The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On Faith
VII. Tithing

Tithing is a basic duty of the chosen children. When you offer the portion of the number one, that is, the number of God, you set up the condition of having offered the portion of the number nine. Therefore, you must think more of this one-tenth than of the remainder.

Sunday is the day of tithing, not your own day. Thus, it is the day when you obey God as He commands. It is a sin to use that which belongs to God as if it were your own.

Tithing applies to all things. Even in a school, one out of every ten classrooms should be used as a free class for unfortunate children.

I must dedicate one of my own children to Heaven. If you cannot do that, then you must at least educate a child from another family and dedicate him to Heaven.

Tithing in Church life is such that ten families must support one leader. Without doing this, they cannot receive heavenly citizenship.

Ten people who live nearby must support one heavenly man.

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