The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 3. The Mission Of The Minister

1. The Life Of A Reverend As A True Shepherd

We are learning the words, "Jesus is the young lamb." We are also learning what it is to be called the shepherd. In order to know the way to inspire obedience you must have a history of knowing how to be obedient. Because of this, Jesus said, "I have not come to be received, but to receive you." You must also be like this. If there is a leader who has completed his responsibility and is a great central figure, then there is the desire to bow your head and follow. Through inheriting, the tradition of following like that, arises a level ground where you can stand anew.

Although a false shepherd drives lambs, the purpose with which he drives them is different. He comes to stare at and criticize them. The true shepherd is the very opposite. When he pulls them anywhere he does it for their sake, in that position, he is the true shepherd. Also, it does not become overbearing that he accompanies them. However, if on the way there is a lamb who says, "Hey, hey, let's not go," he is not a lamb but a goat. Centering on adapting and complaining about true and tactile things, you must know to adapt.

When you come across arrogance and suffering, here, arrogance does not become the subject; you must know that the only thing is for suffering to become the subject. When you come across force and obedience, and you ask which must be the subject, the force must retreat while obedience is left there. This is something that you all must know.

In front of you there is foxtail weed and true grain. There is also a true shepherd and a false shepherd. Because of this you must be able to classify exactly which is which. The true shepherd does not say he is the true shepherd. One day, he quietly holds God's will and the entire universe in his heart and goes out and he doesn't explain his position. Because of this, when Jesus and Pilate were in the court, the villains were claimed to be right, Jesus did not explain his position. You must be able to see the truth.

But in the last days, there will be a time when you cannot distinguish between the truth and the lie. So when the person in that situation goes to meet God, he rubs oil on his head and goes into a secret room to pray. After each has decided that he is right, intense confusion and chaos arises and because no one can tell who is the true shepherd and who is the false shepherd, quietly you must go into the secret room to pray where God will tell you the judgment.

The true son does not brag of the ideal that his father does not brag about him, and does not reveal his own self. Even should he stand in the position of his father's glory, he isn't proud of it, and he says that he will lower himself. Because of this, one day in order to become that kind of person, you too must work steadily.

One day, when you come to see things centering on the church, you must know that spiritually, even physically, an intense war may develop in order that Father can cultivate that path.

What does a thief or burglar do? He takes the things which aren't his and uses them as his own. One day it will seem as if there are many of those people. They will take our principles and use them as if it were theirs.

The person who returns things received from Heaven as Heaven's, and uses things he received for himself as his own is a proper individual. You mustn't become the thief who takes Heaven's things and uses them as your own.

Furthermore, now in order to stand with an Abel-like existence, you must have a specific purpose. You must connect with the fruit which can enter the true shepherd's warehouse. You must become the true grain, the true fruit which the true shepherd can enjoy and be happy with.

You have probably heard of Jesus being likened to the shepherd who raises sheep or maybe a new shepherd. In times of peace the shepherd stands in the lead, however, in dangerous times, the shepherd puts the lambs first and pushes them on. This is because one day Satan's world will come behind them to fight. The person who in the end is unable to stand in this position cannot be on Heaven's side. Like this, we, as individuals must overcome the summit, and the family must also overcome its summit.

The religion, race, and world which meets a leader who does not shed tears will come to ruin. Jesus embraced the church but was driven out first by the churches. He embraced the people but was betrayed by them. He shouldered the world; however, they didn't know him. That very person is the true shepherd, the true friend, and the true teacher are this person.

2. The Reverend's Life As A Doctor

Brothers and sisters, now if you look at this fallen world through Heavenly Father's eyes, everyone has caught a terminal disease. These days cancer is an incurable disease. Therefore, how pitiful is the person who is stricken with this sickness? This person walking down the final stretch is all you can think.

However, the disease resultant from the fall goes beyond that. If a person can stand in the position of having an injection or medicine to cure the people with this disease, then how happy must the parents and brothers of this person be. Wouldn't he fight with time in order to give this medication?

