The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1: Examples Of Model Lecturers

1. True Father Who Has Shown Us The Example

When I am about to go before an audience, I never step forward unless God appears there first. Why wouldn't I have anything to say before a large audience? I can stand before them even just to propagandize for our Unification Church. However, I go before them only after God appears there first. (33-14)

People want to have dominion over others, and do not like to be interfered with. They want to do as their heart moves them. If they make wrong moves, all will be ruined.

I do not know how you lead your lives, but whenever I stand on the pulpit, I feel like I am a defense lawyer. I become a defense lawyer not just for my generation, but one that can go down in history. I decide the fate of people, whether they become patriots or traitors. When I think about how one word can decide that fate on a forked road that leads one to become either a patriot or a traitor, I realize that if I were to make a wrong judgment, then I will become the enemy of all humanity. When I can speak in defense well, then I can become the teacher who has built the restored Kingdom of Heaven and a patriot in that position, and leave behind an illustrious name in history. Or, when we consider the question based on the ideological standard of the philosophy of law, then couldn't this position be seen as the place where one originating point for the completion of the responsibility can be created? I often have these feelings.

When I come before this place, I do not do so with great confidence. Those who stand here with confidence have gone very close to failure. You have to come forward with the mindset, "God, please be with this body. Let it not be some famous individual who is with it, but God who is with it. Let it not be a man who governs over it but let God do so." Because the origin of the fall was man's desire to govern himself, so it is the mission of the leaders of the Unification Church to guide until we reach the absolute realm where God can have dominion. I am the one who revealed this.

Whenever I step on the pulpit, I go forward with that kind of heart. When I am giving you directions, I have the same heart. As much as possible, I do not make decisions single-handedly. I do not tell you how I am like this and like that. It is God who must have the dominion. (46-90)

When you give the Principle lectures, your mouths have to become swollen and splintered. This is how it was with me. I was speaking on the night of the New Years Day, as well as yesterday, and whenever there is a meeting, I have to speak because I see everyone raising their heads. You might think that it is all right because I am the teacher, but I feel the stress. I feel how my tongue becomes desiccated. My mouth is also completely dry. Do you think drying up is all that happens? I feel my mouth contracting. You have to feel all this. When you go through this for the sake of others, it is a sacred thing. You have to understand such a sacred thing.

All of you know what a persimmon is, right? When you eat that, your tongue will pucker, won't it? The same thing happens when you speak. Blood tries to circulate, but it has become numb, and the tongue becomes just like that. The mouth feels as if it is going to explode. But I still keep on speaking. Have you ever eaten a persimmon? Sometimes, you experience convulsions. Your tongue will have convulsions. In extreme cases, you have to bite your tongue to let some blood out. Do you know that? That is how you can cure it. Do you understand what I am saying? Only having done that, can the mouth speak in front of God.

I keep standing like this and speaking for more than twelve hours. Without moving for nine or ten hours . . . I stand and speak for a time long enough to travel back and forth twice to and from East Garden on a plane. When I entrust you with some mission, you have to put in this kind of effort.

Even if I speak until my head feels like it's going to split apart, I am not aware of it. At times, I have such an excruciating headache that it feels like it's going to break. Even under such pain I keep on speaking. Even then, I do everything. Do you understand what I am saying?

Shouldn't you do even one tenth of that? If you have a conscience, shouldn't you do even a tenth of that? You are not to do it for me but for the sake of your nation. I want you to do it for your children and descendants, for your tribes and relatives.

I am always exhausted, always. Accordingly, I believe that for this God cannot but respect me. I should be respected for it. Our True Mother is suffering always from having born so many children so she has gone inside today. Even mother feels that I am some kind of iron man. At times, when it is time to sleep, as I sit down to watch some television I often just fall asleep. I am such an exhausted and suffering person. Mother has no one to share her painful heart with, so when she pleads with me, "Since my physical condition is like this, would you please give me a massage," I give her a massage. (96-165)

