The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. Life Of Tithing (Part 2)

4. Holy Salt And The Life Of Separation

1) Holy Salt Is Like a Yeast

When you purchase things, you should sanctify them with holy salt, and when you come home from outside, you should also holy salt yourself at the fence or the gate. (9-78)

What is holy-salted should not given back to the world of Satan. Nevertheless, if it is inevitable, you should give it with your left hand. (9-78)

When you use holy salt, you pray in the names of Holy Father, Holy Son, Holy Spirit, True Parents, and myself. Then, you sprinkle holy salt in the order of the directions of north, south, east and west. (9-78)

2) Holy Salting the Land

400 years after the time of Noah, Abraham offered three sacrificial objects to God, when although he successfully split a cow and a sheep into two pieces, he failed to do so with a dove. The act of cutting them in half is to separate good from evil. Although the dove was also to be separated from good and evil, due to Abraham's failure, his entire offering ended up as a failure. As a result, you should remember that the term, "impurity" is following you. (98-320)

Originally, sacrifices are to be first divided into two on the alter and then offered. An alter signifies a sanctified area, whereas the object placed on it symbolizes a sanctified object.

Bleeding through the cutting signifies making an indemnity condition for restoration, that is, sanctifying or removing Satan's blood, or totally eradicating the conditions that Satan can have dominion over.

From this perspective, in the Old Testament Age, an offering was made through sanctified objects or material. Therefore, animals and other objects should be sanctified both internally in heart and externally before being offered to God.

When you visit some place, do you sit after holy salting? What do you do? You should make a condition of sanctifying that place, by blowing three times, "hoo, hoo, hoo." When you see a handsome man in Satan's world, rather than thinking: "I would like to live with this man," or even if he holds your hand, you should be able to blow him away. That is, you should holy salt him or inwardly blow him away with "hoo, hoo, hoo." You holy salt him three times. (Laughter) (170-283)

In the future, our church members should sanctify all of their possessions with holy salt. Under the circumstances where we can do it, it is no problem, but what shall we do when eating rice, noodles, or drinking water, etc? What we should do is what Jesus, after his resurrection, asked his disciples to do: by blowing, they could receive the holy spirit. It is the same as what God did to blow life into the nostrils of Adam (and create a new substantial life). You should do the same if you have children who can take the place of substantial lives. In the future, when eating or drinking, you should first blow.

Korean customs are amazing. When they drink water, they first blow it. And before they sit, they first blow the spot too. In general, that is what they do, right? God must have moved the conscience of this people so that could be one of their customs. However, that did not take place by coincidence. That is why we should always sanctify our life even in our hearts.

In order to sanctify a long history of 6,000 years that has been defiled, as it underwent three stages of restoration, formation, growth, and completion, you should blow three times and eat. Further, wherever you go, even when you go to bathroom, you should do the same.

In the future, the house that is sanctified with holy salt should be marked. The land that is sanctified with holy salt should be also marked. By doing so, all the lands of the earth where we are living and walking on should be eventually all sanctified. We should live in such a place. We should make our environment in that way. As a matter of fact, we should burn everything including the land. That is a principle. That is the meaning of the Bible verse that the judgment is done by fire.

Israelites used to let the defiled objects pass through fire before making an offering. The Old Testament talks about this. Isn't it right? However, since we cannot do it with holy salt, we should make a condition of separating good and evil and lead a dispensation with this heavenly condition. Are you doing it? [Yes.]

Whatever you do, regardless of the season, or whenever you are making an offering to God or True Parents, whether standing in the position of Abel or Cain, you should always have a companion of faith. The reason is because you want to make that offering to the worldwide Parents. For this, you should find such a companion even if you should search throughout the entire heaven and earth. (150-303)

At what position can you save a people? Will it be at the high position of authority? Since death took place at the place of the fall, you cannot save someone at the place where you are falling down yourself. The Unification Church is leading a movement of "going down." What it should be is: "Let us go down. Let us avoid a place or position where we eat well. Let us avoid a place or position where we are clothed (well). The place that I like is not the place that Satan would like. Let us go to a distant place where I would not be trapped by him."