There was no one to cure them from this incurable disease. If there were someone in the position to save the people with a cure, how busily Heavenly Father would be moving. Heavenly Father would want to save the Earth's entire human race. You must know that the people who participate in the Principle Movement have the special appointment from God to give the injection to save the diseased people.

Receiving a Divine Principle speech is the same thing as receiving that injection. The joy which moves to their hearts will be their safety. When you think of the fact that this can revive the people, how happy must God be, who has been hoping for this. If you are our Heavenly Father's sons and daughters. . . To save that brother from the jaws of death, to save that elder brother, maybe your elder sister or sister-in-law, to stand in the position to save them must be such a joyful thing.

The person who knows that with one step he can arise to save a person from the jaws of death, but doesn't, is an evil person.

We are the people whose relative purpose is to find our lives. But this is not something you can do with a quota. You cannot just give the injection flagrantly. Because handling a life is a somber act, you must keep a clear attitude and be conscious that you stand in the position to make judgment on life or death.

Because this infectious disease is spread throughout the world, the Unification Church, saying "let's cure it," must bring everyone to the Unification pharmacy. True Father is also taking the role and going to the young child, the middle-aged guy and the old man with a bottle, all over the country. If it's a bottle, what kind of bottle is it? It's a medicine bottle. It's not a bottle which causes you to fall sick. We must go out to the Korean peninsula of three thousand li (Korean measurement), carrying the syringe and medicine bottle to catch those who try to escape getting the shot. If they do not listen to us, we must say, "If you want to be cured you must do this."

So, the doctor did well, and cured the man of the terminal disease. Even if he catches a more serious disease, "Oh, there are no doctors in this world except that one. It would be great if I could be cured again," he would say, and you will be the doctor who is called in as his savior, Do you understand?

I'm not sure which medicine I gave to the Unification Church leaders. The people who have been cured through the Unification Church's medicine, although struck with another disease will still cry out, "Father." Does that make you feel good or bad? If the disease is a different one, a different prescription will come about. You must know the Unification Church prescription is not limited to just one type. So, because the world is like this, this three thousand league peninsular must stretch out to cover it.

We are not doctors whose purpose is to make money. You must know we are there to save lives. Because of this our leaders must conquer only the dangerous diseases and the most incurable diseases. The more you do this the more famous a doctor you will become.

If you want to become a noted physician you must have discipline. When you took at different groups of people, a thousand people or ten thousand people, since their lives are all different you must investigate the trends. When you witness, you should reflect on how important you think a life is. Although the doctor is ill, if a sick person comes to visit, he is responsible for curing him.

If I am the only one who is able to cure the disease, and surgery must be performed, then I must forget my own illness and pick up the knife. For a few hours, to save the person I have to adapt myself and invest my skills. That is the purpose of a doctor. That kind of doctor can be seen as a true doctor. If after completing the surgery, he immediately falls dead, that doctor can be seen as a person who has lived truly. If a person who cures the disease in that way exists, then his good deed will never be forgotten and will be handed down as a testament to those people's descendants.

When you become leaders in the future, you must truly stand in the position of the doctor who cures the diseased. If a person's spiritual situation begins to deteriorate, then be it night or day, you mustn't hide, but work through the night shedding tears together to try to cure that person. That is the internal leader. How many nights have you stayed up trying to save lives? How busy have you been trying to save lives? If such deeds go up to spirit world with you, then you will be the object of commendations and you will set the standard for character.

Do you want to become a famous doctor or not? (A famous doctor!) Then you must be disciplined. You cannot work thinking you cannot do this, but you must have the desire to research and believe that no one but you can achieve this.

Many people must join this kind of movement. If someone gets a disease, but says, " I've gotten an injection from that hospital, but they did it carelessly," then he'll never come again. Also, if the disease is at a certain stage of being cured, but you administer the wrong dosage, then the medicine could have the opposite effect. If you speak the Divine Principle, you must do this while watching whether or not he is accepting it.