When I am traveling in foreign nations, I exert my utmost. When I went to Japan, I spoke for seven, eight hours, and when you speak for that long, your legs start to feel numb and ache terribly. Legs start to suffer deep pain when the blood does not circulate. Because I am standing the whole time, my legs start to become numb like that. You probably don't know that feeling. You might think, "How can one's legs become numb when one is standing; that only happens when the blood does not circulate." When you stand like that, because all the blood concentrates down in the legs, you feel the numbness. However, the numbness in the leg is not a problem. I remind myself that my legs have the responsibility to carry the audience over the thirty-eighth parallel between heaven and earth. After carrying you over the line, for those of you who cross back over it, I will not be responsible. You have to leave things better than when you came. It is the same as how Tarzan crosses over on a swinging rope. After swinging over you should step on the tree branch, but what happens when you cannot jump on it? When you fail to reach there and you even go back to where you came from, the only way is the way down, and you will fall down to the caves of crocodiles. It is exactly the same as that. This is what I feel. (60-309)

When a lecturer goes somewhere to lecture and someone requests him to continue when he is about to finish, if he says, "Let's continue tomorrow," then this is not acceptable. I have never done that in my life. Even if I have been speaking for twenty four hours, even if the day dawns, I stop only when the person listening says, "Please, let's stop here." Even now, when I am with the wives of the 36 blessed couples, as the clock hits twelve, because they are sleepy they want me to leave. It is like that even now. (107-255)

When I lecture for a long time, some people feel such a desperate urge to go to the bathroom that they twist and move their bodies busily. After listening to the lecture for twelve or thirteen hours, because they do not want to miss the precious words, they ask me, "Teacher, please wait for a moment," and then go to the bathroom. Such things take place. What becomes of my dignity? Recently, I do not do such things. When I am busy I do that. Before a perfect subject, a perfect object will surely emerge.

So, until now, I have left behind the opposition. Moreover, God has guided me this way. Do you understand? The Unification Church is different from the way the world is. Even if the people of the world cut your head off and kill you, you cannot betray this path. Faith based on experience! Faith based on real life experience!

A person who has faith that is based on his experiences . . . You can hear that even in the holy songs . . ." Jesus, believing in Jesus one will receive many blessings and moving experiences." You have to go through many heart-felt experiences of grace. Do you have many such experiences? Do you or not? You should pray. You should pray for Jesus. (68-112)

In Kyung-Gi province and Kang-Won province, I spoke until nine forty. Just as when you are making a rice cake, the more it is cooked the better its aroma becomes, a speech becomes better in the same way. (26-73)

When I was lecturing in the past, I spoke to just one person. Whispering in his ears, I was like a wind. In that one evening, that person turned around and began to communicate with the spirit world. Involuntarily, he would get up and talk while circling around and around. You should try it. If you are to become spiritually open in one night, wouldn't sin and Satan just run away from you; how can they still stick around? How can Satan remain when the thunderstorm is about to strike the world? (167-331)

Heaven said that one should remain unchanging until the end. The question is how to not forget the heart that we felt when we stood on the stage of Carnegie Hall in New York. It is the most intense of all battles to feel in your bones a heart that exceeds that. Do you understand what this means? [Yes] We have done more than 100 lectures, about 160 lectures in the 50 states, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Why is this so? It is because one's heart gets used to the situation. I found that it becomes a habit. I found that it is wrong to just rely on heaven irresponsibly with the mentality, "I know all that already." (71-142)

Because I have to prepare for the lecture in the rally (1975.6.7. The Gu-Guk world rally), I have to concentrate . . . Originally, if you did not come here, I would not have even made an appearance here. But because you came and I felt that I should meet with you to talk to you to make you better aware of the historical significance of the rally and prepare your hearts. I have to go to Chung Pyung or some such place to prepare my heart for tomorrow's event. (78-245)

Do you think I would have come to this country and live a life of persecution without any plans and thoughts? I keep talking about the principle. Whenever I have some time, I mumble and pray alone. I was able to do what I have done up to today because God is alive. It is the same for you. You should go do it. (107-255)

From now on, for the lecture meetings, you have to be prepared to inherit what I have been doing. Of course, in doing so we need a lot of men, but we should also have many lady lecturers. Although workshops based on lectures are needed for sure from now on you should also always keep in mind the revival meeting type of workshops. (70-293)

