The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. - Lecturing and the Mission of a Minister

1. Lecturing Is the Leaders Major Job

1) Ministers have to Speak

Everybody put out your tongue. The tongue, when does it work? It works when you eat. Then, for whom does it work? It works for yourselves. When do you think the tongue can work for others? It is the time when your tongue works more for others than for yourselves, which makes you a man of virtue. So, teachers and professors are the ones whose tongue is mostly used for others rather than used for having their meal. Those people are great.

Have you ever cried for others! It's easy for people to cry for themselves, isn't it? So, have you cried for other people? There are two kinds of tears. One who sheds tears for himself or herself will go to hell, and one who sheds tears for others will go to heaven. So, are you going to use your tongue, or will you not? [We will]

This lady who graduated from seminary, you don't like to talk, do you? However, you like to write and think. That's the enemy. You have to do what you don't like. People who couldn't get good results will see progress when they try what they don't want to do. Do you understand? Now, do you like to give speeches? You don't like it, and that's why you cannot witness. If you like to lecture to others, you will bring a good result in witnessing. (96-172)

If you don't have people to lecture to, go to the park and lecture for 18 hours. If you cannot find people you want to lecture on, pray such as, "Heavenly Father, I am not lecturing at home today, and I will give lectures at park for 18 hours." And do it as you prayed. Try to do it everyday for six months. If you give lectures to you friends for three months, you must be tired of it. Do you think so? [Yes, Father]. How long have you lectured? I gave a lecture for 18 hours on the New Year's day of last year. Do you think I did that because it's easy to do? 24 hours. I continuously talk and lecture from when I wake up until I close my eyes at night. I have lived in that way all my life. (107-250)

The reason why I gather you here is to guide you into the right course. If you break down while you are lecturing, I will take care of you. If you die when you do so, I will hold the funeral for you. Then, you will not be accused, saying that you lectured until you died following Father's direction. How serious is it, then? You have to lecture at the risk of your life. God has supported me because I have done so, and that makes Rev. Moon, who could have perished, be a globally famous person. That's how I have survived. (107-249)

When we think over why we talk through our mouth, we realize that everything in Heaven and Earth is connected through the harmonized mouth. Everything can be connected. (86-165)

2) Lecture Everyday

After you wake up, you should be worried about where you will go and give a speech, just like a mother is worried about breast-feeding her child. If you wander around hesitating to go this way or that way, you need to pray, "Heavenly Father, I don't know where I should go and witness." If you really don't know where to go, try to tell a fortune by yourself. Spit on you palm, and clap with other hand. Then go the way where the biggest spit drops. Or hit the midpoint of the ballpoint pen. If it turns to the right, then go to the right. That's the right way. You should apply the Principle to your life and environment. Do you understand? (60-345)

If you can give a speech, do it every day and night. Do it like eating a meal. If you cannot find someone, go out and do it on the street. If you really can't find anybody, see members and cry holding them, or give a lecture to your mother or friends. (96-141)

You are leaders, aren't you? Raise your hand, those who make speeches everyday as a leader. I will make and give a schedule for you, too. If there is a person who lives with you at your church, wake up together and follow the schedule. It is the rule of our church that every member should wake up at six o'clock, isn't it? [Yes] Go to bed at 12 o'clock, sleep for six hours, which is the rule of the Unification Church, wake up at six o'clock, and wash and prepare other things for 30 minutes. 30 minutes is enough. Then lecture from 6:30 to 8:30 for two hours. It is for the growth of the members.

After you have a couple of members, take them to witness. Have breakfast for 30 minutes, then go out for witnessing. Witness together on the streets. You should meet people one by one and witness by devoting yourself to them.

2. Leader's Basic Training

1) How to Give a Lecture

How are you going to give a lecture from now on? When you do that, don't think that you are lecturing about only the Divine Principle. You have to think that you are talking about God's history and Father's history. Then what are the histories? I talk about them in order to inherit those histories and to unite them. Do you understand what I'm saying?

This is the reason: when I hold another's hands from the beginning, they are not my hands. What's that? That's not my hands. Then, something inner and indescribable should come out from you and you should feel it. Once you open your mouth, you have to be fascinated with your words. If you pray like that, that prayer is mystical. You need to feel the moment that you can get intoxicated at your prayer.

