The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Ministry And The Life Of A Minister (Part 3)

3. Our System And Tradition

1) Headquarters and Us

If you are a person at the foot of a mountain and you want to understand the person who is at the summit, you must have absolute trust in him. Where there is criticism there is no progress to a higher level. Father provides all the tools and the environment, paving the way for you to attain success. But you cannot follow holding on to your own ideas. Your struggle will increase, and it is almost impossible to achieve what you want to achieve.

Headquarters and the church center are the only central points. If a direction comes from headquarters, we have to follow it. It has a connection to the spiritual world. You may not know about that relationship. In the spiritual world your ancestors know about headquarters' directions. If their descendants take the subject position, thereby releasing their ancestors' ban (suffering), it means they have taken responsibility for both worlds.

This time, when you follow headquarters' direction, there will be personal inconveniences. At times you feel repulsion in your heart. It will consume you if you follow that feeling. If your obedient heart is stronger, you will make progress.

When Father gives direction to Unification Church members, they want to obey without question. But when a national leader gives direction, then members say, "I don't know about that." Father says that these are words without substance. Who appointed the national leader? Because Father appoints the national leader you ought to obey the national leader, which is the principled way. The person who is a leader of more than 1,000 people has the approval of the spiritual world, passing its examination.

Centering on the national leader I want you to unite and support each other. Don't be concerned about what Father is doing. Be responsible for Korea. Support and unite with each other. I wish for lots of good news to go your way. But I know in order for a lot of good news to happen, it takes suffering, hard work and tears. Please, don't forget about this.

Even if it is very difficult, don't focus on your own individual viewpoint. You have to support the bigger organization through order and tradition. That is the way it works in an orderly society. If some members say, "I'm an old member and I'll do as I want," that is not right.

Internally you need faith and externally you need a good foundation, which should be our church system.

If you make a way to heaven for your collected things of hell, that route goes back to hell. Likewise, if you send a donation to headquarters, they will give this back into the satanic world. Use the money for the bigger purpose. Money multiplies. You are donating to headquarters, headquarters helps the nation, the nation helps the world, the world helps heaven. That is the correct order.

2) The Role of the Provincial Leader

The provincial director is the leader of the province. They must understand God's sorrow, sharing the same concern as God and comforting Him. That is their responsibility as a loyal son. Newly appointed provincial leaders, please unite with the national leader, and then I will trust that you will do a good job.

Please unite with headquarters, which is the root. If you are not united with headquarters, do not assume you are a provincial leader. Your responsibility will be determined from that point.

Yesterday, I declared to the provincial leaders that if any leader complains that he cannot follow this way anymore, that it is too difficult, he can return home or he is free to do whatever he wants. If he complains and encourages others to complain, that kind of person should not be here. If you stand on the speaker's platform carrying the provincial leader's title, would your legs shake, thinking of your responsibility over everyone's life? Whenever Father has a very important topic to share, I am so serious that I don't feel my feet touching the speaker's platform. That is why God is working through me. I am not standing on the speaker's platform for my own sake.

Like the earth that is prepared to receive the oncoming spring season, what foundation has the regional leader prepared for building the shimjung and tradition? You are the leader of the province. Do you pray for the province? Prayer is very important. The witnessing result is proportional to amount of prayer, not to the level of your knowledge and skill. Didn't you experience in the 1960's that in comparing college, graduate members to members who prayed, it was those who prayed that brought more witnessing results? The important point is how much you gain God's sympathy. What should we focus on with a single mind? Eating food? No. Our responsibility is to restore everyone from the fallen world to become God's sons and daughters. If you love with that kind of single mindedness, nothing is impossible.

We have to establish the tradition that church members are saying, "My provincial leader is crazy for God and True Parents!" Though I may be working on external things I want you to understand Father's internal things.

Don't get discouraged about your situation or Father's situation but remember God is with you, shedding tears for the nation. My loneliness represents the nation's loneliness. So you have to pray that God can forgive the nation. This is the responsibility of the one who makes the offering, that he can sense the future misfortune of a nation and ask for forgiveness from God. That is how a nation's misfortune can be avoided. You have to stand in the position of representing the nation, and that is the responsibility of the public-minded person.

You should be serious to unite with your regional leader. There is a proverb which says, "If the home is in peace, 10,000 things can be accomplished."