2. President Hyo Won Eu Who Used To Lecture For Eighteen Hours A Day

It is an extremely pitiful reality that there are only a few people in the Unification Church who can lecture. If you still cannot lecture after studying that much, it is disastrous. Despite that I have told you countless times until your inner ear drums are punctured, that as long as you can lecture well you can become successful. Those who can lecture only add up to this; this is a grave problem. [Area leaders can also lecture well] Can they really lecture well? [Yes, they can] How many area leaders do we have? [About two hundred]

How long is the history of the Unification Church? In the past, President Hyo Won Eu, used to lecture eighteen hours without any rest, every single day for three years and eight months. We have such a record. We did not have as many members as we do now. If a new person came, then he sat with him or her to lecture, and if there wasn't any new person, then he would just continue it with our members. Do you know this? [Yes] Do you know by hearing about it, or have you seen it yourself? [We know it through our own observation] There are probably a quite a few who have witnessed it. Those who saw, raise your hand. You do know about it.

At that time, we could not even eat enough of the barley rice. As beggars in the town went around begging for food, they heard that the Unification Church is most generous in giving out food, but what they give is barley rice. So, when we gave the beggars barley rice, they threw it away as they walked out. That was the time that we could not even afford to eat barley rice.

President Eu used to like salted fish, or was it salted shrimp . . . No, it was some kind of anchovy, right? Do people from Chun-La province like to eat salted stingray? Is it stingray? [Yes] It is called Ka-O-Ri stingray is also called Ka-O-Ri, right? [Yes] That rotten smell, people really like to eat that thing with the terrible rotten smell. President Eu also used to like salted fish. When I went near by . . . I did not even like the smell of it. (Laughter) It is like yesterday when he used to munch on it and suck on it because there was little else to eat . . . I sometimes think, "How wonderful would it be if President Eu were still alive." Even under such circumstances, he used to lecture for more than 18 hours a day. (172-46)

You should listen to me. My house, or any place that I am in, must never have a negative spiritual atmosphere, never . . . You have to understand it. For this reason, while I am staying here, someone should even come here and do a prayer vigil. A good atmosphere must be maintained. When you think about it, there is no one who thinks like this, except for me. I try as much as possible to maintain the atmosphere and press down on it until midnight, but you do not think about this kind of things. Even mother does not think about it.

The atmosphere of the spirit world and the earth should become like a spring garden. It always has to become like a spring garden. When the spring comes, everything gains new life, only when that happens to the atmosphere around here, will the environment become sacred. Hearing the resurrected history, you should always try to create that kind of atmosphere. Then, an invisible electric current will reverberate throughout the whole universe. This is how I think.

When they broadcast from the stations, do they do it for the sake of one person? Although there might be only one person listening to it in the station, those who listen to the broadcast are found everywhere in heaven and earth. It is the same thing. We have to continue to broadcast. That was the reason for that harshness. (140-171)

You have to lecture 24 hours. I am telling you to lecture for 18 hours. Although president Eu passed away, when it was the time for lecturing, he had to lie on his side and . . . How difficult must have been? His lungs must have felt pain and all, but when he did not continue to speak I would scold harshly, "You, you the trumpet blower of heaven's dispensation, you should keep blowing on it when I tell you to blow on it for 18 hours. In the spirit world right now, they are making the preparations to blow, so how can you stop like this? Get on with it immediately!" He did it for three years and eight months. That is the record. You also have to do like that. Your two arms and two legs are in perfect condition, so . . .

So, if there are three or four members, when the leader lectures for 24, 18 hours, how can they not bring people along? How can they not witness? When he is putting so much effort for one person, when he is so desperate to pour his heart and soul to prevent one person from leaving after coming for a visit. So, you should try to lecture when there is no one listening to you. You have to try lecturing. However, these worthless ones start to lecture only after bringing someone over. (107-245)

Do you think I was sleeping when I had Mr. Eu lecture? I sat in the room upstairs and listened to everything. I reported about the people that came. When I saw him come down in the evening to lecture and start to doze one minute after he began to speak, I prayed. There was such exchange of tears. I prayed in tears. You have to understand that there were such difficult circumstances. This is how miserable the history of the Unification Church was. Now, for what reason did I have to do that, and for what reason did he have to do that? Why did I do that, and why did he do that? It was because of God. If the spirit world does not work even after that, there can be no spirit world. There is no God. Do you understand?

