The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2 - The Way To Become A Renowned Lecturer

1. Build Up Your Knowledge Of The Divine Principle

1) Read the Principle Everyday

I want to ask you how much you love the Principle. It is something that I have spent my life to find, melting my bone marrow. Even if you were to memorize it hundreds and thousands of times there is no way to pay back for its contents, yet you just put it on a shelf and read a novel instead. Do you get involved in the trivial affairs of the neighboring villages? Do you go around and have a good time? I have not walked such a path. Before heaven, there is nothing that I am doing now that goes against my conscience, and because I am in the position to do such things, I am doing them. Yet, those who are unworthy and immature, can they do their mission only after doing all the things that please them first? Never! You have to understand that you need to be trained and educated. (68-181)

Although you claim that you have learned the Principle, you throw it away in the back room, and go on your way, your life and the Principle totally separate from each other. . . They have not become one. Isn't this so? Do you think that you can do witnessing in the present state? It won't work, it won't. Because God is not with you, what you are doing is fake. You have to do it according to the Principle.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you look at the Principle book, there you can find the heart of God of the six thousand years. You can find the history of my conflict in which I have shed blood all of my life. There is an abundant amount of contents that you are not aware of. As you flip through each page of the Principle book with such background, have you ever memorized it with the mindset that there you can find some ladder that can connect you to find the heart of God? Underlining them, have you ever thought about what kind of history lies behind each phrase?

All of you, just put the Principle book on your shelves, and . . . Do you read the Principle book everyday? Those of you that read it every day, please raise your hand. You, all of you are a group of hooligans. So, you complain that God is not helping you? For this reason, I have no choice but to make a new system. From now on, you have to reform all of your ways. This shows that you do not realize how sacred the works of clergymen who live for God are. (68-101)

When you read the Principle words, have you ever shed tears through a sleepless night? What was great about former president Eu is that he would write notes to every part of the Principle and in every page he would shed tears hundreds of times. He, as an intellectual, an intelligent person who graduated college, fell down out of exhaustion when he was searching for the truth, so when he came to know such a deep world, he shed tears not in drops but like a waterfall. When he came to work with it, he felt so much awe before the truth that he could not continue writing without shedding tears. I heard how it took him one week to write one page.

So, we do not know how many tears he has shed. The truth that can connect to the original heart has the power to explode love over and over, and its activities have taken the shape through the history. (141-70)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Divine Principle is a fearsome book. There are many people who belittle it just because President Eu wrote it. If it was I who wrote it, then what do you think will happen? All will face the accusation. Without an exception, all will immediately face accusations. You go to the spirit world and see. Even if it was written with mistakes in it, you will be accused if you belittle it. You have to understand the reason why it is written that way. Do you understand what I am saying? (33-101)

The Divine Principle is the storage where the words of life are kept. When you listen to the Principle, it is just like connecting a big rubber hose to the storage and being supplied with the water of life. Once you come to know the taste of this water of life, you will become crazy about that taste so that no matter how hard you try, you cannot take your mouth off the hose. When you try to take the mouth off, it is more likely for the mouth to break off from you, than for it to come off the hose. This is just as when a bee is sucking on honey and you pull his hind parts off. Even if this breaks off the rest of its body, he won't take his mouth off. Similarly, within the Principle, you can find something that is sweeter than honey. (90-19)

Church leaders must read the words of the Principle at least ten pages a day. All of you eat meals, right? You eat three meals a day, right? [Yes] If you eat three meals a day, then likewise you have to do spiritual breathing together. Ladies and gentlemen, do you fully understand the Principle words? There is I, who has been fighting hard to walk the course of restoration through practice centering on those words of the Principle. If you want to know more about the deep valley of heart that flows at the core of my existence, then you have to implant your roots there very, very deeply.

