The Way Of The Spiritual Leader

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Section 2. The Way Of A Priest

1. Minister As The Priest From The Levite Tribe

In order to decorate the offering table, we must fulfill the responsibility of the high-priest. In order to fulfill the responsibility of the priest, we must become the priest. Therefore, without a priest, the offering table must not be decorated. There must be a priest. That means being in the Levite tribe. Not anyone can be the high-priest. That person must be from the Levite tribe.

You are raised up in the same position as the Levite tribe. What kind of tribe is the Levite tribe? It is a tribe which does not own anything in this world. When the twelve tribes had distributed and received their lands, did the Levite tribe receive any land? [No.] They didn't receive anything. The only thing they had was their own physical body.

The Levites did not have any possessions of their own. What was their possession? It was the temple. Their sole possession was the temple. When we think about this, what should the Unification Church do? The Unification Church at this present time must stand in the same position as the Levites. In order to do so, we must not have our own possessions. Do you have many things of your own? Do you own many things? You must naturally be like the Levites.

In so doing, when we can establish a certain standard and this nation can be raised up in front of God. (155-276)

2. The Way Of The Priest From The Levite Tribe

When considering in what direction the Unification Church must go, you must remember that the church is the mainstream. The church is like the Levite tribe. There was no land distributed for the Levite tribe. Isn't it true? Look in the Bible. The Levite tribe is a tribe but it did not have any land. What was then their possession? It was the church. The church was their possession.

Then, which tribe is the central tribe? Among the twelve tribes, is the tribe with the land center or the Levite tribe without the land the center? The Levite tribe is the center. Therefore, all those who receive a salary are gentiles, and those who do not receive a salary, keep the church, and participate in activities are in the mainstream -- in the principle position. This is the way the Levite tribe goes.

The only thing that belongs to the priest is the sacrifice which was on the offering table. They had no other possessions. Therefore, become the priest who enters the holy of the holy and tries his utmost.

Therefore, the mainstream course of the Unification Church is walked by those who loyally work at the church. All the other people must offer a tithe to the church. All eleven tribes must offer the tithe in front of the offering table in the church which the Levite tribe oversees. From now on, those who do not offer tithe are not the members of the Unification Church. Originally, you should offer three tithes. One for your nation, one for the world, and one for God and the church. . . For the church, for the nation, and for the world, you must offer three tithes.

The regional and local leaders are the priests. The priests came from the tribe of Levites. The Levite tribe did not receive the land. It is because they were the tribe of priests. The sacrifice for the purpose of redemption must be donated by those who will receive the forgiveness. Because the sacrifice exists to forgive Cain, the Cain side must donate the sacrifice to Abel and feed him.

Who must feed Abel? Should the parents feed Abel or should Cain feed Abel? [Cain.] Since Cain feeds Abel, Abel offers his life. Cain who centers on material things and Abel who centers on spiritual things become one here. As the result the foundation for the restoration is made. Because the priests who represent the Israelite nation are in the position of Abel, they come to possess Cain after paying the price for the restoration of Cain.

When considering the Unification Church, who is Abel in front of the whole Unification Church? [It is you, Father.] I, as Abel must save Cain by my sacrifice. That is my mission. Do you understand? (44-146)

3. The Consciousness Which The Priest Must Have

Chief priests who receive a salary are not doing heavenly work. One does not live to receive a salary. We must live from the rewards of our sacrifice. We all bow our heads to those who shed their blood in that manner. Isn't that right? The reverend who neither sheds tears nor sacrifices but asks for benefit is a rotten reverend. You must know that.

Look at America. Have you wondered why America has become a wealthy nation? When they made money they did not buy food to eat; they did not buy clothes to wear, and they did not build a house to live in. They first built a church, then a board of education, then they built their houses. I'm saying to build a church first because I also know that ideology and because that is the principle.

So, this year for the sake of the church, I invested the money I had tearfully saved and set aside to build a house, for the construction of the headquarters in Yeo-ee-do. After that, for the building of our schools and for the sake of our future descendants we must sacrifice today. The people who do not do that will be ruined. That is God's Will for the sake of the future. That is the meaning of our descendants. We sacrifice now in the history of the restoration of the providence through indemnity for the sake of the restoration of the future.

