The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On The Blessing
I. The Blessing

To be a blessed family is already to have a fearful title and a fearful position. For it is the position of being responsible for substance, lineage and heart.

Blessed families are to be man's eternal ancestors, and the only things they can be proud of are their blood lineage, substantial character and heavenly heart. In order to be proud of substantial character, you must be careful of what you have in your face, that is, your eyes, ears and mouth. You must choose what you see and hear and then digest everything, keeping your mouth silent. Work in silence in every way, except when you must make a decision in the position of responsibility and authority.

Heaven gathers all blessed families together before the altar of sacrifice. Blessed families must stand together weeping over the misery of the sacrifice on the altar.

Blessing does not come in a comfortable situation, but should come after you go over the hill of suffering and the cross. Until today, the suffering has been great and the blessing small, but in the Last Days, suffering and blessing will come in proportion to one another.

Try not to receive blessing while in debt, but be prepared heartistically to offer even a straw in front of the Will in order to receive blessing.

If a blessed family does not realize the meaning of the blessing, it will regret it for eternity.

Through loyalty and filial piety lay the foundation that cannot be accused. Then be proud of being an exemplary family. In past history there may have been a standard of loyalty and filial piety, but never that of an exemplary family. The blessing is for the purpose of realizing exemplary families.

In the future you will not be accused by Satan but by angels and the passed-away saints.

Though blessed couples may have their individual shortcomings, we must respect them because Heaven gave them the blessing.

We should not criticize blessed families at our discretion. Only after we respect the blessing of God can our history begin.

When you visit a certain locality, first visit the blessed family in that area, then take care of your own business. A blessed family is the doorway to their area.

When we meet blessed families, we must do so respecting them as being in the position of God. If a blessed family fails to fulfill its responsibility in the future, the grace of that family will come to him who served that family.

If a village treats coldly a blessed family which really toils for the sake of its area, it will be struck.

After you are blessed you will encounter trials that may lead you to forfeit the blessing-trials from other people, spirit men, Jesus and even God.

I often pray for blessed families with tears. Why? Because I blessed them, I feel ashamed before God. The reason I have led blessed families thus far is to allow God to recognize them one day because of me.

Loyalty is for the archangel, filial piety is for Jesus, and fidelity is for us.

I know that there are problems because I have blessed some who did not go through the regular course. But you must begin a new history by becoming a family worthy of inheriting heavenly heart, substantial character and heavenly law.

Blessed families are now in their period of 5 percent responsibility. Accordingly, I am in the position of examiner. For a while, therefore, I may look like their enemy, but if I do not treat them harshly, Satan will do so instead. So it cannot be helped.

The blessing is the point where the greatest happiness and greatest misfortune cross.

The place of blessing ceremony is so precious that it cannot be bought even in exchange for God.

We are heavenly citizens. Whereas the chosen people cannot embrace God perfectly, the heavenly citizens can do so perfectly. Because we are heavenly citizens, Satan cannot claim us even after death.

The Marriage of the Lamb is a holy ceremony where a man and a woman stand to be blessed for the inheritance of heaven and earth.

The value of the True Parents is so great that they can never be exchanged even for the whole world, nor the True Children even for all mankind.

Do you really know the value of the blessing? The blessing is the position which even Jesus and the Holy Spirit were not able to attain after working for 2,000 years since the Resurrection.

The position of being blessed is the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall.

The reason Heaven gave couples the blessing was not for their sake as individuals, but for the restoration of their clans, of the nation, of the world and of the cosmos.

The blessing is given to establish a foundation of fortune for betterment.

You are hit by the indemnity stick because Satan exists.

When a family is in disharmony, Satan rejoices.

Because of blessed families, the world can start to develop horizontally. Without them, the world develops only vertically.

Peter (disciple of faith) = Adam's position (Cain)
James (disciple of hope) = Jesus' position (Abel)
John (disciple of love) = position of Lord of the Second Advent (Seth)

Peter was crucified upside down to indemnify Adam's reversal of the law of heaven and earth, but John did not die because he was the model for the Lord of the Second Advent.

The family is the point where God's love can be connected to the earth's people. Therefore, the family becomes the standard for the realization of Heaven.

Holy matrimony is the work of fulfilling the course of restoration.

Blessed families must go the same path I walked, spitting up blood to cry out to God.

After a great blessing, there comes a great migration. After 21 years of gaining children and all things, Jacob moved to Canaan. Moses, too, returned to Canaan. After Jesus' time, the Germanic tribes made a great migration. In our time, there will come a worldwide migration.

Blessed families are the masters of the Unification Church.

You must live, praying: "We will take up the unfinished task of heart, the unfinished task of substantial character, and your commanding words."

In the realm of heart, there are vertical relations (with parents), horizontal relations (between husband and wife) and relations of left and right (among brothers and sisters),

Through the blessing you can inherit everything.

Holy ceremonies continuously occur in the life of the Unification Church. Can you compare a precious hour of worship service or pledge service with an hour of meeting the president of any nation?

Blessed families must become the root of the restoration of the nation. People cannot be grafted onto decayed roots.

When blessed families fail to set the example and then become an object of accusation, their regret will remain for eternity.

There is no way to solve the problem of failure after being blessed. The last focal point of life as a man is the blessing.

The purpose of God's providence of restoration is to raise children of His direct lineage, not adopted children, and that process begins with the blessing of the Marriage of the Lamb.

Paradise is where adopted children go.

According to my experience, Heaven promised me a blessing which would be found in the highest place, but after this promise, God led me to the lowest place.

You should walk the path of restoration not for your own benefit but for the benefit of those who come afterwards. When you see older blessed members living a poor life in shabby dress, you should feel solemn.

I must raise the same number of families as the Israelite families who failed in the wilderness through three generations. And I must be able to boast of them before the universe as examples of loyalty.

The way to preserve the blessing is to suffer.

The only desire that remains is that of receiving the blessing. But we are never to receive it by sitting quietly.

What do you pay in order to receive the grace of God? You have to say, "I will pay for it by my filial love."

You have to miss the blessed land. Jacob asked his kinsmen to bury him in his homeland after his death.

In order to have a blessed land we have to have a worldwide ideology.

Blessing is promise. Promise is that of the future world for those who come after.

The ceremony of the blessing is simple, but there are surprisingly difficult historical contents behind it. The standard of the blessing is such that if I laugh the whole cosmos can laugh.

A blessed family should fulfill the mission as a second Messiah. A blessed family should not become a burden. If it cannot fulfill its mission, it will invite disaster.

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