The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 4. The Responsibility And Attitude Of A Minister (Part 1)

1. Ministers Are Chosen Ones

The motto for my life has been "God's spokesperson." From today, I ask that all of you become heavenly spokespersons. Become God's representative. And become his alternative embodiment. I hope that you can go forth and become one who will die in the place of God.

A missionary is the spiritual leader of a region. You must pray for the people even if you lose sleep. Since you must offer things in order to save the people, you have to give your full devotion. In an offering, the subject (God), and the object must become one in order for a response.

In your mission area, you must have a sense of urgency, as if your flesh and bones were melting. Stand upon the altar and preach with the following prayer and heart: "Father! It is distressing that I must go forth when I am so unworthy!" Do not center on yourself, but go in place of you parents and the heavens as if you were a heavenly soldier holding God's instructions.

You have fought for your people, and you have taken responsibility for your village, town, county and province, but you must know that you shouldn't complain or be disappointed in that position. The longer you are in that position, you should have sadness for God's will and mankind.

God does not come with false intentions when choosing and establishing a center on earth. He devotes his heart when he chooses and establishes a heartistic center. This position is one which can be called the real "true." Because this is a once-in-history occurrence, without devoting the utmost fervor and heart, it is impossible to establish a true singular standard. You must know that this is why God had to search through the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world levels.

So, what kind of people are we today? We must have this ideal and tradition imbedded in our flesh and blood because we are people who have been anointed from these traditional ties.

The whole world and cosmos revolves because of us, each one of you. Centering on you, your ancestors and descendants will be able to revolve. This kind of amazing phenomenon is happening right now. You do not know what an incredible position you stand in now. You are the axis.

2. Your Attitude Towards Being Called

Heaven has expectations of me, telling me to create a new world. I have already been bestowed with the responsibility of resolving all the ruined events.

Then what position am I in? I am a being which has to exist as an individual. The reason is that I belong to mankind, the world and God. Our hearts must be awe-stricken at the fact that we are called upon although we are an unworthy people and an unworthy lot.

When we think of the fact that even those who have given voluntarily for their nation and people have not been chosen, we must have a thankful mind and awe-inspired heart that God has chosen us and made us his children.

More than being joyous with such a grand goal in front of you, how do you do your responsibility on your own? It is impossible not to feel the importance of the duty and responsibility you must take on in order to accomplish your responsibility. This feeling extends beyond the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world.

Let's think about it. What is the path that we are currently taking? It is the last road. Therefore we must infinitely appreciate its effect.

Who's threats caused me to come to America and fight? I volunteered for this struggle. No matter how much persecution I receive, I just kick it aside and move on. So, what is it that you all must do? Should you volunteer and do more than I, or should you do more than I because you are forced to? Even if by force, if you are unable to exceed my standard you will fail. It's simple. In theory, it's simple.

Any era's central figure must never think that he was chosen because he is special. The fact is that he stands in that position because of the contribution of ancestors and the great sacrifices paid. It is not exploitation of the people because you are special or because you are dignified, but rather you must maintain the posture of a sovereign ruler who is doing it for the sake of the people. In terms of the Unification Church, the nation is not putting itself first for the sake of the Unification Church, but the Unification Church is for the sake of saving the nation. The Unification Church has to be for the saving of the world and not to take the world for itself.

On the path of faith, it is difficult to receive a calling, but to receive a calling and to follow that calling is especially difficult.

Therefore, while on the path of faith, you must always peacefully open the door to your heart. Your heart must be round like a big rubber ball that has been completely filled with air and you deal with others without any prejudices. Without adopting that position, dangers will undoubtedly arise on your path of faith and there will be courses that throw you backwards. We can feel this clearly.

In order to be in a peaceful position and have a heart that is always undisturbed and in the subject's position you must constantly cultivate yourself. If not, and you go into an enraged position, that rage will cause your heart to receive biases. If you go into a sad position, you will receive a shock that will cause your heart to differ from your original nature and break. That is why you should always have a moderate disposition, and knowing how your disposition should be, you need to have a correct attitude towards life.

In a certain way, you can see your heart as a balloon. When, like a balloon, your heart is floating high above, you can observe everything. However, as when the balloon loses pressure it comes straight down, your heart can also feel like it has come down.