If you ask what makes a patient happiest, it is when the doctor asks, "you hurt here, here and here, right?," even though he doesn't say any, thing.

Heavenly Father is the doctor and the nurse who gives the injection of love to the human race. It is something which must be come no matter how much people criticize or hate it. When it comes time for kids to go to the hospital to get a shot, they cause a great disturbance. (Laughing). Even so, they must get the shot. Everyone says they hate it, but they will soon understand.

Sick people need an injection. At first they will be unwilling; however, later when the illness is cured they will understand you. People will come to know that being opposed to you isn't right, and they will apologize.

3. The Life Of A Pioneer

If you look at the course of history, when it flowed in a dark direction, the people who controlled history became the historical or the age's guide. However, until you become this guide, you must absolutely go out with the responsibility of the pioneer.

The pioneer must be stronger than other people when facing his purpose. That is because when one is searching for a new world, in the middle of all that hard work one must go to battle with all of his faith and even his life. You must know the fact that as our path as pioneers becomes more and more difficult, things become increasingly dangerous.

If you cannot become the victorious pioneer who conquers this kind of course, then you cannot complete the moral duty of the pioneer. Because of this, the desire for a pioneer comes from the need for some. thing like a student and teacher guide.

Today, from the point of view of the nations who are groping for a new direction, a leader who can take the role of the guide is needed. Thus, we must stand in the position of the pioneer who can bear the difficult mission in order to complete a new purpose for history. We know well the fact that looking at our circumstances we cannot take the role of guide or stand in the position of a pioneer.

When you see it from this point of view, even though we are in the course of the providence of indemnity to save humankind, we definitely need a guide who is centered on God's will.

Only after someone fulfills the mission of the pioneer can he fulfill the mission of the guide. In order to do the mission of the pioneer, even though you stand in an unnatural position with an environment which comes and pushes you, you must not be pushed; you must be able to break through those circumstances and find a new direction standing in the lead. To say it again, if you do not stand in the position to bring unity in the direction of accomplishing your purpose then you cannot fulfill the mission of the pioneer.

Because the pioneer's course is to seek out the new purpose, he must be able to bring restoration in a versatile way, standing as a subject over the difficult conditions of the surrounding environment. If that is not so, you cannot see yourself as becoming a pioneer. Furthermore, the guide must walk in the position of the pioneer who succeeds in his mission in order to become the true guide.

If you look at Noah's family, Noah also represented the age in which he lived. After he was to pass through the mission of a pioneer, he would be entrusted with the role of Heaven's guide. After Abraham passed through the mission of the pioneer, for the first time someone was prepared with the authority to be entrusted with the role of Heaven's guide. Moses was the same. If a person does not pass through the course of the pioneer he cannot fulfill the responsibility of a guide. When you go in the direction of a new destination, you must go out and explore on your own. You must actually go through the substance of the pioneer. We know these facts by looking at history.

Jesus, himself, in order to bring about the world which God desired from the two independent worlds of Heaven and Earth, absolutely had to pass through the mission of the pioneer. Furthermore, if you are not prepared with the authority to solve all of the problems by going through such a challenging course, then you will not have the right to victory over the preparation of the foundation to unite the two worlds. If you do not do this, then the role of historical, or universal guide cannot be taken by you.

Furthermore, you must prepare absolutely for the role of guide and from the position of the representative of all who can be responsible, can you attain the goal. This is the proper path in life.

The person who follows is not a pioneer. To be a pioneer is to stand in the lead. A person who inherits and idolizes history is not a pioneer. Isn't that true? In a place where there is no history, the person who establishes it is a pioneer. Therefore, a person who carries with him all the motives he has learned cannot be a pioneer. That is a person who follows. He is a person who lives copying a pattern.

A pioneer has no history. He doesn't know the direction. He is his own history and direction. If it happens that he becomes linked with our history which has gone wrong, then he naturally becomes a failure, and if he goes in the wrong direction, because he himself has gone to bits and pieces, he will fail because he is now unable to bring out the essence of his life.

