The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Blessing
II. Ideal Mates

To the highest degree love your spouse who is heartistically connected with you.

The conjugal relationship is the place where heaven and earth meet each other. A married couple represents the dual characteristics of God, and when they embrace their children they should be in harmony by having the same heart as that of Adam and Eve who embraced the universe.

Ideal mates exist for the purpose of pulling the universe together and of achieving Heavenly Father's Will. Therefore, they should not aim at enjoying themselves horizontally, but at enjoying the Will and living for it.

Men and women are like bones and flesh respectively. Men represent Heaven and the bones of the world. Therefore, they should not lose their dignity and integrity.

Ideal mates must be able to trace their motives and results to Heaven.

Before you yearn for your ideal mate, you should yearn for True Parents and brothers and sisters. Only by setting up this condition can you have God meet you.

Brides should not claim ownership toward their bridegrooms. Christianity has established the ideal of being a bride. When it meets God in the Last Days it should not possess a sense of ownership and self-consciousness.

In the first true historical course ever since the beginning of 6,000 years of history we must possess moderation and dignity.

We must become unique seeds. Heaven is planning to leave the heavenly lineage through us at a certain time, and so to marry is a precious and strict thing. We should know that no restoration is possible if mistakes are made beyond that place.

Most sages have never known that it was Heaven's Will to raise families after raising individuals. Therefore, we should know that when God blesses families it is for the purpose of restoring nations.

Jesus lived as a bachelor until he was 33. Wherever you may be, you who understand the Principle must be a person whom God can trust concerning the male-female problem.

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