If you are in a position that is coming down, you must either go further down or push in the opposite direction and go up. When coming down, how far do you have to go? If you go all the way to the bottom, you start going back up because of a reaction.

If the pressure keeps going down and you go down to a certain point, because of a counter-reaction it goes up instead.

Accordingly, you will either maintain the downward position or push up from your present position. You need an attitude of faith that can always control the standard or your heart.

3. Minister's Qualifications

1) The Qualifications that a Minister Must Have

What type of representative must we become? You are all not good looking, you have no experience, you have no possessions, but your heart is yearning for the highest standard. What kind of representative are you going to become? Becoming a representative who takes responsibility for one's household is obvious but you must go beyond that and become your nation's representative and the world's representative. In order to accomplish such a thing you must have a worldly standard.

If you want to have this worldly standard, it must come close to the absolute standard. However, without first going through the center of the family, you cannot go through the center of the people. Furthermore, without going through the center of the people, you cannot go through the center of the nation and without going through the center of the nation, there is no way to go through the center of the world. You must know this fact.

Because of the current direction of history, countless people want to become rulers and the persons responsible for their countries centered on themselves. Going beyond that, they wish to become the leaders of the world. However, these people must go through the family door, the tribe door, go over the hill of the people, and the hills of the nation and the world. Only then can they call themselves worldly. To be worldly is to be number one. You must become number one.

The primary problem is that you must determine God's ownership. As an individual man, God must be able to say, "You are eternally my son or daughter." One cannot be a son or a daughter by name alone. You must become one who has a subjective love which can gather all the central elements of your nature and which God can hope for. He must be able to say, "You are truly my beloved son or daughter." These words are necessary. Why? Because God knows of the historic scar left by the history of our ancestors through the fall. Adam fell because he couldn't become a true son. Therefore there was a need to say, "You are my truly beloved son."

Do you know how much effort it takes to receive that recognition? Have you tried? If there is an altar at the church, you must shed a lot of tears there and receive that recognition. You must go to a high mountain and spend the night in prayer saying, "Only your love is my shield for certain victory." The educator is the one who takes responsibility for the church and takes on the responsibility of becoming a true sapling onto which people can graft to receive new life.

Just as Jesus represented God and bore witness to him, just as Jesus represented God and fought Satan, and just as Jesus represented God and died for him, you must represent Jesus and bear witness to him, fight for him and be able to die for him.

From there, you must become a person who someone else can bear witness to. That is why Jesus had apostles and you too will have followers.

In order for you to be in a position to call yourselves sons and daughters of God, there must be someone who can testify that you are an unwavering son or daughter of God, someone who can fight for you and die for you.

It is not something you do after receiving restoration. The road to restoration is a road that must be developed. You cannot realize the history of restoration by accepting things from the satanic world. You must give heaven's things. So what is it that you must give? You must give true heart, true character, and true words.

In order to do that, you must establish the standards of true words, true character and true heart. You must set up true words, true character, and true heart on the individual, family, nation and world levels. . The one who comes as the person responsible for increasing the scope and establishing an indemnity standard for the entire world is the messiah. You mustn't forget that he comes during a serious historical time.

If you want to accomplish something big in this world, you must take on a big mind and start to do a lot of preparation. People are unable to accomplish big things because of a lack of preparation. Therefore, if your goal is big, then your preparation should also be big. If it is some sort of trial, then it needs preparation over a continuous period. If the preparation is not correct then even though the opportunity for success arrives, you will not be able to reach your goal.

From a long time ago there have been heroes and patriots who have come and gone on this earth, but without making a correct foundation for success, they would have never been able to accomplish the things they did on the national or world level. If you do not make the appropriate foundation nothing will work. Also, no matter how well prepared your foundation is, if there is no support from God at that precise time, you will fail. You need the right conditions, Heavenly fate, and the correct timing. Time is a factor.

In order to become an airplane pilot, how many decades must you train? In order to become an astronaut, how much money must you invest in your training? And how much knowledge do you need in that field?

2) The Pride a Minister Must Have

I did not come here to ruin you. I am not some person who came here to make you suffer. I came to save your families and the world. This is because I know the day will come when your children will be welcomed as the children of the world and, after crossing this hill, the people of the world will call to us and welcome us with tears welling in their eyes.

