential History Of Separation Centering On Cain And Abel

1) Providence of Separation Centering on Cain and Abel

Because of the fall of our human ancestors, we inherited Satan's lineage. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, we would have been God's children without sin. But because of the fall of Adam and Eve we have been the children of Satan.

Originally mankind should have been under the dominion of God; God alone would have had dominion. But because of the illicit relationship between Adam and Eve and Satan, Satan took dominion over this world. Satan had the right to claim this fallen world.

According to the Principle of Creation, God is the original Master. But after the fall, God and Satan both claimed dominion over man. God and Satan could not divide Adam into two parts to claim him. So God, according to the Principle, divided man into two, representing the internal being, God, and the external being, the creation. God worked the providence of separation through the two sons of fallen Adam and Eve.

God saw the first son in the position to represent the Archangel, and the second son in the position of sinless Adam before the fall.

The first son, Cain, represented the first fallen act of love between Eve and her unprincipled partner, the Archangel. The relationship between Eve and the Archangel was wholly unprincipled, whereas that between Eve and Adam was more principled. This is why God saw the second son, Abel, in the position representing the second fallen act of love between Eve and Adam, her principled partner.

Originally, the chain of command should have been from God to Adam and from Adam to the Archangel. So God set up a chain of command from Himself to Abel, and from Abel to Cain. This was the formula for the providence for restoration. God wanted to reclaim the lost principle by restoring this position first.

Because of the fall the human lineage was changed. It came to be dominated by Satan's blood. Because of this, restoration must begin from the original point. To do this, the second son, Abel, had to take the birthright from Cain.

The fall occurred in the mother's womb. Because of this, restoration must take place in the mother's womb. The womb became the original place of evil. Therefore, for the restoration, we have to go back to the original point. So God worked the providence for restoration through these two brothers. Cain had to go down to Abel's position, and Abel had to go up to Cain's position, the position of the first son. But Cain killed Abel. This act put him in the position of repeating the fall of Adam and Eve. Not only did he fail to stand in the restored position, but he repeated a fallen act by which Satan could claim dominion over Adam again.

2) God's Will in the History of Separation

Where and how could God reclaim the son and daughter who had been taken by Satan? There was no way without a price. So the history of separation began in order to determine the question of ownership between God and Satan. This was what Christianity calls the history of sacrifice.

Satan claimed ownership because of his blood relationship with Adam and Eve. In order to reclaim His children, God suggested the condition of sacrifice. This is the explanation of the history of God's providence to restore his son and daughter. God has continued this providence until today.

In other words, because of the human fall, the history of sacrifice began. Even though they belonged to Satan because of the fall, from the point of view of the principle, Adam and Eve originally belonged to God, as His son and daughter. So God, as the Creator, took the position of parent and owner. Satan knew God was the Creator of man, so he could not claim exclusive ownership. God had no choice but to carry out the providence of sacrifice and separation. So He saw the first son on Satan's side and the second son on God's side, and had them make offerings to establish the condition for determining ownership.

That's why God saw Cain on Satan's side and the second son, Abel, on God's side. According to the order of Eve's fallen acts, Cain represented the fruit of her wholly unprincipled relationship with Satan, and Abel represented the fruit of her more principled relationship with Adam.

3) Why Didn't God Accept Cain's Offering?

In the Bible, God accepts Abel's offering but rejects Cain's. Why? Today's Christians cannot clearly answer this. It is obvious that Christians, without knowing such a very fundamental point as the history of separation, cannot realize God's Will. Unless you explain the theory behind the providential history of separation, which is a fundamental point of the providence, you cannot realize the Will of God. Then why did God reject Cain's offering and accept Abel's?

This was to restore dominion over the son who was stolen by Satan. To restore this, God saw Abel on God's side, so naturally He could accept Abel's offering. Then why not Cain's? Rejecting Cain's offering was not God's will. He wanted to receive it, but required Cain to offer it through Abel. This was God's will. Why?