Today, in order for us to save this world, in front of Heavenly Father, as people who can shoulder the responsibility of a high priest, we must exist for the sake of God's Will and our next generation. A person who sacrifices for the sake of God's Will and the next generation will not starve.

How many peaks does the Arirang summit have? It has twelve summits. The woman who loves God, loves her husband dearly, and says, "No matter how difficult the path, I will bear it and go on. I will bear the hunger and the tears while I go on and overcome. Even though I die and disappear, let us meet as one, husband and wife, who will be praised by our descendants." Doesn't the Arirang peak have twelve summits? That Arirang peak is the peak of restoration. If you look at Korean folk songs, you can see that the Korean people are a truly spiritual people. Why did the words "twelve peaks" appear? Because that is the course of restoration.

Rather than feed myself, I must feed my country. And rather than me living well, I must make my country live well. By doing this, what does the reverend who overcomes that summit and achieves Israel's sovereignty become? Until that time, as the whole nation's representative, the reverend suffers, and the people all bow their heads to him. Because of the reverend's training, when God comes and gives a new sovereignty, then he becomes the one responsible for the sovereignty. In order for the reverend to inherit God's tradition, Heavenly Father, throughout history, has gone the path of suffering, the path of death, the path of hunger, every possible difficult path. In order for us to inherit the tradition which came from God's course of suffering throughout history, we must overcome the path of death, the path of hunger, a difficult path, the course of being driven out from our homeland. You must absolutely know that this is the path the reverend must walk.

4. The Process Of Restoring The Offering

In the Old Testament, centering on offerings, the high priests created a relationship with God. The people of the Old Testament had to become one centering on the offerings. That is because, since the offering is the object and people are in the position of subject, if the object receives recognition before God, so can the subject. If a complete minus appears, automatically a complete plus will appear. Also, just the same, if a perfect plus appears, a perfect minus will automatically appear. That is because heaven and earth were destined to be in that condition. When you consider this principle, humans must become one with their offering. Suppose that you become one with the offering; who stands above it? Heavenly Father.

When you center on all things, there are true things, false things and detestable things. Cows, lambs and doves are good things. Of all things, these are the best. You mustn't put fatty meats on top of the offering table. It is not good to prefer fatty things. So, the meat which goes atop the offering table should not be fatty or bloody smelling. Well-dried meat like dried octopus or mullet should go atop the offering table.

Therefore, in the age of offerings, because people tried to choose the best things, they chose the cow, lamb and dove. Then what do these things symbolize? If you stare at a far off mountain, the cow chewing its cud symbolizes the people who will be restored. To say it again, it symbolizes the person who waits day after day for the day of restoration.

Also, the lamb is a frail beast. Although its shoulders are broad, it is the animal which can be caught and eaten by animals which are smaller than itself. The lamb symbolizes weak things. At the same time, it is not disobedient. Even when the owner holds the lamb, it does not resist.

A long time ago, when a lamb was caught for a sacrifice, if he resisted, they did not use it. The kind of lamb that was made an offering did not resist, but cried "baah baah" as if it was crying mournfully from subjugation. A lamb which was caught fighting and kicking was not used.

Then, what did the dove symbolize? When we describe something plentiful, we say in Korea it is like a dove's pupil. We also call a couple a pair of doves. That is because the dove symbolizes love.

When we see these things among animals they belong to a higher dimension with good meaning. Because of this, they were chosen. People must become one with them. That is to say, be loyal as a cow, suffer like a lamb and love like a dove. Again, centering on all things which represent the substance of restoration people must become one and go form a relationship with God.

So, how should you go about becoming one with them? You have to go the opposite way. You must surrender to your servant and you must surrender to your daughter-in-law. If you don't do this there is no restoration. If you do only as you wish, restoration is not achieved.

So, the Old Testament was a time of sacrifices and then what was next? What kind of age was the New Testament Age? Jesus came prepared to be the complete, substantial offering. Because of that, Jesus was the fruit of the Old Testament. Because Jesus came as the bearer of the fruit of the Old Testament's substantial offering, if he had just given all things and Cain as an offering, then the religious body and the nation would have been restored.

