The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Blessing
III. The Family and Family Life

Dwelling in the law of love means not to be dominated by antagonism, but to be able to control it.

Origin-division-union action is manifested concretely in daily family life. When you leave home in the morning, do so with happiness, and when you come back home, do so with happiness. After coming back home, you should talk to your wife and children about what happened that day and discuss with them to correct things. Connect everything with love and a smile. You may discuss the Will with your wife, but if either of you wants to keep some secrets about the Will, you may do so even for eternity. You should have that kind of relationship. Worldly couples have not been that way.

The home where children can proudly say that their father and mother are wonderful and where they see their parents rejoice is a resting place for the children.

If you became angry with your wife or scolded your children, you must apologize to them and love them even more.

Each family must establish its own "Parents' Day," "Children's Day," "Day of All Things," and "God's Day." From now on, you must lead your family to the land of Israel and establish the decisive power for victory.

The time has come when all blessed families must create a new history together. The 1960's were the years to go over the cross on the individual level, but the 1970's are the time to bear the cross on the family level.

Blessed families must set the example in serving Heaven. You must look forward to Sundays and the first day of every month with both your mind and body fully dressed.

First we must express filial piety as children to our parents. When we grow up, we must be a couple of fidelity. These are the internal, heartistic stages which we must go through. What we must express externally is loyalty.

Don't try to give of your heart to your children only after they are born, but give of your heart in preparation even before they are born.

Early in the morning, couples ought to pray in tears holding the hands of their children. The children ought to be able to long for and adore their parents while their parents are away.

Don't have an unpleasant face during the daytime and at night. Wake up smiling, work smiling and go to bed smiling.

When you find some imbalance in your relationship with your spouse, both of you should be sincere enough to supplement each other by heart and faithfulness.

No weed will grow in those who live with the heart of parents.

Children of filial piety are those who feel a parental heart. It doesn't matter what worldly knowledge or position you have. The only thing that matters is whether you have the heart of heaven.

From now on we are under the direct dominion of God, so we must consult with God on everything. In order to do that you must realize that you are a public being. Even if you must neglect your individual joys and sorrows, you must participate in the public joys and sorrows. The safest way is to walk the Way of the Will by attracting others' sympathy. To do so, you must lead a life at a lower level than Heaven permits you.

Even though blessed children may have hardships, you should not live according to their needs, but in accordance with the destiny of God, the nation and world.

There will come a day when people from all over the world will visit the blessed families of Korea. You must have things to show them and words to speak to them at that time.

On the day of worship service, couples should go to church in such a happy way that children will want to come along with them out of envy.

If a friend of your husband's comes into your home drunk and tumbles into your clean bed with his dirty shoes on, how would you treat that intruder? Be generous to him and even be grateful, because that friend of your husband trusts you so much.

The families who live without tears are my enemies.

Unless you willingly live a life of reporting and asking permission, you will have to live life only as you are told to do.

Blessed families must not get accustomed to a certain standard of life. Even now they must be able to move and go anywhere if necessary.

Be concerned about where I go. Those families which don't dedicate their sincere heart during my world tour will become problems.

The highest offering of heart is a blessed couple.

The motto for the course of restoration refers to parents, husbands and wives, and children. The time has come when we must establish parental love and brotherly love and find and raise loyal subjects for the nation.

Even while sleeping I often wake up and immediately kneel to pray. Can I who know parental heart sleep comfortably? You will never feel a guilty conscience if you live with the parental heart of raising children.

A true child of filial piety is he who inherits the most difficult thing from his parents and does it with confidence.

A child of filial piety will consult with his father even on the smallest detail of daily life. Learn everything through filial piety.

A wife should have the heart to be glad that her husband can go to die for the Will. A husband must be able to be glad that his wife can go and die for the Will. You must have such a heartistic relationship with God that you have this attitude.

Parents should think of those things which their children don't think of.

A man is a representative of True Father, and a woman a representative of True Mother. If a husband neglects his wife, therefore, this means that he neglects True Mother. If a wife tells a lie to her husband, this means that she tells a lie to God.

When I am fulfilling my responsibility for the nation, you should cooperate and raise your family for that purpose. If the nation is ready and your family is not ready, the nation will feel the sorrow of an orphan.