Ladies and gentlemen, we sanctify things that we use in daily life whether they are to eat or wear. In our country, where are the children who do not need to sanctify their food harvested from this land? Where is the realm free from Satan's dominion? Where is the land where they can live without needing to sanctify it first? Whenever you use holy salt, you should grind your teeth against Satan.

When the Korean peninsula can be embraced in the bosom of God, when on behalf of the Lord of the Second Advent, this population of 30 million becomes a people who can represent all nations of the world and be offered to God altogether, the land of this people will become the fatherland of the world. (48-253)

5. Public Life

1) Public Life of a Minister

When I speak to you, I might look good, but for this, I live a life of confinement for several weeks, or sometimes, even for several months. Is this a private life or a public life? It is a public life. How wonderful it would be if you could live freely? If I could, my life would be better than yours. Whatever I do, I would not be defeated by anyone. I am a capable man.

You do not understand how hard it is for me to live a life of a religious leader. I should study the pleasure of neighbors and even of a criminal. Of course, I should do the same with others. So one could say that I am living in the melting pot of pleasure for all kinds of people. And my life is truly difficult day and night. Would God not watch me during the nighttime? He would, day and night. Thus, my life is truly unbearable. However, if I endure it, I somehow find ways to cope with it.

Suppose that you are living such a life as well. Then through whom would God work? He would like to work through a person like me. God will travel back and forth through a people who are living a public life for the world. What does that mean? God would pack his bags and come and live with a people who are more public-minded. And if He finds a people even more public-minded, He will go to visit that people and stay with them. He would move around as such. (31-254)

When you look at the world, the person who is in a public position is pitiful. Even if he does his best, due to his mistake before the Will, what if 1,000 years of merit is taken back? Such is the feeling of a debtor who does not have money to pay back to a creditor although his due date is approaching. I have been living such a life so far. (46-55)

During my life-time, my history is not written yet. However, once I die, it will be. Then, what if it is found that I did things inappropriate from the principle view? I shall be in trouble. The question is whether or not I could be supported by the Principle as to why I led such a life. If something is wrong with it, I will come to lose everything that was accomplished so far. That is why the position of a leader is difficult.

A leader should not lie down first no matter how tired he or she may be. Such is the position of a responsibility-taker. A leader lives with the heart of a sinner, who is not called yet. If he is full with food, he should repent. If he slept to his heart's content, he should repent as well as soon as he got up from bed. (62-133)

Even when you eat, you should always think whether this eating is for a public purpose or a personal purpose. He should eat for the sake of the 30 million people of Korea and the people of the world. If Korea wants to make the world serve its own country, Korea will perish. The same applies to America. Only when America wants to become a nation to serve the world, will America prosper. At the time of President Nixon, if America became a nation for Asia, it had hope for the future; but if it retreated from Asia, the nation will eventually decline.

Let us wait and see how far it can go. Whatever it does, it will be defeated and will eventually perish. I have been talking about this for a long time. From the time when America reduces the size of its appropriations for foreign aid, it will start to decline. President Kennedy is a good example. From that point on, a history of tragedy started, and (personally), he could not enjoy his full life-span and died at an early age.

Then, who would not perish even after his or her death? Who can make contributions for the sake of the world even after his or her death? They are public-minded people, leading a public life. Right? For what did Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus live? You must understand that they were not nationalistic. They lived and died for the world. In order to build an ideal world, even at the risk of their own life, they aggressively faced all kinds of problems and in reality and did their best to resolve them, trying to build a better world. That is why they could join the group of people who can be called saints. (36-74)

Even when you take the first step in the morning, you should think whether it is for the public purpose or not. And when you go to bed after finishing your daily work, you should reflect whether or not it was public-centered or personal-centered. Further, looking back on your yearly life, or your entire life, you should reflect whether or not you led a public life or a personal one.

After working hard for others for the public purpose, I would fall asleep without realizing how tired I was, and in the morning, I wake up totally refreshed. From such an experience, I realize: "Ah, this is a life of living the Principle." Yet, if I think: "Well, I slept only three and a half hours last night. Therefore, I should sleep at least 6 hours," my entire body feels like a thousand or ten thousand pounds, feeling pain all over the body.