If this happened, then Abel's nation would have been realized. Then Satan's world and all things would have been finally restored and the Cain religions and races would have disappeared. Therefore, Jesus bore the fruit in the place of all creation, in the place of religions and in the place of the Israelites.

Even though Jesus came in this position causing Satan to lose his grasp on humanity, if the people do not change to Jesus' lineage then it will fail. That is why the course of redemption through the cross came about. If the people in need of salvation do not accept Jesus as the offering, restoration does not occur.

Next is the Completed Testament age. They said Jesus was coming again, but how will he come in the Completed Testament Age? He will bear the fruit of the offering, the fruit of Adam, then because there is the internal result, the fruit of Cain's formation stage and the fruit of the growth stage. Because of this, he had to bring Cain to submit to him.

So, when Jesus died on the cross, everything was prepared spiritually. This was the fulfillment of the formation and growth stages. If you ask what that is, because Jesus stood in the position of having realized the position of the adopted son and brought the submission of the angelic world, he brought the people to the formation stage and then to the growth stage. Jesus represents the adopted son. He died trying to complete the work of John the Baptist.

In the end, Jesus could not attain the role of the son because he died doing John the Baptist's mission. In accordance with this, if he had not accomplished this he would never have been able to come again to this land through the Second Advent. He had to unite the formation stage archangelic realm and the growth stage adopted son's position. After completing this he comes as a husband.

Christianity must prepare its brothers and sisters in order for Christ to come again. Because Adam and Eve were brought to fall through temptation, the Christian churches of this land must take the form of the worldwide Eve and the worldwide Bride to prepare its brothers and sisters for the second coming of Christ who arrives as the next Adam. If so, then centering on a special nation, the groom will arrive.

Because there is a place of restoration, we must begin by restoring the offering. The offering exists in our stead. Abraham's offering stood in the place of his body and mind.

To become the adopted son, you must become the king of offerings. We are offerings for the sake of God. Completed Adam is his own sacrifice. Dependent upon the offering, the high priest, the adopted son and Father's name, we must win back all the things of Satan's world.

God has put you in the position of the high priest because Father has gone through the course of atonement by the altar. After that God will make you the adopted son. The adopted son then attains the authority of Heaven. Then, after the chief high priest passes through this course he becomes the direct descendant of God's lineage.

5. The Mission Of The Unification Church Member

Originally, the life of faith could be seen throughout the course of history. In the same way, the path of offering continues in succession. Things do not finish simply through this continuous course of offering. The offering must be connected to the people and in front of Heaven it must turn around completely. That is the mission of the offering. What I mean is, not only must you bring salvation to yourself, but you have the responsibility to bring salvation to all things beyond yourself.

When you see it this way, if you ask what the central position is, it is us who have become the offering. We have been placed in the central position of the offering. At the same time the offering is placed before a person it is surely placed before God. When the sacrifice is properly offered up, that person receives a blessing, and Heavenly Father's desire for that offering and his suffering are appeased. It is in this important position that the offering stands.

When you look at it this way, we must stay in a dimension where we are able to pass through the age of the individual offering, through the age of the family offering, then the tribe, race and national offering. Until now, we have represented the race, nation and even the world level through the position of the spiritual offering; however, now we must go into the time of substantial realization. Although in the past it was good to be a spiritual people, and although we were able to be right in front of God through a spiritual standard, from now on, we must move beyond that into the age of substantiation. When you think of this problem, you must know the difference between the dimension of us in the past and the path we must take today, So when the Unification Church stops and looks at itself, where does it stand! In the time centering on the spirit, the physical standard stood behind; however, that is not true in this time. Centering on the mind and body, the spiritual side and the physical side must stand in the central position as the representative of the people.

Therefore, the offering itself becomes the issue. When Heavenly Father looks at that offering, is the offering itself able to carry the meaning of history so that God can accept it? That is what becomes the issue. The offering which has until now grown and become prepared, when it is shown to God, the issue is whether or not it is a sincere offering.