After sixty years of trusting Heaven and knowing Heaven and walking on this path, I have come to know this as a fact. Now, I am not alone. I have friends in the world. I am not lonely, for countless people who lead this world know I am the leader, revere the path I take and ask that I fight hard.

You can be proud before all of Heaven and earth of the surprising fact that you follow such a teacher and you go before him holding a warrior's banner. You will feel strongly that God is with you, if you go forth with the faith that even though history may stop, the position of victory is unstoppable. You will discover the living God.

You are the center of attention. Even though there isn't much to see in you, you are all the center of attention. "Although my hands are worthless, the path to the world can connect through these hands. Through all my sight, God's sight can connect. Through my emotions, the root of the heart can connect."

The direction of heaven's providence depends on the path of my life.

What more could we ask for, if in the face of the great historical Last Days, we could be the appointed object before God, who sits in such a lonely position? Is there any thing more we could ask for? Even death would not worry you. Even if my flesh becomes water and flows away, or becomes powder and disperses in the air, what resentment would I have? There will always be plenty of lives with no value that die like pigs and dogs in the world.

4. The Ministers' Responsibility

1) Responsibility Starts With God

We know that no one can live on this earth without fulfilling responsibility. In the case of the family, parents have a responsibility as parents and children have a responsibility as children in front of their parents. Furthermore, each family has a responsibility towards society and the nation. Even in the case of a single nation, there is a God-given responsibility in relation to the world's state of affairs and it's historical course.

As humans we have a responsibility sought by the mind and a responsibility sought by the body. Then, what is the responsibility sought by the mind? You must substantiate the purpose by centering on the purpose of God who bestowed all responsibilities. The mind must command you to do this responsibility. That is why the mind is there to command and achieve God's purpose.

2) The Responsibility of a Minister

We cannot live an irresponsible life every moment. We must take responsibility. It is not an easy thing to take responsibility. If you are to take responsibility for a group, you must show the direction to the group. If you take responsibility for a family, you must center on the direction and accomplish the responsibility. You cannot become a leader without direction or by doing things haphazardly.

In order to become a historical leader you must go through the historical view of past and present and use a responsible content that is one with that direction. That is when you can say that one's duty as a leader has been accomplished.

What do you all have to be responsible for? First you must take responsibility for the spirit world. Second, you must take responsibility for the world. Third, you must be responsible for your descendants. This is the restoration path that Unificationists must bear today, and it is the destined path that the Unification Church must take.

What kind of leader must you become? You must become like True Parents. And after that? You must pray and set up a strategy. After that you must propagate the truth. You must know that this is an important job that must be done by the leader. How do you receive the tactics from God? You must learn God's laws of tactics. You must learn God's tactics and make the best possible tactical plan.

In harmoniously making a plan together with God, you must know that it is heavenly law that since you have accepted the responsibility of a leader, you must have the faith that the position you are in belongs to True Parents. Please try to practice this as this is something I am telling you from experience.

Try it once to see if it is or if it isn't the case. Do you understand? (Yes.) If you do it, then from now on you will be able to develop your destination.

First, if you accept the responsibility, you are my representative. If there is some problem, the power to decide lies with the leader. All the materials needed in order to decide it are gathered and brought by the surrounding people. On the basis of those materials, the leader must decide. In order to make decisions about such important matters, the leader must pray in earnest. You must not do it according to your feelings or thoughts. Since it is God's matters that you are deciding on, not only will God definitely work on it, but God will also work for those in the object position. You all must know that the leader has the great responsibility to combine these matters and decide what must be done.

Just because I believe in Jesus doesn't mean I can call out "Jesus!" in a second. The church leader is not there to further their own goals. If there is such a person, then they are unqualified to be a church leader. Because the leader has the responsibility of laying down a bridge, the leader must be willing to give to the members that seek out the church.

I am the leader of the Unification Church, and you all are individual church leaders. If you are church leaders, have you gone to the far reaches of your area, in the backwoods where they live apart from the world, and gone to the small village farmhouses and proclaimed, "He who Heaven loves has come!" while holding them and shedding tears? Have you traveled everywhere till you feet wore out, and screamed out till your throat exploded, your eyes went blind and your ears went deaf? You must not stand in a position where you ask to be delivered from your circumstance, and sit around seeking free hand-outs.

You must know that is not acceptable. If there is any group that accepts that, it will fail.

