The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On Faith
X. Holy Ground

Holy ground is the central land which Heaven visits. Holy ground should be bought and then never sold. Visit holy ground often, and when you sleep, sleep as close to it as possible.

Holy ground is the meeting place of heavenly sons and daughters.

Holy ground is protected by the heavenly generals (i.e., angels).

You are the ones whose bodies must be buried in the holy ground of God when you die.

The standard of victory won in Korea has to be connected to the worldwide scale. That is, we need land in the world because the children of Korea raised all mankind up to the level of Adam and Eve before the Fall. This is the reason why holy grounds were made in the world.

Holy ground is like a miniature Korean peninsula.

Those crops harvested in holy ground can be used without being sanctified.

If one owns land bigger than holy ground, he will be accused by Satan. Our Family's devotion to heavenly land must be greater than that of everyday people to their own land.

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