The Unification Church's mission is as a spiritual and a physical offering. Then who is the reverend who should give the religious service? That also becomes the issue. Is it Heavenly Father? On this earth, who is it to be? If you look at it like this, Father, who has taken responsibility for the spiritual realm until now, from now on should becoming the officiating reverend.

Then not only do yourselves need to be a clean offering, but also, he who offers the religious service must be the same. When the original man offers the service, the issue becomes whether his devotion was enough to cause the offering to grow or develop.

If the offering has not become clean, then of course, it itself has to bear some responsibility; however, the person in the position of the high priest also must bear the responsibility. This is what I have been thinking until now.

Because our Unification Church is on the path of the providence Of restoration, what is the marrow of our ideology? It is to follow the path of the offering. You must know this. What kind of thing is the offering? "Invest your entire heart, all of your desire and your entire spirit and love God," Jesus said. What does it mean to invest your heart, your desire and your spirit? It is to put your neck on the line. The conclusion is you must go. You must put your neck out on the line. It says, lay down your life and love God.

I do not mean for you to force yourself to lay down your life if you do not want to; I mean for you to do it as if you were crazy about it. That is what Heavenly Father loves. Would he want you to lay down your life crying over it; or would he like it if not knowing whether you would live or die, crazy with joy, you danced your way to lay down your life? Which is it?

In order to become a high priest, you need a temple, an altar, and a people. The altar is there for the people, and the offering and the high priest exist for the sake of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, you all must now assume the seat of the high priest.

Why do you travel around the area? You do it to find a place to lay an altar. In order to become a high priest you need a temple. Therefore you must gather that area's people and build a temple. Then you must build an altar. What is an altar? It is that town's sacred place of tears. Until God's Will is achieved, we need to make altars.

If there is a church leader who stands in the position of high priest who dedicates an offering, then he and the offering must become one. In front of the high priest, the offering must adjust itself to him. Until when must it be like this? It must adapt itself until it sheds blood. With this kind of standard, though a difficult situation arises you adapt yourself once, twice and three times, with a determination to go beyond life or death, then Heavenly Father will come to look over that place.

Because of this, when you witness, even though it is only to one person, you mustn't think that it is just one person. Do you understand what I mean? Don't see him as one person; if he is a villager, think of him as a representative of that village. Also, as a high priest, you must be conscious of what kind of priest you are making this offering as.

If it is a country, you must have the conviction that you are the representative of that country. With that kind of conviction, one must go and when one enters a certain village, and someone comes before that church leader, although he is not sent as a representative of the town, it is all right. Even if only one person had appeared, he must have the conviction of a high priest to center on the standard and stand in the position of object to be in harmony with you and follow your command of offering, namely to be thankful for suffering as he works. Then, that sphere of indemnity is not a on-on-one personal thing, but it becomes the country's representative sphere of indemnity.

When you see it from that point of view, with the providence of restoration through indemnity, it cannot be wrong that God sent a man who, representing all of the four directions, with the standard of value of the center, walks the course beyond the individual, beyond the family, beyond the tribe, beyond race, beyond the nation, with central value beyond the world, representing all things. The Lord of the Second Advent must come.

Before there were religions, prophets were sent; however, those prophets were sent in that age, so they had to complete the mission of responsibility of religion. At the same time, when they died, they proclaimed who would come in their stead. If they did not set the path for the prophet who was to come next and died, the mission of the prophets could not be united. Because of that, even Elijah had to prepare for the next person to come.

Centering on the mission of the high priest, when you look at the Unification Church, what is the mission of True Father? He must fulfill the individual mission, the family mission, the tribal mission, the race mission, the nation mission, the world mission and the mission of the cosmos. And, centering on God's Shimjung, he must even fulfill the mission of God's body. He must become the high priest who can dedicate the entire world and stand in the position of the one capable of the internal standard of value and has the value of the entire world as the representative of the completion of the created world. Here, the day he joins as one with his partner, a new resurrected life can come about. From this resurrected life arises the reborn individual, the reborn family, the reborn tribe, the reborn race and the reborn nation.