The family members in the province should unite with the provincial leader and work together. Don't complain about the direction but support and become completely one with it. When you unite in heart with that foundation, you can overcome obstacles. Make determination again without complaining and give all your effort to fulfill Father's direction.

3) Role of the City Leader

The city leader should feel the following way: you immerse yourself in the water to possess the river, you climb up a tree on a mountain top, fall and climb up again. The person who has this heart is the owner. Though people will try to kick him out, he will never be destroyed. Father understands this principle. That is why he is still here. When Father was in jail in front of communists, I thought about what I could give to the enemy. I didn't have any resentment. I offered my food. That is why the food becomes the body and the water becomes the blood of others.

The titles of provincial leader and city leader do not represent the Unification Church but they represent the province and the city. The Unification Church exists for the nation. I, the church and the city are like the three stages-formation, growth and completion. All three have to be united. You should think that "my house" does not refer to a brick dwelling, but rather "my house" represents the city. Likewise, "my church" represents all educational organizations in the city. We have to be owners of the family, church and town. This is the duty of Unification Church members given from God. So the leader should be busy visiting every comer of the city.

The leader has a special duty to be on the front line to accomplish God's Will. Don't be discouraged and retreat. If you are defeated, the people will be defeated and you will share the same destiny. Ask for God's help if you can't accomplish. Pray to God asking for help in this difficult restoration time. Pray, "I am unworthy and you put me in this dispensational position. I want to do your will. I do not have enough power, so help me and give me power." If you pray desperately, at that moment God's help will come. Also, we have to understand that our position relates to the public. The city leader is the central focus of the public. Prepare and raise from the membership someone who can inherit your position when you can no longer fulfill your duty.

The attitude of the members should be a willingness, if the city leader cannot accomplish, to take over his responsibility. Members should maintain that attitude. The city leader and church members should work with each other for the same goal and purpose and make a good foundation. The number of people you, as the leader, can raise for leadership will determine whether you are successful or not. This time when you return to your mission in the midst of all this difficulty, you have to raise up the person who can unite with you.

When you are in a big battle, you need a good plan. But more important you need to know how to take action in the battle. First of all, centering on the leader, you choose a few members, training them to have determination, to share a common life-and-death destiny toward one goal, pledging to each other that once you start you will not retreat. The leader should try to become responsible and the member should try to be helpful. This kind of church center will automatically progress.

Today, everybody has this kind of important responsibility. The city leader should make a connection to the county, to the town, to the village and to the precinct. The reason for doing this is that God does not have people who organize the kind of connection headquarters has with the provincial leaders. God doesn't have a foothold of people acting on the direction. The most frontline members are the members who are working with the city leader. The city leader can affect the area for the good or bad, so I trust you are going to do a good job. This time it is not the provincial director but the city leader who should fight with the enemy on the frontline. Father worries whether you are doing good work. I want to shake the village through this meeting. You should always keep the same intensity gained from your experience of our meeting together.

When you go back to your mission the leader who is in your area should take care of everyone, even all the people who are economically suffering. You should have great hope even if you are poor and in difficulty. If you are always hopeful and responsible, you become a symbol of the people.

To those who are hungry, you can state that they can work for us.

In the city leader's position if you do your part with joyfulness, all things and people of your area will be joyful. If you are joyful, the provincial director, the national leader, Father, and God are happy. "I am joyful" is the base for the whole universe to be happy. The provincial director, the city leader and the center leader -- of these three the city leader plays the key role, so the church success depends on the city leadership. The provincial director is the middle position; the frontline position is the city leader. The city leader is on fire. Feeling responsible he tries to help other city leaders and is always thinking of what kind of love and inheritance to give them. I hope this year you make a better foundation. Hopefully you will make a determination before you go back to your mission.

The individual is connected centered on the church. Center leaders, city leaders, provincial leaders, the national leader, True Father, and God are all connected. Up there is heaven, down here is earth. If you think everybody is connected centering on you, how important is the position of the city leader? If you don't do your responsibility, this matter is not over at this time. So God chose you to be in the position and, if you are not able to assume the responsibility, when you go to spiritual world all spirits will accuse you. How important is the city leader's responsibility? The city leader is connected through the provincial leader, national leader, and Father, and he is connected to heaven and earth.

In the future, economic depression will come to Korea so the church members have to be responsible about this. Before, the depression comes we have to make good foundation so that we can guide Korea. One city leader is responsible for a city. If you look at the economic problem centering on only my wealth, it is not right. You have to take care of the whole. If you say I can't do it and give up, all will be destroyed.

