The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 5. Ministry And The Life Of A Minister (Part 1)

1. Church And The Church Life

1) What is the Church for?

You should be faithful to the society, the church, and your family. Then what is the church for? It is a place where you form and cultivate your integrity and character. Due to the fall, you came to be in need of the church. The family and the society are not sufficient. A mature character is not formed automatically. Getting a doctorate degree from a good graduate school does not restore your character. That is why the church is needed.

By being connected to Father, you should start a new parent-child relationship. And you should build a new family and march forward to a new world. What are the steps in this process? It is the church. Without such steps, you cannot reach the ultimate destination. Even a new family comes from the church, and a new society comes from the church as well.

Then to whom should you be loyal? Before you are loyal to your family, you should be loyal to the church. Before you are loyal to society, you should be loyal to the church. The church is in the position of a subject, and the family and society are in the position of an object. Where do the wise persons stand? They stand in the position of a subject, not an object. The position of a subject is only one. Objects can be in four directions of north, south, east and west, around 360 degrees, but the center is only one. That is a position within an absolute realm. It cannot be two. Can there be two centers? If it is transferable between the two, both of them are more likely to perish.

When someone is told that he or she is straight-minded, what does it mean? It means that both the heart and mind of the heaven and humans are rooted in the same single point. It means that heaven's heart and mind and the human heart and mind should stand on such a point. For this reason, through the church, you should offer all of your hearts and minds at the place where human hearts are making a decision for the center. For this, you should do everything possible with all of your heart and mind. You should make more effort than for your own family, school, or success. That is why the Bible tells us to do our best with all of our heart, mind, and soul for the Lord, God. When we love, we should love God in the place where we offer all of our hearts and minds.

Then, in loving God, is it all right for us to love God in the morning, but not in the evening? No. You should love God more in the evening than in the morning. In the morning, everyone greets Him, but in the evening, not so many people do. (35-126)

Activities in college are to take responsibility for future generations. But Victory Over Communism activities are for the present time. Religions are responsible for eternity. Therefore, we should advance in all directions. And the church should establish a firm foundation for family tradition, religious tradition, and economic tradition. (21-360)

Since the temple is like a body prior to the fall of Adam, Jesus came on top of it. (20-341)

2) Education in Church Life

a. From the views of the providence of restoration, the key-point is to awaken the realization of the meaning of the Unification Church.
b. The church is the headquarters of the past, the present, and the future. Therefore, it is a mediator to fulfill indemnity conditions and to integrate the Word, integrity, character, and heart.
c. The Kingdom of Heaven is connected only through the church. That is, the Kingdom of Heaven can be reached through the family and the family, through the church. Therefore, the church is a foundation for families to bring victories; a place where family laws are born as fruit; a place where the integrity and character is recognized, and a training ground for the Kingdom of Heaven.
d. The church is a holy place that can connect heaven and earth. The church is a gate to the world, enabling people to be interact in a relationship of cooperation. It is a spiritual pillar for the rise and fall of a nation.
e. The church is the original source of spiritual life where we can receive (spiritual) energy and nourishment for our daily life.

A man who is not happy with his wife when seeing a couple who enjoys their life together, would think that they are happy. That does not mean that you should marry twice. (Laughter). In order to be happy you need a church. People should get stimulation from others. But the stimulation does not come in a normal state, but comes from a contrasting state. Heaven cannot be heaven with heaven alone. Only when heaven exists on the earth, can it be heaven. Don't you agree? That is the reason why everything exists in a pair system. (21-191)

Those who say that they go to church because of such and such person, or for their sons and daughters or spouse, cannot climb up all the hills of faith. We should go to church for God, not for someone else. In order to possess God as our own, in order to make God's love ours, we are going to church. (8-162)

Christians say that the omnipotent, gracious, and loving God will forgive us even if we commit sins tens of thousands of times. Then as soon as they leave the church, they start fighting.

The church is not a place that can forgive people who commit sins in such a way. Right? If God is a Being who can forgive so many sins, why would God not forgive one sin that was committed in the Garden of Eden?

What do you think? Further, if there was a way for Satan to be forgiven that way, would he not have repented? He would have. He would have repented tens of thousands of times with tears to be forgiven.

However, the sin of Satan that violated public heavenly laws cannot be forgiven. If that sin is forgiven, the universal law of love would be fundamentally destroyed. The world created for love would have fallen into chaos. Satan invaded God Himself. Then, can it be forgiven? It cannot be. That is why through the providence of restoration, the standard prior to the fall should be reached (by humans). By doing so, through that standard, Satan should be expelled, and the second ideal person should come. It took 6,000 years for God to prepare this foundation. (19-161)

3) The Reason Why We Should Serve the Church

What is the reason why you are asked to serve the church? It is to help you grow more. Does it make sense if you desire to become a captain in your own family? The reason that you need to serve the church and the nation is to make you grow. The same is applied to live for the world and for heaven and earth. To what extent? To the maximum. When I say growing, I am not talking about growth in physical size, but about having a rounded personality and maturity both internally and externally. You should become people who can live with all humankind on the worldwide stage, centered on the Unification Church. Then you can become a son or a daughter of God who created heaven and earth. From this perspective, all of you must understand that there is one way that you can go.

The Unification Church set the starting point for this way. As we started it, you should reach the final destination. For this, I ask you to go out and witness (to people) for the nation, or to become a missionary for the world, or fight for God or against Communists, etc.