"Because I am left out, I am sad. Because I got in, I am happy. . ." I do not carry those feelings even deep inside of me. Long ago, Jesus' disciples did this to Jesus and it caused them to fail. All of them failed. Do you understand what I am saying? I am for the whole! I am for the whole. The "whole" is not the Unification Church, but the "whole" is for God.

When looking at the Unification ideal, we can see our position as a bus or a car heading up a road towards a very rugged and steep mountain path. In this situation, we are like the driver of that vehicle. You are a driver with the responsibility of completing a course in a restricted time frame, going on a very difficult road, having a set time to get to your destination, having to do restorative repair, as it becomes harder and harder, as time becomes shorter and shorter, you must be able to turn that steering wheel with a grim determination and an extraordinary will. Without doing that, you will not pass the road.

Although we know this, in the current situation with a national crisis, a worldwide crisis, with the situation being like a man who is covered with wounds, where is the driver who can successfully navigate the dangerous road? Where is the driver who can lead this nation and it's people?

As the Unification Church president said a while ago, if not us, then who can save these people? The more that we ask and answer that question, our two hands and our minds must come to bear the responsibility of that driver in the course that this nation and people follow.

However, the course is not a well paved road. It is a treacherous, crooked, steep road. A road that no one in history has been able to travel. If we were to consider that we are that driver who has to complete the course in a limited amount of time, even if we were driving on that road right now, there is no way we cannot worry about the remainder of the road ahead of us.

Although everything behind us is passed, we still face the course that is left before us. In preparation for this course, when you stand in the position of worrying about yourself and preparing yourself, the question that arises is how you will manage to pass through the barrier and what attitude you will need to do it.

From this position when we assess the road which lies ahead of us, we know we are not going to be on a developed road. We have to develop it as we go along. You must know that in this position you will have to develop it as you go along.

What kind of nation is going to be established in Korea? When North and South negotiate and begin to interchange with one another, will there be established a communist regime like the North, or will it become just like the South, or will it become a new country unlike either North or South? When we look at questions such as these, our time is slowly approaching. If you are the Unificationists that will take responsibility for it, how much feeling of responsibility do you hold and how much sacrifice are you willing to take? Do you have confidence?

In this time of personnel shortage, who will go to Jung-joo, North Korea and take responsibility for Jung-joo? Have you thought about that? Have you considered being the church leader for Jung-joo district and preparing for ten or twenty years only to be unable to accomplish it and then tell your son on your deathbed, "Son, study and prepare well for that day when you will accomplish Heaven's plan and become the Jung-joo church leader"? I have been thinking of that and preparing up until now.

When you think about that, do you young people go back to the country side to your children and wives and live a care-free life? Is it supposed to be that way or not? (It's not supposed to be that way.) Even if you die, you have to leave your country behind.

Even if you die, you should leave a country behind for you children. You should make a new determination. A determination like: "I will become the church leader who will go to the far border of a remote area and stand face to face with communists throughout days and nights under sounds of gunfire and play the role of a border guard. And even if my nation or anyone doesn't recognize my efforts, I will never change my heart of loyal love for the country even if I die." That attitude is perfect. Even if the world never recognizes you it's okay. If you go to the spirit world. everything is exposed.

When you think about these things, you must understand that people are unworthy. You have to know that people are lacking. Born as a man with a mouth and emotions, there is no excuse for you not to be able to give Divine Principle speeches, especially you younger ones in your twenties and thirties.

How miserable is it to be the father who, determined to give his life, does his duty loyalty, and refuses the sympathy of heaven while ready to collapse at any moment? Since God has done thus, I must do the same. Without passing this course, he cannot establish on the earth a regular and normal tradition, nor can he establish the condition that he has loved mankind. Therefore you must clearly know that God has traveled that route.

3) You must Love even your Enemies

What is the biggest headache in this world? What is the most difficult problem? What is the greatest cross? What is it? Satan. It is Satan.

Who is going to be responsible for this? When you say "I will take responsibility. We will take responsibility," if you can become the kind of person that God can say "Okay, you take the responsibility," then God's headaches regarding Satan will go away. Will you take responsibility for Satan? (Yes.)