It is the same for you. If someone keeps on coming over to visit you, you might find it annoying, but the question is whether or not you know who sent them, whether or not you know it was God or some other being that sent him. Without having made greater accomplishments in practice than that person, you cannot say you feel annoyed or tired. Therefore, President Eu went through a lot of suffering while he was lecturing for three years and eight months. The same thing holds true for me. When I give guidance, I do not guide people based on my subjective opinions or desires. You have to understand such things. (33-101)

3. Rev. Chang Seong Ahn, A Lecturer Who Prayed Three Times As Long As His Lectures

When you convey the words of truth, you have to shed tears. Lecturer Chang Seong Ahn must have told you. If one plans to lecture for two hours, I gave the direction that one should pray three times as long. He is doing that even now. Making a recording based on his habits, he lectures after listening to the recording.

The power of re-creation has to be input into the lecture. Not only the power of re-creation, but also the power of love must also be input. Why? The beginning of the creation is from the fulfillment of the ideal love for the sake of the object. So, of course all one's knowledge and characteristic factors are also needed, including the heartistic elements that must be input centering on love. That was the proper Principle of Creation.

This is how God has also done it. What He, who has it all, also needs is love. Love is eternal and unchanging. Because we are trying to find an object that can reside with us forever, we ourselves have to be dead serious about it. You have to input your own life.

Just as it is said that you have to exert yourself to the utmost, with all of your heart, will, and character, to love your Lord God, you have to do it with this mindset. The same is true for God. He has poured out all of his heart, will, and character in order to claim His object of love. What it means is that He has put in everything for the sake of you who are His objects of love. Do you understand? [Yes]

Even God has done it like that. Isn't He able to command you to do so, because He himself has also done the same? He can tell you to do it only because He has done more than that. If He did not, then both would be false. Because He himself stands in the central position of sincerity and subjectivity and because He stands on the foundation of accomplishments, even if He gives such directives all those beings around Him do not rebel but obey. This is the law of the heaven and earth. Isn't the history of restoration the history of recreation? [Yes] Is it easy to say it in words? Who is the one who recreates? Can you do it yourselves? It is done from the position of God. (172-194)

4. Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak, the Director of the Headquarters Who Puts Father's Words Into Practice

From today, those of you who use substitute lecturers, you try it and see what happens! If anyone uses a substitute lecturer, I won't let him remain as a leader. If you are going to do that, then step down from your leadership position next month. You have to do it until you become confident. Otherwise, you will become a straggler. You will become a straggler in the Unification Church.

The reason I brought Mr. Kwak over there is that . . . Mr. Kwak lectured for 22 years! He has lectured a lot. In the process, the rumor spread all over the Asian region that Mr. Kwak is a good lecturer. He writes down notes whenever I talk. He then refers to them and uses them. When he hears something, he prepares to use it in his lectures. Using it to create the stem, branch, and leaves, he has been making the preparation to make his lectures articulate, deep, and meticulous. This is how he has laid the foundation. So, he has lectured since he was in charge of CARP, PWPA, until he was put in charge of the Professors Church. I have put him out there and given him a job to do because he would not cut down the dignity of the Unification Church even if he is put out there. I have created the Professors Church and put him in charge. (96-142)

5. A Young English Man Who Lectured After Memorizing The Content

When I was in Washington this time, I directly heard a leader praising one lecturer. What is his name? [Reid Mountbatten] He is a young English man, and he is about twenty-four. He just recently joined the church. However, Ms. Young Oon Kim, the leader of the Washington church, said that although he is young, he is the best lecturer.

So, I called the young man over and asked him, "You are young, but I hear that you are good at giving lectures. So, what are the strong points in your study techniques?" When I said that, he replied that although he does feel that he does a good job, as much as possible he tries to memorize all the good words in the Principle. Just like plugging a tape in his head. I am told, he has practiced on his own until the point when he opens his mouth to talk about the Principles of Creation, for example, the content would come out automatically from the Introduction to the following sections.

I am told that when he thinks about the Principle of Creation, without much contemplating, words already begin to come out, as soon as he opens he mouth. So, rather than spending his mind on the content on which he is going to lecture, because all he has to do is open his mouth and the words will start to flow out, he can afford to add his emotions toward the audience or his own feelings to testify to them. (54-175)

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