The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 1. Minster And Prayer (Part 2)

2. Prayer In The Unification Church

1) Pray in the Name of True Parents

The Unification Church does not pray in the name of Jesus. The person who recently joined would think, "What are True Parents? Why pray in the name of True Parents?" Do you know the meaning of True Parents? True Parents are our ancestors who did not fall in the Garden of Eden and whom we can be proud for eternity in the midst of God's glory. However, because the first ancestor of humanity fell, there had to be a new ancestor, and because God also works his providence centering on the new ancestor, we pray in the name of this new ancestor. It is very logical. In other words, since Jesus is the God of Father and the Holy Spirit is the God of Mother, fallen humankind cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without going through a relationship with such parents. (20-269)

What was the greatest desire of Jesus? What should he have before having a nation? What should he have before having a child? He had to welcome his wife first. However, because Jesus was not able to do so, he could not witness. He could not make people his own sons and daughters. If he came with the qualification of parents, then he should have become father and mother. Therefore, in the Unification Church, when we pray we say, "We pray in the name of True Parents." We are different from the mainline churches. We do not like to pray in the name of single Jesus without a bride.

Therefore, don't you think that we have wonderful prayer in the Unification Church? We pray in the name of True Parents. That means we are praying in the name of True Emperor and Empress. When you say teacher, do you like the teacher as a couple or as a single person? What do you like? [We like the couple] Therefore, if there is a man then there should be a woman, and if there is a woman then there should be a man. Was man born worrying about whether there would be a woman or not? Think about it. When he was born, was he greatly concerned? No. It was already so. You haven't even dreamt abut these things and came to know these things. I have solved that. It is an amazing thing. You should know this. (41-230)

When you pray, you pray in the name of True Parents. What is True Love or True Parents? Do not think of that word just with Father and Mother? Think about the standard of True Parents from the standpoint of father and mother who can love all humanity and embrace the world transcending the national feelings from an even higher level. Therefore, even Father prays in the name of True Parents. (33-143)

Wouldn't you like it if you could go to heaven as you wish? Wouldn't you like to come and go freely? Why do you pray? When you pray, why do you pray in the name of True Parents? You do not have the right to pray! However, you pray in such a manner, don't you? That is because a victory was won. From the world of all evil, from the satanic world. (150-54)

In the Unification Church we do not pray in the name of Jesus. We do not pray in such a manner. We go in search of parents. Therefore we say parents are True Parents. We have to fix up everything. Even though all has to be fixed, because everyone does not know, you should put straight the cornerstone. If the hurricane blows from this direction you may survive, but if it blows from that direction then everything will be destroyed. Do you understand? Those who believe in Jesus -- you, old man with white hair, do you understand? You should understand. (48-228)

The time now is not the time for "I pray in the name of Jesus." That time has passed. Now is not the era of name salvation. It is the era of substantial salvation. Now the Christians pray in the name of Jesus. However, Father does not pray in that way. We need Jesus not his name. There are thousand, ten thousand words called father. However, the substantial body is only one. Isn't it so? Therefore, should we go to the heavenly land riding on the substantial body of Jesus or riding on the name only? (13-63)

2) Prayer that Goes One Step Ahead

What does the Unification Church teach? It teaches the duty of parents. It is fundamentally different from the teachings of Christianity. Christianity teaches the duty of a son, but what does the Unification Church teach? [The duty of parents] That is the difference. Who is higher between a son and the parents? The parents are higher. Therefore, in the Unification Church we do not pray in the name of Jesus but pray in the name of True Parents. We are going one step ahead.

If the Trinity exists as the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit, then you should pray in the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit, why do you pray in the name of Jesus? Why do you pray in the name of one person only? If you say "parents," then all will be included.

Then why do you not pray in the name of parents? It is disappointing to pray in the name of one person only. If you give a rice cake to men only because you like men over women, then would women feel good? You say the Holy Spirit is one person of the Trinity, then why do you always exclude the Holy Spirit and say "I pray in the name of Jesus?"

In your home, do you like father while mother as an insignificant person? Why do you celebrate father's birthday magnificently yet do not even remember the birthday of mother? Such things can be known by even those who do not believe that the relationship between the parents are the works of heaven and earth.