How despised Satan must be. Think about how despised he would be. Even God who is omnipotent and omniscient has endured suffering for 6000 years. How much suffering have Unification Church members who have taken responsibility for this endured? If you say you will take care of Satan, do you think that he will meekly follow behind you and accommodate himself? Do you think that if you take responsibility, Satan will leave you alone? What do you think? (He will not accommodate himself to us.) Who will take responsibility for these things? Who will? If you are going to take responsibility, you must do it with the secret key that will defend against him. You must do the things that Satan cannot do. Satan is a destructive being with an evil hand. If there is anything that is good, Satan will try to destroy it. Therefore, what is there that he cannot do? If we are to defeat Satan, we must do the opposite and destroy evil things.

So, is it easier to destroy good things or is it easier to destroy bad things? Which is it? Also, is it easier for a good person to become bad or a bad person to become good? Which is it? (It is easier for a good person to become bad.) Satan is the thief who made good people go bad even in the garden of Eden.

So, can you take responsibility for that? (Yes.) Your answer maybe "Yes," but think about it. Have you thought about it? If I now leave Satan to your responsibility will you say, "Oh, this is the gift that I have been waiting and waiting for"? (Yes.) If that is the case, then you will become the saviors. You have to think of how the domain of responsibility expands to even these problems. When you look for all the fundamental rules to follow when disposing of these problems, you will find that there are none. The only method is by trusting others, living for others and loving others. You have to bear the cross. Outside of that, there is no possible way. Do you like that? (Yes.) Think about it. This is a very difficult situation. Short of sacrificing yourself, it is very hard.

Can you sincerely trust others, live for other and love others? How do you think God does it? Have you thought about how God might be able to do it? Don't you think that this would be difficult for God also? God would like to be able to prove that through a test he was able to accomplish this easily. Even though he stood in a position where he has not completely trusted, lived for or loved, God trusted, lived for and loved completely.

The fact that he let his beloved son die on the cross was how he practiced that heart. To do that for those who couldn't trust, live for, or love is a look into one of his ordeals. It is possible to think in this manner. You have to know that this kind of serious problem is connected.

Therefore, the person who can fix all the problems and take responsibility is the leader. Do you want to become that kind of leader? (Yes.) That job is difficult. If there is a leader who is able to take on that task and complete it. That leader will become the person who can forever control history. God must also take on that responsibility. If the messiah comes to execute God's responsibility, if that messiah is not a leader who can take care of such a responsibility, he will be a messiah that only judges, which is not right.

4) The Mind's Posture Towards Accomplishing Responsibility

Those who are appointed definitely have a responsibility for their duty. Just as in a workplace, if you are a manager or a division head, if you have been appointed then you have a responsibility to accomplish the duties that you receive. Also, there is a limitation in accomplishing your allotted responsibility. You do not do it forever. It is limited to a certain period of time.

What type of heart must you have before taking on responsibility? You must have the determination to change your life if you cannot accomplish the responsibility.

You mustn't stand before life in a position to only receive. In front of God's will, you must only stand in a position to give.

You must go forth as if it were a matter of life and death. It is not a simple task. You must go through even three separate attempts. If upon this foundation you go all throughout Korea for heaven's will, God will observe you from the back. Thousands of saints and heavenly soldiers and sages, as well as your good ancestors will be observing your actions. Therefore, not only the fate of the Unification Church, but the fate of these people and the world rests on your two shoulders.

You must pray the following prayer, "I know how much suffering Father went through to find the central individual. Centering on me, I want to go and become the heavenly representative who finds my people and my tribe. Father please help me." How serious is this prayer? Isn't God's wish that there are people such as this in the countless regions of this world?

Today, we should take this grave sense of mission and work. Let's give sincerely, and be patient, and be victorious. Let us shed sweat and blood for mankind and give sincerely. If it is not genuine, then it will not be left in history.

You must become the most pitied person in the world in the face of your responsibility. In order to accomplish your responsibility, you must try your utmost with all your effort. If there is a God, that kind of person will absolutely not fail. God will absolutely not allow for his failure. This I know from historic personal experience. If you say, "If there is something that I cannot do, I will do it. I will be responsible, then already God is inclined to take responsibility. If you continue with that kind of earnestness and accomplish your responsibility, God will never let that kind of son be let down or fail. I know this from experience.

From extraordinary works come extraordinary miracles. Do you understand? A person's heart, or a parent's heart or God's heart is the same. It is the same.