In order to become a large branch you have to develop a relationship with the fluids from the root and absorb them. Those branches that do not do this will become desiccated and then eventually die and fall off. Do you understand. It is very serious. Accordingly, you have to pray and exert yourself everyday. (46-171)

The members of the Unification Church all do not understand the Principle; you are ignorant about the Principle. At the same time that you equip yourself with the Principle, you have to do witnessing. At the same time that you equip yourself with the words, you should always stress the necessity of the Principle. You cannot live an experience of the heart alone. You have to do witnessing. How? What do you do witnessing with? You have to recite the Divine Principle book to the extent that you can memorize the whole thing. Knowing what is in what page, and everything . . . (96-318)

When you learn the Principle, when you begin from the Principle of Creation and learn about the fall and the Principles of Restoration, you are not learning about someone else's affairs. You have to learn while being in the position where it becomes one with your flesh and bone. In other words, when you learn about Adam's family, you have to become Adam, and when you learn about Noah, you have to become Noah, and when you learn about Abraham, you have to be Abraham.

Because they failed as the substantial bodies of resurrection, you have to feel the pain of repeating the sacrifice, and you have to know how to listen to the lecture while experiencing the sorrow of God. For this reason, God is also in the position like that of the Cain-God right now. Therefore, we have to make sure that because of us, God can become the Abel-God and the Abel-Adam. (66-25)

In order to find God, look at the work He has done in history. In order to find the living and moving God, you have to study the Principle. I have come to the earth so that you can do such study of the Principle. Those of you that at times see me in their dreams, raise your hand. You are supposed to see one hundred percent. You must see one hundred percent, and when you face difficulties, I will coach you in everything. (60-169)

2) Read the Principle Aloud

To make a breakthrough in the district, the method of education you should use is to gather everyone and, if your lecturing abilities are not adequate, educate with the Divine Principle book. If you are going to gather them together and divide one topic into three different sections, then you can go through every part of one section, a third of the whole, and then decide upon the things that you are going to emphasize. Read it in the manner of giving a speech. Is there much to lecturing?

If you do this once, twice, and three times, you will then come to know what to pick out. You should be able to pick out the main summary that you can present briefly. If you repeat this just ten times, then centering on the Principles of Creation you can lecture in five hours, the ten hour content, and then further shorten the five hour content and lecture to three hours. You will gradually make progress. If you do it in 20 or 30 minutes, then within one hour, you can squeeze in all the core messages. This is how you should do it.

Do you know how one feels when one graduates from a teacher's college and then become a teacher in a middle or high school? Who wants to be a teacher? They also bear the misfortunes and their hearts are full of concerns. What matters is how one makes the landing as one begins on the stage. They have the same feeling as if they are trying to land an airplane without a wing. Accordingly, one has to mobilize all that, one has to prepare for the landing so that one can conduct it successfully. This is how one is to land it.

When that is completed successfully and one can stand in that position of recognition, then one can demonstrate all his abilities. The problem that remains is how to shrewdly get them organized and put them into use. From then on, centering on one's foundation of experience, one is to pick out the core elements and then teach them. You have to lecture a lot. If you cannot lecture, then you should read out loud a lot. In this way you are to continue to give sermons. What concerns would you have, when you all have the book? You all have the book, right? (166-196)

3) Create the Framework for the Lecture

All of you have been in the Unification Church for more than ten years, and you have to be able to lecture part one or part two of the lectures fluently without any hesitation. This has to become one formula. If you can as a result become someone who can apply them in the real world, how great a sphere of knowledge would you be able to come to possess? You should be able to stay up at night and read the Principle because it is interesting, becoming intoxicated in it and making progress internally as well as in your lifestyle. The fact that you have lost such a foundation, despite all this constitutes a great loss for you. This is how I see it.

Therefore, you should make plans centering on the district or borough that you are going to work in and carry on the activities. Moreover, when you give lectures, you should not lecture on the topic that you do well in. You should select the topic that you cannot lecture so well on and then by exerting yourself you should read ten times what you would have read just one time. After having done that, as you go out to lecture, you should not go to the best village in the borough but go to the most humble village and try lecturing to some people.

After that, you should go to the best village. You can strengthen your weaknesses while you try once and twice, and you can come to possess the confidence that you could not possess up to now. If you do not have confidence, you will not make progress. From this perspective, when you proclaim the Principle you should make plans in regards to the target areas and then carry out the planned activity accordingly and at the same time also make progress on yourself. (29-190)

In order for you to give lectures, you should always study the Principle before you start. If you are to lecture for two hours, you should study for more than two hours. You must pray more than twice that length. Without doing this, you cannot touch the hearts of the audience.