If everybody has that motivation then you can live 100 percent for the church and God. Then you can stand in front of God. Even in difficulty you have to go forward alone for the whole town.

Each city should have 200 members. That is why you have to try hard. The city leader is an individual but you have responsibility to take the whole town's life and wealth. The members serving the city resemble the city leader. If the city leader moves ahead, everybody moves ahead.

So again, your responsibility is very important. The city leader is responsible for the whole town. The lives of everybody in the town are in your hands. Do you feel that? Do you really feel it? At Sunday service or other public meetings the leader has to discuss with church members and make a plan. Have you ever longed to have 1,000 people working for you?

If you have a complaining heart when you receive the direction from above, you are finished. Everyday you need to have the attitude of an absolutely obedient heart. Young men need to fight. When they come back from war, they change. Even in a shower of bullets they will not respond until direction comes.

If you are a town leader, you have to put in your effort until the town responds. One, two, three, four days, even forever, you have to keep your mission, 24 hours a day, committing everything with your whole heart, when you are eating, sleeping or on the toilet. If your mind is always thinking of how to accomplish this God-given mission, you are one with the mission. If you live three years like that, you will notice changes around you and you will discover that God is guiding you. You will discover this fact. That is the Principle.

If you cannot be responsible for the village, you cannot be responsible for the town, the province and so forth. If you are not responsible, you cannot be responsible for the nation, the world and God. That is the Principle. Do you understand? [Yes.]

4) The Role of the Center Leader

You center leaders have a good education, good knowledge and other worldly knowledge and you have heart. City leader, center leader, state leader, national leader -- all should unite, and the family members should unite with a single mind because they all represent Father's position. Even if leaders make mistakes, no one should pass judgment.

In the future headquarters will organize from the lowest unit, the church center to seven levels. The national leader is the middle point going down to province, city and town, then going up to True Parents and God -- seven levels. That is why I invited all church leaders to this meeting.

You are all working as Unification Church leaders because until now you are following Father, the bridge to God's fortune. That is why members respect you. First of all, you have to maintain the vertical relationship, always. You have the position to control the vertical and horizontal relationship. Above you is the headquarters' leadership, horizontally you represent parents position. The parents' heart is like that for children who do not come home; without hesitation you will go 1,000 miles searching for them. If parents show a sacrificial example and teach tradition, the children will go the correct way. First show a good example. This is the way to witness.

With this vertical relationship there is no multiplication. But if you unite with the same level leader, there is multiplication. This is the Principle of Creation.

Why do we witness? For multiplication. Multiplication does not happen on the vertical level; horizontally good give and take multiplies. That is why church leaders should relate with church members horizontally. Progress will follow. If everybody determines to be loyal, there is lot of multiplication.

Time does not fluctuate to smaller or bigger but people's minds change to small or big. Even the members working in small towns hearing news from headquarters receive the news as their own. The senses of the nervous system go through the whole body. Likewise the church members should be feeling that way towards the headquarters' direction. Then there is life. That is why members look forward to headquarters' messages. But if you, through this nervous system, hear the news horizontally, you can only feel it temporarily in the moment but the feeling does not continue. If you look at your body and bone system, it is ordered vertically and horizontally. When you visit headquarters, what kind of heart do you have? Let us remember. How much you overcome with your richer feeling will determine the quality of your personality.

We have to change our attitude about how we look at headquarters, the province, the city and other individuals. There will be no progress if you do not change. New creative power cannot occur. This is the Principle of Creation.

5) The Role of the Family Member

The purpose of the Unification Church is to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. How can we achieve the Kingdom of Heaven? The key is not for your own benefit but to sacrifice for others and for the world. In other words, you have to long for that way. Lots of people are struggling in the fallen realm. People give up on top of the fallen realm and fall. While you strive up to you either have to become a subject or you are following the subject. So what kind of subject should you follow? Follow the person who represents God.

How long should you follow? Until the end of the world. How should you follow? Do not take this with a light attitude but willingly offer your tears, sweat and blood. The greater the difficulty you encounter, the bigger the scope, from the individual, family to the whole world. When the whole world has been mobilized, it will be the end of the fallen world.

What is the important thing in our church? Try to become a good person who is remembered by a leader. Members who complain are fakes. Before you judge someone, pray three times for that person. If you don't do that condition, you are a fake.