Originally, as the son of God, Adam should have had dominion over the Archangel. But because of the fall, Adam's position of master and the Archangel's position of servant were reversed. This was upside down. God could not unconditionally restore Adam's original position and authority.

In the Unification Church we have the term "restoration through indemnity." Before the original position is restored, certain conditions must be established. Restoration through indemnity indicates erecting the necessary conditions for the return to the original position and situation before the Fall.

Adam, the master, fell into the position of the Archangel, the servant. For the restoration of his original position he had to establish the right indemnity condition.

At that time Cain, who was in the position of the Archangel, should have returned to God by attending Abel, who was on God's side. Cain should have offered his sacrifice through Abel. If he had done so with the right attitude God's providence for restoration would not have been prolonged, and the miserable history of humankind would not have continued until now. If Cain had made his offering centered on Abel, thus establishing indemnity conditions on the family level, God's providence for restoration would have been completed in three generations.

4) Abel's Position and the Birthright

Once Adam and Eve had fallen they could not restore themselves. Their children should have united as one to lay the foundation upon which their parents, Adam and Eve, could be saved. But they failed to do this.

The unity of the first and second sons was the first condition in the providence for restoration centering on Adam's family.

Why did they have to unite? Looking at the order of Eve's fallen acts, Cain represented the fruit of unprincipled love and Abel the fruit of more principled love. From birth it was determined that the first son, Cain, would stand on Satan's side and the second son, Abel, would stand on God's side.

From the point of view of the Principle, the first son should have had dominion over the second son. But because of the- fall, the first son stood in the position of the Archangel. In order to return to God, Cain had to go through Abel. That meant Cain had to acknowledge Abel's dominion.

The only way to restore the first son's position, which had been claimed by Satan, was through the second son. Unity between Cain and Abel would have laid the foundation for unity between their parents Adam and Eve, and they all could have returned to God.

The idea of the Messiah originated in this providence. Since God's providence for salvation has been carried out through this history of separation, it has evoked a great deal of resentment, and has involved many episodes that were complicated beyond description.

No one in history has understood God's hidden secret, that the second son must subjugate the first son naturally, by divine love, in order to restore the original birthright. Without this condition the providence for restoration could not be completed.

God wanted the birthright to be restored by this natural subjugation. But because Cain killed Abel the history of restoration was prolonged. So God carried the history of separation forward to Noah's family, through Shem and Ham, and later to Isaac's family, through Esau and Jacob.

2. The Providence Centering On Esau And Jacob

1) God's Providential Secrets Hidden in the Scriptures

Eve deceived and seduced her husband, Adam. Then later she rejected even God. Therefore, through the history of restoration through indemnity, human beings had to pay indemnity to restore the negative consequences that occurred in the process of the fall.

In the process of God's providence for restoration, as seen in the Old and New Testaments, there were many episodes which we cannot understand in terms of simple human ethics. No one could explain the providential secrets that are hidden in these scriptures. Sometimes we see conflicting content between the Old and New Testaments.

Sometimes it's hard to tell this is holy scripture. There seems to be no relationship between the stories in the Old Testament and those of the New Testament, and sometimes there seems to be a lack of historical consistency. In spite of all this, the Old and New Testaments are actually connected as one. This is the secret of God's providence. After the completion of the providence, all these secrets will be revealed. So far no one has revealed God's providential secrets, which explain how the Old and New Testaments are connected as one.

If you look in Matthew, Chapter One, there are four licentious women named Bathsheba, Tamar, Ruth and Rahab. Why do the names of such immoral women appear? There are reasons. The book of Matthew in the New Testament parallels the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. The sad, historical episodes that are recounted in Genesis are referred to again in Matthew. In other words, the Bible repeats the stories in order to reveal that the new history has its roots in those sad stories which are recorded in Genesis.