Here, the purpose also lies in the lectures themselves, but you have to make a progress in yourself. As the number of times that you give lectures increase, you must build a solid foundation yourself and secure more firmly the heavenly relationship of heart. Centering on that foundation, you should be able to influence the whole. You will feel fulfillment and the value of life as the origin and the generative power will increase in strength. Therefore, the more you engage yourself in these activities, the greater the scope will become in relative degrees and the more you will feel the growth in your capability. (29-188)

4) Memorize the Principle

Unificationists must understand the Principle clearly. Among the American people there is not even one who understands the Principle clearly. You do not know the principle, in my perspective, all of you do not understand the Principle. You think that you understand! I do not know why it is so, but people lecture the Principle in their own ways and think in their own ways. This is not how it should be, it is not. You can see this when you observe how the president of the American church gives the lecture. There are many things that he won't be able to answer if I asked him about them. I do not even have to mention what all of you are like.

All of you have studied the Principle, right? Do you all know what contents are in what page? Do you know what is written on page 556 and what its meaning is? This is the same as your own body. Would it be acceptable if you do not know in what parts of your body there are freckles and black dots on? (167-328)

If you are going to lecture, you have grasp all the core contents of the Principle using whatever means you can. Before me, you have no excuse to say that you cannot lecture.

When you listen to many lectures, you should observe everything such as the lecturer's expression saying to yourself, "Oh, this is how that person lectures." As you begin to speak about a section in the chapter on the fall or the Principle of Creation, when you come to the part where you should touch the heart of listeners, you should use moving words. When you express pleasure, you should say, "Wow, it is so nice," and your facial expressions should be in tune, but if you say, "Wow, it is so nice," without any expressions, then . . . Everything has to be in tune internally and externally.

According to how much one understands this Principle and how many times one gives the lectures, one's power and skills will improve. Thus, you should keep this in your mind and make plans for memorizing the whole Divine Principle book. First, you should memorize the whole thing. You should memorize at least one page a day. Then, you can memorize the whole thing within a year. However, you have not been doing this. The problem lies in that you do not carry this out. (54-182)

When you study the Principle lectures, I think it would be better if you train yourself by practicing one section at a time. Otherwise, if you have the mindset to study the whole thing at once from the Principle of Creation to the fall and the Principles of Restoration, it would be very difficult to lecture. As you give lectures, if you spend three months in one section, for example, on the Principle of Creation, then you will become an expert in that topic.

Based on my experience, if you train yourself in that fashion, then within one-and-a-half years, you should be able to lecture the Principle perfectly. In other words, you should not even think about doing it from the beginning to the end at once. Anyone can give lectures. You should completely abandon the thought that you cannot lecture.

If you look at the original edition of the Divine Principle book, it is all together 556 pages. If you can just memorize one sheet a day, since it is 278 sheets all together you can complete it within a year. (54-174)

I have told you about it too, right? In order to memorize the Divine Principle book from page 1 to page 556, a smart person can do it within six months. If you can memorize it you will be able to go anywhere in the world and not starve there but have a way to support your wife and educate your children. Can you remember when I told you about it? (126-65)

Didn't I tell you to lecture continuously? You should memorize the whole Divine Principle book. What is there, that a young person cannot accomplish. This is how it is even now. If you cannot lecture well, you can never become successful. (70-316)

2. Listen To Lectures Often

1) Listen to Good Lecturers

In order for you to become a renowned lecturer on the world level, you have to listen to all the leaders' speeches. Therefore, when you study you will feel the improvement from before. It will be different from yesterday. Preparation for tomorrow, preparation in greater depth, preparation on a higher level. . . . Even in watching a movie, there is qualitative difference between one who watches once and one who watches ten times. Only someone who wants to see it over and over again can give a critique that surpasses that of the director of that movie. Isn't this so? [yes] Centering on the principle, how much do you study to become well versed in it? The question is how much you repeat it. The question is whether or not you have reflected on it, put it into practice, criticized it, and such things. (66-106)

What do you have to do to become a famous lecturer? You have to collect the cassette recordings of all the renowned lecturers all over the nation, and while listening to it and critically evaluating them, make a notebook full of records on the best points in the methods that are used in each lecture. In order to do this, you should always have a pile of recorded cassettes.