Even if the age of some men and women are young, God can work through them. If you are thirsty, you will still drink from a branch stream if you can't drink from the main stream. Think that the children are like your own children or a young king. Also, have the attitude of helping and protecting them. That kind of member has ownership. If you are not doing it that way, you are a fake.

That is why you have to become a likable person to the leader, regardless of their age. You have to become a person who can talk openly. You have to move the leader's heart. If you impact your leader's heart the next level is to move Father's heart. This is the orderly way. If you do not follow this order, you are mistaken. You will receive Satan's accusation.

In the Unification Church view, what does it mean to be a successful person? Is it because he is a good writer or good Divine Principle lecturer? What is it? We have to live forever in people's hearts. How can you live in people's hearts? Centered on God's love you moved Father's heart forever. Don't you think so? [Yes.] Even at home you totally think about Father. This kind of family member can dominate Father's heart can dominate the world. So how can you dominate Father's heart? According to the world of the principle, what one receives one ought to give. Father will give a lot more.

What can you do if there is not a lot of time to witness, obey and follow? Obey and follow is good, but not enough. What do you have to do? Do you want Father to teach you? [Yes.] When you go to a certain town, you have to completely unite with the church leader in that town.

In that town, if you are the only man of virtue, you will realize your value. You should earn the provincial leader's heart and then the national leader's heart. Do you understand. [Yes.] What do you have to do for that? Follow Father's direction. Go to the bottom level and take all responsibility.

There is a big and stately tree, the leaves are dried out and the root is dead. What do you think about this tree? That is, it externally looks good but there is no hope. Even a small tree, if it is alive, it is more valuable. That tree deserves appreciation because it is well nourished from the root to the trunk. Thus this tree has endless potential to grow. There are main branches and little branches. The little branches have more potential to grow.

In our church, there are different kinds of leadership. If the branch leadership is alive, there are a lot of little branches growing off of it. Do you understand? [Yes.] If you want to win your leader's heart, you should understand your leader's strong and weak points and then serve him. That is why you win the leader's heart and receive love from him. In other words, the key is that you can earn the authority of the leader only through sacrifice and service, even if you give a hundred times, a thousand times, and even if you are afflicted, but you are still happy to give. This kind of person can earn anybody's love. You can receive love and you can love anybody.

You will be promoted in your area. You will receive recognition in that area. Sports tournaments use the same principle. That way he earns support, the person can be a leader. Step by step with the same principle you can finally become a national leader. Isn't it so? Step by step you progress in uniting and winning the hearts of the center leader, the city leader, the provincial leader. Then where will you go finally? Finally you win the national leader's heart and, united with his work, when the time comes, the national leader will appoint you to be the national leader. Do you understand? This kind of person can occupy the top position.

Now in religion, among all people in history, who earned God's heart? Until now people who failed didn't completely understand God's heart, people like Adam, Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, through Jesus. The person who does this work completely restores all the failures of God's heart and offers it to God. Any other church leader, or any other denominational leader in the history of the world, didn't understand God's heart completely. But Father in the Unification Church is the one who has been working for that.

That is why even though you receive persecution and opposition from the world, you cannot be destroyed. So first you need faith and confidence. In spite of learning lessons from other people's work, we should have faith centering on God's love. That way we can become a successful person.

Do you think it is valuable to follow Father? [Yes.] Then should you follow Father's direction or not? [Yes, we should follow.] Within the tree leaves get nourishment from the root, not from the trunk. No nourishment comes from the branch but from the root. Only because the root is distant from the leaves, it comes through the trunk and branches. That is why you can become a good fruit through the national leader, provincial leader, city leader and center leader.

What part of the tree is growing? The ends and it expands everywhere. The dead branches will be cut off. Water is absolutely necessary for the root. Likewise for man he needs heaven and earth. (Gen. 1:28) "Be fruitful, multiply and have dominion." Who is supposed to have dominion? This does not mean that God is dominating but that the people who have God's love completely and are responsible, should dominate the universe. That is the principle. Do you understand? [Yes.]

First of all you should lay a good foundation of merit, and then you can receive love from our church and from Father. The provincial leader is a representative of Father. That is why you are receiving love and trust from the provincial leader; it is also the foundation to receive love from Father. This is a promise that you will receive Father's love.

Family members go to God through True Parents. If you belong to the province, then through the provincial leader's heart, the national leader's heart to the True Parent's heart, you can stand in front of God. Of course, Father's heart always wants to take you to heaven, but we individually have to make good conditions for God. Public and private distinction are definite to God.