2) Jacob Steals the Birthright from Esau

After the failure of Adam's family, God continued the providence for restoration centered on Abraham's family. Of Abraham's two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, the second son, Isaac, represented God's side. Centered on Isaac the history of separation began. just as Eve deceived her husband and God, Isaac's wife, Rebecca, deceived her husband Isaac and her first son Esau, and took the side of Jacob, the second son. This historical story of Rebecca deceiving her husband and son to help Jacob is an enigma in Christian history which has never been explained.

Why did Rebecca do this? It was to reclaim God's offspring from Satan. Rebecca was chosen and placed in the position to lay the foundation for God's offspring to dissolve God's resentment. She understood her position very well. She knew that her position was to help Jacob and have him naturally subjugate Satan in order to restore the birthright.

One day Esau came back from hunting and was very hungry. Jacob bought Esau's birthright with a bowl of porridge. Actually the birthright should be unchangeable. It is the position in which to receive God's eternal tradition, and is passed on to one's descendants. Yet Esau sold this birthright to his younger brother for a bowl of porridge. Jacob, unlike his elder brother, knew the precious value of the birthright. He knew the value of Abraham's lineage, which had been given God's blessing and love. He inherited the birthright from his older brother at the risk of his life. How did he do this? As you know, he bought the birthright from his brother for a bowl of porridge. In doing so he claimed, "Now I'm your elder brother."

According to God's providence there was no other way to subjugate Satan and restore the fallen world except by reversing the positions of the first and second sons. Knowing this, Jacob used his wisdom to subjugate his brother naturally. Rebecca, knowing that she had to indemnify the position of Eve, who deceived her husband and God, deceived her husband and son. God took the side of Jacob and Rebecca. Why? Until today Christians have not understood why God would side with Jacob and bless him after he had deceived his father and brother. This has been an enigma that no one could explain.

Actually, God's providence for restoration is to pursue the realization of His ideal through such obscure methods, which no one understands.

3) Jacob Inherits From God His 21-Year Course

God could not force Jacob to receive his inheritance. This foundation had to be laid by Jacob himself

When Esau tried to kill him, Jacob left his home and fled to the land of Haran, where he stayed with his Uncle Laban for 21 years and endured the hard life of a servant. Jacob went through this 21-year course of suffering to lay the foundation for the tribal blessing. Through all his difficulties Jacob maintained an unchanging determination to fulfill God's will. Finally he acquired Leah and Rachel and a certain amount of wealth, and returned to his homeland.

He strove to lay the foundation and prepare himself to subjugate his brother naturally upon his return.

On the return home, Jacob offered everything to his brother. "I don't need wives or property; I only need your welcome and formal recognition that you gave me your birthright and blessing." That was Jacob's prayer and position.

In this way Jacob offered all that he had, and Esau welcomed him. So, centering on Jacob, Esau could receive the blessing of God and they could enter the realm of the chosen people of Israel.

Because of this victory God's providential history could continue through the generations, and God could maintain His hope and look forward to the day of liberation, when His resentment would be dissolved.

3. The History Of The Restoration Of The Birthright In The Womb

1) Perez and Zerah

Jacob's son Judah had three sons, Er, Onan and Shelah. The first son Er married Tamar, but he died early. Then Tamar lived with the second son Onan, but he also died. God's providence was in crisis, as this could have been the end of Judah's lineage, which was to inherit the blessing from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So Tamar disguised herself and went to the street and seduced Judah, and became pregnant. She did this because she wished to continue the inheritance of God's blessing from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Tamar risked her life in order to pass on this inheritance to Judah's lineage.

Tamar became pregnant with twins. When she was about to give birth, the hand of one child came out first. The midwife said, "This one came out first, so he must be the elder brother," and she tied a red string around his wrist. Then he drew back into the womb, and the other child was born first. He was named Perez, which means "breaking out." Afterwards the child with the red string on his wrist was born, and was named Zerah.

Why did God push aside the first son, Zerah, and have Perez born first? When Rebecca was pregnant, she had asked God why the two children were fighting in her womb. God told her that two nations were struggling in her womb, and that the elder one would serve the younger one. Why?

