The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. Sanctifying The Holy Ground

1. Reason For The Sanctification Of The Holy Ground

1) Reason for the Sanctification of the Holy Ground

In the Unification Church, as many blessings have been conducted, Holy Grounds were made as places to pray. During the difficult time when we had no place to pray, while being pushed and persecuted, the fact that the Holy Grounds where we could express our heart to God, were selected, and decided is truly historical, an event that planted worldwide victory. This we must understand.

In order to expand this standard, last year, Father traveled throughout the world and selected the 120 Holy Grounds in the 40 nations. Although it cost a lot of money to fulfill this task, the reason Father had to do it was due to the unavoidable dispensation of God. Such things never existed in human history.

Then, why did it have to be done? It was to be tuned to the program of God's providence, according to heavenly fortune. The 120 Holy Grounds of 40 nations are the places that can protect the right of God's chosen nation. If those places cannot be protected by earthly people, the spirits in the spirit world will protect them. Planting the seed is to erect a starting point that can lead the battle for the restoration of the people. Now, we are entering an age in which the final destiny of heaven and earth should be determined. We clearly see this happening. (16-262)

2) The Process of Sanctifying the Holy Ground

The church members should gather with their trinity as often as possible. Their meeting place should be sanctified with Holy Salt to erect a standard to restore all things. They should visit the members who live nearby and pray for them. Through the gathering, their interest in the Holy Ground should be stimulated.

Let us cultivate our habit of visiting Holy Grounds. Through the stimulation given by all things, we should feel the value of ourselves. The reason why the Israelites perished was due to the loss of their love for the blessed land. Therefore, even the place where no members are living should be sanctified, and witnessing should be done to protect it. The area should be more than 8 chuck in four directions. Before September 10, by the lunar calendar, your local Holy Ground should be selected and sanctified. As Abraham desired his corpse to be buried in the land sanctified . . . In the past, Holy Salt could not be used in the outside land. (9/10/62, from the memo of the president Hyo Won Eu)

2. Sanctifying The Holy Grounds

1) An Example of Sanctifying the Holy Ground

After people are restored, the land should be restored. Since the standard of Korea was elevated to the level prior to the fall, now, the Holy Grounds can be established. Therefore, the 120 Holy Grounds were selected and established in 40 nations worldwide.

Since the 120 families symbolize 120 nations, along with the 120 blessed families, the 120 Holy Grounds had to be selected and established.

The fact that the Holy Grounds are selected and established means that the dispensation is in the same position as when creating the earth, prior to the creation of humans. Through the establishment of the Unification Church saints, because the land and humans can be considered to be restored to the same position prior to the fall, the angelic world and the spirit world cannot help but to cooperate with you.

Therefore, having the 120 Holy Grounds is equal to have 120 territories. If the Holy Grounds are established in America, American ancestors are to support God's providence. Starting from December 31, 1964 and January l, 1965, the Holy Grounds should be established during three calendar years until December, 31 1965.

Since the number six is a number that was invaded by Satan, it should be restored through indemnity. The reason why the problems of Korea could be resolved is because of this principle. For instance, the Eul Sa Protection Treaty was dissolved 60 years after its creation. (12/22/65, from a memo by the late president Hyo Won Eu)

3. Selection Of Holy Grounds

1) Selecting a Holy Ground

After getting up at 4:30 a.m. and doing three bows in a holy robe, at 5:30 a.m. as yesterday, by driving two cars, we gathered together around Father who sat on a rock, and prayed and sang. At 7:10, we selected a Holy Ground. Many family members gathered together. Some workshop participants were allowed to come to this occasion. (1/1/66)

At 11:00 a.m., Father announced the headquarters to be the central Holy Ground. At the headquarters, in front of workshop participants and family members, who were sitting around, Father again made a diagram. (This was kept by Hyo Won Eu.). Father called Sung Jin Nim and went outside the church with him, carrying dirt and Holy Salt, and after sanctifying them, he returned.

Prior to the ceremony and after the ceremony, Father prayed. The content of prayer consisted of his gratitude for allowing him to establish the Holy Grounds and his request to God to answer the prayers of family members who will pray in the future at the Holy Grounds.