Because of this, if the pioneer has a life of faith, it must be an absolute life of faith. When a person is drowning, to find a way to live, he grabs onto the fallen leaves as a source of salvation. The pioneer has no history, and there is no example for him to follow. He himself is history, as a substantiation, he must ponder the seriousness of his position of choosing between victory and defeat. That is the path of the pioneer.

Because we are in the course of wilderness heading for the promised land of Canaan, we cannot drift along day by day with the passing months. If we are not focussed on preparation for the next day's advance forward, then here in the wilderness we will become food for the vultures. You must know that we are historical pioneers. The pioneer must break through difficult surroundings and have the attitude of preparation to head in the direction of hope tomorrow.

Because we are in a historic time, is there a person who says, "I am a pioneer for the world." Even if there is a person like that and he promises to be the pioneer of history while avoiding the path of suffering, he must be denounced in front of history. Furthermore, if there is a pioneer for the world, and he declares that he will be the new pioneer in front of history, then he must be able to accept the path of suffering as his own obvious destiny. If he goes out believing that it is his path to bring restoration to his wretched surroundings, then he must believe it obvious that he should rather die that fail to do so. It is not something to complain about, but something which should be obvious.

What kind of person is the pioneer with value? He is the person who does not pursue value today, but pursues things more valuable in the future. He believes that the future is infinitely more valuable than the present, and pours out his whole heart to work non-stop.

The only person who can be a pioneer is one who accepts the life-threatening path of death as a sure thing. As such, he will be a leader who can take charge of his role in history. The person who abandons the future together with today cannot be a pioneer. The pioneer must always deny the present again and again.

In order to bring resolution to wars and more, you must lead the universe, you must invest your greatest burst of energy. But, you mustn't think that through that investment of energy, there might be some left over.

You must all become pioneers of the Shim-Jung world. That pioneer will the have the perseverance to conquer the pioneer's path. That is the philosophy of life. No one understands that position. It is a tiring and wearisome position. It will be wearisome to the point of absolute exhaustion many times.

Even after completing the mission of the pioneer one should feel ashamed. You must feel to yourself, "Heavenly Father, I see that you were with me, too." Every time you passed the crossroads of life or death, God was worrying and taking care of you. More than you prayed, Heavenly Father was worried about you. So, there was no need to pray.

There is no need to pray in the world of Shimjung. The path of filial piety is not one which makes demands of the parent. The path you walk should bear witness to your piety.

The pioneer must be like the stupid and ignorant bear. You must become the cousins of the bears. The bear will climb a tree then fall down, and although hurt, climb up again. Even so, they always sleep under trees. (Laughter). I heard that some have never been like bears. You must have the stupid tenacity of a bear.

You must become people with strong pioneering spirits. We need people who have made that determination. A self-centered person does not have the spirit of a pioneer. You all have a pick-ax and rake, which you do not see. So what do you have to do with them? You can't be criticized by your descendants for not having done things well. You have to clear a path such that they will hold their heads and say, "How did our ancestors walk such a path?" You must clear that kind of path.

4. The Life Of Heaven's Emissary

Today, the people who are dispatched to Satan's world for Heaven's sake are emissaries. There are so many people that big, small, wide, narrow, high and low differences may exist but, you must not leave the life of an emissary when faced with this. Here, life or death threats always intervene. If you come near losing your life, you come to be in the position of having the problems of life come to your side.

Because of this, it is impossible to live the life of the emissary without having the thought of finding one's home country to watch over him and support him, to be hundreds of times stronger than his environment. When you have the heart to see the glory of your home country, and the thoughts of all people happy to see the hopes of their country come true, and as you think of the time when your merit will show forth because you have created history by restoring independence to your home country, then you must ignore your position today. If you do not have such a heart before you, then you cannot complete the mission of the emissary. To say it again, if your desire to see the restoration of independence to your home country must become a thousand or ten thousand times stronger than the desires you have now, then if you have the heart of suffering that can change your life today, you overcome it, and complete the mission of the emissary.