Likewise, two brothers struggled in Tamar's womb. When Tamar asked God why, He told her the same thing He had told Rebecca, that two nations were struggling in her womb, and that the elder one would serve the younger one.

We can see that in this providential episode the second son restored the birthright in the womb. Why did this happen? This is a secret that Christians have never known.

2) Providence in the Womb

The providential event in which Jacob took the birthright from Esau took place when Jacob was in his thirties. When you look at the fundamental issue, God's intent was to restore the birthright through the history of separation from the time of the womb. Otherwise Satan would continue to claim human beings based on his blood relationship with them. In that case, God could not claim human beings as His own. So He carried out the providence of separation in the womb.

Because of the human fall history began with the separation of human beings into God's side and Satan's side, beginning in the womb. Since God wanted to restore His original blessed lineage, He had to lay a foundation to unite these two worlds, also beginning in the womb. This was the only way that indemnity could be paid for the providence for restoration to advance.

Under Jewish law at that time, when a widow became pregnant or was accused of adultery she could be stoned to death. Yet in order to resolve God's resentment and restore the birthright, Tamar bravely accomplished a mission which no one else could do. What kind of prayer do you think she offered to God?

I'm sure Tamar prayed like this, "Oh God, I miss your blessing. I just want to continue your blessed lineage, so please forgive me. No matter how many times I face death, if only I could continue the blessed lineage of Judah through this adulterous behavior, I have no other wish."

With this kind of desperation, Tamar was willing to face even death in order to fulfill God's will and resolve His resentment. Tamar's filial piety and obedience to God's will was truly amazing. God had to work His providential history through this kind of complicated situation.

So God blessed Tamar, and Judah's family lineage could be resumed.

In other words, God could finally, through Tamar's lineage, indemnify in the womb the fallen course of Cain and Abel and lay His long-cherished victorious foundation on earth. As God wished and had predetermined, He could change the birthright and prepare Tamar's lineage for the birth of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

From this time a new arrangement in the history of Israel was made possible. If this had not occurred, even though Jesus Christ had been born from the womb, Satan could still have accused him. In other words, as previously explained, without the victorious foundation in the womb Jesus Christ could not have been born. Now the nation of Israel could appear on this foundation, with the birthright and its authority restored in the womb. Because of Tamar's victorious foundation, through her lineage Jesus Christ could be born.

3) When Could the Messiah Come?

You may think that upon this foundation the Messiah could come immediately, but that was not the reality.

Why? Nations had already been established in the Satanic world, but Israel had only set up a people. The people of Israel could not confront the nations of the Satanic world. So God prolonged history for 2000 years.

He blessed the Israelites, saying, "Grow up quickly!" With this blessing, the Israelites sought to establish a nation. This prolonged the history of Israel for 2000 years. In this time, centering on Judaism, the Israelites built a nation. At the same time God made a promise to the Israelites saying, "I will send you a Messiah."

Who is the Messiah? What kind of person is he? The Messiah is the first son of God. The term "the only begotten son of God" originates here. You speak of Jesus Christ as the "only begotten son of God" without knowing this historical background. The "only begotten son" means the one who receives God's first love. He has the right to be called the "only begotten son" because the tainted blood of the fall has been cleansed; he stands in the position to love and receive love from God directly; and he comes in the position to pay all the indemnity to clean away the stains left by Satan. That's why we call him God's only begotten son. No one in the 2000 years of Christian history has understood this.

The way of Christianity should have been determined based on a clear understanding of these fundamental things. But Christianity today is not like that. Without knowing the fundamental essence of a problem, you cannot find a solution. Likewise, if Christianity today wants to be the religion of hope which can offer solutions to human problems, it must first know these fundamental things. Yes, what Christianity needs most is God's tradition.

The Messiah is the person who receives God's love and comes to earth as God's only begotten son, who has been liberated from Satan through indemnity to purify the tainted satanic blood. But as I said earlier, the Messiah could not yet come. He could come only after the nation of Israel was established. He had to come to the Abel realm, with God's birthright, as the representative of a nation.