Further, he prayed that God would connect this Holy Ground to all other Holy Grounds throughout the world. The dirt sprinkled and the stones that were planted in the Holy Grounds were brought by him, in person, from the selected 40 nations and were mixed together. (1/2/66)

4. Selection Of Holy Grounds

1) The Meaning of the Holy Grounds

Today, what is the Unification Church trying to do? It is trying to fulfill what Jesus desired to fulfill on earth in his lifetime. Then, what is it that Jesus wanted to do on earth? Centered on Israel, Jesus desired to restore the Israelites in the position of Cain with Judaism in the position of Abel. Today, the Unification Church is in the position of Judaism, and the Korean people are in the position of the Israelites.

What Jesus attempted to do was bringing to completion and perfection an individual, a family, a tribe, and a people, that is, the standard of an individual, a family, a tribe, and a people that God sought for.

That is the reason why Father gave one of the 120 Holy Grounds to each of 124 blessed couples, who were sent to various places. He asked them to fulfill their mission, by cultivating their relationship to their designated Holy Ground.

Then, as the standard of fulfilling their individual mission, centered on the entire mission on the worldwide level, the age of victory that can connect the world will come forth. That is the reason why Father selected the seven Holy Grounds, including the four Holy Grounds in the directions of north, south, east and west, the central Holy Ground, and headquarters Holy Ground, etc.

As such an age of victory that can be connected to the world arrived, Father brought some dirt and stones from the seven Holy Grounds on December 31, 1964 and January 1, 1965 and made preparations to leave for foreign countries with them.

What are the dirt and stones? Due to the fall of Adam, God lost both Adam and the entire world to Satan. However, since God can now visit us through that foundation of victory, we entered an era in which we can restore the land. Therefore, the dirt and stones in the Holy Grounds become the foundation that God can dwell in. That is the reason why Holy Grounds could be claimed. This you must understand.

Then, what happens when God, humans, and the Holy Grounds are united as one? The standard that Adam and Eve were to restore prior to the fall will be established. Selecting Holy Grounds is to restore humans, land, and all things that were lost in the Garden of Eden and by finding a person to determine a focal point, a central figure, who can relate to God. (16-74)

2) The Holy Grounds Mobilize the Spirit World

Also, if the Holy Grounds are established, what else can happen? Prior to the fall of Adam and Eve, was there a spirit world or not? Spirit world, then, was an angelic world.

The angelic world has been anxiously waiting to enter a sphere of life, receiving God's love through Adam and Eve's prompt perfection. Through cooperating with Adam and Eve and helping them, the true children of God, and establishing a God centered family, the angelic world hoped that they could (also) build a foundation of peace from which they could receive God's love.

Since the Holy Grounds are the sanctified places, like the families blessed by God, the spirit world can work with them. (16-75)

On the foundation of selecting the Holy Grounds, when God sends His beloved sons and daughters, the foundation for them to attend God can be built. Then, the spirit world cannot help but to cooperate with them.

As I was traveling throughout the world, after establishing the Holy Grounds, I thought of dispatching the Unification Church members to those nations with the Holy Grounds as soon as possible. By erecting those designated members to be in the standard of Adam and Eve prior to the fall, I will indemnify the standard that the spirit world could not reach so far. Then, horizontal battles can take place on earth.

Since the Archangel is the one who was involved with the fall, angels should chase Satan out of the earth. This is a principle for the restoration through indemnity. Therefore, we should expel Satan, by mobilizing the spirit world. (16-76)

3) The Process of Selecting Holy Grounds

The gate to the Kingdom of Heaven is open so that everyone, whether good or sinful, can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Nationwide, we should proclaim this and ask people to join the Unification Church. We should spread this message to all people. In order to connect this to the world, Father restored people in 1965, and centered on Korea, Father now has to connect this foundation to the world so that the land of Canaan should be restored and connected to the world. Do you understand? That is the reason why the 120 Holy Grounds -- 3 times 40 nations were established.

What do we do at the Holy Grounds? We should connect Korea to the land of the 40 countries. Do you understand what I mean? That is why dirt and stones here were transplanted to them. They symbolize human body and mind. Dirt symbolizes flesh, and the stones symbolize bones.

It is as if Jesus symbolizes bones and we, humans, flesh. It also symbolizes heaven and earth respectively. Do you understand? Next, it brings people together and connects them to each other. Do you understand what I mean? Then, four people go together. By establishing the four position foundation, you go over all of this. That is why in the 120 Holy Grounds, the objects that represent the land of Korea, the rock of Korea, and Korean people, are planted and connected. This is the future land of Canaan. The future land of Canaan. Such a spiritual standard is being established.

