The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Ministry And The Life Of A Minister (Part 2)

2. Church Organization

1) The Need for Organization

In the future, directions should be given through a system, rather than through public announcement. Therefore, we should not forget about the system. We cannot sustain our lives being apart from the organization. If we lose the relationships of front and back (family members), right and left (trinity) and up and down (parents and children), we lose the value of existence. (11-249)

The purpose of organization is to determine positions. You should know your own position. Do you understand? To decide positions is to be connected and build relationships. It should be done centered on one self. The one who has authority to bring the relationships is in the position of a subject. The one who is educated/guided is in the position of an object. That is, by making such relationships, if you decide your standing position, that is, if you make your own position, having relationships with four directions (of north, south, east, and west) and eight directions, you can stand firmly viewed from any direction of up and down, front and back, right and left. After deciding the position, you should make all relations that are connected to you into one. You should be raised by a person with such an ability. Therefore, (for this purpose) if you need an organization, you should determine the position. In determining the position, you should form a subject realm/sphere. In order to form the subject realm, centered on the subject, unless you erect one object as a partner, it (the subject realm/sphere) cannot last forever but eventually will collapse, and the position will be automatically selected as well.

When the organizational power and united force come together, they can finally be activated. When the center leader asks you to go in a certain direction, if you say: "I will have nothing to do with it. You go eastward direction, but I will go westward direction," then, you will perish soon. Therefore, organization, unity, and action are all of social elements for the developmental progress.

For the fulfillment of that purpose, after determining the positions and forming a reciprocal standard base, the foundation on which everyone can be united as one should be established as soon as possible. Then, it will flourish at any place. That is a principle. (15-198)

The origin of the fall is derived from the reversal of positions and the loss of relationships. The fall began from not acting upon the Word of God. What is certain is to know positions and make relationships in the organization.

For this to be done, you must stand in the position of an object. You must demonstrate ability to bring unity through which heavenly actions can take place. You must not forget this in your mind.

What is the first element? Organization. For what? To determine positions. What is the second? Unity. Centered on the positions that are decided, you must stand in the position of an object towards the subject. In order to become one, you should face the world with one purpose. That is the way it should be. In pursuing the purpose, there should be one unified action. Without that principle, nothing will be achieved. If it is done, we can clearly see who are in the positions of up and down. You should not forget this. (15-193)

In Christian churches, there are systems of elders, deacons, and areas. And there are women evangelists working for witnessing activities, while traveling. There are the people who are always helping under the leadership of the minister. Yet we have no system as such. Whenever new guests come to the church, we just give a Divine Principle lecture, but it is not enough. By organizing a clear/thorough system, we should be able to manage every member from the center. Newly joined members cannot work for the church unless they clearly understand the content of the church. Therefore, in order to educate them, you should spend plenty of personal time with them. If leaders cannot do it, we need representatives who can do the task on their behalf. (42-157)

For an organization, there is a purpose, a hierarchical order, and relationships. (5/23/66)

Father's desire for you who are working in the church is that you expand all of the main vertical traditional thoughts that have been passed down, horizontally more and more, and connect them to each department and develop them. For this to be done, we need a central figure. The church organization takes a role to erect that central figure. (34,12)

2) An Ideal Organization

When the Unification Church is in the process of building the Heavenly Kingdom on earth, what are we going to do? In the future, we should organize branch centers so that people living there can come to our church. That is what we should do in the church.

Within our church, we should have such an organization which consists of a legislative branch, a judicial branch and an executive branch. That is what our church should do.

Then what corresponds to the legislative branch? It is a family unit. If this is not realized, the nation does not come. Families should play a main role as the core of the society. Subject and object should fulfill this responsibility. We have been participating in an incredible mission for this so far. Heaven can be realized only when such a system is organized from the mountain valleys to the cities.

Then, who was to inherit the thoughts of tradition in the world prior to the fall? That was to be the great-grandchildren of Adam. Their families should have inherited it, and such an organization should have been expanded on the worldwide level. Then, the environmental Kingdom of Heaven would have been realized.

In order to realize the Kingdom of Heaven, a system that can adopt all of the principled protocols in the social environment should be prepared. Today, the intelligence agency is like ears. In order to make the Republic of Korea prosper, what should be done? We need a system through which all Communist activities can be immediately reported and those who were involved in those activities can be punished.

What did I say as to what the society should eventually resemble in the future? It will take after yourself. There are three principles between mind, body and material, none of which can be skipped. When these three are together, they will make a (perfect) form on the stages of formation, growth, and completion.