If you do your duty like that and suddenly an accident should happen, another responsible person will be sent to replace you. Even at the time of his death, his friend, or team is already sent to take your place. Because that person came from the example position, even if he suffers, someone will come to his side.

That kind of person will always have a replacement sent by God. However, if you aren't in such a position and you die, no matter how much you accomplished it will end with you.

What kind of person is Heavenly Father? He is the king of emissaries. He is the commander in chief, the great king of the emissaries who come to Satan's world to bring independence to the fatherland. If that is so, then did Heavenly Father ever have a single opportunity in 6000 years to proclaim, "I am God. This is the truth I have to teach."

He never did. Even so, Heavenly Father has been working through our clear consciences to guide and direct us.

He has raised up the nature of our hearts to bring a world of harmony throughout the 6000 years of the history of the providence of restoration.

The son of God comes to this land to fulfill this responsibility entirely, he has the mission of the emissary who must bring the external together back to the internal. When there are external difficulties, because Heavenly Father is on the internal side, there is an incentive to unite with him. A difficult environment does not bring separation, instead it causes you to become one with the internal aspects. Because of this in that sort of environment, it is impossible to deny the fact that God will appear to bring his blessing and fight together with you.

In such a position, what kind of attitude must you prepare? Your belief in the restoration of the fatherland must be stronger than any other, burning in the center of your heart. To repeat, you must become the engineer who can build the homeland for which God has been waiting 6,000 years. You must have the self-confidence to take responsibility for this incredible mission as a pioneer, a member of the crack troops who stand in the advance guard. We have to take on the serious responsibility of bearing this special mission that only exists in this time, which so many people who have come and gone have desired to achieve but couldn't.

Furthermore, all things we do, eating, sleeping, coming, and going, everything must be for the sake of establishing the fatherland. How long has Heavenly Father been waiting for a strong and brilliant person he can send as his emissary to accomplish this mission? That providence has not yet once been fulfilled.

However, now it is possible to create the Fatherland. That Fatherland has its sovereignty, its own territory and its own people. Also, its own people's lineage is destined; no other people will be able to attain such a history. For the sake of this homeland, we must take on the mission of the emissary. The faster you bring this mission to its successful completion, the closer the independence of the Fatherland will come about through you.

What kind of attitude must the emissary adopt? The important things should not be your life or death. The emissary is always faced with life or death situations, and is constantly interrupted by death in his path. Even so, you stand in God's place walking the borderline of life and death, stepping over death. I don't know whether those who have stepped over the 38th parallel know this feeling, but the emissary must adopt the resolute way of life of the person who walk on the foothold of death. It is a challenge similar to that of crossing a nations borders.

Likewise, today where we have a place to communicate the Word, if we limit how much we give, it is wrong. First, we must be a human example, then a life example, then an example Of action; we must be an example in every way. In other words, in any neighborhood, in relationships high and low, everywhere, you must set the example in front of everyone. It is not right if you cannot be better than those people in certain ways. Those people must say, "That person is really necessary to our neighborhood." And you must make the foundation that you become one with the village, wishing not to leave but to stay there as you can. If you cannot create that sort of foundation it will be very difficult to carry out the purpose of our position.

Have you lived that kind of life? I'm asking if you have spent two years, three years, ten years as one living that kind of life with the people from which you were born? Becoming an emissary does not complete your responsibility. For the person who was sent from his people or country by special command to fulfill the purpose of the Fatherland, it is a mission which even after 10 or 20 years cannot be completed. Also, if your mission cannot be completed in one generation, then someone will be sent in your place to continue the mission. Furthermore, centering on this special command, with anticipation, you must fulfill your responsibility from a position similar to that of a live offering.

When you see from that perspective, your attitude and all other aspects of yourself must be different. You must believe that you are the only ones in that village who can fulfill the responsibility and then you must do it.