So if the Unification Church members pray at the Holy Ground, spirit world and the people of that land will all cooperate with them through their returning resurrection (on the earth). It will be expanded and connected to all four directions. Do you understand?

Afterwards, I blessed the 43 couples, who represent the world, among the members from the three nations of Japan, America, and Europe, as objects to the 430 blessed couples in Korea and connected them to each other. All of this was done based on the foundation of establishing the 120 Holy Grounds. Do you understand what I mean? (96-189)

During 1965 I established the 120 national and worldwide Holy Grounds in 40 nations. It was possible because Korea could stand in the will of God as a footstep, the land was engrafted. That is why the 120 Holy Grounds were selected in 40 nations. Do you understand? The nation with the most Holy Grounds is America. It is so because the final end will happen centered on America. Do you understand? It is so because the land of America is a place where Abels are gathered together. America is a nation established by the Protestants, in the position of Abel, the younger brother, gathered together, after being persecuted by Catholics in the position of Cain, the elder brother. (99-178)

For this reason, I traveled the entire United States of America for 40 days. What did I do during that time? I selected the Holy Grounds. What is the Holy Ground? It is a place where I made a special condition to possess God's love. The reason why I made the most Holy Grounds in America is to make a preliminary announcement that the final settlement will be brought in this nation. For each state, I placed more weight than a nation. In other words, I regarded this nation of America to be the center of the world and the universe. (124-28)

Father traveled throughout 40 nations and selected the 120 Holy Grounds. I did not make a leisurely trip. I should connect Korea to the world centered on the Holy Grounds in the eight provinces of Korea. Only when each of the Holy Grounds throughout the world becomes a starting point of one core blessing, with the dirt and stones from Korea, can the entire world turn around. Based on this foundation, I could proclaim God's Day on January first, 1968. Do you understand? God's Day was established based on the foundation of the worldwide, historical victory, and we can praise God for this. (26-316)

During Jesus' lifetime, there was no Holy Ground. However, in the Unification Church, we have God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day, and Day of All Things. Further, we also have Holy Grounds where we can pray. When considering all of this, we should realize that we are far more blessed than Jesus. Have you ever thought of this? Jesus desperately prayed to God three times all night in the Garden of Gethsemane, holding unto grasses and the branches of trees: "Heavenly Father, if possible, let this cup pass from me. . ." Yet who understood his desperate heart that he had to pray three times, shedding tears? No one did. (17-143)

4) The Result of Selecting the Holy Grounds

The time when the people's fortune will keep the same pace as worldwide fortune has arrived. That is why Father is engrafting the Holy Ground in Seoul, the capital city of Korea, not only to other Holy Grounds in Korea but also in the world. What is it for? It is to make the entire world the land of Korea. According to the principles of restoration through indemnity, the Holy Grounds made in the satanic world will become the land of Korea. Why? From the heavenly perspective, once the Holy Grounds are established, that territory is to become the land of Korea. (16-76)

Until the present time, Holy Grounds were selected in the 40 nations. Through this, the territory of Korea was already expanded (to those nations). Viewed from this, Korea is rich, right? Korea became the first nation in the world. Which country in the world has its own territory in 40 nations? The manager of that territory is Rev. Moon of the Unification Church. This is not a joke. By blessing the Holy Grounds, those nations' sovereignty is transferred to the side of heaven. (16-77)

Father selected the 120 Holy Grounds in the 40 nations. Now, what he needs to do is to select missionaries who can represent the 40 nations where the Holy Grounds were established, but the question is who they will be.

Those who volunteer for this mission, please raise your hand. You should be prepared to receive that mission. When you go to the nations, I am not asking you to be good at witnessing. Even if you are in the situation of a beggar, you should remain there, leaving the evidence that you shed tears, blood and sweat, for the people of your missionary country. If you cannot speak their language, you remain dumb. What good is it to speak the language of that nation if you do not have love for the people of that nation? Would you not be able to witness to people due to your language barrier? (17-67)

If you see the Holy Grounds as the center, the land where you are standing represents the 120 Holy Grounds in the 40 nations, and since the alter where you are standing represents the entire world, you are considered to be standing as a representative for the world. Further, when you pray, bowing down, you come to pray as a chief priest in the position of an offering object, asking for the forgiveness of the sins of all mankind.