We have one Heavenly Parent (God). Since God exists in dual characteristics, so do humans. All things also exist in dual characteristics of plus (+) and minus (-). The number that is added and connected to one another amongst God, humans, and all things is 7. The number viewed from the perspective of stage is 3, but the number that is spread is 4. If these numbers, 3 and 4 are in harmony, coming together, it becomes 7. Therefore, number 7 is a number of completion of creation. All of you are made as such. All of the three are to be one. The eyes are connected to one. So is the nose (with two nostrils) if seen all the way inside. So are the ears. All are made to be one.

Also, when looking at the face, the eyes symbolize God, the nose, humans, and the mouth, all things. The highest part of the face is the nose, right? The total number of teeth is 32 (4 x 8). As such, all of the elements of heaven and earth are gathered together in the face. Further, all three organs are connected together. When we look at this from the principle of the three stages of formation, growth, and completion, how remarkable humans are. Centered on this principle of creation, we should be pioneers to build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Today, in the human world, what is the problem? It is that we have no organization that can function like a lung. Because we have no organization that can absorb oxygen, the source of life, we cannot collect ideal materials to set a new policy that can make the humans happy. That is why this earth is left impoverished and exhausted. Since we have not had an ideal ideology until now, human history has been in the process of receiving that ideal one. The Unification Church is presenting a new ideology through this process. (27-187)

The sun is in the position of a father, and the earth, in the position of a mother, rotating around the father, the sun, and the moon, in the position of children, rotating around the mother, the earth. As such, we should have an organization of the family and the society like that of solar system. And so should be the church and the world. We should treat the church leaders like a father. In the church, one should be taking the mission of a father, and the other, that of a mother. The person in the role of a mother should raise up family members, thus establishing a system in the form of one family. The same is true with the nation and the world. Eventually, the organization of this world should be in the form of a human body and a family. That is, the organization of the world is only large in size, but it should become like a person and a family. (72-189)

Who is under the regional director? Is it a general manager? [It is a city leader.] There is a city leader under whom there is a center leader. Therefore, a city leader can give directions to a center/church leader. The city leader should be recognized as the city leader. When someone was assigned as a center/church leader, if he is not recognized and properly treated, it is because that family is in a mess. Don't you agree? If I go to Pusan now, the church leaders in Pusan should know it no matter what. Through your own organizational system, whether you convey my directions to the president of the church or not, it is up to you. I will continue with my mission regardless.

That is why it is an "e sang han" (meaning strange in Korean) organization. When I say it, I do not mean a wrong organization. I am talking about an "ideal" (e sang in Korean) organization. An ideal organization. Inform them about this at the time of leaders' meeting. That is what I am trying to teach you these days in Korea. America already has such a system. Wherever you go, without telling the state leader, directions can be given to the leader under him or her.

Even if the regional director did not know, if someone under him or her says that certain directions were given by Father, those directions should be immediately executed by everyone or corrected if necessary. (174-98)

3) The Organization of the Early Church

Our goals are arming ourselves with the Principle, and training ourselves for integrity, character and heart. From now on, our (public) life and activities should be centered on the trinity of the region. The regional trinity is the center, and the rest of other business entities are auxiliary organizations that support this regional trinity.

There are three judgments: judgment of words, judgment of integrity, character, and judgment of heart. Now, we are in the process of entering the stage of training ourselves with integrity and character, going beyond the stage of arming ourselves with words.

In order to become a person of integrity, a systematic training is required. You must go through a group-type of family life at some place like an apartment building. That is, the question is whether or not we can pass an ideology or a system for the whole. You must go through that stage.

The home meetings of the trinity unit are recommended to be held alternately at the home of each family. Educate horizontally related people through home meetings. Newly joined members are to be guided by team leaders (ban jang), and then be transferred to each region.

Soon, a victory flag of the church will be made. God is happy when He sees you bringing results from fighting at the frontline. In the future, have home meetings by (bahn) unit. If this is developed more, it should be done centered on the trinity. If this is expanded to 12 people, it should be again divided. Communications should be done up to 3 stages up and 3 stages down, when centering on yourself, taking the form of the number 7.

In the future, making a decision as to certain matters should be done within the proper environment. For example, if it is concerning the trinity, it should be resolved within the district, the team, and the region. Headquarters have jurisdiction over the district of (bahn), team, and region.

If possible, the trinity should live together and die together, without needing to depend on its upper organization. If harm is sustained to its upper organization, it will be grief to heaven, but if harm is done to Satan, it will be glory to heaven.

The people of the headquarters should be united in heart with the frontline family members. In the future, as you obey me, you must absolutely obey the regional director, the team leader, and leader.