God's emissary always lives for the sake of the Fatherland. He, himself must be the one who says, "Heavenly Father, please be here," because God is the original leader. Although it is a position with an unclear future, if the emissary must die, then he must die with God; if he is hunted, then he must be hunted with God; if he is driven out of his home, then it is with God that he must be driven out; and if he fights, then he must fight together with God.

If, when heaven develops and prepares a strategy, you cannot over come a difficult situation and establish a foothold, then it will be impossible to fulfill the colossal responsibility of defining the Fatherland's fate. Because of this, wherever you look at the colossal responsibility for the sake of the Fatherland, it is impossible to not be serious about your attitude and actions regarding the mission of emissary you must carry as an individual.

For example, there are currently spies who are being sent from North Korea to the South. The spies sent here must receive training as a special agent. When they train, what is the first thing they learn? They must learn South Korea's customs. They have to learn South Korea's language, and become accustomed to South Korea's way of life. How adapted they must be to the South Korean life to be able to put themselves in the position to live through life and death situations.

Because of that principle, if you ask how it is that they can adapt themselves to all the specific areas of their living environment, it is because it is the principle of the special agent. All customs of life, like language, cannot seem even a little awkward in front of a South Korea person, he cannot seem strange in any way. He must live in the midst of all the commonplace and natural environment as if it were his own.

Because in North Korea, North Korean's have their own customs, their own way of life and their own social systems, without him knowing it could surface in any environment. So, in spite of this, how difficult it must be to eliminate everything and act like someone from another region or country. If he doesn't think about things two or three fold it won't work. We can guess that the position of spy requires that they think two or three times about and pay attention to each act they commit and each word they say.

If, a spy's actions or way of speech is a little different from other people's, it becomes one clue through which his true identity can be exposed. Because that former lifestyle comes from within your innermost heart, how painful that position must be. How much training it must take to adjust oneself to that way of life. What is the same way of life that we are living.

Although today in this region, the Unification Church leaders are in a somewhat developed position, a long time ago, in the beginning, similar to what I said earlier, we were like spies and we had no choice but to live the life of an emissary with a special command. In order to live that kind of life what do you have to do? You cannot have the belief that all of your ideas can be forced to apply to that region.

Today, however, when you consider the past event of the Unification Church leaders, you can see that they did not lead that kind of life. Immediately after going to a certain region, they put away their beliefs and innermost heart, and they spread the word alone, considering how the people of that region thought. It is impossible for us not to look back on these activities to which were our greatest impediments.

Did you accept the mission of heaven's emissary? If not, then did you accept the mission as an ambassador's emissary? Because we have done things however we please, we are paying the price of unspeakable suffering. Now, centering on God's will, you must make up your mind and say, "This body receives the special command of the emissary from God." Because of this, you must know the fact that one mistake of yours causing terrible consequences to your surroundings is not a local thing; it is connected to the vast and great Fatherland.

Now, you are the new emissaries. You have received a new command from God and stand in front of a new world. You must now become more serious. It is not right to take your authority and go confront the people of a village. Your life and death problems are involved and the problems of the world until now are involved. Furthermore, with a serious heart, you must do the emissary's duty as you lay a foundation for yourself and a new destiny. In order to create a foundation which will not collapse in Satan's world, you must conduct yourself well. However, if you disregard this and live with the same habits as before while wondering whether to do God's command, or not, God's Will will never be accomplished.

New clothes and worn-out clothes are different. A new command and an old command are different. Today's new point of view and the past point of view are different. Today's era and the past era are entirely different things. This is a new stage of growth, with a new consciousness, a new spirit and a new resolution. If you do not prepare a new environment then the new truth cannot be accomplished.

The providence moves in stages, first, second, then third. Because of this, in order for you to rise up to the next stage you must have the heart to prepare on your own. When this preparation is put to use on your environment, the issue becomes how it can be brought to bear fruit. When you took at this problem, you are still ignorant.