If you pick out the witty and clever contents, those witty words that are spoken before tens or hundreds of people, and use them by adding them to the core messages during your lectures, you can become an outstanding lecturer. You should also do it. We have made the resolution on this in the leaders' meeting. Before coming here, we made the promise, "We will do it that way. Because the leader of Korea has not come here, I will go and pass through in his place." Now, in this hour, we are to pass through. You heard me, right? [yes] Everyday, you must lecture more than eight hours. You should gather three people, even one person, and lecture before them. (68-94)

You all should do it this way. If it has been over ten years, you should pass the test quickly. You should all take the Principle tests. Do you understand? [yes] Then, the leaders of the mobilization teams should be responsible for sending one person to the workshop every month! Moreover, next the leaders of the provinces, the church leaders must give tests so that a talented person can be sent! Church leaders, do you understand? Even for the Church leaders, after you have received the education and return, you should give the test three times. Do you understand? You are to become the supervisors for the tests. Having done this, if there are three people who score above 70 points after the correction, then what do you do with them next? You are to send them to the mobilization teams. After they are sent to the mobilization teams, they score over 70 points there, they should not quit the mobilization teams, but should all be sent to the workshops.

So, what is the formation stage? It is getting 70 points in the church. The growth stage is receiving 70 points in the mobilization teams, and next, you should receive 70 points in the workshop. Only when you move forward in this manner, you may obtain the normal recognition and title as a church leader in the Unification Church in the future, but otherwise, you have no chance to make it. You should listen to lectures a lot and give many lectures. (68-94)

An oriental man's mentality and a western man's mentality differ a little bit. An oriental person tries to focus on one thing, but a western person spreads himself in all directions.

From this perspective, if you educate the western people into someone who can work just on one task for ten, one hundred, or three hundred and sixty days without any complaint, then surely they will become great people. However, American people prefers life full of variety. Isn't this true? If you make them repeat the same thing several times, then they will become sick of doing it.

From this point of view, it can be seen that because tomorrow is linked to the past and the present, through the path of persistence and in a straight line, it is not something that is met with change but is something that is inherited. Because what one has achieved through persistence remains firm in one's memory, you have to learn to become persistent.

When you are trying to become a great marksman, can you have the attitude, "Since I have shot ten times through one hole, now I can stop." You have to shoot through one hole a thousand or ten thousand times. The more you continue the more advantageous it becomes. So, the question of how much one trains oneself determines one's accomplishments. . . . Moreover, that accomplishment becomes the condition to pioneer victory. This is an undeniable truth.

So, you are to listen a lot. You should listen to lectures often, even a thousand or ten thousand times. Next, you should do a lot, you should put it into action repeatedly. Only when you put it into practice often, you will obtain relative results. Is this false? [It is true] So, you should listen a lot.

Now, for those of you who have heard Mr. Kim lecture, it is not enough to just listen to him. Because you can only hear Mr. Kim's lecture, next you should go to other places such as Korea and even if you have to use an interpreter, listen to the lecturers there. Assess them. (66-109)

2) The More You Lecture, the Better a Lecturer You Will Become

Let's take an example. I believe that concerning any one particular thing anyone can become an expert in it, even if they were not initially interested in it. Becoming an expert is simple. It depends on how much one does it and with how much persistence one overcomes it and repeats it. Of course in doing so one's talent and intelligence does figure into the picture, but all that one has to do is give several times more effort than those who rely on their talents and intelligence. All you have to do is try several times harder.

In my days as a student, there was such a person among my classmates; he would memorize from morning until evening whatever was taught in school that day. He was a failing student in the beginning. However, when he was graduating, he earned the top score in the class. With persistence, he has put in more effort than others.