In the future, headquarters will dispatch IWs to take care of family members. Even for peoples and nations, if soldiers in the frontline and people in the rear are united in heart, they will definitely prosper. There should be a messenger who can relate directions up to the level of a team. (9-8)

4) Three-stage Organization

Father has been doing this so far, but despite the fact that we have the president of the church, Father gives directions to the regional directors or the state leaders. This the president of the church must understand.

Father has a three-stage system of communication. Do you understand? This is a system of a heavenly nation. What system did I say about this? [Action system.] It is not a management or administration system. A management system requires only a passive role of following the leader, but an action system demands you to be aggressive.

What is this for? It is for the public will to protect the survival realm. Everything works out that way. Let us take an example of a leaf of a tree. If a worm invades it, that branch and other leaves protect it. That is how a system works. Do you understand what I am saying?

It is the same as a tree growing. A system of branches and leaves centered on the trunk, that is an action system. (173-196)

What I said earlier is regarding the three-stage organization. That is what you should understand. Where did the three-stage theory come from? If we look into the essence of it . . . do you understand? You must have heard this for the first time. Right? [Yes.]

The three-stage theory comes from this. In the Unification Church, above Rev. Moon, exists God. Therefore, I cannot do anything as I please. I am at the center/middle of the three stages. If I did things at my will, I shall be in trouble. All the cells of love are assembled in the center. This is the center of a globe, and if this moves, the entire heaven and earth will melt. That is why I cannot do things as I desire. The up and down should be always tuned to each other. So should it be horizontally. Through it, the vertical and horizontal should meet in perpendicular.

What is the center like? It is pushed from above, and pulled from below. Then, how difficult it must be. At least, that is what I think. Therefore, the center should be an example. From above, it should be praised, and, at the same time, it should be exemplary from below. From this perspective, I am not sure whether I am qualified to become the leader of the Unification Church. Professor Lee, what do you think? [You are qualified more than anyone else.] No. I am not. [You are too humble.] It is a difficult position to be in. I should be praised from above and be exemplary from below as well. That is why I have no time to rest for 24 hours a day. A person in the east can take it easy until he or she comes to the center. The same is true with the one in the south or any other direction until he or she comes to the center. But I cannot, since I am already at the center.

Therefore, since a person with such a responsibility, the one responsible for the family or for the nation, is closer to the center. . . I exist centered on God, and within me, exist all of the worldwide Unification Church members. This is one system. For this reason, I cannot transfer the position of the president of the church as I desire. I can do it according to the directions from above. That is different from the secular world. Do you understand?

On earth, when viewing me as the center, here are the president of the church and the people on the level of department leaders, who can be compared with the president and general managers at a company in the outside world. These three stages centered on me are one system. That is the reason why unlike the company structure of the outside world, I can give directions to department leaders directly, not necessarily going through the president of the church. And those department leaders should always report to me immediately if there is anything that is wrong or against the Will of God. If not, problems will arise.

Why? If one vertical pole (trunk), is grown, branches will grow on it. This vertical trunk, should be in line with heaven. This is a three. stage process. Seeing it with the root as the center, the root multiplies with small roots, and centered on those small roots, more minute roots will grow. That is the formation (stage). This is a three-stage system, which is one system. This is the difference.

That is why, as was stated earlier, the Unification Church is not an administrative organization, but is a progress organization, an action organization. That is why the president of the church cannot ask other leaders not to report certain matters to Father. Right? Nevertheless, you might have already done it.

You should report to Father. Centered on the center, you should protect the center from four directions. For the protection, you should keep it in line with the vertical pole. You should push people, saying: "You should not go this way or that way. You should go this way." The push will not be given by the top (alone). You from below should do it. This is a method through the organization. You must immediately report. (173-216)

5) Your Trinity, Your Life

What is a trinity? It is like an alter for offering objects. Three people in the trinity are like three offering objects. Abraham had three offering objects, and Noah had the three-tier ark. Right? They are all three offering objects. As such, after building an altar and making an offering with a loyal heart and sincerity for the people of that area, with an earnest heart that prays for their own sons and daughters, three people should be able to embrace their community.

With such an idea, in which exists an organization, exists a life. It is an organizational system but is a life itself at the same time. And it is a life and an idea at the same time. An idea used to be distant from us in relation to the organization. But in our life, God's hope, goal, and life in His heart simultaneously become one, and centered on that life, when you become a person who can be compared with the total value of these, God will find His 6,000-year long awaited sons and daughters through us.