Then why is it like that? That's Divine Principle. If a subject and object have give-and-take action with each other, force will be exerted. If they have give and take centering on their heart-force, accompanying inspiration of heart will come out. What is the force going to do? It will restore and re-create the heart. (157-254)

2) Standing as a Leader

Even when you walk at dusk or under the moonlight, the heart that you feel is precious. If you pray, you should think of Jesus and his heart when he was walking and wandering on the streets. With reflecting all those histories . . . Suppose you try to have the heart of the people representing those times thinking that how heaven will see those steps? How much blessing will you have? How precious the time will be if you walk alone, meditate alone, pray alone and read Father's words alone?

The leaders are not living like that. They don't hold the position of a public figure.

If you think on a larger scale it will bring the past and it can combine with the present feeling . . . If you see the sun, Jesus must have seen the sun and other saints and wise people must have seen it, too. The thing is the way they saw it. Water and air are the same.

You should be interested in those things. You need to feel it and appeal to heaven, and report your feeling. If so, it would be naturally connected. Do you understand? [Yes] Now, the unification of the heart will be the major thing needing to be done. Let's revive it.

The reason why I'm talking about this is that you have to change your attitude when you give a Divine Principle lecture. When you give a lecture, you shouldn't do it from your point of view.

So, when you pray, you don't have to pray anything else. You have to pray about the Principle of Restoration. When you pray about Adam and Eve, you need to stand in their position. If you pray about Noah, you need to become Noah himself. You are the Abraham in his family. You are the Moses at his time. Restoration will be done in this manner. Restoration will not be done unless you build a revival of the heart of those historical people. You should pray with that kind of view all the time. (157-262)

3. Lecturing and Witnessing

1) Speech has the Power of Creation

Try to talk about the contents of Divine Principle until you get tired of it. It will be exciting once you do that. We should know that this speech has the power of recreation. I know that wherever I go, God is with me, and with that heart I can influence the people. Do you understand? [Yes]

That's the way we can sway this country. I cannot go to every place by myself. I have built bridges between people. So, you are in the same boat, and you have common responsibility. Do you want the providence to be accomplished fast or slow? [Fast] (107-252)

You should know that wherever you go the blessing will be there. In the place you speak out, there will be a miracle of revival and recreation. We need such a crater of love in every place. (166-83)

Once you know the Principle, you want to open you mouth. You may not want to talk about your family business, but you will lose your appetite unless you speak about the Divine Principle. Do you know that?

Can you complain? Can you say that I am wrong? You should want to visit and talk to people day and night. If you repeat it, then there will be creation. When I see the lecturer speak of the Divine Principle, he speaks softly at first, but in 15 minutes -- "Wa! Wa" he shouts. He is so excited and intoxicated. Have you ever felt like that? (167-330)

4. The Attitude of a Minister to Lecturing

1) The Minister Must Feel the Lecture

You are now giving the lecture on anti-communism, but between the lecture on anti-communism and the Divine Principle, which one do you feel is more interesting? I want to ask. Which is more interesting? [The Divine Principle is better] You want to give a Divine Principle lecture? Do you really feel that way? It is true that giving life to the man that is about to die is the best thing.

If you become like that, the atmosphere will be charged. After staying in such an atmosphere for a few days, when you see cars running around on the street, those things seem very strange. You will feel like you are walking on the clouds. When you walk over a bridge, you wouldn't know whether you are walking on the Pacific Ocean or not. You will feel like you went to the spirit world and became a spirit. That is how you would feel. This is exactly what it means when I say that we are entering the land of mystery.

In order to make such motivation, you must become such a mover, the yeast. You must have the subjectivity. Heart is yeast. Have you seen anyone who has not been melted by heart? (157-258)

When you listen, you must listen well. When you speak, you must shed sweat, blood, and tears. That is what is scary. These days, when you give a Divine Principle lecture, you are lecturing only with the formulated method. As if you are going for work, you make an appointment and say "let's start the lecture at so-and-so time." This is not right. You cannot do that. This is why I gave a direction in Korea that when one gives a lecture, he must do it as he sweats, as he sweats. All 36 blessed families who are early members gave lectures in that way. They were educated in such a way. (96-323)

When you lecture the Divine Principle, you should not lecture as if you know everything about the Bible verses and other information with only the material that you have noted down and memorized. Before you speak about the core context, you must know the entire context and feel a new taste through it.