So, what do God and True Father desire? We hope to see a race, nation, and world connected to your Blessed families. We desire to see the entire democratic world connected. However, they are not. So the Unification Church is living the second history of indemnity.

The high priest must take the offering and pay indemnity. In the past material substance was taken and indemnity paid, then the sons and daughters were used and indemnity paid. So, now what should you take to pay the indemnity? We must pay indemnity centered on our husbands and wives. That is how indemnity has come to be.

It is not the time to pay indemnity centered on our sons and daughters. In the past, centering on Cain and Abel, in one line the relationship between past and present was decided. But now it is the time to choose the vertical relationship. This is a different time. Why does that have to be?

It is because the completed age is the time representing the parents. Because of this, the married couple must become the offering for the sake of the complete unity of your Blessed families in Cain's position and True Parents family in Abel's position.

The name "state leader" means you are the high priest responsible for tens of millions of lives in front of God. You must know what a high priest is. You must know that it is your responsibility to pray for the people who die in your state. For the sake of the people who die. Do you know who is dying in your state twenty-four hours a day, every day. So, if they die while you are playing, or while you are sleeping those spirits will slander you. You must also know that you are responsible for the man who is sent to court for committing a crime and goes to jail.

Not only that, you must know that you are responsible for bringing all the lives in your state in front of God. Creation is watching you and saying the same as me, "In your state there are people suffering, young people going to jail; while these people are wandering aimlessly, what are you doing?" All the things which see you slander you; all the world's animal also slander you; this, you must know. The land you own also slanders you. You have to feel that if you are so crazy with the sincere desire to spread Father's words busily throughout the day that you go beyond the town to the top of the mountain.

So, as a high priest, if you give the offering but people pass by the temple without gathering it, it is your responsibility. Instead of them, you must shed tears and pray for forgiveness for these people. You must pray. And you must think that because I have many sins no one came. If the place where you pray has a wood floor, it must never be dry, but should be wet with tears twenty-four hours a day. Then Heavenly Father will show you a person to whom to witness. God will have compassion. Representing God, you must receive the announcement, "Yeah, I'm on your side." Then, you must treat the people who come before you as kings.

You must have the heart to attend a king. "I will attend as a servant." A sinner cannot strip himself of his sins. The more you attend someone as a king, the faster your indemnity will go. Isn't that true? Because I lower myself, and raise people with sin to heaven, in that relationship a large condition of indemnity is created.

Therefore, from one person, ten people; from ten people, one hundred people; from one hundred people, beyond. If this happens, automatically, it gets broader. All the things which have been thought until now must be turned upside-down. So you think you're Abet; if so, you have to take the role of the high priest. If you have no followers and yet your people are committing sins you cannot become a high priest. If you have that kind of heart, although people cannot become your friends, because they become God's friends, God will gather and give them the Spring breeze. Father went to the Washington Rally in an impossible situation and brought back victory. Father, with that heart took the blacks and the Asians and raised them up like kings. I prayed that prayer and shed those tears.

You all must be my replacements. If you become like me, then you must believe you will take on all the responsibilities of God, throw away the good blessings and take on only the bad blessings. If you want to do this, if you go to a the top of a high mountain, that area's people can hear your voice calling them to come, and you can feel their ancestors in spirit world coming to find you. You must fulfill your responsibility in the middle of that place. That is the high priest. You must hold the high priest's certificate of qualification and do your responsibility. No matter how much your head aches, you cannot say it.

The high priest must begin at the bottom eating the food that is found there and push straight upward. The things you wear must also come from down there first. All things must be restored. You must live that kind of life. This must arise from unity and with the nation and that nation's people. It is a wretched thing, a wretched thing.

With that meaning, Father often gives thanks for the pressure he receives. My family and our church's indemnity are talked about loudly so we become exhausted from our enemies' indemnity. Because of this, the responsible person suffers. The act of suffering becomes our exhibition of a condition of indemnity. Don't sleep, but pray, and offer your sincerity. Continue to try without rest and it will arise from the act of paying the indemnity of others. That is the path of the high priest.

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