The Way Of God's Will

Reverend Sun Myung Moon

On Faith
V. Sermons

True sermons are words from a life that has been full of blood, tears and sweat.

When you give a sermon, don't think you are speaking to the whole audience, but only to a certain person in it. If that person sheds tears because of the blessing he receives through the sermon, the whole audience will automatically be affected. Therefore, you must ask yourself for whom you give a sermon today and for whom you expend your spiritual energy, deciding clearly who the object of your sermon is.

Before giving a sermon, I spend more time praying for Family members than for the sermon. I pray with all my sincere heart: "Father! What shall I do to raise these people?" and then I preach as my heart commands.

When you stand at a pulpit, you must feel that you are there to meet those for whom Heaven has been searching.

When you have given a poor sermon as a church leader you must shed three times as much blood and sweat as usual in your repentance. If you have failed to give blessing to others through your sermon, you must pay the price for it by other means such as serving others.

A person who stands at a pulpit should bear in mind that when he fails to practice what he preaches, grace is going to be transferred to those who do practice it.

By melting our bones and flesh, let us leave behind silent sermons to the generations to come.

When you speak from the pulpit you have to feel as if You were going to Your execution. The pulpit has to be the kind of place where you shed tears, saying to God, "Father, I am starting now."

The clergy should stand at the pulpit with the same frame of mind as a physician who takes care of a serious case.

You should not stand at the pulpit in order to see people. What matters is not the preparation of the sermon itself but that of your heart.

Prepare for three hours, exercising your utmost sincerity, before you attempt to give a three-hour sermon.

The words you preach should not have their source in you but in God. You have to become an instrument which can contain the Word of God.

You have to prepare your sermon by manufacturing it before preaching it. Therefore, first decide the sermon topic.

When you light a fire you need kindling. In the same way, you need to find someone who heartistically is like kindling when you preach.

When you give a sermon, don't try to make it sound good but speak truthfully.

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