The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On Faith
VI. Prayer

When you pray, your heart should be as earnest as a baby who cries for his mother's milk.

The way to pray is to:
Make God's heart of restoration of 6,000 years your own.
Understand Jesus' indescribable heart.
Console Father, who has the Will and who has gone such a painful course to achieve it.
Understand the hardships of Family members who are fighting for the Will.
Pray as an offering, centering upon your reflection and pledge.

Even in this world, there are certain manners of greeting, aren't there? Therefore, you must study how to pray.

There are two kinds of prayer. One is for a particular person, and the other for the realization of a public purpose. If the person you pray for does not respond, his blessing will be transferred to you. Your prayer for the public purpose will shorten the time of Judgment.

Prayer is like a deepwater urn. Prayer is like the air of our spiritual life.

When you pray to Heaven, it must be with the pure heart of a child asking his own father.

Before you pray for the Will, separate the good and evil in your mind and body. Pray to God, being aware of your own sin.

We have so far prayed that God may give us blessing, but now is the time to pray: "I will give my blessings to You, God, so please take them."

Stand in a position where you can move Heaven. When you are hungry, do not think of yourself in prayer, but embrace Heaven and pray: "Father, how hungry these children going the path of restoration have been until today! And how sad you have been to watch them!"

Equip even your face with spiritual dignity through a life of prayer. If you dominate the spirit world and are in accordance with the Principle, you will become confident.

Emphasize prayer. If you pray, you will never feel lonely, even if you are alone. Prayer is like breathing. If you pray much, you will become spiritually brighter and your ability and sensitivity to distinguish good and evil will become keen.

Always pray in your life . As you walk, pray that you may be able to live according to God's words, and that they may be transformed into flesh and blood and move within you.

If you pray for all mankind rather than for yourself or for your family, the benefit of mankind's achievement will be returned to you.

First attain peace in your mind and then pray.

The "Father" you call and the "Father" I call are the same in name, but different in dimension.

Pray, "Father, I would like to give to all people, so please enable me to do so."

The subject of my prayer is to be one with God and to serve Him by rallying heaven and earth. What we yearn for, whether we are awake or asleep, is the establishment of one sovereignty, one mankind and one land for God.

Prayer is the concentration of our sincerest heart.

The time of prayer is not the time when we become proud but the time when we offer a sacrifice. You must earnestly ask God to exchange you as a sacrifice for His happiness.

Don't pray centering around yourself, but around the heart of Heaven, who has watched over the long history of the dispensation.

We must pray for people rather than for material. When you want to pray for material, do so after you set up the condition of dedicating all your possessions.

I sometimes fear that my prayer will be answered because once it is answered our relationship with Heaven will be all over. As long as my prayer remains unanswered, God will continue to support the Unification Church.

When you pray, you must be able to receive grace from your own voice of prayer. It becomes the source of grace.

In your prayer you must first inspire your mind so that through it you may open the way to be able to pray. On this foundation the divinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit can be connected with your mind.

Prayer is to be accompanied by sacrifice and sincerity.

You have to pray for Family members three times a day. Pray for them especially every morning.

Before evaluating Family members you have to pray for them. In that way you have to form a vacuum in yourself.

Many religious people and sages call on God. You call on God too. You must feel that your voice calling is the biggest of all. Your prayer must be such that you can say God listens to your prayer alone.

If you pray, "I will live with patience," then you will be energized.

Was there ever such a nation so sincere that once it prayed it was able to wait a thousand years?

God loves to hear the confident prayer of a brave man praying in the most lonely and adventurous situation.

Don't seek repayment after you give. Pray that God may do something for you tens of thousands of years later. Don't remember that you helped someone.

Show your utmost sincerity. Those parents who show their utmost sincerity can intuit unfortunate accidents which happen to their children who are not nearby.

Ability illuminates one part, but sincerity can illuminate all parts because it is the center.

A husband and wife should pray in tears early in the morning, holding the hands of their children. When this is experienced by the children, it becomes their tradition.

You have to pray in order to be told in detail. You have to pray with all your heart.

Whether or not your prayer is realized depends upon whether it is in accordance with God's purpose.

Pray twice as long as your sermon.

Prayer life consists in reporting to God honestly.

The place where we have endeavored to show our utmost sincerity is just a starting point for the Kingdom of Heaven.

I do not like to pray in public. If someone who has not shown utmost sincerity in his daily life prays in front of those whose sincerity is greater than his, it is stupid.

Utmost sincerity is more fearful than poison.

Those who can be remembered in history are those who show their highest sincerity and not their ability.

When you pray early in the morning you have to be able to hear the beat of your heart.

There are four types of men: east, west, north and south. Each person has a different time of prayer which gives blessing to him.

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