6) Do as Father Directs

The Korean leaders, if you don't follow as Father directs, you will be accused in the spiritual world. If you go out now and do not follow my direction, your descendants won't be good. Your descendants. The spiritual world won't cooperate with your will, as you think.

If you don't follow what I say to you, I cannot take care of you. If you follow my direction and cannot accomplish it, I can take the responsibility for it. [We will follow you direction.] Go away if you don't want to. You don't have to do it. Are you supposed to do all that I say? I am saying that you shouldn't do an irrelevant act. Do what I say.

See this is the time to go across the Red Sea. Now is a time like that. You will perish if you do as you will. This is the time to cross the Jordan River and the Red Sea. If people did it of their own accord when they crossed the Red Sea, they would be ruined. When the twelve tribes went across the Jordan River, they didn't complain even though they were just sitting near the river for three days. Because of their deed, they could get into Canaan. You should know the time.

If all of you cannot do it, God will let a minister inherit the tradition even if he is the only one. Then, he will represent the rest, and He will work through him. Do you think all the American ministers will proudly remain in front of God? You have to decide to go the right direction. Pray as I direct. My direction . . . You should pray "Heavenly Father, please help me for the purpose directed by Father." If your thoughts intervene in the prayer, all of you will perish. Do you understand? [Yes]. I'm not joking. Go and say to everybody exactly what I said. This is such a time.

Your name was known to the minister with the help of the spiritual world while you didn't know. Do you understand? You find a person who was chosen by spiritual world. The spiritual world guides. Unification Church started like that. Didn't you hear the testimony of the missionary, Hyun Sil Kang? Spiritual world will cooperate as long as you follow my direction. When I said "go and witness," one postponed his departure, and went to witness later. When he arrived at a station, one person was waiting with a ticket for him. What would happen if he didn't go? The person who has responsibility will be accused. So, you have to respect him. You have to respect him because he delivers the words instead of God. (135-202)

The American leaders who are here, you shouldn't have their own meeting after meeting with Father. In Japan, the leaders bring the recorder, and record Father's speech. Then they distribute it all over the country. That's why God works for them. You should write it down and deliver exactly what I say. Then spiritual world will cooperate. You should do the same thing. Bring the recorder and do as they do. You shouldn't interpret as you wish, and do not say this and that. You didn't do that that's why the situation of American church is like this. Spiritual world doesn't stick to you. I mean there won't be progress. It won't cooperate. Do you understand my words? You have to listen clearly. If a person attends this meeting and says differently when he goes back, you shouldn't think him as your friend.

From now on, you should listen carefully to what Father says, and gathering your senses, be in step with it, adjust your mind to it, act in accordance with it, and become a worldwide Unification Church member. You should have followed this. However you didn't care about what I said because you have been doing other things, and after several years, you realized that "When did Father say, we leaders made mistakes?" That kind of fault is happening to all of you.

Then if there will be a law of Kingdom of Heaven here, through whom will it be made? Through you? Through God? Don't you think it will be done by Father? From now on, when we are building the Kingdom of Heaven all of the Unification Church members have to respect Father's direction more than the constitution of the Kingdom. Do you understand what it is? If you don't listen to Father's words, there is no way to keep out Satan. If you act differently, you will perish. You will see.

If there were ten people here who listened to my speech, how come each person acted differently? If ten people listen, all of ten have to say same words and act in a same way. However, this one is like this, and that one is like that. Do you understand? You have to know clearly. Do you understand what it means? [Yes] If so, there won't be any progress. All the people who come in will run away. It won't last long. Everybody will run away. What's that? It is like you sow seeds, which are empty seeds. Its like empty seeds. The color and shape of empty seeds and real seeds are same. Doing that is just like sowing empty seeds.

What are the empty seeds called? The shape and the color of empty seeds is the same as that of real seeds. Can you sow seeds? If you are called "436 couples," shouldn't you know that? I doubt that you could sow seeds. Seeds. Once you receive my words, then you should sow seeds. Do you think it will be done of itself? Do you think God will help that? That's why people join and then leave. Satan grabbed them and took them away. You have to clearly understand. Do you understand? American and Europe leaders? [Yes] Keep it mind. [Yes] The seeds come through God and Father. It doesn't come through you. It is not the continental director, or a state leader. Don't you know even if I don't explain it to you. Then what kind of play is this?