Everything is reciprocal. Everything forms harmony when it comes together. Eyes, nose, ears, and lips, all form harmony by coming together. Likewise, only when father and mother come together can they embrace everything in the world. Alone cannot do it.

You cannot survive if you only inhale. Of course inhaling is necessary but exhaling is just as important. Do you think that we survive only by the intake of oxygen? Do you think only inhaling is necessary? Please try only inhaling for three times. Then you would need exhale more than inhale. Only by sending the carbon dioxide out through exhaling, can oxygen can come in. You cannot only have man. These days, the world puts man first. Therefore, we must do the fundamental woman's liberation movement. From the Principle perspective, man should obey woman for three years. Therefore, when a person is restored, he must go the proper way. Since Adam and Eve fell together, they must climb up together. Climbing up is like the re-creation. When God created, He created Adam first and then created Eve. Therefore, in re-creation, God creates Adam first and then makes Eve.

Ultimately, it was the history of re-creation until now. In saving fallen human beings, two cannot be saved at once. It has to first go through the process of re-making, the process of re-creation. Then who is the coming Savior? He is the one who comes to this earth as a man who perfected the purpose of creation in order to reclaim the right of cosmic inheritance. It is simple. The savior is the one who comes as a person of character representing the position of unmarried Adam in the Garden of Eden. However, the Savior who comes in place of unmarried Adam in the Garden of Eden has to get married. Therefore, the first thing he should do after coming is find a woman, mother. (21-194)

3) Pray Putting God First

Question from Dr. Sontag: I would like to know about the prayer life of Rev. Moon. I think the prayer life of the Unification Church is unique and many believers say that their method of prayer comes only from the church.

I believe prayer is the most powerful thing. It makes possible what seems impossible. In the Unification Church we emphasize prayer; however we do not pray with any special method. Only the content is different. My teaching is 'Do not pray for yourself." I teach people to pray for the fulfillment of the mission, for others, and to offer their prayer as the words of comfort to God. (91-117)

Even in the moment when Father was beaten and fell down gushing the blood in prison, Father did not pray for himself in front of God. Father determined to himself saying "Father, I am different from the previous prophets and Jesus." and he endured such hardships. Father does not pray worthless, unmanly, and weak prayers of "Oh, Heavenly Father, please save me." Father only offers prayer for God and does not pray for others.

When God entrusts expectation and hope to you, just because you are imprisoned, how can you pray to be saved with a crying face? That is not the way a real man should live. (16-243)

3. Early Morning Prayer

Even in prison, father could not sit comfortably with his legs stretched out. Also father has not revealed his skin to the fallen world. Even in prison father hid a wash cloth and before early morning prayer father cleansed his body. (21-72)

God tells me again to wake up in the early morning and offer an early morning prayer. Waking up in the midst of sleep and praying is frankly difficult even for Father. [Laughter] It is not easy to consistently wake up and pray at 4 a.m. However, I have to keep my dignity in front of the spiritual world, I have to pray. Even with sleepy eyes . . . It is that difficult. To pray at night time when everyone else is sleeping is very difficult. However, there is no other way. Even if it is difficult, I would feel comfort in it. If I don't pray, then it would be very awkward for me to speak these things in front of you. (31-254)

If anyone does early morning prayer for three years for his responsible region, then that area will surely revive great blessings. (23-250)

Wake up in the early morning, post a person's name, and pray holding on to his name. You should be able to do so. Pray continually that "This person is really needed for your Will." We can engage in the dual strategy for the spiritual battle and the substantial battle. Secular people cannot engage in the spiritual fight. And they do not do well in the substantial fight either. Do you understand? If they are indebted to us, then they would retreat and we can not retreat. We have to engage in the dual strategy. Think like this. Do you understand? From now on . . . O.K.? [Yes]

You must shed tears. You must shed the heartistic tears. What would God feel when he looks down at your position? You must pray, "Although this city is the city which you can love, unfortunately Satan is dominating this city right now. Oh! God, please give me strength for I have the responsibility to make this city your pride. Please let the water of life come forth like a flood if I open my mouth, and let it blow like a wind when I move. Please give me the teachings by which I can shed tears when I meet people. Please give grace like a marching hurricane when I move." (97-137)

When each of us wake up in the early morning, realizing that I represent the whole of humanity, I should pray that my life today can become an embodiment of gratitude in front of Heavenly Father, and determine that I shall become a fruit of hope in a flower-filled spring garden which Heavenly Father can raise up and utilize. When it becomes afternoon I should determine in the workplace to become a valuable person whom God can dwell in, by developing myself one more step like the summer season when the fruit of hope grows. When it becomes the evening, because it is a time very much like the fall season when I can culminate everything and offer my determination in front of Father, I should pray that I will stand in the position of offering.