4. The Birth Of Jesus And The Messianic Mission

1) The Birth of the Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ

When Jesus was born, the Israelites had established Judaism and were working toward the unity of church and state. They were preparing themselves to confront the Roman Empire. At this time, finally, God's only begotten son was born.

In order to give birth to Jesus, Mary followed a course with which her parents and husband did not agree. Have you ever thought about why Mary did this? Eve denied God, her father, and Adam, her husband, and fell. So, according to the principle of restoration, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, an ear for an ear," God had to take this back from Satan.

Mary was engaged to Joseph. That was the same position Eve was in, engaged to Adam. In order to restore the Fall through indemnity Mary had to take a dangerous course, going exactly the way opposite to Eve's.

Under Jewish law, an adulterous woman could be stoned to death. In spite of this, Mary, for the sake of God's will, determined to offer herself as a sacrifice. Denying her engagement with Joseph, she became pregnant with Jesus. You must know this. From the moment Mary was pregnant, there was absolutely no condition for Satan to accuse Jesus, or to claim that any trace of his love relationship remained in him.

Because Jesus was born upon the foundation of indemnity laid by Tamar and the Israelites, Satan could not claim that any trace of his love remained. So finally, the new son of God's hope could appear. From the very moment Mary was pregnant, Jesus was the son of God.

Because Jesus was born in the center of God's love, the words "only begotten son" are correct. You must know there has never been anyone like Jesus Christ, who was born upon such a foundation of restoration through indemnity.

You must know that Jesus was the saint of saints. You should not have blind faith. There is no perfection in ignorance. It is so difficult to complete the Will of God, even after you understand it. Even though the mighty omniscient God wanted to see His Will fulfilled, Adam and Eve fell. Do you think you can accomplish God's Will in ignorance? No way!

When Mary was pregnant with Jesus, she was in the position of Eve, Rebecca and Tamar. She deceived her husband, her father-in-law, and her own father. What did she do? She became pregnant. Her position was to indemnify on God's side Eve's relationship with the Archangel by becoming pregnant. Rev. Moon is not arbitrarily giving you the clue to the solution of this enigmatic problem. I discovered these things while pursuing the love and heart of God, who has been working His providence to save mankind.

The issue of the holy birth of Jesus Christ has been controversial in Christian society. You may wonder how I found out about this. What do you think, is Jesus Christ the son of man or the son of God?

Here I can tell you clearly, Jesus Christ could be the son of God because he was born from the womb upon the foundation of indemnity, laid through the history of separation between Cain and Abel, and the first son and the second son. In other words, when he was born after ten months in the womb, he was already sanctified as God's son. You must know this clearly.

2) The Family Lineage of Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God

The book of Matthew in the New Testament corresponds to Genesis in the Old Testament. So the fall of man was recorded in Genesis, and the course of restoration was recorded in Matthew.

In Matthew you find the lineage from Abraham to Jesus Christ, recorded as the "genealogy of Jesus Christ, son of David, son of Abraham." In the third verse, the birth of Perez and Zerah from Judah and Tamar is recorded. Why do you think the record of Tamar, an adulteress, appears at the beginning of the New Testament? There also appears the fact that Boaz was born from Ruth, and that David fathered Solomon with Uriah's wife. In verse 16, the record says that "Mary gave birth to Jesus, called Messiah." Why did the Bible record these immoral, unholy and unforgivable episodes?

I think the writer of Matthew must have known the background of Jesus' birth. Otherwise, why would he record this kind of unpleasant story? You must know why. Not only these, but there are many more sad historical stories in the Bible that we don't fully understand. We must open up these hidden things and establish a solid Christian tradition, otherwise Christianity will be shattered, will become Satan's prey, and will eventually disappear.

Jesus Christ was born of Mary, the central woman who could resolve the historical resentment of God, with faith in God's Will beyond life or death. So through the 4000 years of Jewish history, God found restored Adam, unstained, with no trace of fallen lineage. In I Corinthians 5:45 Jesus is referred to as the "second Adam." These words "second Adam" represent the restored son of God, who can receive God's love as a result of God's 4000-year providential history for salvation, restoration and recreation. This has never before been understood. I think this is the first time you've heard such an explanation, isn't it?