The missions of emissaries to a village and those to the capital city are different. The circumstances are different. Also, it is different when you have the mission of the emissary entering on the sovereignty of one nation. You mustn't have only the same abilities as in the past. Furthermore, when you have a new command and a new direction, you must invest your life with a new beginning according to that command. You cannot use the same foundation as in the past. You must make a new investment.

You must have the spirit to establish the fatherland, bring glory to it, live with it and then die in it. Until now, no one has been able to take that responsibility, and you must not neglect this somber responsibility which can only come about once in any era. Listen once and think about it ten times. You must consider the things you hear once, ten times or more. In order to bring about the fortune of Heaven here, you mustn't be troubled even though you are disgraced a thousand times, and even though you walk the path of death a hundred times you mustn't falter. If you have that conviction then God will watch over the paths you take. In my experience, Heavenly Father never abandoned me during difficult times, you can be sure that He will also watch over you.

Therefore, as the one with the mission of restoring independence to the fatherland, with the conviction that you are the only one who can accomplish this responsibility for that village, and as the person in charge of the one plan, you must never quit your position. You must not become a traitor here. Even the inability to fulfill the responsibility of a thousand people is forbidden. Because we are in the back roads of this responsibility there is no way for us to avoid or step over it.

Even if you cannot sleep, you must do it. Even if you cannot eat, you must do it. Even while you are being driven out, you must do it. When you make a new determination to accomplish this sort of mission, the path you must walk will naturally open up to you. But, if you don't do this, the world of hope and glory which Father has chosen, becomes a world of darkness. Father is worried about this issue. So, the issue to which this time in front of you has been committed is the issue of "the emissary and the Fatherland."

When you have succeeded in this mission through which God will find this nation, then all of its people will praise you. When will that day, when glorious Heaven is praised, come about? When you become people who can pledge that your life purpose is to seek that end, and never forgetting it, the day of hope for the independence of the Fatherland will approach in your future. If you cannot do this a path of suffering will lie before you. You must know that arising from that failure, that end will also lie before the thirty million people of your nation.

The figure of the emissary does not allow you to put on an air of importance. Also, you cannot become one simply through your ability. The emissary's mission stands in a position connected to God's shimjung, and while he establishes the customs for this nation, he must control his environment with devotion. On the day that you do this, you can stand in the position to carry out God's direct command.

Father knows, from many years of personal experience, that if you fulfill the responsibility of the emissary, that work will absolutely become a success. I spoke with you for a while today with the desire for you to go out and do such acts yourselves.

5. A Reverend's Daily Life

What must you restore? The entire human race must be restored, and even the spirits in hell must be restored. After that what needs to be restored? God's heart of sadness must be restored to the shimjung of happiness.

You must set the standard by proving that:

1. You are God's son or daughter through your lineage
2. You are God's son or daughter through the truth.
3. You are God's son or daughter through your lifestyle and,
4. You are God's son or daughter through your work.

History, this era, and the future guarantee success. Until now, history has not seen a person who could bring this distinguished mission to a successful conclusion. I hope that you will go out and fight with conviction.

A mission must firstly be historical. Next, it must be worldly, and finally it must be for the sake of the future. We take on this kind of mission with three periods. As you know, I said that today is harvest day. Today, our fallen ancestors on this earth have had many harvest days. If they spread seeds in the spring, one summer it grew to its peak until fall. The resultant fruit was then harvested as their own. Then, with that harvested fruit, they planted again.

Today, people have harvested and spread out happiness, but God has not yet felt the happiness for the harvest. God has never felt the happiness of gathering new seeds and then scattering them about. Heavenly Father has never been able to spread out the seed and with fate, see the scattered buds be harvested as a thousand or maybe a hundred times the amount of what was planted.

When you consider this, though today it is late autumn, as people who gather grain and face the fruit of our harvest, we mustn't stand in the position of harvesters from the past when we do our own. Because God desires that we, with our own loving hands, gather in and distribute each seed and grain in the middle of His garden of love's shimjung. You must become the people who can be expected to stand in the position through which God can put this desire into practice. This must happen in order for you to become a person who knows how to gather the fruit and then knows how to distribute the seeds.