When it becomes the night which is comparable to the winter season, I should pray that by possessing the energy of life I will establish the intrinsic father-son relationship with God and thus become a person who can receive all value. If there is a person who makes 365 days of one year into victorious days and live a grateful life, that person can feel that a life with a relationship to God is a truly worthy life. A person living such a life will experience such things, and therefore surely he will live his whole life in gratitude. Even when the person is in the situation of death, his grateful heart toward God will remain.

We should live each day like this, one year like this, and our whole life like this. In our life there are periods of youth, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. It is like morning, daytime, evening, and night in a day, and spring, summer, fall, and winter in a year. Therefore, a person who lived such a life becomes a victorious substantial being who fulfilled the purpose of creation which God created man for. (29-340)

4. Prayer Vigil

1) Night Has Strong Mysterious Quality

Night, the deep night, has strong mysterious quality. Therefore, when you hold a revival, you feel more grace in a night revival than a day revival. The reason is that in the daytime, all our senses are dispersed. In other words, sight, hearing and all other senses through which we can perceive, are easily dispersed. However, at nighttime, they are not like that and on the contrary they become focused. At night time, all things make me more sensitive by surrounding me in a realm where I can stand naturally. For that reason, at nighttime, it is easier to evoke the work of grace together with God. God can work more easily. Therefore, if you talk with the members in the field at night, then that talk comes to hold certain mysterious character. Also, as you travel from one village to another, if you talk while escorting members to their homes, then those members can never forget that experience throughout their lives. When a person lives a life experiencing such value, then there is progress.

You too try to convey God's word from midnight until you hear the first crow. How mysterious it is! In a quiet and tranquil night, convey God's words hearing the barking of neighbor's dog at a distance. You will feel as if you have just entered into a new life after finding glowing sun light, and as if you are a captain who is navigating with a fresh feeling after discovering a light from a distant beacon. You will feel your courageous, bold, and solemn self going alone in the world filled with mysteries. If you want to hold such heartistic relationships, then guide them centering on the night time. Therefore there is a need to work and be active at night and in early morning.

However, if the people are married women then there will always be problems. Therefore, you have to make them understand the significance well and enable them to break out of their environment even at night. It is necessary to possess such heartistic generating power. Therefore, you should make them follow as you instruct them in any environment. If you make your members like this, first through the word, then through your action, and finally through your heart, then they will never fall away. Then let your members do witnessing. You have to educate and raise them until they can witness other people. If this is accomplished, then you will not even loose one person out of all those you have witnessed to. (29-196)

2) The Meaning of the Prayer Vigil

Do you do prayer vigils? Sending up your spirit to the heaven, forgetting all about the secular matters. . . That state means reaching the state of sleep. Let's go beyond such a state. Just as when all this physical remnants sink down, only the pure water rises. Sleep means raising our spirit and precipitate all evil consciousness by training our mind. When you go into the state of sleep, when you are about to fall asleep, you hear everything and see everything. You hear everything but haven't heard it exactly, and you saw everything but haven't seen it exactly. Then what happens? A dream like phenomena unfolds. At that time, the spiritual world teaches you something. Do you understand? It all has to fit logically. Do you understand? [Yes]

And by doing a prayer vigil, cutting off all that is physical, totally focusing on the spirit and continuously sending it upward, you will begin to see your future path. When that becomes habitual, then you enter into a position where you can control everything. If you enter into that state then you can see and hear all. You are looking at and hearing two things once. Until you reach such a position, it requires significant self-training and disciplinary development. (91-275)