3) The Mission of the Messiah and the Position of Jesus Christ

The Messiah was the true man that God, humankind and all creation had been waiting for. He came as the embodiment of love, to speak the truth in perfect unity with God's love. His every action was motivated by love.

He led his life not in a conventional way, but in accordance with the standard of God's true love. He sought to save this world not by worldly methods and tactics, but centering on God's true love. This is what the Messiah was.

Starting with such a person, the movement of true love could spread forth throughout the world. If this true individual married and formed a family, centered on this family a clan, tribe, nation and world could have been completed. This was the universal hope shared by God, humankind and all creation.

Two thousand years ago Jesus came with this Messianic ideal, but unfortunately he couldn't complete this mission. Even though he was the first true son of God, came to this world and initiated the movement of true love centered on God's love, when we consider that the Messianic mission was to form a family of true love upon the foundation of individual perfection, and then expand it to the tribe, nation and world, we cannot deny that it remained incomplete. Christians today who believe in Jesus may oppose this idea, but no one can deny the historical facts.

Yes, Jesus Christ was unfortunate in that, even though he had attained individual perfection, he had no chance to establish the tradition of God's love on the family level by finding a woman to take the objective position in relation to him as subject. Therefore until today no single family has appeared centered on God's true love. The traditions of true conjugal love based on Messianic authority, true parental love recognized by God, and true children's love have never been established.

If this kind of family had been established, then naturally, automatically, through the process of history centering on this family, vertically and horizontally, the tribe, nation and one world of God's love would have emerged.

But since Jesus couldn't establish the family tradition of God's true love, the central foundation which could please God, humankind and all creation, could not be established. Since the family centered on God's love was not established, the true clan, tribe, nation and world could not be established. (1981.5.10)

4) What Find of Being is the Holy Spirit?

What was God's Will? First, it was to set up the standard of perfect man and woman. Then, to establish God's family centered on His love.

However, was God's family established? No, it was not. Jesus knew God's Will and believed in it. But because the people of Israel did not believe in Jesus, Judaism and the 4000-year historical foundation for Jesus Christ collapsed, and he died miserably on the cross. Who has understood the terrible plight of Jesus until today? No one.

Now you know because Rev. Moon is telling you. If this is true, how glad Jesus must be that we now know. The completion of God's family was impossible unless Jesus Christ, the bridegroom, had been able to find a bride to become the True Mother. Without Jesus' family, the Will of God was not completed.

After Jesus died, when 120 disciples were gathered in prayer on the day of the Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended. The Holy Spirit was the Mother spirit. Jesus was in the position of the Father, and the Holy Spirit was the Mother spirit. The one who knows a man best is his wife; no one is more completely united with her husband than his wife.

Precisely what kind of being was the Holy Spirit? If Eve had been perfected she would have become the substantial mother. But because of the fall, the essence of Eve was taken back by God. This essence was to return as a substantial image when Jesus Christ took a bride. But since Jesus lost the foundation to become a bridegroom, the spirit could not come down and Jesus could not take the position of substantial parent.

So he had to take the position of spiritual parent with the Holy Spirit. Otherwise he would not even have had the foundation to lead God's providence.

Therefore Christian believers speak of the necessity of receiving the Holy Spirit. Why do they need the Holy Spirit? Because Eve, the wife, committed sin, women have to take on the pain of giving birth. Therefore the Holy Spirit works to bring rebirth to Christians. To be redeemed, we need the love of Jesus and also the love of the Holy Spirit. That's why Christians speak of receiving the Holy Spirit.

5) Spiritual Restoration through True Parents

Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ came as the second Adam. He came as the Messiah with the mission of True Father, to save all mankind. But because he went the way of the cross, the True Parents couldn't appear in the flesh. As a result, spiritual redemption was made possible, but physical redemption was never realized. In short, until today, there have been no True Parents who could bring both physical and spiritual salvation.