In a perfect world great love can be attained. When the Unification Church becomes famous, and when it becomes the age of the Unification Church, then you all will bloom. If the flower blooms, the color of your flowers will change, then, a scent is sent out. colors must change. Right? [Yes] When a flower enters maturity and it blooms, its color changes. So, flowers must grow and its scent must come out. You must all give forth a fragrance.

The essence of the Unification Church must be the pollen which can bring love's hidden flowers to bloom and give off fragrance. Love's fragrance does the work of cleansing the world. How is that? Let's clean up this world, the college roads, the country side, the city, and the academic world.

When you wait for a loved one who has gone far away from whom does news arrive? [the mail man] It comes as a letter doesn't it? That letter comes by the way of the mail man. Isn't that so? [Yes] When you receive the letter do you feel good or bad? [good]

There are people who wait for a letter until their eyes fall out, then when the mail man arrives, happily they take it and run inside the house. But no one invites the mailman in to have lunch. The mail man is a pitiable person. So many people receive tender-hearted news through him, but does anyone receive their salary and then offer him a tip? If there are any mothers here who have welcomed a mailman in courteously, please raise your hand. This shows that mailman are the most pitiable person.

The Unification Church members have been trying to take on the mission of the mail man, but is there anyone here who has gone to every house with good news?

Is there a mail man who delivers a letter saying, "Today is one of the hottest days of the year. I'm sweating so much." Then asks from the entrance for a cold glass of water? The mail man is always met with contempt. Isn't that so? We must become the mail men of love. Let's become the mail men who can deliver God's love to the world. How splendid is that?

Until now, Father has said, "establish a tradition," several times. You must have heard me say this many times. We must establish a tradition now. We will fail if we do not establish a tradition. The tradition must be connected to the nations ideology of patriotism and then established. Do you understand?

The fact that you are meeting this era together with your wives is surprising. It is a more difficult thing than world unification. World unification begins here. Furthermore, you can become happier than the people from any other age. As much as you are in that position, there, happiness and sadness cross each others paths. You must know that your mission is to be able to absorb this happiness and sadness as subject.

In this time, you must show all the people the ways of Heaven's course, and without error you must pave a path like a highway for them. If you do this you will live for 1,000 or 10,000 years in their memory. Do you understand? [yes] During happy times, people will look upon the tombstone at your grave, and if there is a mountain you frequented, they will frequent it, saying, "Please receive this happiness." You must become this kind of ancestor. That is a worth-while life. Do you understand? [Yes.]

If, in your life, you lived on the highway, taking medicine, laughing and dancing, what will happen to your grave? A person like that will have only grass growing on his grave; but, a person who sheds blood and dies for his country will have the flowers of his nation growing there.

6. Consciousness Of The Mission

God determines which things you prepare when you offer things before Him. As an omniscient and omnipresent being, and because He is a perfect being, He has the desire to see every offering made before him be perfect. We know that our lives must become a course, of offering all our devotion and all our sincerity.

Have you seen the movie, "Silver Streak?" People who have seen it raise your hands. Wow! There are really a lot of you. This is exactly the same situation. Now, people's lives are running toward hell. Similar to the movie, there is no driver and it's running fast, but people are dancing there, saying, "Wow, how fun!" They are laughing, "ha ha ha ha," even though they are about to run into a wall.

So, what should you do if you know this is happening? The people who know must accept the challenge. If you know the challenge, then how can you be still? When God watches the ride down overflowing with people, does he say, "Good job; that's good?" [No] If one knows this and goes out prepared to give up his life, even though he is headed for Hell, he can be taken up to Heaven. 0n the way, if he experiences suffering, he will be taken up to Heaven.

In this failing country, in this failing world, in this situation of the world heading straight toward Hell; if I take up the challenge and die trying, will I end up in Hell? You will go to the top of Heaven. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes] You must think that way. I'm telling you to become that kind of person. I will make you into that kind of person. Is that wrong? [No] So, there are no complaints? [No]

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