From this perspective, I want you to understand the value of yourself and live a life at the place where God wants you to reach. (34-?)

4) The Purpose of the Church

What is the purpose of the church? It exists to save the nation, but Christianity does not know this. They think that its purpose is to guide people to go to heaven, which is a self-centered idea. As a result, they created such an individualistic nation, like America.

Therefore, the Unification Church attempts to pioneer building such a world. The purpose of witnessing to people is not to have the witnessed people benefit the Unification Church. It is to benefit the nation. However, it should not become a religion that remains only within the boundary of the nation. Judaism declined because it lost its leading position to save its nation, Israel. The policy of the Unification Church is to serve the nation (but not only the nation but also the world). (34-338)

The Garden of Eden is within the realm of protection. First, it is a place with life without death; second, a place of the realm of God's protection; third, a place to receive love from God. (51-193)

As pioneers in founding such a nation, who are the generals on the frontline? They are the leaders of the Unification Church.

Then, what foundation is required to build such a nation? No one or nothing other than the church. What else can it be? What do you have? You have nothing but the church. Right? [Yes] Your personal possessions are to be absorbed into the nation. In order for a people to lay a foundation . . . In order to build a nation, we need sovereignty, land, and people. Then, what is the foundation for the land of the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the church assets. Right?

Then, who are the people of the Kingdom of Heaven? They are the church members. Then, who has the sovereignty? You do. You are in the position of representing the chiefs of a village, a city, a county, and a state. Ladies and gentlemen, did you become such a subject? You should be the first person who will run to the satanic world if bombs are brought into that world. Do you understand? Do you want to do it? And if you have some money, you should use if for the expansion of the church. And that money should be used to expand the territory of that nation and bring people together. Church leaders are in place of the sovereign of that nation. They should be in place of their own village chief and parents. That is the tradition that you should leave behind.

What should we do in the future? In the future, the time of the church will pass. What humanity desires is not the church. The church is needed during the process of restoration in the domain or realm of the fall, but once a new era arrives, the era of the church will pass.

For this reason, what the Unification Church is doing now is not church activities. Nor is Father doing church activities. Under the name of the church, we are working for a movement to be adjusted to the society, reform the society, and expand a pure society. That is the mission of pioneers for the work that is now being done by the people who are living for a nation or the world. This is the path that you should walk.

5) Church Activities Are More important than Social Life

The public church is more important than our own home. We should organize our life in every aspect, but we are not doing it. If you do not give back even after receiving, you will perish. (15-271)

You should become parents who can influence your children. This is your first mission. In order to do it, you should lead a public life thoroughly, and should be exemplary in your personal life. This is indispensable in educating your children to lead a way of the Will in the future. Do you understand? (31-277)

When looking at your habitual life-style in the church and the society that you have been leading so far, what is internal is the church life. Then, what is the standard of your internal life? Some say that they are going the way of the Will, but they interpret the way the Will according to their personal views. Can God be present at such a place? (27-38)

At this point in time, what position are you standing now? When you look at yourself as an individual of the Unification Church, if you think: "Ah, I am a follower," you will not be harvested by a good master who is looking for the best seeds. On the contrary, such a person will be removed. If you want to stand before the only master as the only seed with true value that is needed only for one place, you should not just become a follower. You should excel in everything. You should prepare yourself both internally and externally.

You see someone whose life is good for the church, but not for the society. Or vice-versa. From this perspective, the latter cannot bear the fruit mentioned above. Then, which is better, the people whose life is good for the church or the people whose life is good for the society? The correct answer is the former. People who have elements of bearing fruit have a hope for the harvest in the future, but the ones without those elements have nothing to do with harvesting the fruits. (36-20)

In terms of internal church life, the one who is not standing in the position of being authorized by God cannot lead a life instead of God in the life of the society. Therefore the question is whether or not we can be people who can be authorized by God. As far as the Unification Church members' attitude towards the church is concerned, they are not serious about the importance of the time for church meetings. Because your views about the public meetings of the church are vague, your views as to the direction of the will that continues to proceed are also vague. This is because you do not clearly understand what position you should stand on, nor do you have a clear external standard as well. (22-36)

First, you should be thorough about leading the right church life. For this, you should be punctual about public worship time. You should be exemplary for being on time for the meetings. (31-262)

If you look at the triangle relationships among the family, the church and the society, what do you think the strongest focal point should be? Is it the church, the family, or the society for your own success? Which person would God have more compassion and under. standing for? Thinking of the church is loving a representative of God. It is also bringing more people to God. (42-169)

6) Be Careful Leading a Church Life

When you join the Unification Church, you should be liberated from the pre-conceptions of the past in which you lived a habitual life of faith. You should abandon your previous views on God bound by your past concepts. (26-23)

Walking a formula course is not for the church, but for yourself. Until now, Father's directions to you was to help you, not for the church. Therefore, you should not think that you are working for the church. The way that humans should walk is for the nation and the world, and therefore, everyone should go that path. (34-265)

Even after joining the church, you get a job, play all kinds of games, and even use the church for your own benefit. . . But the church will not be used/taken advantage of. Look at the people who left the church after using the church. All of them will become beggars. Wait and see as to what will happen to them. Heaven will not be used.

The fortune of the world will not be used. Personal fortune should follow the family fortune, and the family fortune, the fortune of the society, and the fortune of the society, the fortune of the nation, and the fortune of the nation, the fortune of the world, and the fortune of the world, the fortune of the heaven, and the fortune of the heaven, the fortune of God. (163-34)

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