Between an extraordinary genius who can remember things just by reading something once and a dull-headed person who has to read the whole day to remember something, the one that remembers the content longer is the one who has read the whole day to remember. The person who knows more in the end is the one who memorized everything from the beginning. When the students entered the graduating class, they all consulted with the person who used to memorize everything. That person rose to the position where he can represent the whole student body. When we look at this, it is clear that you should not have the attitude that you cannot be a lecturer. You can become one. It depends on how much effort you put into it. The question is how hard you try. I heard from Dave here yesterday, "Old people do not have sharp minds, so they. . ." When I heard those words, I thought, "As the leader of workshops, he should not be thinking this way. The question is whether or not they have tried with an eager heart. (72-329)

When you play piano. . . . Although the striking forces of the five fingers are different, the basis is how to play it with the same strength. In order to do that, one needs to practice a lot. Keeping in mind that more force should be given on this finger and it should be lighter for that finger, you have to move them scientifically and automatically. Without clearly understanding the level of your practice and training, you cannot become a famous pianist.

You talk a lot, but when you talk, you do not have a certain standard. Do you have the mind-set, "I am speaking like this with a certain standard. These words are originated from heart." You just hear things and say things. Such people cannot rise above mediocrity. (67-214)

How much you have repeated the Principle lectures become the beginning point of your heart of faith and nurturing your character in all aspects. (66-310)

Have you ever thought, "In my life how many times would I lecture?" When you eat rice, the more you chew on it, the sweeter it becomes. If you chew like this, how can you tell if it is delicious or not? You will forget it after trying it once. Accordingly, you should have the mentality that you will repeat the same thing even hundreds of times. (66-308)

It is the same thing for the lectures. This is the reason that I have told you in headquarters that in order to lecture two hours you should make three times the effort. You have to prepare at least six hours. This is how we have been educating. Even if you have been lecturing for ten or twenty years, you should prepare everyday. Then, even if you do the same lecture for ten years, people will hear different things. The feeling would be different.

An expert is someone who has done something over and over again. An expert is someone who can sense the taste the quickest. (96-170)

When Mr. Kim comes out to lecture here, you should be able to tell whether or not he has prayed before coming out. You can tell whether he is doing it because he has no other choice or because he really cares for us. There is a manifest difference between doing it because I told him to and doing it voluntarily because he is genuinely interested in it.

You should be thinking, "If I were to speak before the audience, then I will try my best to sway and touch the hearts of everyone. If it were me, I would be stressing here and say moving words in this way, but he is doing it that way."

Even if one person is giving the lecture, the perspectives of the fifty people must all be different. They should be feeling different things. Do you study with such attitude? I think that you have not been able to do so. I think that you have not been doing that.

When I see some people pray, they hang the cross of Jesus on the wall and pray while sitting below it, but those whose prayer contents are the same yesterday and today are not people who are leading a religious life. Although one sees the same things everyday, when one can feel that they are different everyday, one can enter the mystical world of faith. This is the way that one can enter the world of faith and discover a new world, but if one sees that and . . . This will just fade away as is.

Which one is it; when you repeat the same thing everyday is it exciting or not? While you are doing it, when you continue feeling that it is pleasing and tasty, you will grow as you feed on it. (66-109)

3. The Attitude A Lecturer Should Take

1) The Method of Lecturing

This is True Father's wish. When you go back to your hometown this time, you need to make the detailed activity plan first of all. According to your plan, you had better begin to work from the important area of village, or town, or county. Even though you go around ten villages, you should not speak repeatedly the same contents. You would be able to give lecture in various ways. If you began to lecture from the dual characteristics of the Principle of Creation at one area, then at the next area, you would be able to make the dual characteristics come to the end of your lecture.

When you become such a capacious lecturer, you would feel satisfaction by widening and deepening the relationship between front and back, left and right, above and below. Your feeling of satisfaction will be proportionate to the frequency of your lecturing. Moreover, if you can contend with everybody by using the contents of the Divine Principle, you cannot but feel a very great satisfaction for that. If you do not gain joy from developing your ability through the result of your lecture, you will come to lose the motivation of your activity. Therefore, if you make efforts with the motivation of developing your capacity according to your detailed plan at some area of village or town or city, you will be able to develop your ability infinitely. (29-189)

The history of restoration is the history of re-creation. However, is the creation possible only by the Principle? Is it possible or not? It is not. In order to re-create, what should be done? The substantial re-creation is possible by making a bond with the motivation and process which, through God's word, can influence the object partner. Otherwise, it is impossible. Do you understand what I am saying? When God created this world, God, centering on the Principle, created His object partner, humankind, by His becoming the subject of heart and by becoming one with the Principle. Didn't He? Don't you think so?