If I had done like you, do you think I could have found God's providence? Because I followed the principle, God has cooperated with me. Is this my own opinion?

By my own will? Do you think I do things by my own wishes? If I had done that, I wouldn't have suffered like this. I wouldn't have gone through all the indemnity. If I had wanted to do it, I would have spent 40 years doing nothing. And if I had spent 40 years like that, I would have perished. Perished. It would have perished. And it would have been over when I go to prison this time. It would have ended. Do you understand? There would have been no seeds.

See. When a diplomatic minister or an ambassador or an envoy goes to a foreign country, if what he says is different from what his king said, the country will perish or be sold. That is same. If so, he is a traitor who sells his own country. He will hand over his country. Don't you think so? He will be a traitor who sells his own country. Traitor. What I'm saying is right. Is it wrong? If you want to protest, do it.

It would be fine if you make copies of the President's speech. Would it be fine if you interpret whatever you want it to be? The fate of the country depends on it. Then do you think you can do whatever you want to do if the country is the Kingdom of Heaven? That means you betray the Kingdom of Heaven. If so, God will leave you. God won't work with you. No matter how hard you pray, it won't help unless you accept it. (135-203)

So, you only need to follow Father's direction. If I say, "You do this" then you don't have anything to do but wish it. That is the only one wish that can be your power and that can be a centered standard when you pioneer your environment. How close am I getting to such a standard? How can I unite with such a will? Your self-confidence depends on your doing that. Try that. You will realize that God is with you.

So, I am going that way, the way of God's providence, and I too have confidence. That is a formula. I am doing this today, and I will do the same thing tomorrow, too. My basic attitude is that I will follow the formula until I die, and that I won't break it even if I have every reason to make an excuse. I will not disturb the order. Front is always front, and above is above, all the time. If I went to the front when I must not, or if I stood above when I must not, it would be a rash act, and all our efforts would have been in vain.

That's why I set God's providence first, and follow it. Don't you think so? Once you set God's will and Father's words in front, and once you set them as your standard, you should move on following them. What's the procedure of restoration by indemnity? It is that you have to set an official standard, and you should devote yourself every day and night to that standard. You will never know unless you do. You will never know your way. You don't have confidence, do you? Then how can you gain it? Can you do by yourself? Does God tell you everything about the providence and how it's going to be done? Do you know it? You don't know, do you? [No we don't] Because you don't know, my direction is the only one that you can count on and you can set it as your standard. If I say "witness to one person every month," you should do that with your whole heart shedding tears. Pray every day and night saying that you are too ashamed to stand in front of God because you are not filial or fulfilling His order.

Do you think you can make a history of restoration or God's history if you work separately? Do you think that yourself, alone, can do restoration by indemnity? It will never happen by your will. Therefore, there is no choice but to set the Bible or Divine Principle as your standard.

7) The Relationship of Co-workers

When we think that God's side confronts Satan's side, you cannot contend against Satan's side by yourself because they are too powerful. You cannot do by yourself. Never. You need a person who has same mind as yours. So, you need somebody. Your absolute trust in him has to be greater than the trust you have in your parents, in your brothers, in you friends, or in your teachers. In order to build such relationship, you should talk all-night and overcome difficulties together. If you and he are determined to work together facing difficulties, you can have the best sprit of unity, which is incomparable. (20-151)

Following the progressive expansion principle of universe, secondary developments should have the same characteristics as their primary development. Having those characteristics, they should have their own way of thinking. Their thoughts should absorb the thoughts of the secondary development. There should be thoughts. If you are self-centered, is there any room to think of the world? Isn't it so? If one thinks centered on world, he or she can think of a country, and he or she can think of a church.

You are the leaders of Unification Church who are in charge of 172 counties. If we think of this on a two-dimensional plane, all the 172 dots are connected to one center. All those dots have to be connected to each other, too. First, a dot has to be connected to center, and then it has to be related horizontally. Then this expansion should be in all four directions. You should be able to do this.

You should stand in such a horizontal position. It takes the form of a point, and you have 172 points, which means 172 regions to which you belong. However, there shouldn't be any conflict when the Unification Church members from different churches come to visit. More than that, if all Unification Church members from around the world came here, they should be able to go through every church only by visiting here. Therefore, if we think we work for a certain church in a certain region, we work for all. When every church works with him, there should be no conflict.

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