So we have to be born again through the second coming of the Messiah, who comes in flesh and spirit as the True Parent. Now we believers must be born again to a new life from the mother's womb, conditionally or symbolically. This is the way we are walking. Until today, the Holy Spirit has played the role of mother. So we have to be born again through the mother's spirit and Jesus' spirit.

Of course we are born from our mother's womb, but when we look beyond that, the origin of our life is from our father. We can change and restore our lineage by going back to our mother's womb, but we still have not received our father. Until today, with the power of the mother-the Holy Spirit-Christians have awaited the father, the origin of life, and hoped to return to Jesus. Before the fall, the lives of his sons and daughters already existed as seed in Adam's body. The seed which will become a son or daughter exists in the father's body.

From the fundamental point of view, spirit and body must be born together. So to start again, our spirit and body must return to the position of the seed.

To complete this providence, Christ must come as a parent. So we must be reborn as restored life through the Lord of the Second Advent. When you reflect on the content of Rev. Moon's teachings, you will know clearly whether or not you need the Messiah.

Jesus said to Nicodemus, "You will not see the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are born again." Nicodemus asked, "How can I be born again? Can I return to my mother's womb?" Jesus said to him, "You are a well known rabbi, a famous teacher in Israel. How could it be you don't know this?" Jesus was really speaking of this principle.

In Christianity, the resurrection and new life refer to this. Blood lineage is restored through the mother. Original sin must be cleansed and tainted blood restored to God's lineage through the mother.

Yet to be re-created as a pure new life and born again is only possible through the True Father's body. Only through the True Father can complete salvation of spirit and body occur. In this way sinless children could be born with no need of salvation, eligible to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now you know how difficult the process of restoration is! Rev. Moon not only had to discover this truth, but also had to fulfill it. Now I am teaching you this for free. You are like students who receive a diploma without studying! You must know what a precious position you are in.

6) The Ultimate Goal of the Providence is to Establish True Parents

The extension of the individual is the society, nation and world. If you want to liberate mankind, you have to begin with the individual. The individual is also the key to the liberation of the family. Eventually, the movement to liberate nations and the world must also be carried out by a group of individuals. To accomplish this goal, God created the institution of religion to lead people closer to God.

What is the ultimate goal of the providence? Generally people have understood that the mission of religion is to do something good for the world. Religious people have thought so too.

From the point of view of God's will, philanthropy is a secondary purpose of religion. The first purpose is to establish the True Parents. In order to indemnify the history of mankind born from evil parents, God's biggest problem is how to set up a person born from good parents.

The evil world started from the individual and spread to the family, clan, tribe, nation and world. In order to build the same foundation God has to expand the realm of the Archangel and the clan. From there, gradually, He can build the realms of the adopted son and the natural son. In the realm of the natural son there are Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel, who were born from fallen parents, fought with each other and separated. Unless the foundation of complete unity between Cain and Abel is established, the realm of the Fall cannot be overcome.

The realm of the Fall could only be overcome by setting up the foundation of substance. Even if humankind could reach the completion stage, Satan's sinful lineage would not thereby be cleansed.

To cleanse original sin we need the Messiah. Therefore for fallen man, the foundation of faith, the foundation of substance, and the foundation for the Messiah are absolutely necessary. The final problem is to complete the change of blood lineage by receiving the Messiah upon the prepared foundation. Then all people could stand in the position of God's true children. Because of the fall of Adam and Eve, there was no way for Cain and Abel to unite vertically. Adam and Eve were in the position to be restored through Cain and Abel, so they too had no vertical connection with God.

Therefore, we who seek the realm of God's true children must meet True Parents, who can connect us vertically with God. Without restoring the position of children before the fall, we cannot enter the completion stage with God. No matter how strong their faith in God, no matter how united Cain and Abel were, unless they restored the foundation of their parents before the fall they could not find the way to advance vertically.

To solve this problem we must restore God's position as True Parent.

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