We inherited the satanic blood lineage through the fall. You have inherited satanic blood lineage. Therefore, when you move, this blood, the evil blood is moving. Do you understand this? If you put it in a glass container, then it is like murky water. It is like the dirty, washed-up water. If you sleep, however, things come down since this whole body is resting. It is like heavy things sink down and the clean water rises. Because the original pure mind can make a relationship with God, God teaches in dreams, the way to go symbolically or visibly. (91-273)

You must directly experience the life in which you yourself stimulate new things centering on God. If you do activity experiencing such heart, then there always occurs multiplication. Then, you develop. The new bud emerges out of the living tree. Yesterday and today is different. There, the force of life is always active. In contrast, a tree without its root is a dead tree. Yesterday and today change.

When you loose such feeling, please pray putting your life on the line. Even if you have to do many prayer vigils, you must accumulate sincere effort. If you try to live such a life, then God may even try to take such times away from you on purpose. If so, then no matter how much you try, you may not find hope. In such a situation, you must be able to fight even more strongly with the mind that I will serve God even subjugating Satan. (30-133)

3) Every Church Should Hold Prayer Vigils

Although you should work during the day time, religious work should be done at night as well. What I am saying is that teaching at night is effective. So you should make a guest who visited the church once, feel like coming back even if he or she may have to escape from home. For this to be done, you should first become such a (zealous) person. Without cause, can there be result? Ladies and gentlemen, if you have not been able to do it, from now on, you should work harder to make it possible, by coming up with something creative. (97-196)

In the future, people will come to have more spiritual power, and their spirit will become clearer. There should not be any defect. You should not live away from the public position. In order to safeguard the church, Blessed members should form a trinity and should not sleep. In order to have dominion over night time -- currently governed by Satan -- we should stay awake at night and protect the church. The church should not remain vacant. That is the way we should protect the church until we feel safe from all four directions. At the place with many members, there should not be nights without members doing a prayer vigil. They should not doze.

In the future, many meetings will be held at night time. It is because we should break darkness. In order to do it, you should have a serious and sincere heart. How precious it is to take responsibility for a public mission! (110-247, 11/1/61)

Can you work in place of God? You should have the concept that you are responsible for the entire world. If there is a problem with the whole, you should take it as your own, and even if you have to stay up all night, you should do your best with all of your heart and mind. God will cooperate with such a person since he or she is doing His work on behalf of God although he or she is living on earth.

Therefore, he or she cannot help but to make a progress. In there, joy, glory, and hope will dwell, along with strong energy, and God will be present. Because God is there, life will also be there. Further, loving heart with be residing continuously.

What is the first condition to become such a person? He or she should think: "I exist for (the people of) the world. Therefore, regardless of day and night, for 24 hours a day, I am there for them." Such a person will never be destroyed nor defeated by Satan. (44-13)

People who do not miss God everyday cannot attend God. This you must understand. Whoever it may be, you should be always pierced with a yearning heart. Nevertheless, if you think: "It is now midnight, and it is time to go to sleep." you will end up worrying God. There is no distinction of day and night in the Kingdom of Heaven. If you are connected in heart, it does not matter whether it is day or night. (17-293)

Now, two thirds of the year are gone. That means that we have only one third left. Then, what is there to worry about? Such a thing is nothing to be worried about. I do not pray because of that. I will never pray due to economic problems. How can I pray for money to God? I just cannot offer such a prayer. Prayers should be principled. If you pray for anything, you will have to pay indemnity for doing it, and you will be in trouble. I never pray with a greedy heart.

With this in mind, when you have no money or material things, I suggest you to do a prayer vigil. Yet during the prayer, you should not lament over your own situations. You should pray for people in North Korea centered on the Republic of Korea, for laborers groaning in the communist countries, centered on Russia, and for pitiful people suffering and dying in the wilderness of Siberia. When you should pray to God to open a way for you to go to North Korea for the liberation of its people, God will listen to your prayer. (166-191)

On Saturday night, you should pray at the church. (17-347)

Ladies and gentlemen, do you do prayer vigils? You must. Lecturers must fast a meal. They should make a special condition. Otherwise, everything will be fly away. You should appeal to God with all of your heart and mind -- more than parents do to their own children; more than teachers do to their students; more than a spouse does to his or her spouse. Otherwise, God will not be with you. (166-181)

4) Father's Life of Prayer

I think that church leaders should sleep outside for 10 nights out of a month of 30 days, without returning home. They should spend all night with members, sharing stories together. If I ask you to do it, all of you would run away. What do you think? Would you not? [No.]