5) Anecdotes of Selecting the Holy Grounds

It took more than 7 hours for Father to select the Holy Ground in Syria. For this reason, Syria is the most memorable place out of all of the Holy Grounds worldwide. When Father visited that country, there was a worldwide exposition being held, centered on Eastern Europe. In addition, Russia's satellite countries were exhibiting all of their special products. Out of them, I visited the exhibit room of Russia. I still cannot forget the impression that I received from that experience.

In the Arab nations, since I could not select the Holy Grounds during the day time but only at night, much time was consumed. If they saw Christians who were praying during the day time, they attempted to stone them to death. That memory is so vivid that I feel like such an event took place only yesterday. Yet I did it in such a way since I was interested in the spiritual level of Muslim culture. (18-232)

During the first seven-year course, I had to select the 120 Holy Grounds in the 40 nation throughout the world, with dirt and stones brought from Korea. Therefore, even during the sleeping time, I placed them underneath my head, using it as my pillow. I did so because had I lost them, the providence would have been prolonged to the three stages. Whenever I visited each land for the establishment of the Holy Ground, I had to love its people more than the people of Korea. The more Korea is humble, the more it will be recognized.

When I returned from the world tour (for the establishment of the Holy Grounds), I was grateful for the safe journey back. However, the family members who were supposed to see me at the airport did not show up. No one would fathom the feeling that I experienced at that time, (21-286)

5. Holy Ground Prayer

1) Pray at the Holy Ground

All of the Unification Church members should pray at the Holy Ground. (32-153)

From now on, you must pray for unification. Do you understand? [Yes.] Until the return of Father, whenever you have time, regardless of gender, you must pray at the Holy Ground. If you cannot do it early in the morning, you should even in the evening.

You must think of the time when Father prayed in tears at this Holy Ground in the beginning of the church. Please think of how difficult it has been for Father to come this far, selecting the Holy Grounds and the major church holidays such as Parents' Day, Children's Day, and All Things' Day. Please think how hard Father's course has been until he established God's Day on January first, 1968, based on that foundation. Truly, God was pitiful, and so was Father and the Unification Church members.

Now, as you are responsible to spread the goal of the unification throughout the world, although you are now praying, sitting on a hard rock, you should offer a prayer with which the mountains and streams will be tearful, bowing down their heads before you.

While I was in the middle of the world tour for the Holy Grounds, I should have asked you to fast a meal for lunch, but I really did not desire to do so. Instead, I am now asking you to pray hard at the Holy Ground. Do you understand? [Yes.] You should sing wholeheartedly the Song of Unity so that your heart can stimulate that of this people for the unification of North Korea and South Korea, or God's providence of restoration for all humanity. By so doing, you should be a good example to all humankind, and for this, you should pray hard at the Holy Ground. (22-158)

Through the prayer at the Holy Ground, you should ask for cooperation from your ancestors. (13-161)

As far as a pilgrimage to the Holy Ground is concerned, praying at the Holy Ground itself is not important, but the entire time to travel back and forth is also a precious part of the whole process to make a special condition. (18-187)

Well, our church members now are praying ardently in tears at the Holy Grounds. Right? Those who did not yet shed tears at the Holy Grounds are not church members. You must visit the Holy Grounds and pray with all of your hearts and minds. Israelites who lost the temple of Jerusalem failed to become the temple of Jerusalem, but the entire planet of this earth should become the temple. If this earth does not become the temple, you should shed tears, holding unto this earth. Only when you build a relationship in which you can shed tears towards the Holy Ground in the place of the substantial foundation of the temple, you can finally become the master of this earth.

Because that is the way it was made, a dedication ceremony can be finally held. A dedication ceremony. Although this is only a small area, it is obtained through tearful battles. Therefore, unless the entire value of the sanctified area is remembered by God more highly than any of satanic world, the dedication ceremony on the level of a people and the world cannot be held. This you must understand. When you shed tears, sweat and blood, petitioning your grief, and by so doing, when God remembers the standard of your petition for the victorious day of Heaven against the enemy, Satan, that land can be finally lifted high in satanic world. That is the way it is when seen from the spirit world.

For this reason, people who are communicating with all sorts of spirits pray at our church Holy Grounds. Have you heard about the rumor that spiritual people are coming to pray at our Holy Grounds?

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