In order to move the audience, you must shed tears holding on to the Divine Principle. You must be so strongly attached to the Divine Principle that you would read the book throughout the night with the feeling that the time is too precious to lose. Also, you must be the one who would experience mystery from every page. See how you feel lecturing after experiencing that. See how the audience is moved and responds. Without any doubt, the audience will be newly moved. This is the principle. (30-130)

When you lecture, you must think what will you leave during the lecture. When you speak, you must think what will you leave during your speech. When your hand moves, you must think what will your hand leave at the place where your hand went. When you act, you must think what will you leave. You must pledge all these. This is why, even if you go the difficult way, even if you go the exhausting way, you must always think what will you leave. You must think what will you leave as you always walk the difficult and exhausting way. Your excitement must be overflowing. You cannot be exhausted. This is what is needed. (96-331)

You should not stop giving lectures. How wonderful the expression is. This is why if one who knows the taste is told not to lecture, he will die if he doesn't speak. He will feel alive when he feels the taste again from speaking overnight. Otherwise, he wouldn't want to live.

Now, I am very famous and so busy that I cannot give the Divine Principle lecture. The old days when I was raising members were the most exciting period. Now I am very bored. No matter how late it gets, even if it was getting close to midnight and the members wanted to go home, I had them sit down and I continued speaking from the intoxication and the excitement of talking. Even if they say, "Please Father, it is twelve o'clock, you need to sleep," I didn't listen to them. However, when it became one o'clock and I am about to stand up, I see them standing up before me. At that moment, I feet wordless.

You are smiling because you agree with me. Unless you are a Unification Church member, you don't know what I am saying. You must be intoxicated while you lecture, you must shed a tear while you lecture, you must be grateful while you lecture, and you must think while you lecture. How wonderful that is. How exciting that is.

If you don't lecture, if you don't feel the taste, you would say that you are dying. Do you do that? Because God is always with you when you lecture, there will be a strong flow of electricity. You will feel the power that seems billions of volts is flowing. Also, you will feel that the world is shaking because of you. How thrilling this would be? When you feel that your eyes won't close even if you want to close them. Even in the middle of sleep, your eyes will be suddenly opened. That is possible.

What I am saying is not only for the sake of our Unification Church, but I am appealing to the patriotic -- for the sake of America and to save Korea. With thought, you have to make the atmosphere. America, now, is gradually perishing because of the corruption of the youth. This is why we have to speak to them with patriotic thought that we will save America with our hand.

2) If You Lecture Enthusiastically, You Will Make Contact with the Spiritual World

When I talk about one thing, I speak in a situation of serious Shimjung (heart), sweat and drink water. No one in the world would know the taste of water at that time. How does the water taste? You cannot compare with the taste of coke, or the water with honey. The taste is very different. Every time, the taste is different. Do you know what I am saying?

You must discover that. If you don't feel that, you cannot sense the spiritual feeling. You cannot respond to everything about the spiritual world. If you feel that, your ears will first become very sensitive and hear what others are saying even if they speak in the distance. Without knowing that, you won't be able to differentiate whether the spirit of the spiritual world is good or bad. You must know this. It is not that you know by seeing it, but your mind knows it. The eyes of your mind are in the higher position than the eyes that know by seeing. Do you understand what I am saying?

Why am I saying this? This is because you still have a long way to go. You must know that. You must not be proud of yourself. This is why the Bible says; "the one with the empty mind is the fortunate one that will receive everything." This is the same principle. All these words are saying the same thing. Do you understand?

However, you are not giving lectures. Without giving lectures, there is no way to find the world. While giving a lecture, you will be able to have contact with the spiritual world. If such phenomena happen, you will lecture in a half-conscious state. If you lecture from the Principle of the Creation to the fall in a half-conscious state, everything that you lecture will happen.

This is why you must know how the activities of the spiritual world and reality fit. You must see and feel. In front of your eyes, it is in front of your eyes. This is why you must become crazy, crazy. You must continue the lecture, as you become crazy. (96-170)

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