Jesus called God his Father and said that those who did the Will of God were his brothers, and that he himself was a bridegroom. He meant that he was to establish a family centering on God.

Parental heart is such that parents want their children to become better than themselves. God, the parent of mankind, wants the children He created to become better than Himself.

The purpose for a husband and wife to become one is so that their family may become one; the purpose of the family becoming one is so that it may become one with True Parents; and the purpose of it becoming one with True Parents is so that it may become one with its clan and race and the nation.

We must have the mind to look forward to an official holiday. Only by establishing a good tradition in this way can we have our offspring establish the same tradition of life. On official holidays we must share everything with one another and live joyfully while God rejoices. On these official holidays we must establish the law of Heaven by making our families loyal.

It is parental heart to want your children to establish families and clans that will be envied by the nation and the whole world.

Until we achieve a true heavenly family, a true world of love will not be achieved. We must deeply realize that we are not qualified to be exposed to the love of God which is hidden so deeply within Him, and we must ask Him to enable us to yearn for it.

Do not become so hasty that you put God aside.

The basic unit of society is a family. The Church should center around families and the nation also should center around families. A blessed family is like newly born Adam and Eve. You must establish all the heavenly regulations while you are alive.

Even though you quarreled with your husband in the morning, when he returns home in the evening you must give him a smile and treat him as though you did not ever quarrel with him.

The family is the gateway which God is going to pass through, which Jesus and the Holy Spirit want to pass through and which all mankind wish to pass through. Therefore, that gateway must be peaceful and happy.

Only when you establish the kind of family which is welcomed by individuals, families, the clan, race and nation can your family start the path to restore dominion over the cosmos. At that very moment, the "Day of the Family" will be established.

Jesus' mission of restoring his clan and the nation centering around his family was to be carried out by him in the position of a child. You too are laying the foundation for the nation in the position of a child, while I build the foundation for the world in the position of a parent.

Since we are in the Head House as the first sons, we must feed all who visit us. just as I took care of all the members throughout the night without sleeping, blessed families must take that responsibility in my place.

The father-son relationship is the basis of all heaven and earth.

There must be a cause behind every result. We must become the example and seek to educate our children. Children are living testimonies of the internal and external life of their parents.

We should not become shameful persons in front of our offspring.

Every Sunday you should bow to God in your own family.

Prior to appearing at official meetings, we must go through the ceremonies in our own families of having become children of filial piety, loyal subjects and women of fidelity. Through these ceremonies God, True Parents, ourselves, and all things become directly connected.

Morning service is the ceremony of reporting your life to Heaven. We must make every Sunday morning the moment which our children are eager for. On Saturdays, we must clean house and then the whole family should happily gather at a set time.

Three blessed families of the same trinity should consult each other about serving Heaven, raising children and living for the Will.

When you love children, don't love them as individuals. You must raise them to express filial piety toward True Parents and loyalty toward the Ideal. For that purpose, you must build a certain foundation so that your children will, without fail, become loyal subjects, women of fidelity, and sons and daughters of filial piety. Only this way can you become ready to enter heavenly life.

How did I accomplish the restoration of the family? I established the standards of Adam's family, Noah's family, Abraham's family, and Jesus' family, and gathered together those who met the standard of adopted sons. How busy and pressed I was in doing all this within the limited period of 40 years! For this purpose, I managed all things even in the most difficult circumstances. Thus were made the Unification Church and my own family.

Since your body already belongs to God (I Cor. 3:16), you should not go anywhere else but to good places, and should not do anything else but good things.

Pray constantly so that Heaven, who chose you, may not shed tears because of disappointment.

We joined the Unification Church to become sons and daughters of God, to govern His nation, and to live with Him.

It is the Principle that when parents have children of filial piety, Satan will be subjugated. This is because if Adam and Eve had maintained filial piety, uniting with God, the archangel would have had to be subjugated.

The time has come when blessed families should awake. Now is the time when God treats us with law rather than with love.

Do not take heartistic life lightly. Be attentive to your husband's face, dress and body. You must also make yourself up and smile.

The highest beginning and ending point upon which the heart of God can rest is the family.

It is greater filial piety to serve the parents of the nation than those of your own family, and even more so to serve the parents of the world, and much more so to serve the parents of heaven and earth.