That is what I did. In 1957, when I was witnessing to members, I did not sleep at night. The best way of bringing results is a one on one. When I was giving a lecture to one person, I thought that I was giving it to an audience of a thousand people. I thought that that particular person could determine the lives of several thousands or even several tens of thousands. In order for you to make that person follow you, in whatever direction, there is all the more reason why you must make special conditions for that person, even more to motivate him or her.

Well, if each one of you can become such an individual through me, and Americans can become such people through you, this America will revive. Then a three-stage relationship will be formed. You will be united with me, and local members will be united with you. This is what should be done. You should become one with local members. Why should it be in three stages? Because it is as though God and Adam were to unite as one, and Adam and his son were to be also united as one. That is a principle. Unless the three stages are established, the four position foundation can't be established. Do you understand what I mean? That is why you should be able to make others like you on the personal level. . . That is the question. (96-285)

While walking this path, I feel being led by an irresistible force beyond my control. Since joining the church, you too must be feeling that you are being pushed by an invisible, but great force. On the contrary, you, however, get more energy when sworn at by others or experiencing hardships. Even myself, when my legs are too swollen to walk, I would push them, saying: "You, legs, you must keep on walking for God." That is why I used to stay up all night, listening or talking to members. (97-209)

For this reason, you must make special effort. When doing it, you should do it for a clear reason, purpose, or goal, keeping a certain person in mind. When I did it for a person in particular, if I thought that he or she might be hungry or half-clothed, I prayed for that person, fasting and without being dressed warmly, even in cold weather. Due to such a standard, I could come to lay the foundation that I have today.

I shed many tears without letting others know. When I saw pitiful people, to help them, I felt like bringing them everything in the world. Even if I did it, would you call it a sin? If you are greedy with a desire to give or help others, even God will praise you. It is so because your motivation is not to enjoy your own personal life but to benefit others. Although you suffer now, if you are greedy to benefit others in the future, it is good.

When a doctor holds a scalpel, can he be dozing because it is midnight? Likewise, those who are responsible for others' lives, should be as serious as that surgeon. When seeing you from this view, all of you seem to be people who will drift away. (42-168)

5) Jesus and His Prayer Vigil

Jesus had many prayer vigils, and the people who worked for heaven in the past also prayed hard in order to fulfill their great missions. Without a life of prayer, they could not have reached their levels. You may not know when your prayers for God's Will will be realized. Neither do you know whether or not your prayers will be answered. Still, you should have patience to wait. (104-111)

Even Jesus did many prayer vigils. He also did many fasting prayers alone in the lonely place. . . I am still leading such a life of prayer although I am living with Mother. Otherwise, I always feel like being crushed. (94-157)

After becoming a standard-bearer, if you shout out with all of your energy, the time when we are living is that your shouting will be heard not only on earth but also in heaven. In this sense, certainly, our time is better than that of Jesus. Jesus prayed all night at the Garden of Gethsemane, but no answer was given to his three prayers. There was no response to not only from his people but also from Judaism. However, our time is now different. We are living in the age in which responses can be given not only in the nation but also in the world, only if we pray desperately at the risk of our life. We are living in such a time.

Therefore, if we stay up all night and pray, we should do it for our church members. If you do it for yourself, you will become like Peter. Did Jesus not have prayer vigil for the sake of the nation and the world? Even at the time when he was destined to face a death, he did not worry about his own life but for his disciples and the people of Israel. That is why God could have compassion on him, and he could be resurrected from death. This you must understand. Now is such time.

Now is the time when we, the Unification Church members, should do a prayer vigil as Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane, but it should not be done for ourselves, but for our people and all humankind. The group of people who shed tears and do a prayer vigil for this will not perish. The person who is determined to go a path of death together will not perish. That turning point will be the final judgment that promises a resurrection. It will not perish. Although it may appear to perish, it will appear to be a chance to stimulate resurrection, that can endow a life motive. (60-30)

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