Since no one knew about this until the present time, the fact that you can go to such a place is the most precious thing. It is not good if you cannot do this. Even though you know Father and follow him, you still should do this. Through heart, through the situation, when you can erect an alter before Heaven at any cost, you can finally become a son or a daughter who can be instead of God's heart and take responsibility for His situation. (150-27)

There should be three people who can work together. If they are not united on that foundation, the purpose of three eras will not be accomplished. The restoration will not be fulfilled unless a conditional horizontal foundation of the Eve nation is built. That is why three people are so precious. At the time of prayer, you should pray for the world. Including a few Korean-Americans, you should choose 12 people representing the four and the eight (compass) directions and pray with them. Jesus died because he could not establish that foundation. (36-177)

As a person who attends God, making special conditions with all of your heart and mind is like (holding unto) a life-line. By the same token, since it is like connecting water pipes to a reservoir, we should always make special conditions for God.

Furthermore, a center leader should be united at least with three male members and three female members. Including that center leader, unless seven people are always united with one another, the church cannot prosper or be developed. In order to become one with them, those members should not be the ones whom the leader feels comfort, able to work with. One of them should the most comfortable person to work with, another, the most uncomfortable person to work with, the third, someone who is in between the two positions. By doing so, the center leader should guide them to make special conditions for their central figure.

When a leader travels somewhere, he or she should not go alone. There must be people who pray for the leader. Especially, when Father travels somewhere, you should find out the schedule in advance and pray for him. Then God will be present at that place.

Likewise, a leader must have a center for his activities. All of the activities should be done centered on that center, and that center should be always more powerful than the center of actionizers. Otherwise, there will be no progress or development. That is the way it is. When you look at the tree, you see branches from the trunk. The trunk is bigger than branches. Likewise the center where the church leader is stationed, should be a place with more powerful force and energy than the actual place where activities are taking place. Without such a foundation, you cannot make progress.

For this reason, the church leader should know how to make three male members and three female members be united as one for the development and success of the church and prepare such a system to be in operation.

If each person forms a trinity, then, the system will be automatically increased to 24 people. If each of three people form a trinity, it will make 12. If each of three male members and each of female members form a trinity, that will also make 24 people. In such a way, centered on the central figure, an inseparable system should be formed in unity.

In order for this to be done, the question is how much the church leader invests himself or herself for the six members and how much they invest themselves for the church leader. The church leader cannot expect a good result unless he or she makes special conditions for them.

Therefore, a center leader must pray for his members and educate them day and night. In order for that special spiritual foundation to be established, there must be a way. Opening that way cannot be done by themselves.

Therefore, the center leader should prepare a way for members. If there are three people, a trinity system should be adopted for each of them so that they can be multiplied in numbers. He should always think of the ways of multiplying the system.

Centered on the leader, three male members and three female members work together; this makes number 7. Base on this, if a trinity system is applied, the church will be automatically developed. That is why you should regard organizing the trinity system as precious as your own life. (56-91)

Upon your return to your center, you should organize a trinity system. Fallen humans cannot go alone. The four position foundation should be established centered on the church, which should be done by all church leaders. Unless four people become one, the leader cannot make the four directions of north, south, east, and west as, one.

Currently, the remaining cultural spheres in the world are 4: communist cultural sphere, Muslim cultural sphere, Christian cultural sphere, and Unification cultural sphere. There were two thieves centered on Jesus on the cross: a thief on the right and the other on the left. The left one represents a left-wing, right? The separation between the Russian and Muslim cultural spheres can be compared with the separation of Barabbas and Satan. That is why on the worldwide level, Jesus' words, "Whatever is sown will be harvested," is being realized. (60-742)

6) Strengthen the organization

The reason many members of Korea and Japan left the church is due to the lack of organization in the church. Therefore, what Father is going to hurry to execute in America upon his return to the states is a movement of systemization. From now on, we should make a system to strengthen the organization of the church worldwide.

For this reason, in the future, not anyone can become a church leader. In order to become a leader, they should pass an exam that can be authorized by the world. Do you understand? [Yes.] Therefore, if someone is responsible for a "kun" in Korea, since there is a unit that is corresponding to this "kun" (in other countries as well), the worldwide authorized credential should be given to leaders. Then, wherever they go, when asked a question: "What level of leader are you?," if the answer is: "I am a kun" leader, there will be a common understanding about that position. That is, whenever someone represents him- or herself as a primary school teacher, we all have a common understanding about it. We should adopt such a system. (75-91)

In the future, what should the Unification Church do? It is to establish many educational institutions for restoration on various stages. For example, it can be a several-month course, or 7-year course, etc. However, our problem lies in that we picked anyone as a church leader and mixed them together. Therefore, from now on, we should prepare an organized system for various stages. You should understand that such is your destiny.

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