When it comes time that you must leave a village, if you have not fulfilled the job you started and prayed you would do when you arrived, you must say that you will return again to fulfill what you promised to do, and shed tears in order for the road ahead to open to you.

Do you understand what I am saying? It is wrong to say, "This village is evil. Please move me somewhere else." (Laughter) If you leave seeking a better place, who will take care of that village? Can someone who does worse than you come and take responsibility? If you want someone better to come and take your place, shouldn't that someone go someplace better? It is a serious problem.

Therefore, if you have to leave your position without finishing your mission, you must say, "God, I will leave now," with endless tears. When you can say, "Heaven, I have done all that I could have done. I have done all that I could as a human. Day or night I was of one determination and I have offered extreme dedication," and Heaven can also see that you are leaving after having done everything you could, even though you could not finish your mission in that position, Heaven will return to you in excess of your effort. If you can quietly finish your portion of responsibility, even though you finished, you should feel inadequacy. If it is good, then you cannot feel it is good before Heaven does. if it is bad, you have to become people who worry that Heaven might see it as bad before you do.

5) The Victorious Warrior Responsible for the Origin of Creation

When you are sent to a location for the providence, you have to be able to take responsibility for yourself. Someone who cannot be responsible for themselves cannot have another mission. Only when one can be responsible for oneself can they take on other responsibilities. Only after you have taken responsibility for yourself can you establish this ideal.

God has been unable to find on Heaven or earth someone who is able to take responsibility for themselves. However, if you can take that responsibility, that is a starting point. The food we eat, the clothes we wear are expecting responsibility from us. If you can't take responsibility, you will be ashamed before creation. So I hope that before the whole, you can become persons who can take responsibility. You must stand in that position to be able to call God, Lord of Creation, Father, and Master.

From the Fall, humans have lost their position of being able to take responsibility. They have been unable to be True Children before True Parents. God is the absolute being to creation, parents to humans, and the genuine owner of the heavens. God is the True Father, true owner and we must be able to go in place of God. If not then we are ignoring the lord of life.

Regarding the absolute person, we must give our lives. Regarding True Parents, we must give our love. Regarding the true owner, we must give our loyalty. Otherwise, we cannot establish the connection with the true life of creation, true love of True Parents, and the duty of the true owner. If you cannot take responsibility for yourself, you cannot make any connections with any of your neighbors.

This kind of person becomes recognized as a being of unchanging value. When you go out to the different regions, you must go as people who can be responsible for and stand in place of the position of the ideal of creation, the position of parents, and the position of owner. Creation does not lament because they don't have a God, but because they don't have anyone to can take responsibility in the place of God. You must be responsible for yourselves. If there is a place to take responsibility for, you must go there whether it snows or rains.

God is taking the responsibility as Lord of Creation, an absolute being, true father, and true owner. That is why he has conducted the providence of restoration. If God had never taken this responsibility, things such as restoration or Heaven would not be possible. Even though God may be betrayed and be kicked out, he doesn't abandon his position as an absolute being. God takes responsibility as the absolute being, father, and the true owner. You too must take on these responsibilities as the absolute being, the father and the true owner.

Don't refuse responsibility because you don't have the qualifications, but go forth with the responsibility of a father and owner. When God is taking responsibility for three sides, you must at least take responsibility for one side. If you go to a region with a certain responsibility, all creation in that region will know what kind of value you have as an entity. The environment will bear witness. What kind of witness will it bear? That you are the one who came to save their lives, you are the embodiment of father, and you are the owner of their region. The heart to give everything to you and support you will be in motion.

By taking on the responsibilities of lord of creation, father, and true owner, heaven and earth will help you. You must take on the responsibility of the absolute being, father, and owner. If you go with those responsibilities, you will not be rejected. Today, people are looking for someone to take responsibility for their actions, their lives and their hearts. This sort of society is an ideal society. If you take responsibility and offer your life, you will find friends.

If you go out to the countryside, you must take the responsibilities of the lord of creation who created life, parents, and ownership. If you do not, you cannot be the representative of the absolute being, true parents, and the true owner. If you cannot take responsibility, you should at least be willing to serve in attendance with absolute submission. Therefore, you must stand in a position to be responsible for yourself. Representing the absolute being, the True Parents, and the true owner, you must become a victorious warrior. Heaven is eagerly searching for such a person.

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