I am saying that you should not calculate your sleeping time, and think: "Since I did not sleep enough yesterday, I'd better make it up today." Yet that is what you do, right? It is like a case in which you think: "Since I am fasting on Sunday morning, I'd better eat more on Saturday evening." (Laughter)

If you do such fasting, it does not mean anything. On the contrary, it is better for you not to fast. Because for a fast, if you eat more for dinner the night before, you will get more hungry. Go ahead and try it. After having your stomach stretched from a full dinner, if you keep it empty next morning, you will feet more hungry. Isn't it true? (Laughter) (44-161)

2) Public Management of All Things

You must understand that all things of the created world do not belong to an individual. When you own a good piece of land, if you brag about it, you will perish because it belongs to the public. You are just a manager of that land. Therefore, according to the management laws, if you manage it properly in a public manner, you can rule it for eternity, but if not, you will perish. However, the problem is that no one on earth understands the right public management laws towards all things. (31-247)

You should become a person who can manage all things publicly. When you eat, what if all foods are on strike against you, protesting your eating them without thanking them? What if all of them are on strike together, refusing to go inside of people's mouths? Have you ever thought of it? It is fortunate that they cannot do it as plants, yet what are you going to do if they could? If humans are under such circumstances, would they do it or not? All things feel the same.

Therefore, when you eat, you should understand the value of the foods that you are eating and should ask them: "By whom do you want to be eaten? For whom do you want to provide energy as part of his bone or flesh? What would you like to leave behind for the world of goodness?" Do you believe that foods would like to go inside the mouth of a thief?

For example, cooked rice will be eaten by anyone, but if possible, even one grain of them would like to be eaten by a good person who is public-minded.

The same goes with the air. Suppose that all the air on the earth gathers together and decides to be on a worldwide strike against humans for 5 minutes. Then all humanity will surrender to the air. If God wants to subjugate humans by force, He could use the air against them. If He takes the air away from the earth even for a few minutes, they will say: "We unconditionally surrender." Truly, the air can be a fearsome weapon to God and to you; it is something to be fearful of. What is public is fearful. What is public can kill an individual. These days, there are campaigns that oppose air pollution, which is a good thing to do. Otherwise, humans will be invaded by the air. The same is applied with the water. Thus, all things are public.

The sun is the source of life and has an infinite value. We are receiving such sunlight free of charge. Have you ever seen a person who is carrying money to buy sunlight? Have you ever seen a person who paid even one penny because he or she received sunlight? If the sunlight is for sale, would you buy it or not? People would buy it even if they sell their own body. All of the elements from nature such as water, air, sunlight, etc. do not belong to an individual. If someone thinks that way, he or she is a thief. (31-248)

Then as a religious person, how would you treat all things? You should treat them with a public mind. Suppose that an object has a value of ten. Then, you should not look at it with a value of ten only, but instead, with a value of a thousand, thinking that God is in it. If God dwells in the object that you cherish, the value of that object will be endless.

If you treat that object with such a heart, no matter how insignificant it may be, it will be happy with you and appreciate you.

In your life, you would feel such a sensation in the world of mind. If you work with such a heart, the result will be that you will feel a multi-dimensional value greater than looking at it alone. (40-382)

You should respect public management. If you are dealing with objects, you should respect them. When I used a notebook in my childhood, I did not start writing from the first line of it, but from the very top of each page. Sometimes, I used each page even twice by writing twice. Then, it was like using two notebooks instead of one. We should save natural resources.

I am very stingy and tight towards myself. I have never voluntarily purchased a custom-made suit for myself. Because people around me pushed me to do it, I did. If I did it on my own, it would not be so precious. But if I involuntarily do it at the request of others, people with me would appreciate my appearance, making comments. If you purchase it on your own and ask people as to how you look in the new suit, it is like complimenting yourself before them. I do not do such a trivial thing. That is just not the way I am.

What kind of person would God like? He likes a person whose philosophy is to lead a public life, always taking a public position. The same goes with all things. They like such a person. Such is a principle, and a heavenly law.

In the secular world, some people who went to a major university tend to brag about it and judge or criticize others arrogantly. But no matter what, I feet awkward doing such a thing and cannot do it. Sometimes, such people visit me, but if I see them, I feel like running away from them. Still, that is the way I feel toward them even now. Sometimes I intuitively sense such feelings from them. Then, I am not happy to be greeted by them. They might feel hurt because I did not receive them warmly. Yet, that is the way I feel.