Therefore, you yourself as God's object partner should be composed. When you give a lecture, you should not pay all your attention in thinking the frame of the Principle. Your mind has to be composed so that by inviting God into your mind, you can become united with God. If your mind does not have such a place, how can God work within you? Without such a place, how can you remember the frame of your lecture while your lecturing?

Therefore, when you give a lecture, you have to have a place that God can work within your mind. In order to move your heart, you should feel how God works so hard to establish the foundation to have the give and take action with Him. Do you understand?

Moreover, as you become one with God, and simultaneously as the audience becomes one with God's word and His subjective power, you should be able to feel that your audience is re-created. Because everybody is fallen, the object of your lecture has to be re-created anew. Can the Principle re-create the object? "No!" Only God can re-create the object. Is that right?

If as God's power is with you, you become the relative object of God's heart. The object of your lecture can be fascinated by your lecture. That is the principle. Multiplication occurs by the give and take action between subject and object, doesn't it? If subject and object have the give and take action centering on God, the object will be moved and surrender before God through your lecture.

In the history of re-creation, as God becomes the subject and simultaneously you become the cooperative base of God, only when the power through the reciprocal action occurs, the third object is restored and is multiplied. That is the very re-creation. That is the view of the principle. That is also the posture which a lecturer should take. Therefore, without using the method of the Principle, the foundation of your heart, which you can give an influence on the object, cannot be established. You should know that clearly. Do you understand? [Yes!]

Therefore, you should pray! You must pray saying "Father! I'd like to give a lecture centering on this title today." While giving a lecture through prayer, you have to feel God's heart. While discussing with God in your prayer, you would give a lecture saying, "Who, as your necessary object, would be resurrected today centering on this lecture? If there is an object whom you have been looking for, I will not lose him through my mind and efforts." You should do such preparation for the lecture. If you do as you did before, habitually, that may deliver some contents but cannot resurrect the object. Without God's heart and spiritual power, you can never resurrect a human's life.

Therefore, True Father is also the same. When True Father gives a lecture, True Father is doing so centering on God's heart, in the position to be able to influence the object. The lecture of the Principle has to be done necessarily from the root of heart centering on God. To restore the object means to re-create the object. Therefore, can the re-creation be possible without God? That cannot occur absolutely.

As True Father says so far, if you give a lecture with the motivation centered on God's heart, it will not be difficult. Rather, lecturing will be the most exciting time for you. Through your lecture, the dead comes to life and is resurrected in a twinkling. Do you understand? Because the dead are resurrected through your lecture, nothing can be compared with lecturing. In the midst of being protected by the environment and being welcomed by God, new life would be raised up under God's protection. However, what did you do when you lecture? You should repent before God saying that "The reason my lecturing ability is deficient is because my preparation is deficient. I feel sorry that my preparation and my efforts are deficient." You should repent like this. When you come up before the audience, if you say that "Father! This sinner is going to give a lecture." God will be with you.

Then, until now what posture did you take to give a lecture? Did you do it in accordance with the Principle? Did you do so or not? What is done in accordance with the Principle is done with God. (68-97)

2) You Have to Have Confidence That God Is With You

When you stand on the platform, you should not think that you are alone. You should think that something like an iron pole is stuck in you from heaven. Even though somebody tries to push you out, you have to have the strong belief that you cannot be pushed out. When you are strong enough, you can win the fight. Likewise, because a life of faith is spiritual, without the strong base of spiritual power, you cannot win the fight. (66-216)

Therefore, when you stand on the platform, you should think that God is with you. When you educate people, you have to do it with the belief of representing a Saint or a president of the nation. When True Father says "Follow my example," it does not mean to follow centering on knowledge, but means to follow centering on the emotional foundation which wants to live together with the saints and heavenly law. Grass and trees cannot grow in the desert where there is no water. Without such a special area, which is like a nest, God's will cannot develop. (148-277)

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