They are most blessed who live with the idea of heaven and earth in spite of living a poor life in this world. Whereas this world changes, heaven and earth do not change. Therefore, those who live with the idea of heaven and earth are the most blessed.

You must reflect on what kind of children you will raise for the will of God and how well they will serve Him.

To live bothered by one's conscience is the worst evil, and it hurts not only oneself, but his family, race, nation, the world, and even God.

To establish the authority of your family you must first establish the authority of your individual self. To establish the authority of your individual self, you must heighten your consciousness of the authority of the Will.

Suppose that you were handed over to Satan. Only if he is unable to touch you even in that situation and tells God that you are undoubtedly God's filial son can you truly be a filial son of God.

You have to live a practical life to restore Cain and Abel following my family.

Parents should have something about which their children can proudly say their parents are the best in that field.

A husband and his wife should live with fervent love which is unchanging during their whole life. Although they become old, they should do so following their past standard of connection.

When a husband and his wife give birth to a child, the best thing is for them to have not only heartistic unity but also physiological unity with each other.

After you have a family, you have to live with three times more thankfulness than before.

A child is wordless, but he is a teacher who leads his parents.

A child acts after he explores his parents' heart by himself.

If a parent says to his child, "Become a person who knows God," he gives the greatest teaching.

You have to learn the True Parents' view of life. Each of you should be an individual through whom the True Parents are shown to others.

The greatest purpose of religion is to build true families.

The tradition of a family should be established by each of three successive generations.

A blessed family is the fruit of the 6,000-year history.

The wife should love her husband more than she loves her father. The husband should not be inferior to anyone in this world in loving his wife. You should love your mother more than any filial child loves his mother in this world. The husband should love his wife more than their children love their mother. The wife should love her husband more than their children love their father. Such is the ideal family.

The families of a trinity have to get in touch with one another within the first three weeks of every month. You have to live centering around your trinity families.

The center of a restored family is the Lord of the Second Advent. The desire of each Family member is to establish a restored family.

The True Parents are advocates of family life. God has been carrying out His providence for 6,000 years until today in order to find this family of the True Parents. The Unification Church is the place where how to become connected with this family is taught.

Adam's family was originally created by God so that it might become a family which could influence the universe, not a family which would be influenced by it. Your family should not be a conventional and secular one. You should not say that even though your family is not good now, it will become good in the future. Yours should already be a good family.

The husband is in the position of subject. He should stand in the center. This is the place representing God. If the family is disharmonious, the husband should take the responsibility for it.

If the Unification Church has to leave the tradition for the rest of the world, then most important is how it leaves the standard of family unity to the cosmos.

A subject is called loyal only when he is able to make people cry. I am Father only when all people feel grateful to me. We should establish families in which God's desire and our desire are in accordance with each other.

A blessed family is the object of desire of all people. But if a blessed family cannot fulfill the responsibility given it, it will be a failure.

The man should take responsibility for whatever happens to the family. He should have the central authority in his family. Establish the tradition in your family.

Although as husband and wife you pass away, you have to leave the Way of God behind.

It is deplorable that spirit men attack families. Only if all of you prepare and establish a foundation can I organize families in the spirit world. Thus, it is you who are responsible for the mobilization of spirit world on earth.

The families of the same trinity should live together and have the same feeling of life.

Basically, a trinity should be such that one of the families takes care of all three and the other two go out to work.

The final base of God's providence is the family.

The greatest of enemies is the enemy of love.

The greatness of the Unification Church is the fact that it conclusively solved all problems centering upon the family.

Your day-to-day individual course of life has to become the basis of ultimate victory.

Joy and happiness exist only where they are in accordance with the love of God. That is to say, the joy of parents begins with their children and the joy of children begins with their parents.

A family is the mother of the Kingdom of Heaven, and its ideal is love.

A family is the beginning and the end of all connection.

A person can be called a child of filial piety when he desires that his parents' situation should be solved before his own.

An individual is like one car of a train and a family is like a locomotive. When an individual fails, his restoration is easy, but when a family fails, it means bankruptcy.

A family is our starting point. It is like a space for breathing.

The wife should not owe debts in heartistic life. She should have concern for her husband.

The only way a wife can control her husband is to take the lead wholeheartedly in the Will of God.

If a filial child is to laugh, he should do so as he looks at the faces of his parents.

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