But I am speechless before a person who made many special conditions for God.

As I have been leading the Unification Church, when I meet with two people to resolve some problems, I do not see who is handsome or not, but see the direction of their minds. In other words, I see whether their minds are public or personal. (31-261)

You should know the public way of managing all things. You should also know the public way of managing people. If you know it before someone's parents do, you can even take their children away from them. Do you understand? That is what Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is doing. He marries their children as he desires to, taking them away from their parents. When I blessed the 36 couples, their physical parents came to me and protested, asking me when a wedding invitation was sent to them. So I answered them that I was the one who did it. I could say that because I was in a public position more than them.

At that time, I thought to myself. "You do not know now, but just wait and see. You will come to realize whether the son-in-law or daughter-in-law you were given is better than others or not." Soon afterwards, they admitted that their son or daughter-in-law given by Rev. Moon was good. At least, they could not come up with excuses to accuse me of making a wrong decision for their son or daughter-in-law. (31, 256)

I never taught you to live for me, Rev. Moon. I taught you to live well along with Rev. Moon for the nation and the world. A wrong teaching will lead people to destruction and make them leave the church. However, if my teaching was not incorrect, even if they left the church, they will return. Is that not what is happening now?

Until now, for more than half a century, as I was walking this course, I have been persecuted and pushed around. But someday, if I could say to those who persecuted me: "You can be liberated if you can compensate me by a thousand of times or tens of thousands of times for your persecutions against me." Even if I do not force them, all of them will rush to follow my suggestion.

Through hardships, if we can reveal public value, such circumstances can be of great value. Then, the circumstances can be automatically absorbed. (31-253)

The time when you can manage all things publicly should come. If that time comes, even if fertilizer is not supplied for the land, all things will grow well. Even all things would like to hear the sound of laughter, not crying. Among you, is there anyone who would like to hear someone crying? I do not like it, but you may be different. Well, you seem to be like me. Then, those who like to hear laughter, please raise your hand. I see everyone's hand. Then, what about God? God also likes laughter. Originally, all of us were supposed to live in laughter.

If God is good, where is goodness? It dwells in a life filled with laughter. God is the subject with an eternal authority, who can digest everything into laughter. No matter how evil something is, God can digest and make it into goodness. Some people might say that the principle of heaven and earth might change, but that is not the case. They also might say that life is not meant to be lived only in goodness, but that is not true either. That is my belief. (31-258)

If you walk a public life centered on such a principle, you will never perish. Therefore, you should manage things in a public way, treat people in a public way, and attend heaven in a public way. If a couple was brought forth from a man and a woman who are good at this, centered on that family, a new people and a new world would have been established. Accordingly, you should become a people who can lead a public life. (31-201)

3) A Leader's Management of Money

Public money is like seeds. if sown, they bear fruit. If they do not bear fruit, they will be taken away. Before dealing with money, your integrity should be mature, and your words and deeds should be congruent.

If you value your own personal properties more than public ones, you are violating heavenly laws. If you value your personal integrity more than a public integrity, it is against the heavenly laws. (51-291)

Faith should be equal beyond time and space. Whichever church you go to, the color of faith should be the same. Church leaders (church center leaders) should not use all of the donation from members for themselves alone. If you are a city leader, you should manage money under the city leader, and in order to make it equal, you should make a donation to the higher level of your church. You should establish such a tradition of making donations. Are you doing it? [Yes] (17-9)

Our church members should know this. When you handle donations and offerings that are made with heart, if you do not recognize their value, you will be judged by them. You should clearly understand this.

Even a king can perish if he mistreats someone who is dedicated to God, making many special conditions. If the king's subjects also oppose him or her, they will be considered to be betrayers of heaven. For this reason, Father does not treat such a person lightly. (18-143)

You make donations to Father, but he does not receive it. His policy is not to receive. What did you do to make that donation? Unless I know it and stand in a position that I am not ashamed of, I cannot receive it. Since my mentality is as such, God desires to give and give more.

Do you understand? Nevertheless, some church leaders are only looking at the palms of members to see whether or not they bring donations or other things. Such leaders are not desired. Do you understand? (51-276)

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